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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  January 5, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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this is 9news. >> she's a teenager accused of hatching a murder plot with a former classmate. today we could learn what charges douglas county may charge this team with . >> today the president is expected to make landmark executive orders which he hopes will potentially save lives from gun violence. inside that plan coming up. and a dog saved from a frozen pond has a special thank you for the fire crew that helped rescue him. right now, we've been following some breaking news,
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my 25 w. to conifer street due to police activity. we're told two women are in custody this morning. it just happened a short time ago. after a -- they are accused of carjacking a man at gunpoint. it started 60th and holly. the women armed with a handgun jumped into the car, forced the guy to drive, eventually they had him get out. he called police. police eventually found the suspects at 72nd and cherry. there was a short chase, they follow the vehicle until they eventually crashed into another car and 84th in conifer. the suspect did refuse to get out at first. thornton swap back team swat team was brought in but they eventually did give themselves up and they are in custody. this is a live look at the situation. it's been causing all sorts of product -- problems in thornton area this morning. good morning everyone, thanks for joining us. welcome back, gary, sherry and
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tuesday morning. and amelia earhart wasn't here the last time i was here but now she is, and marty coniglio joins us as well. looking at a cool day around here in mountain areas in the west for the front yesterday. starting with snow out of southwestern colorado. weather advisory in southeastern -- southwestern colorado with 2" to 6" it of snow -- 2" to 6" of snow overnight. clear conditions, temperatures in the single digits too low 30s, big spread around colorado. we have snow reported in durango, pub -- pagosa springs, and around here today we will continue to see that snow in the southwest.
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area, very limited snow during the day and for us no snow at all. hazy, high clouds, temperatures pushing up close to 50 today. our chance for snow comes starting on thursday, we will talk about that in detail but first we have to get you out on "good morning america". >> good morning marty. we've had our cdot camera on 84th avenue showing you the delays west of i 25 with 84th avenue shut down at conifer. now we've got sky nine overhead. the most important thing here is the alternate route to get you around this if you are in thornton or northglenn. conifer turns into broadway hitting southbound on us 36 and you can see by looking at our cdot camera we still got quite a bit of curiosity delay across i-25 as well. the stretch from one 20th will start bogged down but especially at 10 fourth. we will keep you posted -- at
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-- 104th. we will keep you posted on the rest of that commute. corey? a girl is facing the judge today. police took her and another girl into custody last month after investigators were tipped off by two students and not vista high school. colleen ferreira, we could learn what charges that team will face today -- teenager will face today. >> reporter: the hearing begins at 8:30 and we are hoping to learn more about the case. the cut -- the documents have been sealed in this case. we filed a motion to unseal the documents but we are just hoping we learn more details about the allegations because we don't know that much so far. you will remember that this all started back on december 12 when two students, 216-year-old girls
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they said that text to douglas county who determined the credit -- threat was credible and took them into custody. one of them appear in court back in december. at that time, prosecutors asked for a delay before making a final decision about filing charges. then when it comes to the second 16-year-old cody really don't know too much. we don't have a status on her. authorities say she was in the facility -- that's all we heard. she was ordered to go -- undergo psychiatric evaluations and both girls are prohibited from having contact with each other. today could be an important day in the case because we could see formal charges finally filed in this case. >> and perhaps learn more details surrounding it. thank you. aurora police are turning to the community asking for help in discovering what happened to a woman found dead in an aurora motel.
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found dead -- ava pitts was found dead. they are investigating this as a homicide. people who share a helpful tip could get a $2000 reward. in the day ahead, we are learning more about president obama new gun control measures obama's new gun control measures. he's expected to issue an executive action today. tarhonda thomas has more on that debate already running pretty hot right now. >> absolutely, the president announced he would impose new gun control laws. he's bypassing congress to do so which lee's critics -- which lee's critics claiming it violates the second amendment rights but yesterday he met with the attorney general to determine that work the ag says all the proposed changes are constitutional. some people selling tons over the internet could still be required to conduct background checks.
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requiring gun show background checks due in part to rhonda fields. she helped pass state to control legislation in 2013. fields tweeted that she had been invited to the white house today to discuss gun control with president obama. the president is trying to drum up support for his controversial plan. >> the good news is, these are not only recommendations that are well within my legal authority, and the executive branch, but they are also ones that the overwhelming majority of the american people including gun owners support and believe in. >> according to our partners at usa today the presidents plan will not ban high-capacity magazines or ban gun sales to people on no-fly lists. sure to be a story, thank you. gun stores are busy leading up to the presidents executive action.
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right now. they say that presale pre- christmas sales were already up also. the owner of long months grandpa upon and gun tells us he thinks the increases probably lead to the san bernardino mass shootings, but he also thinks sales tend to go up whenever gun control is brought up at the state and should -- and federal levels. >> when people start whispering about gun control, they get concerned. we don't have the luxury of secret service agents to protect us. we have a god-given right in this country to protect us by the second amendment to own and bear arms. >> gun sales have gone up in recent years. coming up in the next half-hour we will show you how many more people are getting approved for guns and how many more people are getting rejected. at 6:08, a former council candidate will be picked up by
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an arrest warrant has been issued for corey houck, accused of using fake signatures using names of dead people and sesame street characters. the denver elections division found more than half the signatures submitted did not match the signatures on file for voters. it also found three voters who had allegedly signed the petition were dead for some time when submitting her allegedly told the elections division employee that she was using big bird as well as bert and ernie signatures. it didn't appear she was claiming they were real. according to the denver elections division the council submitted she submitted her paperwork twice. it was rejected the first time because it was in complete. the second time is when the signatures in question were submitted. boulder homeowners can now rent out spare bedrooms to short-term renters legally. although it's been common for years, the new ordinance took
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legitimate. there are steps and fees however that homeowners have to keep in mind, including pitting $130 for a four-year license to do this sort of thing. >> in addition to receiving a license for short-term rental, you also receive a business license. >> a list of license holders will be online for folks to look up before booking a room and even though it's illegal to rent out rooms, property owners will have to pay accommodation taxes just like older hotels have to do right now. that's about 7.5 percent. thinking about installing solar panels? google will soon be able to tell you whether or not it's worth it. the giant is expanding an online service that counts the cost of going solar and let's you see whether perhaps even leasing the panels. combined images from google earth with things like calculations for how much shade trees will impact rooftop collectors. it also offers data on local weather patterns..
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pushing 40 degrees before 11:00, very little wind even to the top of the continental divide going less than 20 miles per hour. that means another day of stagnant air, poor air quality expected again today. wood-burning restrictions are in effect today. we should have a big brown cloud going by late this afternoon. the upside is, it's going to be relatively warm with 40s in the colorado, mid-40s to around 50 here. we do have some color air and snow headed our way. we will be ready for it, 6:11 now. there are still a couple tickets available for the -- broncos playoff game in two weeks. we checked out ticketmaster and as of this morning they are -- there are still a few single seats available in the club section. it's club, so the cost is $300 it's club, so the cost is $300- $1000.
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$3000, look at that. >> that should come with limo service. [laughter] >> the total for four tickets was what $11,000?
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we now head over to skye nine with the carjacking at 84th in conifer just to the west of i-25. they've been circling over the police activity, at least seven
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intersection entirely. we've got a couple alternate routes as we had on out to the map to get you around the situation. you can see the curiosity delay is now affecting i-25 as well, stacking onto the typical traffic along i-25 with speeds in the 20s and 30s approaching a 25. approaching i-25. you southbound pecos as your alternate route to link you up with i-25 and continue to follow 9news on twitter which will keep you updated throughout the day. marty? around here looking at snow down to the south especially thousand -- southwestern colorado already 3 to 4 inches of snow. into the durango, purgatory and cortes areas, winter weather advisory until 10 am there. additional snow coming tomorrow, because we have more moisture on the way. continues to snow in new mexico, very stormy down to our south. that's where the storm track is. cold air will sink in here, during the day on thursday stay with us. snowing in western colorado
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has been. you can think the clouds and mountains for that. icloud to stick with us today, a little could be out there today because we have the brown cloud going again today. mid-40s to about 50 here, 30s and 40s in the foothills. southwestern colorado. there will be a few snow showers for summit county, mountains, even into grand county. probably an inch or less in those locations. 30s and 40s in the mountains, warmer in southeastern colorado were we will top 50 degrees. dry conditions today and tonight. we will have slightly cooler temperatures tomorrow but still at or above average. thursday is when this -- the cooler air starts to move in, very light snow, an inch or less on thursday, friday and inch or two not a big deal but it does start to get a little bit colder.
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we have cold and very light snow as we push back down into the 20s so what snow we get will stay. thank you so much. today we get the new vehicle sales for the entire country from automakers. december will be a red-hot one, probably the fourth straight month they've seen big sales in the auto industry. trucks and industries driving demand because gas prices are the lowest we've seen in seven years. when the final numbers for all of 2015 are tallied, auto sales are expected to come in at about $75 billion, making last year the strongest ever for auto sales in history. you mean this -- you may notice something missing from your red meat packaging. the repealed the law that requires the country of origin to be included on packages. earlier last year the world
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it put mexican and canadian livestock edit -- at a disadvantage. this is a major victory for the meat industry. more jobs, warmer climates and lots of green space -- it's one spot in particular people are headed to: oregon, the top moving destination in 2015 for the third year in a row according to a study. south carolina comes in second, vermont rounds out the top three. by the way colorado did not even make the top 10. don't feel too bad, we are right smack in the middle with migration out and immigration coming in. i can't remember the last day -- >> there are those would be happy that not as many are coming here. >> yes there is that. we are still attracting a lot of people. >> they don't know what they are missing. maybe he thought it was the last place they would look.
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police in northern china looking for a suspect after a bus caught fire killing at least 17 people and injuring more than 30 others. it happened during the morning rush hour. there have been several issues blamed on people recently with
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personal vendettas. a man was hiding in a dumpster right outside the sheriff's office. when they arrested jackson, he gave them a false name. when they asked for his real identity, he said it's my job to lie, it's your job to find out. he has been connected to the shooting death of 34-year-old clarence johnson. fire rescue crews in utah got a special thank you from a dog they rescued after he fell through the ice at a frozen pond. the dog tucker was being walked around noon monday when it happened. they tended to get tucker out by using a rope the called 911 when that failed. fortunately the nearest fire station also happened to have a water rescue. once he was home with a hot bath, they got a photo to say thank you. firefighters say if you are heading out with your four- legged friend this winter, be careful. always keep them on a leash.
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do not attempt to getting yourself and rescue the dog. >> you can see how exhausted he was he was dredged out of the water. a happy update on the seal determined to cross a california highway, coming up after the break. first let's check weather and traffic one more time this morning. >> good morning cheryl, straight up to sky 9 looking live at the closure at 84th and highway and i-25. here's a look at alternate routes to get you around those delays. because activity is a conifer, had southbound along pecos as your alternate and we will keep you posted on twitter following 9news. we do have light snow here and there is the two and we see durango reporting light snow. also in fernald utah.
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cold as yesterday. i think we can claim -- think the clouds for that. we are seeing single-digit ratings up in jackson county and along the yampa river as well. snow in the southwest today, 2 to 6 inches. additional tonight and tomorrow so that by the time we get to the early part of tomorrow morning, we will be
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welcome back, they will honor a latino educator working with inner-city students. his work inspired the 19 his work inspired the 1988 movie stand and deliver. escalante worked hard to help
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math, calculus and they said his legacy makes him an ideal candidate for a new stamp. he died in 2010. a follow-up to a story last week, remember that giant seal determined to cross a northern california road? she's just given birth? rescue crews tranquilized her after she kept getting in the way of traffic. she appeared healthy and fit but experts thought she might turns out they were right. >> now we know why she wanted to cross the road. because the seal hospital was on the other side. [laughter] >> obviously.
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this is 9news. >> new overnight, a carjacking, a chase and a standoff ending with two women arrested early this morning. at 84th avenue and i-25, still closed right now as police finish up their investigation. here's what we know: two women carjacked a man at gunpoint at 60th and holly. they jumped into the car, forced him to drive, eventually they had him get out and he called police. officers found the suspect at 22nd and cherry, followed the vehicle until the women crashed into another car at 84th and conifer.
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and swap was brought into the scene. the women eventually gave up. it has been a mess out there. amelio joins us now from the traffic center. a lot of commuters having to find a workaround there. >> exactly and we have a pretty good alternate this morning, from sky 9 aerial view we see a close -- with the close to a dozen vehicles at that intersection. the closure now extends between conifer and i-25. let's take a look at alternate routes, to the north we have a couple of options here. the best in my opinion would be southbound along federal were pecos, both of which federal or pecos, both of which think up to 36. but if you jump on north of i- 25 -- 84th, you will get stuck in these delays. we will continue to update the
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well throughout the morning. emelia, thanks for that. good morning, gary, should -- corey and i am cheryl with you today. we will have another dry day today, and a few problems with air quality later this afternoon. right now things looking okay but if you look carefully, you can see a hint of the haze and brown clouds even at this time in the morning. current readings across the state, single teens, 20s, 30s in eastern colorado. we've had a really cool temperatures in and around the central part of the state towards gunnison, they are reporting son incorrectly some training correctly, the sun is not up yet. light snow in western colorado around delta and montrose.
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corner of the state until 10:00 this morning from pagosa springs to durango, 2" to 6" . we will get more snow later tonight and by tomorrow morning they will be pushing about 4" to 9" of snow in southwestern colorado with little to the north of that. for us around here, just high clouds here and there. we will be already above 40 by the time we get to 10:00 for 11:00 this morning. heading close to 50 by later in the day but our shot at snow comes starting thursday. all right marty we will look forward to that. thanks. it's 653 -- 6:33 right now. a murder plot uncovered by mountain vista high school students. today one of the students will begin court. colleen ferreira joins us outside the courthouse in douglas county. we may learn what formal charges will be filed in just a couple of hours. >> reporter: yes gary, we
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filed just yet, so we could learn that information later on this morning. that hearing is set to take place behind me inside the courthouse at 8:30 this morning. you will remember this case going back to december 12. that's when 216-year-old students -- that's when two students age 16 were taken into custody. here's what we know, one of the girls was transferred to a jail on suspicion of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder. she appeared in court on december 17. prosecutors at that time asked for a delay before making a final decision about filing any charges. when it comes to the other girl we really don't have a lot of information. we don't know her status but authorities are only telling us that she's in a secure facility so one of the girls will appear later this morning at 8:30. again we don't have a lot of details and that's because the documents in the case have been
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we've filed a motion to unseal the documents to learn more about this case. >> all right, we will see what happens at 8:30. the registered sex offender accused of luring boys to his house is expected in court today. 48-year-old sean crumpler is charged with trafficking sexual services -- trafficking, sexual servitude, and other charges. they said he called hunted boys by finding at-risk boys on a colorado. at least one underage victim told us -- told police he was forced to have sex with crumpler if you wanted a place to stay. they want graphic victim -- his defense team says the photos could unfairly sway the jury.
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officer and shot him in the back. he said he thought he was a burglar. his trial begins on monday. denver, inglewood, sheridan and now leverage businesses have been vandalized and burglarized. now we are getting a look at the suspects. in yesterday mornings burglary at the brain store in a riverpoint shopping center. the surveillance camera captured blurry video of the suspect. they walked through the door and took several phones. at about the same time a thief through a rock into a trip logic store nearby. about $200 in cash was taken from the register. if you know anything about these crimes, if those pictures helped trigger maybe a thought that would help investigators, call crimestoppers. the number is there on the bottom of your screen. wheat ridge police are
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month. one person was a minor arrested and accused of breaking into gas stations in december. happening today president obama is going to roll out his detailed plan for gun control. the president is taking executive action so he does not need approval from congress. debate. tarhonda thomas is here with more and toronto, he's got the support of -- and tarhonda, he's got the support of one local legislator. >> yes, he's trying to drum up support for the controversial plan. rhonda fields, a democrat from aurora has been invited to the white house. she will meet with the president today to talk about gun control. her son was shot to death in 2005. fields helped pass gun law changes in colorado in 2013. one part of that law requires private sellers to conduct background checks at gun shows. the president gun control
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same type of plan for sellers at gun shows. it also requires the hiring of background checks. our partners at usa today says the plan will not require background checks for every gun failing the country. still, many republicans oppose the plan questioning its constitutionality. >> do the bidding of gun rights will restrict law-abiding citizens, not the criminals or terrorists who target them. >> i am also confident that the recommendations that are being made by 19 here are ones that are in tech date made by my team here are being made in compliance with all laws. >> he will need congressional approval for one part of his plan, he's asking to hire 200 more atf agents and he wants
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today the teenager known as the affluent the team is going to meet with a -- as affluenza team -- lead from texas more than a month ago. he faces deportation. today's meeting will determine whether the process takes weeks or months, or even maybe a few days if the team agrees to drop the appeal -- the appeal. he got put on probation for a deadly drunk driving crash in texas. his lawyer successfully argued that the team's affluence prevented him from knowing right from wrong. he and his mom disappeared after video surfaced of him at a party with alcohol. they were arrested last week in his mom was quickly sent back to the united states. she will be in an la courtroom today for an extradition hearing. a militia that's taken over a federal building at an organ wildlife refuge says it's not
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about a dozen men led by ed bundy broke into the bunk house and started the standoff. they've given themselves the name citizens for constitutional freedoms. the seizures motivated by the case of two organ ranchers, dwight and steven hammond convicted of starting fires on federal lands near the ranch. late yesterday the two ranchers reported to a prison and now the sheriff's office says it's time for the protesters to get out of the county. >> the hammonds have turned themselves in. it's time for you to leave our community, go home to your families, and end this peacefully. >> the fbi says they want a peaceful resolution but they are not saying how they respond to -- plan to respond to the occupation. the hammonds made it clear they are not part of the militia takeover. in response to the situation happen in oregon, they have heightened security at many of the 563 while
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national refuges. they say they are working with law enforcement to ensure the safety of personnel, visitors and refuge property. volkswagen could be hit with $18 billion in fines because the epa and justice department are suing the automaker over the cheating software. there are about a half million diesel cars on the road from gw and the luxury brand audi that violated the rules. they are only seeking civil damages now but they say the epa says they have not closed the door on possible criminal action down the road. the idea is to allow people to use the sink connect system to perhaps open up the garage door, checkout thermostat setting and even have a light on or off inside the house.
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right company lyft are giving them -- general motors has company. they get a seat on the board software. it also becomes a preferred vehicle provider to lyft. together gm and lyft will open up a network of us homes where drivers can rent vehicles, giving consumers more opportunity to get behind a gmc we'll. temperatures in the upper 40s to about 50 today, a little bit of a brown cloud here because there's virtually no wind out here on the i-25 quarter. temperatures just fine but the combination of high clouds above and that -- and brown cloud below will make it a little clue me this afternoon. that has air quality as a concern so unhealthy for sensitive groups.
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who already have respiratory problems, poor visibility and you have wood burning restrictions today below 7000 feet so if you have a regular old fireplace, you can't throw a log in their. you can't throw a login there. density these -- coming up
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good morning, as we head life up to sky 9 over 84th in
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a carjacking took place this morning. police activity underway as the investigation continues and we've got plenty of closures in the area. alternate routes would be southbound pickles or 36. the rest of us have fared pretty well this morning, your drive between colorado springs, castle pines and the dtc looking pretty nice with great speed across i-25 near founders parkway, still in the 60s as you access i-25 at c-470. today warm, warm, warm with temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s. which means a big brown cloud as we into the air. for the next three days it starts getting colder, tomorrow not bad at 46 degrees, thursday some light snow here and there, and at most an inch or two on friday. temperatures keep diving down into the weekend and they even get colder this weekend. i will have more on that in the
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tracking is suitcase could be a thing of the past. five teenagers and let -- in lebanon have created what they call a smart suitcase. it's called the follow me suitcase. it's equipped with an hd camera and it's also got infrared sensors that allow the bag to follow the owner around. the user can control the backs movement through a mobile app that you will see here in just a minute. right there. corey think -- thinks that's a leg bracelet but they are now seeking funding. lg will be one of the many television makers to show off superduper high definition televisions, but lg may have one up on the competition. there's can roll up like a newspaper. it's an 18 inch display, just one of the concepts they are unveiling. also on display, 855" tv is
6:41 am
as thin as a piece of paper. none of the tvs will be sold this year as possible they won't make it to market but they are cool to look at. ces is one of the biggest electronic shows ever and the biggest and smallest tech companies are descending on las vegas with their newest and coolest technology. noel brennan is supposedly working in vegas right now and takes us inside the first big event that leads up to the show. >> reporter: this room is absolutely packed with media from all over the world. this is ces unveiled, the first official media event of ces software global brands and startups share the same space, fighting to stand out in the middle of the room. fitness trackers are big at ces. how about one in your shoe? >> it tracks towers, distance, it's more accurate than the others because it's located under your foot.
6:42 am
toothbrush that's fun to use. >> it's about oral care and prevention said it makes your kids brush her teeth as if they were to play a game. >> reporter: this is a sign of what's to come, more press conference is set for tomorrow. the show floor does not open up until wednesday. reporting from ces, i am noel brennan. >> i cannot believe how packed it is already. crazy. thank you. avalanche fans got their monies worth last night in a win over the los angeles kings and bus ae amaro -- career milestone from one of the game's grates. great players. >> he scores, number 600. >> he became just the 19th player in nhl history to reach the 600 career goal milestone. 40 of those came in a colorado uniform. >> i was going to take it to
6:43 am
landeskog, trying to put something through for him and just put it towards the net and obviously, a very fortunate bounce. if a good it felt good. the nuggets have a chance to snap their six-game losing streak tomorrow night against the fate -- the timberwolves coming off the loss to the sixers. denver isn't playing well recently and their coaches not mincing words about that. >> i thought we had no energy, no effort, very flat. as a coach, i can't coach effort. we didn't defend. we're just a bad team right now. well there you go. >> that's his way to try to motivate. we have one last winner. drew litton picked the winner of his final caption contest. the captions as omaha, omaha, i thought we wanted to go to levi's stadium.
6:44 am
the seat with elway. you can see more of his cartoons and other weekly caption winners on drew well done, duane. reports are coming out this morning that the cleveland quarterback was in las vegas over the weekend wearing a blonde wig, a fake mustache, glasses and a hoodie. he was also going by the name of billy. he was eventually -- found out when he had used his credit card. this comes just days after criticism of the partying and lifestyle he's leading. >> yes it's a bummer that you
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we are going live to sky 9 flying over 84th avenue in conifer west of i-25 were a carjacking took early this morning. road closures in the area are tight, 84th shut down from conifer to i-25 so your best alternate route is southbound pickles or federal, but the other problem as we head out to our map is that this is now affecting i-25 in a major way. flashing lights are visible from the highway, speeds low approaching thornton and commerce city. 7 to 9 minutes on 270 and check out this view around quincy, quite a buildup but luckily no crashes along this stretch of
6:46 am
around here seeing snow in western colorado and down south through mexico. moderate to heavy snow in parts of new mexico, three to 3.5" is of snow of snow. this has spun off some moisture this morning and there's more headed into the mountains and west during the next couple of days. the high terrain and west central colorado getting light snow, grand mesa an up-and-down the high areas along the snow. pulled along south platte but otherwise not bad in eastern colorado and temperatures not as cold in mountain areas so far this morning. mainly due to clouds. cloud cover is by late in the day today, that and low-level pollution will make it a pretty gloomy day by late this afternoon between now and noon, it should look all right for you. mid-40s up north, 40s to about 50 in the metro area with 40s
6:47 am
again that's snow in southwestern colorado totaling just -- a few" with an additional 2 to 6 inches coming up tonight and tomorrow morning. northeast of crested butte only an inch or two. 40s here, 50s down south with 40s and 50s down south. hazy, dry, calm. a couple spots hitting 50 degrees in western and southern suburbs. partly cloudy tonight, mild day tomorrow and then it gets cooler very quick we start diving down in temperatures, an inch or two of snow on friday, light showers on saturday but it does get colder cheryl as we head into the weekend. we have a little visitor there from the upper midwest and that will be canadian air. >> okay my shovel is prepared. thank you. a look at today's top stories, two women arrested after commerce city police say they carjacked a man at gunpoint, crashed the car and
6:48 am
officers. the carjacking happened at 60th and holly and ended with a crash at 72nd and cherry less than three miles away. police say the women refused to get out of the car so thornton swat was called in to help. the women and -- eventually gave up. a man accused of luring boys across state lines is expected hearing. 48-year-old sean crumpler is sexual servitude and sexual assault on a child. court documents say he hunted down boys by finding at risk boys on a dating site and then luring them to come to colorado. attorneys for a former rocky ford police officer want graphic photos barred from his murder trial. james aspe is charged with shooting and killing officer on duty. his defense team says photos could unfairly sway the jury.'s trial begins on monday. and today president obama meets with a colorado led --
6:49 am
fields, who helped pass new gun laws in colorado in 2013. today obama will rollout his sweeping gun-control plan. the president is bypassing congress and using executive orders to impose new laws that calls for -- call for expanded background checks among private sellers at background checks -- at gun shows. republicans say the plan is unconstitutional. details coming today. a militia has taken over a federal building at an organ wildlife refuge. they broke into a bunk house over the weekend and they want local control of federal land. they say they've been intimidated by the feds. this is motivated by the case of two ranchers in prison for starting fires on federal land near their ranch. it is just before 7:00 and it will be a pretty nice day ahead.
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tomorrow and then them and then the light snow starts up. by saturday into sunday pretty cold but we pop back up and of course national western kicks off this weekend. >> yes the big parade going on tomorrow. today is national bird day. there are plenty of birds who decided not to fly south. check out these guys hanging out in keansburg. >> there are a lot of them. >> so many of you are sharing photos with us this morning. we have beautiful birds across our state and we are seeing them in all the pictures you are sharing with us so keep them coming. if you spot one in your yard, take a picture and use the hashtag beyond 9. the on 9. >> we all know babies cry a lot, right cheryl? >> [laughter] sometimes it's hard to figure out exactly what's upsetting them. now there is a new app that decodes what they are crying about.
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