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tv   9 News at 10pm  NBC  January 5, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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accused of planning an attack against her school. prosecutors talk about her alleged plan, and what she did before and after she was arrested. a mother who gave birth to conjoined twins was banned from the building. they changed their mind. >> a quick thinking car sales man leads police to his location after being kidnapped and beaten during a test drive. >> southern california becomes the latest to feel the impact of el nio storms. and power ball reaches 450 million and could go higher by this time tomorrow. 9news starts now. new information about the plot against a douglas county high school.
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thought was put into an attack of students and staff. whitney wild was in court today. >> reporter: in court it was noted the girl sienna johnson has shown no remorse in custody. she showed only flashes of emotion exchanging smiles with her attorney. she is held on $1 million bond. the reason prosecutors say she is simply too dangerous to go home. douglas county prosecutors are painting a portrait of a teenage girl with a tendency toward violence who came too close to pulling off a major crime. >> we have two different theories of conspiracy to commit first degree murder. >> reporter: 16-year-old sienna johnson planned to shot students and staff at mountain vista high school. she created a detailed map of the school showing where students congregate and the student resource officer's schedule.
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for natural born killers. a movie referenced by the columbine shooters. she planned the shooting for near christmas to maximize the impact. >> the things that were revealed in open court specifically addressed some concerns that we had related to their reference to natural born killers. >> reporter: prosecutors say in that journal are violent drawings. her social media page referenced other shootings. she caught a bibi gun for target practice an hurt pets in the past. after she was arrested she allegedly told police she was faking her mental progress and would do it again if she had the chance. but be more discreet about the plan. >> we don't do this all the time. when we do it is because of the information we have. >> reporter: her defense attorney says this is all grossly exaggerated. she is said to be back in court january 14.
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and will be charged after she goes through a psych evaluation. >> looking bat just for a quick second this all tame to life through a text tip. >> reporter: that is the most important take away. someone alerted police before it was too late. >> thanks whitney. the ground in north korea shook. they say it was a successful hydrogen bomb test. speculation of whether the quake was natural or manmade was inned when it was announced on north korean television. the mother of conjoined twins separated shortly after birth will be able to visit her surviving daughter. amber mcculla's attorney says children's hospital reinstated limited visitation rights after
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mother over the weekend. steve spangler has the story. >> reporter: she allegedly violated a behavioral agreement a month ago. in an e-mail, staff accused of of making negative statements about children not related to her daughter's case. the mother denies all the allegations. >> reporter: amber first shared her story with us last summer. the story of a heart-wrenching decision to separate her conjoined daughters shortly after birth knowing one wouldn't survive t. minnesota woman chose to do that here in colorado where experts at children's hospital would perform the surgery. little olivia passed away, but little savannah survived and continues to be treated at children's which is how this all started. mcculla filed a complaint with the state saying the hospital was resistant to help her daughter in a dangerous situation. four days after that, the hospital limited her visitation
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then, this past weekend, the hospital informed her attorney she wouldn't be allowed to see her daughter because she had violated the terms of a behavioral agreement, being verbally abusive to staff. scott robinson says it is a surprising move. >> it is difficult not to sympathize with the mother of a conjoined twin who wants to see her daughter. yet you have to think there must have been something she was doing to interfere with the child's care. >> reporter: mcculla denied the allegations and her attorney says visitation was reinstated today. the hospital will not comment directly on the case. but says if a parent is disruptive and that jeopardizes the care of their child or another, they will take action. they also say visitation restrictions are rare. only 500,000th of a% of patient
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the percentage equals one in 20,000. she has filed a lawsuit against the hospital claiming the visitation restrictions were retaliation for filing a complaint. she intends to transfer her child to a hospital in boston and is in the process of getting medicaid approval for that. >> no small challenge. >> not to mention cost. she posted online that it will cost about $19,000 to make that move. >> all right, thank you steve. president obama became emotional and cried while laying out a series of executive actions. it will require gun show and online sellers be licensed. the president's plan also calls for hiring hundreds of background check. the government will also research smart gun technology and invest 500 million in mental health care. the president wasn't able to hold back tears today when thinking about the 20 children murdered at sandy hook elementary. >> every time i think about
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and by the way, it happens on the streets of chicago everyday. >> republicans are threatening to try to block the orders on legal grounds. the president's executive actions on immigration have been tied up in court more than a year. two baseball stars are suing al jazeera that link them and broncos quarterback peyton manning to the use of performance enhancing drugs. ryan zimmerman of the nationals say he has never done it. major league baseball says it will have its own investigation. california knew this could happen. they could be in for monster storms. it is the blessing that is the curse. storms that help with the state's drought, but at the same time, bring disaster in the form of flooding and mud slides. the second of a series of
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in areas that burned near the 101 freeway la sweerings there is now flooding because the ground can't hold the water. a water main break on one of denver's busiest streets created problems for the evening drive home and may not be fixed for a few hours more. an eight inch pipe broke at colorado avenue and louisiana avenue. road retears in the area might go until 3:00 in morning. five students in fort collins went to the hospital this after a truck hit their school bus. the poudre students were not hurt. around 3:30, the bus and a truck were stopped when an suv rear ended the truck and pushed it into the bus. police in houston are searching for three men suspected of kidnapping a car sales man and stealing a vehicle during a test drive. jose martinez says he was beaten, tied up with tape an put in the trunk last night.
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free himself from the tape and quietly called his gm to tell him what happened. he turned on the tracking function in his phone as well. when he got out of the trunk, the suspects chased him. one dropped a gun which martinez grabbed and used to fire a shot at the suspects and that is when they took off. it has been 17 drawings since someone held a ticket with six matching power ball numbers. people who usually don't buy a ticket have and those who alwaysplay are spending a few more dollars for their chance. the jackpot went up by $50 million just today. it stands at 450 and that will likely go higher by tomorrow night' drawing. jon jonathan gonzalez joins us now. >> reporter: the jackpot always starts at $40 million and typically climbs 10 million with each no-win. but as it creeps up, that is
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chasers come out of the wood work. >> $2. $2 a ticket. >> reporter: there was a time when $100 million power ball jackpot was a big deal. >> our last colorado winner was in august, 2014. it was claude gee and he won $90 million. >> reporter: with a new jackpot of $450 million. >> when the power ball starts at 40 million, that is not quite enough for them. >> reporter: buyers are holding out longer than ever to buy their tickets and increase the jackpot as a result. jackpot. by this morning. >> first of all, it is extremely unlikely that you do have a big jackpot. boyo might be better off investing in a better insurance policy. >> reporter: dr. ben dyre says an average nfl winning six straight superbowls is more likely than you winning the lottery. >> even the broncos who i think are better than mediocre, it is hard to imagine winning six
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>> reporter: but buyers don't want to hear that. >> once it hits 500 million, everyone is diving in. >> reporter: because colorado's theoretically out there somewhere. >> a lot of sales going on. people are excited and we want a colorado winner. we do. >> reporter: this is the fourth largest jackpot of all time. but because of the way the jackpots increase, officials say they wouldn't be surprised to see it jump to nearly $500 drawing. i already got kim's two bucks. waiting on you. >> i have my two bucks i will give you after the newscast. a business chips away in a wall searching for a sound. >> the top toys. earphones to help coach you, to cars finding their own parking spot. >> beauty is in the eye of the beholder and one man is creating art on a man not
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kathy sabine is watching the snowy change in the weather
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>> did i think that cat used all of its live ins one shot. >> emergency workers chipped away at the wall and pulled our one very stuck cat who is otherwise very healthy and up for adoption. reporters getting a preview of some tech on display at the consumer electronic show. underarmor has new ear buds. olivia stern shows how a new
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our grocery list. >> i'm at work. i can't figure out how aisle going to buy more milk. from my smartphone. >> car companies are showing showroom. they are working on technology when you pick up your key, the car will back out of the driveway and be ready to. kia is developing a valet app you. movie fans who love the cars as much as the cars as much as the films should go to austria. kitt from knight rider. the bat mobile. he recreates the cars. the body of the bat mobile came from a fan in ohio. once he finishes, there is a lot of paperwork and emissions tyes needed before he can take them on the road.
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>> we are so done with sports car weather and convertible weather. we are headed back to suv weather. get ready for more cold and snow. kathy sabine is here in the 9news weather center. a beautiful night tonight. great snow boarding conditions in the high country. snowing in the central and southern mountains adding to the totals with winter weather advisories six to 10 inches of snow in some of your favorite resorts. we do have about four to eight inches of snow coming into the areas shaded in blue. after midnight. a winter storm warning for the far south western corner of the state. temperatures were very 45 in denver. mid 50s in southeast colorado. these numbers above average. but, we will see one more mild dry day then we are done with the warm weather for a while. winds out of the southwest will take temperatures down into the low 20s . storm systems are lined up across the southwest and out in the pacific.
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to our east. number two, coming in tomorrow. into friday. heavy flieding rain and snow. video coming in from california where they will be measuring the snow in feet. jose. los angeles. a familiar scene up and down the california coastline. they could be looking at six inches of rain by the end of the week filling up the reservoirs but at the risk of dangerous conditions. back to the radar. on show. we have the heaviest snow coming into this winter storm warning area in the sierras with flood advisories out in los angeles and san diego. that's the bulls eye for the areas shaded in blue. but we will get a little action as the low comes in. night. half an inch of accumulation that will melt. thursday. and that one will collide with a front to our north. that will take temperatures down and maybe that snow sticks
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mid 40s . one more mild dry day. we take it right into the midwest. we are watching that fog creeping up on the far eastern plains but the big story is the snow in the southwest pushing into the sennal mountains tomorrow. you will feel the effects of that if you are driving on i-70 in the afternoon. partly sunny in the denver area across the eastern plains much of the day and a three-day snow total. probably an inch of rain or two expected in the city between tomorrow night and midday friday. so not a big storm for the metro area. we do have lows in the single digits for the high country. teens, 20s for lower elevations. high temperatures will be warmest in southeast colorado. above average again. mid 30s in grand lake. frisco. decent travel on i-70 the first part of the day. 42 bailey. 49 black hawk. 37 grand lake. denver weather forecast tonight. bad air quality. partly cloudy. hazy. cool, the wind at 22.
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with increase in clouds. flurries tomorrow night after amide day with above average highs. a cooling trend for thursday and friday. an inch of snow friday. maybe a little dusting on friday afternoon. but really just a cold weather trend heading into a clear weekend. we call this stock show weather around here if you are new to the area. this is what we typically see this time of year. next chance of snow in the middle of next week. i cannot resist a good cowboy scene in a colorado snowstorm. they don't let a little snow work. but the favorite thing by kyle, it is national bird day. there you go. just a regal scene, a spectacular scene on facebook. >> i didn't know it was national bird day. >> nice of you to give us the bird.
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a man is quite proud of his back hair and showing it off to the world. his name, mike wolf and his back has become a canvas for parts. every fourth month, a friend trims it into a special design. he has raised money to help an orphanage in kenya. >> i'm like putty in the hands of a potter. >> looking back i'm like this might be because of me. maybe i shouldn't have given you so much confidence in your back hair. >> maybe not. [ laughter ] the latest creation is a tribute to jimmy fallon. he is hoping that will land him
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>> from colorado's sports leader, here is drew soicher. >> hi everybody. how many times in the past two days has somebody asked you don't you feel sorry for brock? sorry? no. he's six foot seven. handsome. smart. mature. confident. athletic. talented. and wealthy. heck no i don't file sorry for brock osweiler. and you shouldn't either. osweiler got to spend nearly four years learning his craft from the greatest to ever do it. and then, when he finally got his chance, led the broncos to three straight victories winning awards and gracing magazine coversful got a bunch of cool nicknames like the brocky mountain and the wonderful wizard of os. sympathy? uh-uh. he played so well in his two months in the starting lineup, he will likely be offered a new contract worth about $12
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denver and perhaps more to leave. >> i guarantee you. i have confidence in him. and he knows his team has confidence in him. he's a tough young man. and, you know, i know he has done a great job. i mean, everybody knows it. or we wouldn't be in the position we were in if he had not done the job he has done. >> i have never felt less pity for a person in my life. sure, he got screwed. no doubt about that. it wasn't osweiler's fault the broncos trailed the last place chargers at halftime. an occasional block would be nice. but, coach kubiak got a crazy idea to send his aging unproductive rusty bench warmer into the game and it worked. >> was there discussion during the week this might be a scenario he might bring him in under some circumstance? >> it was not. that was not a conversation. usually you don't talk to the
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>> usually peyton manning is snot a backup. >> next question. >> all the other players responded to the switch. the fans went crazy, the broncos clinched another division championship plus a top seed in the playoff. now everybody is curious to see if the old man has one last superbowl run left in the magical right arm. aren't you? after rescuing the broncos crumbling regular season. osweiler was sent back to the sidelines temporarily. in favor of the nfl's only five time most valuable player. he's got a magnificent future filled with fame and fortune in front of him. and if you feel sorry for that? i feel sorry for you. all about the preps! regis jesuit improved by upsetting previously undefeted overland. ken shaw, you are on 9news.
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raiders come out on top 66-60. nuggets and avalanche had the evening off. iginla got a lucky bounce off an opponent's skate and scored his 600th career goal. looked familiar. >> when i got my fifth, it went off of somebody else. pretty moldy goal, but you can't take them all. i'm not picky. it felt good. an they all feel good. and it was neat to get it here at home. and, the fans were great. and ... i appreciate that. those are the things that one day, i appreciate today, but also remember one day. >> we are going to play drew's clues. >> yay. clue number one, he is celebrating the 5th anniversary
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he had just finished a 2011 season 4-12. and clue number three, the broncos have the second most victories in the nfl and have won their division title. the answer is john elway. >> that was easy. easy. i bet you john doesn't feel sorry for brock osweiler. even though he likes him. and wants him to be his quarterback of the future. this is big boy football. no room for sorrow. >> kind of like up here right? >> nothing like this. >> the exact opposite of this. the precise opposite of what this is. >> right. >> we'll be right back.
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>> oh wow, we have one more mild dry day coming up. a little snow thursday and friday. a whole lot of cold headed into the weekend. i'm excited because kristin stewart is coming up.
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>> the girl from twilight. >> the pale skin and the dark makeup. >> she knows. >> there you go. >> also, cage the elephant. big band out of texas. hot stuff, hot stuff baby. that's tonight's show. we'll see you tomorrow. >> i won't be watching tonight.
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