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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  January 6, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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we don't do this all the time. in fact, we do this pretty rarely. when we do, it's because of the information we have and the concerns of that information. >> charged as an adult in a high school murder plot. the disturbing details in court, including what prosecutors say the teen would do differently so that she won't get caught. >> there are about 450 million reasons for people to be pretty excited about tonight's powerball drawing. we'll have more on one of the
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history. >> and the major setback this morning for colorado's marijuana industry. greg will have the latest. >> what started as a shooting ended with a chase and three people in handcuffs. someone called 911 around 11:30 last night. they told dispatch they were being chased by a car. at one point the caller was shot at by the suspect car. officers spotted the vehicle and chased it. that chase eventually ended at 34th. police took three people into custody. police say the victim was not hit. all right. and another big story from overnight, the u.n. security council is going to be meeting after north korea claimed they created a bomb test overnight. the government was calling it a successful test of a miniaturized hydrogen bomb.
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ordering its military to bolster its defense posture with u.s. forces. we'll hear a lot more about that today. good morning. amelia has a look at your morning commute. we start with meteorologist marty coniglio in the backyard. marty, today may be the last mild day. a little snow on the way. >> certainly last mild day this week. we start getting colder and the snow has started in southwest colorado. we are doing it again this morning, especially cortez, durango, silverton, surrounding communities getting some good snow. here in the front range, clear skies right now. temperatures running in the teens, 20s, and 30s. again, everybody reporting clear skies for the present time. that's going to stay true through the morning commute. don't worry about anything on the road this morning. as far as weather is concerned, we'll be pushing early by the middle of this morning. 30s and 40s.
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up and down the front range, which is going to make for some crummy air quality. we've been talk about the snow in the southwest. we have winter storm warnings out. i will detail that in a moment and show you how that storm tracks to the north throughout the course of the day. time to get out and about to work. 6:00 already. >> it is 6:00 already. the drive is starting to heat up across the freeways. luckily we've been calm, cool, and collected after the earlier hit and run rollover accident on the side streets. that was at the intersection of park avenue and tampa. no delays still exist. we're showing a minor delay. we checked out our cdot cameras, and everything looks pretty much in the clear. we have heard about a car in the ditch across the east side of c470 near the i-70 interchange. it doesn't sound like any lanes are blocked. live looks outside. well, i can choose a better camera than this. at least the dress fits into
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>> 36, not too bad. 19, 20 minutes, speeds in the upper 50s and lower 60s. >> thanks so much. it's 6:03 right now. prosecutors are painting a disturbing picture of an alleged murder plot at a highlands ranch high school. a 16-year-old girl was the mastermind. sienna johnson is facing to counts of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder. we're naming her because she's being charged as an adult. tarhonda thomas is outside the school. she was inspired by a movie? >> reporter: she was. the initials of it noted on the the school. mbk referring to natural born killers. now, if that sounds familiar, it's because it was the movie that was referenced multiple shooters. prosecutors say that's not where the connection ends. they say johnson referenced
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they also got ahold of a journal she had. she had a detailed map of the school and had the hours of the school resource officer and information on where school students congregated and what places. she and another girl may have planned out this attack for right before the christmas holiday to maximize the impact. now, here's another disturbing part that was revealed in court charged. prosecutors say in speaking with authorities after being arrested, that johnson said she would -- if she had the opportunity, she would plan the whole thing again but just be more discreet so that she wouldn't get caught. prosecutors say she's showing no remorse, and that's why she's too dangerous to be released. a judge set her bail at $1 million. the other 16-year-old girl who was arrested after a student turned in an anonymous text about this plot, she has not been charged yet. that 16-year-old is still being
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we'll let you know if prosecutors will charge her. sienna will be back this court on the 13th. appearance in court. >> all right. tarhonda, thank you. right now. an air force academy cadet accused of assaulting a female cadet at the school faces a hearing today. according to the colorado springs gazette, he's accused of groping the fellow cadet last march. it's a hearing similar to a grand jury. that will determine if there's enough evidence for a court- martial. today the friend who bought the rifles used in the san bernardino attacks is due in court. he could get up to 50 years in prison if convicted. prosecutors say marquez bought the guns that the two terrorists used in last month's massacre. 14 people were killed. 22 others were injured.
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figure out a time line of the attack, we're hearing from some of the deputies involved in the shootout that eventually killed the terrorists. >> to look around and see all the officers around you were okay was an incredible feeling. >> we're all brothers. we all want to make sure everybody gets home safe. that's the main goal. that's our job and what we try to do. >> yesterday the fbi reached out to the public for help. they want to figure out what the shooter did between the initial attack and their eventual deaths. investigators say the shooter's where abouts are unknown for 18 minutes following the assault. >> as the president prepares to take executive action on gun control, congress is gearing up to fight his trademark orders on health care. tonight at the white house, votes again to dismantle the program. from planned parenthood. for the first time it could also pass in the senate, but it is a move more or less based on
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it's going to land on the president's desk where it's guaranteed president obama will not sign off on it. >> the leading health agency is taking an electronic cigarette advertising head on. the centers for disease control and prevention released national survey results which indicate seven in ten young people see e cigarettes in stores. it's believed it will lead them to try it out. there are bans on commercials but there are no restrictions on advertisements for e cigarettes. a judge dismissed a lawsuit seeking federal approval for a credit union serving marijuana -- in our state. allowing it would facilitate criminal activity. that's because marijuana the credit union was challenging a decision by the u.s. federal reserve bank by kansas city to keep the pot
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financial system. >> well, it's a big night for a lot of people. they will be tuned in, waiting to see what the powerball numbers are. they've drawn 17 times without a big jackpot winner, making the jackpot worth $450 million. the winning numbers will be selected at 8:59 mountain time. if you win and opt to take the one time payment rather than the 30-year anewty, you're going to go with $250,000. no one has won since september 7 september 7th. good luck tonight. dry conditions, calm wind, moderate air quality forecast. poor visibility, we have wood burning restrictions. if you don't an an epa wood burning stove you, can't burn above -- thousand feet.
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as we get up into the san juans, 6-12 inches of new snow. that goes right ob through the morning -- right on through the morning this morning. it goes up to midnight. we're going to have pretty good snow. that's going to continue to go north throughout the day. it gets up to aspen, crosses the the colorado river. it's all the way to -- by 11:00, 12:00 tonight. it will be here tomorrow morning. that's going to be in our planning forecast in the next couple minutes. >> i better go and get some turns in. >> you should leave right now. >> right now. >> what are you saying? you don't want me here anymore? >> i can't win. >> so it's not quite the seen from the show walking dead. coming up, the reason this
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it is snowing in the midwest, utah getting snow. california. now, the storm track essentially takes you from california through arizona and new mexico, which is why i expect southern colorado to get by far and away the best snow out of these coming systems here in the next two to three days. temperatures now, teens, 20s, 30s in eastern colorado. not as cold in the mountains and midwest. the storm comes out of the pacific and west coast. it's not that cold. we're going to have really cold air mixed in here on friday. it's going to get colder statewide on friday. a partly cloudy day. most of the day it clouds up after 2:30. low 40s in northern colorado and in the foothills. not much wind. that's why we have the wood burning restrictions. there's the snow starting southwest up into aspen by late afternoon.
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of snow by this evening and we'll spread up to steamboat by late tonight. warm to rethe south and not especially cold in the mountains. 30s and 40s in those parts of the state. tonight that snow keeps making its migration across the state and will be here by tomorrow. again, the heaviest snow in the san juans, well in excess of a foot by the time this thing wraps up on saturday. 2-5:00 here. 3-7:00. that's a three-day total. you will get an inch or two each day. snow develops tonight. 21 degrees. again, tomorrow, you're going to get some melting tomorrow because of the relatively warmer temperatures. it sticks better with a few light showers on saturday. sunday. this snow is going to stick until at least the early part of next week.
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that's going to slow us down for however sure. what's going -- that's going to slow us down for sure. this has spun around to show a very busy interchange. a lot of fluids on the ground. you can see the police, the tow truck, as well as everybody who's involved in that crash still on scene. so we'll continue to watch this one around 39th and peoria. plan on those delays. we'll have alternate routes coming up. also on twitter, you can follow that. one car off into the ditch. out to the east side at the e470 and i-70 interchange may slow you down because of that curiosity delay because of the darkness. everything else, pretty calm and clear. right now, your wait time at the airport, 15 minutes. greg, sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight. >> well, thank you.
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low and across your lap. this year's consumer electronics show in las vegas is full of a lot of promises. if you're trying to shed some pounds, these ear buds track your vital signs and coach you during your workout. now, i love the kitchen stuff. in the kitchen, a lot of smart appliances with cameras. >> say i'm at work and can't remember whether or not i need to buy more milk. i can see what's in my refrigerator. bmw, when you pick up your smart key, the car warms up, the garage door opens, and the car backs out for you. kia also showing off its latest model. one touch to the smart watch and this thing parks by itself. >> smart is a word they're
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>> so we've got the puffer app now. it backs out your car. and we have the earphones that yell at you in you're not running hard enough. do we need those? >> that's what i'm saying. >> wow. i need the earphones that yell at me to start running. >> put down the cheetos. >> you need to run. >> put down the quito. step away. >> i'm like, do i have that. 6:17 now, a mother with a very ill child has not been allowed to see her baby.
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6:19. the mother of a surviving conjoined twin will now be able to visit her child after being banned from seeing the baby. amber made a tough decision to celebrate her daughters in august. one baby, olivia, did not make it, but her sister savannah did. she filed a complaint, saying the the hospital was resistant to help her daughter in a dangerous situation. not long after that, her visitation was limited and then last weekend taken away all together. 9news legal analyst scott robinson said that was an eye
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>> it's difficult not to sympathize with a mother but you have to think there was something she was doing to interfere with the care of her child or other patients. >> they said she was disruptive and that interfered with the care. mccullough wants to transfer her child to boston. today bill cosby's wife will not have to testify as originally planned. camille cosby was due to be questioned under oath in a defamation lawsuit filed against her husband. the judge said she won't be questioned by the plaintiff's attorney while the matter is being appealed. no new date has been set. a bizarre case is being settled. women filed charges against -- they say they have a deal to settle the case but terms of the financial agreement haven't
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investigation is still ongoing. >> the man behind that zombie nativity in ohio has pled not guilty to a zoning violation. he's promising, though, to keep his holiday tradition alive no matter what. he's been at odds with the township officials the past two decembers about the front yard display. he said he made changes to try and comply. it features a sharp toothed ghoulish figure in the tent where baby jesus would be. it's also drawn a lot of attention across the country. >> he's keeping it. >> creepy. >> he got confused between halloween and christmas. >> meshing them together. a sugar heartbreak in the animal kingdom. how a raccoon's misfortune is now a viral sen station.
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>> we'll get hints of that later this afternoon. we're still in the 40s. don't worry about snow tonight. it's not going to be tonight. it will be tomorrow morning during the commute. it will start snowing an inch or two tomorrow, friday. it will be colder friday. so it will stick a little better. when it's all said and done, saturday, two to six on the plains, two to five around here, not really that much more than that in the foothills. in the mountain areas, most of which is going to fall tonight and tomorrow, we'll see six to ten inches of brand new snow. so change of pace from what we have going on here today, amelia? >> sounds good, marty. we'll watch those changes headed into the week. right now, 25 in arapaho looking great here. easy speeds, but the volume is picking up as expected through the 6:00 hour. the rest of our drive has been a little busy on the side streets. we have a new crash reported near the 225 interchange as well as a wrapup of a crash
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39th 39th and peoria. central park boulevard.
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welcome back. we see these guys and gals all the time, but not like this. people passing through an intersection at alameda and colorado in denver were treated to a bit of entertainment. they got a glimpse of the first annual mile high spinning competition. about a dozen spinners showed up to compete for the top spot in colorado. that winner will get a free trip to las vegas to compete in the world sign spinning championship championship. who knew they had such a thing. >> he did a flip and caught it
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>> i may go to wherever they're sending me because i see that they're awesome. 6:26. have you ever been so excited and something slips through your fingers and you lose it forever. >> i'm so sad for this little guy. >> i'm so sad. a raccoon experienced this horror firsthand after scoring some cotton candy. the raccoon drops it in the water and all he could do is grasp as it totally dissolved in nothingness. >> that's pretty funny. >> my heart breaks for him. >> i know. i just had it. i just had it. >> he didn't know. >> what did i do with that? >> it's funny. all right. could we soon be free of the 140 character twitter prison? greg will tell us about some
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well, this is the scene in southern california this week. it has been a mess. flood waters so high people are breaking out the paddle boards. >> world leaders are on high alert after reports that north korea has tested a hydrogen bomb. we'll have the latest on what the united nations is doing. >> new overnight, we're expected to learn more about a police chase overnight through
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a driver called 911 saying someone in a truck was following them and shooting at them. police caught up with the truck and it ended in a chase. officers arrested three people. good wednesday morning, everyone. corey, gary, and cheryl here with you. amelia has a look at your traffic situation and marty is in the backyard with a look at your forecast. marty, a last day before things get chilly. >> and then cold friday, saturday, into sunday. we still have really more than a hint. you can see it easily. it's going to be a mild day around here. we have wood burning restrictions today. if you have a regular fireplace, cannot burn wood in it. approved stoves are okay. snowy in southwestern colorado. live this durango, fresh snow falling there. moderate to heavy snow. they have a winter storm
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area. 3:00, 5:00, it starts moving into central colorado and up into summit county, veil and tonight. pretty good powder day coming up tomorrow in the central mountains. i will take about that in a moment. statewide, light snow starting here. about this time tomorrow morning there will be melting here. very heavy snow south. moderate snow in the mountains and by saturday we'll got another couple inches of snow around here, a total of 2-5 in the metro area. total thursday, friday, and saturday combined. so this is not a huge storm for us. thank goodness amelia, it doesn't come with a lot of wind either. you know, when you're driving, the wind is blowing the snow around. it's tough. >> that's no fun. we've got the stock show parade going on. looks like we could see a little snow on the steer. we'll get out across the metro drive. things are pretty active. northbound 225 we have a crash there. close to the freeway and
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slow us down because of those flashing lights. so far, 225 is actually one of our lighter morning commutes. i-70, car off to the shoulder there. emergency crews have been on scene for a bit. just to the south of i-70 right at 39th and peoria. that's going to be a big -- to havana. 270 all the way up to 13 minutes. south and eastbound, 26 miles per hour. gary, is sunrise this morning at 7:21. check out this gorgeous shot. i'm a sucker for a good sunrise. >> it is today. thank you. it's 6:33 right now. u.n. security consul expected to hold an emergency session today to address north korea's claim that they successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. the u.s. gs detected a 5.1 magnitude quake at the site of
6:27 am
of north korea. shortly after the tremor, north korea made its surprising announcement. now, they've been saying for a long time they want a war head capable of reaching the united states. u.s. leaders are working to confirm the task. the white house says it will condemn any violation of the u.n. security consul resolutions prohibiting nuclear testing by the north. south korea's president is vowing to keep everything on the table when it comes to responding to a bomb test. colorado senator corey gardner who's the chairman of the foreign relations subcommittee on east area released a statement after the announcement. >> i'm monitoring the news coming out of the peninsula and hope to have a clear picture soon of what has occurred. >> he goes on to say the testing of a hydrogen bomb, however, would serve as a reminder of the danger posed to the world by this often forgotten maniac who leads a government that grips to power by fear, intimidation, and murder.
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difference between a hydrogen bomb and atomming bomb. destructive. blast. atomic bombs were dropped on hiroshima. they can destroy everything within a 7-mile radius. 6:35 right now. the trial for one of the men accused in the death of a sudanese immigrant. a grand jury linked five men to the murder. police say he wasn't the target when he was shot outside of his home. 26-year-old -- is due in court today.
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-- all face first-degree murder charges. it is 6:35 now. she is 16 years old, but she will be considered an adult in the eyes of the court. prosecutors say she was methodical in planning an attack on mountain vista high school. that's one of many details in had case that we're just learning more about. tarhonda thomas is at the high school in highlands ranch. the charges let us know how serious this all is. two counts of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder. >> very serious charges. classes have not started yet here this morning, but when you do, you can bet the students are going to be talking about this because the allegations are very shocking. prosecutors say not only did sienna johnson, 16 years old, plan out this attack, but she shows no remorse for it. in court yesterday, sienna johnson was charged with two counts of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder.
6:30 am
they have a journal belonging to johnson. they also say on her social media sites she referenced multiple school shootings and a movie natural born killers. that was a movie referenced by the columbine shooter. she admitted to harming animals. she said she faked her progress while being evaluated mentally at children's hospital. they said she showed no remorse. in court, she was quiet, only smiling at her attorney a couple of times as the proceeding was going on. prosecutors say she's too dangerous to be released on bail because she said she would do the same thing again. prosecutors say she would plan it again but just be more discreet so she wouldn't get caught. these words from the district attorney who is in charge of year-old. as for the other 16-year-old, we don't know the charges. we don't know the relationship
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we'll find that out later on. they will finish the mental evaluation before deciding to charge her. shocking news coming out of mountain vista high school. >> pretty disturbing story. thank you much. 6:37 right now. they're being called the mickey mouse bandits. we're not exactly sure why. this morning aurora police believe they caught one of the bandits accused of being involved in a string of robberies. police say the group robbed family dollar stores this fall. no word on how many people they are still looking for. >> the arapaho county sheriff's office says it needs some help solving two arson cases. both happened on new year's day. sheriff's office says a delivery truck was set on fire near evans. a couple hours later, a dump truck was set on fire near south trenton way. this is a picture of the suspect. he's believed to be between 40
6:32 am
if you have any information, call crime stoppers. you could be eligible for a reward and you can remain anonymous. >> this morning armed antigovernment activists are still holed up in a federal building in an oregon national wildlife refuge. one of them told reporters he believes the arrest warrants have been issued for five of the activists but didn't offer any details. the leader said the group would take a defensive position in anticipation of a possible raid. the local sheriff is holding a community meeting today to discuss safety concerns caused by this standoff. the fbi says it's looking for a peaceful resolution to the situation. >> two athletes named in that al-jazeera report about hgh are now suing. peyton manning is not one of them, at least not yet. lawyerslawyers for two major league baseball players accuse the report of being inaccurate and have filed a lawsuit. washington nationals ryan
6:33 am
taken human growth hormone for any other steroid. ryan howard said he wanted to pursue the lawsuit to preserve his image. major league baseball said it would conduct its own investigation into the claims as well. tonight the winning numbers will be drawn for a massive powerball jackpot. it is now worth $450 million. is live. colleen, that 450 million could go even higher by the time the drawings are tonight. you're filling one out. >> that's why i'm filling out my ticket right now. no, you can't look at my numbers. what are you doing. this is a very secretive thing i have going on here. really, not really. randomly picking those numbers, but lump sum cash payment for the 4-million is a $275.4 million. so, hey, what cold you do with all that money? oh, man.
6:34 am
you could by 44 million vente starbucks lattes. you could go with 465,000 one- day trips to disneyland. maybe you could buy half of those theme parks as well. we've been talking to people this morning. they're filling out their tickets. some say they already got their tickets. they're excited. so how should you actually go about filling out your powerball ticket? well, we have an expert that says this is the way you should do it. >> i would actually encourage people to randomly pick the numbers because that's another problem with expected value calculations. not only do you not get $450 million, but very often -- and this is the interesting phenomenon, people have to share it with other people who have the same numbers. >> yes, you to have to share it, but if you even had a million dollars, you could do so much with that. i've been asking all of you,
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jody tells me she would go and buy a house in hawaii. some really cool responses on facebook. tony said he would create a fund for low income dental care for children in colorado. how cool is that. i need your help filling out tickets. i get nervous when it comes to picking out numbers. tweet me out. what is your lucky number, and those will be my powerball choices for the big drawing tonight. you know, greg, i'm thinking that if you won 450 million -- even if you won a couple million, you could change your twitter handle from your money to my money. >> see. >> she's thinking. >> it may work. i don't know. >> 122. there's two very lucky numbers for you. >> your numbers? >> those are my numbers. >> you get a cut of it? >> i get a cut. an iconic steakhouse has closed up. brooks steakhouse closed at the start of the new year. the owners tell us that the
6:36 am
for years due to increased competition among steakhouses in the tech center. it opened in 1996. the site could become the home of a large new hotel or some other development. this news was the second most yesterday. a lot of people reminiscing about going there. twitter may be red can -- ready limit. it will expand to 10,000. jack dorsey says many people are circumventing the limit by screen shotting texts and sending it out. >> when it comes to paid tv and online viewing. douglas county based stars had a long long standing distribution agreement with disney.
6:37 am
for now, star wars is starz is the winner. >> star wars, the force awakens? >> that's a big deal for starz. >> it is. >> thank you, jedi master. >> 6:43 right now. just a couple of hours, thousands of tech companies are going to be showing off their really cool stuff. >> it's happening at ces. it's the biggest consumer consumer consumer electronics show around. >> noel brennan is there. at least you get to see some really cool technology, noel? >> reporter: oh, there's so much cool technology out here, cheryl. we're inside the las vegas convention center getting a sneak peek of the showroom floor before ces officially kicks off later today. this is the north hall. you may be able to see some of the cars in the distance behind me. this is basically like a car
6:38 am
it's absolutely massive, this whole convention center. 2.4million square feet of combined space. people are going to be packing inside of the convention center along with other spaces along the las vegas strip. some companies will set up with just a table while others will have huge elaborate booths inside the convention center. companiescompanies will never say how much they spend on their booths, but the most elaborate ones likely cost millions of dollars. >> outlandish, very lavish booths where you have swirling towers of tvs going up into the ceiling and live models walking around where you can try out cameras. >> it's a wonderland of technology for people that are really into that. everyone here is really into that. >> so while the show floor doesn't open up officially until 10:00 local time.
6:39 am
of the coolest gadgets. here is a thermos from a company called ember. you see this right here. there's a touch screen right here that shows the temperature of your coffee inside here. and there's a dial on the bottom. guys, you can actually dial the temperature you want your coffee to stay at. this is a crowd sourced company. they raised money on go-go. they will be selling this sometime in the spring for 150 bucks. it's pretty cool. >> i have not seen corey move that fast since donuts arrived. >> that's cool. >> 150 bucks might put a camper on it. >> maybe it will go down. i saw the bobble shop. you've got to check that out for our residents master. >> no. i will. that was actually from last year. i checked it out. the technology really didn't
6:40 am
maybe they will come out with bobble shop 2.0 this year. >> that would be good. okay. >> well, we have hot coffee. >> by the way, put ten bucks on black forest and have fun. talk to you later. >> 6:46 right now. around here, we're looking -- we'll get to marty in just a moment. the basins around there captured 400 million-gallons of runoff. that should, of course, help with the drought in the long run, but it's causing all kinds of issues now it's about enough to fill about 600 olympic sized pools. forecasters say northern california could get as much as 15-inches of rain in the next couple of weeks up there. that should help with the drought too. all right. marty joins us now. marty, they're getting flooded
6:41 am
>> they're getting pounded up there. one right after the other. in these strong el nino years, this is normal. just got a report of 10 inches of snow in flagstaff, arizona. as you said, northern california getting slammed with rain. just in the next six days, parts of arizona can see four and five inches of rain. and in northern california, the better part of half a foot. in another week they could do another half a foot. that would get them close to a foot of rain for the next two weeks. we'll be in the 40s around here today. cloudy skies, late in the evening, and then tomorrow, the really light snow starts up tomorrow morning. it's not going to be all that cold tomorrow. the snow sticks better on friday because it's going to be colder on friday and just a few random snow showers as things start drying out a little bit on saturday. temperatures in the low 20s by
6:42 am
>> all right, marty. thank you so much. it's a program that promised tone millions of users that helped your brain get better. >> i can use that.
6:43 am
good wednesday morning. welcome back as we head out to our map we have a new developing situation at the intersection of lincoln and 7th. a bus crash involved with another vehicle. this came in as a traffic tip from one of our 9news viewers. according to corey nelson, the bus collision at lincoln and is actually blocking that right turn lane of lincoln.
6:44 am
use broadway, of course. we're running one direction. the rest of our drive is starting to pick up across 225 and dayton. marty? around here, amelia, we're looking at clear skies in colorado. as we go through the day, we have a pretty good looking morning around here. we make it into the 40s and 50s with sunshine throughout the east today. we start clouding up around here this evening and snow begins to move to the north. again, it is all because of this weather pattern out to the west so we're continuing to get all this moisture in there so the moderate to heavy rain we see in california gets to the higher elevations and turns to snow. that's going to be our weather story for the next couple of days. >> wow, thanks, marty. behind the science what the brain workout program can do. now its creator will pay a $2 million fine. if the company breaks the terms of the settlement, it could be
6:45 am
they offer subscription based access to activities. the company has counted the program's proven ability to enhance your brain function. demand for the new chevy camaro has gm adding a third shift. they're going to added workers to meet the expected demand for this all new 2016 model. production of the camaro was moved to lansing, michigan over the summer. first time this vehicle has been built in this country since 1992. you may remember back in november, the cam camaro was named the car of the year. >> that's pretty. >> mine only has 160,000 miles more than that car. >> gets me where i'm going. >> very good. all right.
6:46 am
it's 6:55. the drive is really taking a turn for the worst, especially across 270. vasquez. we already had a 20-minute drive. i-70 is a good alternate. a crash at 39th and peoria is still in place. as we zoom in toward our central denver drive, we now have an rtd bus crash blocking part of the intersection across lincoln and 7th. grant and logan are your alternate routes. we'll track that throughout the morning. up. we're going to follow the rest of these crashes as we move over to channel 20. marty.
6:47 am
california, snow in arizona. colorado. we'll have heavy snow there evening. the snow is going to migrate to the north throughout the day. if you're just now leaving, mild around the metro area. 20s is decent for this time day. it's colder as you move up along the southside river. partly cloudy skies early. cloudy here. it will be completely dry through the day. mid 40s up north. mid to upper 40s around town. lower 40s and upper 30s with very little wind in the foothills. snow down south spreads up to glenwood springs, carbondale area. goes to grand junction. it's up to the river and then the summit county-vail area and winter park ski areas. we'll see six to ten inches of snow by tend of the day. 40s here, 50s down south and 30s to the west. though we're getting good snow in the central mountains, the
6:48 am
1-2 feet by the time this wraps up on saturday. we're looking at 2-5 inches there. partly cloudy and hazy today. 45 today. tonight into the low 20s with some snow starting to pick up before sunrise tomorrow. a little melting with an inch or two tomorrow, no melting with an inch or two on friday. we start wrapping things up with cold, dry air on saturday and slowly warm up by monday. we'll see how long the cold sticks with us in the 9-day outlook. >> brrr on friday. the u.n. security consul calling an emergency meeting after north korea claims to have conducted a powerful hydrogen bomb test. the north is believing to be working on two types of long range missiles that analysts
6:49 am
outside mountain vista high school where a student has been charged with conspiracy to commit first-degree murder. that 16-year-old student is being charged as an adult. her name is sienna johnson. police say she had a detailed faculty. she practiced with a bb gun and laid out plans when a school resource officer would and would not be in the school. she showed no remorse and said she would plan the attack about it. we'll continue to follow this story. an air force academy cadet accused of sexual sexual assaulting a female cadet at the school faces a hearing today. cadet third class jackson spalding is accused of groping the fellow cadet last month. an article 32 hearing is the military's version of a grand jury hearing and they will determine if there's enough evidence for a court-martial. light snow for a couple of
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