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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  NBC  January 6, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm MST

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-- look like for us?>> you are probably cringing, but we will only be stuck with it for a few days. the sunshine will return in no time. across the radar, you can see the storm system plowing into north, central and southern california. the storms are slowly migrating to the south and then lifting to the north/northeast impacting colorado. looking at san francisco through parts of central california through the la basin, there is extremely heavy rain. there are also mudslides in the area. keep that in mind if you have family in the area. also up in the high country, there is quite a bit of snow that certainly needs it. you can see the moisture coming at us from the southwest and tracking to the north and northeast. with this, plenty of watches, warnings and advisories. there is a winter storm warning in the area in red across the four corners.
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watch along the i-25 corridor. we will keep a watch at those areas. there is just a little bit in parts of telluride, montrose and into glenwood springs and staying basically to the west side of the mountains. around 4:00-5:00 this afternoon, you will see the wind speed increasing and it won't make it into our backyard until after midnight. it does not look all that impressive. maybe light flurries for the morning drive. a bigger push in the afternoon. some of us had blue skies and other visit -- others of us had that brown cloud. i think as the system moves in that it will help us out. it will mix up the pollutants and get them out of here so we can breathe better. we are at 41 at dia and cooler at greeley. 20s at gunnison.
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okay with increasing clouds and temperatures cooling to the 30s as we head to the dinner hour. the snowfall continuing to the western side of the state and we will talk about snow totals in just a bit. behind the snow comes a blast of cold air. the weekend looks chilly in my book.>> i think everybody is over the cold air. we could handle the snow if the arctic air did not role in behind it. >> it will warm up next week with maybe a couple of 40s here and there. >> there is the silver lining. we will look forward to that. thanks danielle. we are learning more about the 16-year-old girl who was planning an attack on a douglas county high school. in her own words. sienna johnson is charged with two counts of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder. she was a sad and angry teenager and nothing points to
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high . natural born killers was the film repeatedly referenced. she has take -- he kept a detailed map of the school and the officers that work there. teenagers like sienna need to be helped.>> i think a lot of the violence that we see as a cry for help and the christ be recognized. now, that does not excuse the horrible things that they do, but if we paid them as monsters and as in human, we will never be able -- in human -- inhuman, we will never be able to help them.>> reporter: he believes that violence can be prevented before it happens. the only sauce -- the only
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county has closed its doors for terminally ill patients there. it opened in 2001 and there have been major shortfalls in findings -- funding. they have close the doors. two people were under their care when the doors closed and they had to find facilities out of grand county. something other agencies will have to do in the days and weeks ahead. >> that is right. this is a huge impact in our community. there will be no hospice care or death that david eight -- death with dignity at your house with the amazing hospice workers.>> reporter: staff say that issues with medicare and fund raising led to the closing. about 65% of the funding is from private fundraising and they are not getting as much money as they used to in the fundraising efforts. north korea successfully detonated a nuclear bomb.
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claim of having conducted a test with a hydrogen bomb. intelligence agencies around the world are sick -- expressing significant and understandable skepticism of regime. the white house says that nothing has happened to change the u.s. government assessment of the north korean military capabilities. they have made it difficult for the united states to difficult -- to negotiate. north korea has been pretty clear that they are not interested in giving away nor clear -- nuclear weapons.
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we don't have diplomatic negotiation. so, i think we are going to have to work on our defensive do with -- do what we can with allies in the area. there is no doubt that allies can protect themselves against north korea. he is more concerned about japan and other areas that are close to north korea. henrique marquez was in court today to answer a five count indictment alleging that he conspired to provide material support to terrorists. marquez was friends with a couple who killed 14 people and wounded 22 others in the december shooting. a couple was found to have ties to isis and they died in a shootout with authorities later. three of those detectives are speaking for the first time
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the detectives came face-to- face with the shooters as other began to arrive. they started firing. deputy rawlins said he did not realize he had been wounded by shrapnel until 12 hours later. all three say they are grateful to be alive.>> the officers incredible feeling.>> i got home and went to shower and realized i had a hole in my leg and blood on my pants. >> we all want to get home safely. that was the main goal and that's what we try to do. >> reporter: investigators are still conducting interviews and trying to piece together what happened with the couple before the shooting began. don't -- don't point guns at us and we won't point guns back. these are words from the people at the wildlife refuge in oregon.
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refuge on saturday. they want control of the stretch of federal land in the state. today, the leader of the entry -- the indian tribes says that the ancestral -- it is ancestral property and the activists need to leave. >> they have decided in their mind what they want to do. in any rational or reasonable conversation, negotiation, whatever, i don't think they will do that. >> reporter: the activists seized buildings at the refuge. it is a group of roughly 20 people. police are looking for whoever shattered vehicle windows in southwest denver. they used either a bb gun or a pellet gun. the cars were on s. knox court and others on w. ellsworth ave. most of them have the driver's
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a few even had to windows folk at -- broken out. >> it is not something you want to wake up to in the morning. it was unfortunate and we are trying to get community help define who these people are.>> reporter: police say a witness saw a silver or gold 19's 90 -- 1990s model chevy blazer. if you have any information about who may be responsible, or if you have a shattered window as well and have not contacted authorities, contact the denver police department. three people involved in a shooting and car chase last night. they called 911 saying they were being followed. somebody shot at the car. the driver was not hit. the state patrol and police tracked down the suspect's truck and three people were arrested. it ended in the highlands area. there is no word yet on
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is offering free pizza for an entire year to the person who can help them track down a deep cooper -- broke into and burglarized the restaurant over the weekend. it was caught on camera at the pizzeria on pearl street. when the owner arrived at work on sunday morning, he noticed that all the money in the cash register, about $1000, was gone. then he noticed a broken window and he took a look at the surveillance video footage and saw this man stealing from his business.>> what is most disturbing about it is how nonchalant they walked into the property with the break-in. it makes everybody nervous and it brings down morale. for the last couple of days, i have secured all the windows in the restaurant. all of my neighbors are getting cameras. we're kind of getting sick of it. >> reporter: white says that just the night before, somebody broke into the shed behind the
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dpd is investigating, but so far nobody has been caught. if anybody recognizes the man in this video and their tips lead to an arrest, he will get them unlimited free pizza for a full year. more problems for the denver-based chipotle chain. they have been served with a subpoena requiring it to produce a broad range of documents about people who have been sickened at many of its restaurants. there was a norovirus outbreak in boston. they expect sales to be down 14.6%. a new link between fetal brain damage and a mosquito borne virus. it's not in the u.s. yet, but authorities are concerned because it is in parts of the world that will be competing at this year's olympics.
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first of all, how is the virus spread and what is the concern?>> it is spread by mosquito bite. just like west nile virus. it is coming from africa to south and central america and now it looks like it is headed toward the united states. it is not in the continental u.s. yet, but it has been detected in puerto rico. the cd says that if you go there, you need to protect yourself from mosquito bites. if adults are bitten by the mosquito and we get the virus, the symptoms are basically what you see right there. fever, rash, red eyes. the problem is that for unborn children and for newborns, there seems to be a connection between this virus and microcephaly. the baby is born with an undeveloped or under vet -- underdeveloped brain. in 2014 they had 147 cases of this before the fire is hit. of this.
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dramatically. brazil yet -- brazil says over people have been infected with the virus. when a mosquito bites them, it people. the concern is that it is in puerto rico and it looks like it is headed to the southern part of the united states. there is indication that some of the mosquitoes that carry it are adapted to cold weather. we will have to be careful the summer when it comes to mosquitoes. >> it is so scary, especially when you talk about children and newborns. many of the sprays that we use have chemicals that they are not allowed to be exposed to. it is really quite frightening. >> reporter: hopefully they get it under control before it gets to the united states. the west nile virus is a perfect example of how this can spread. >> people are still living with long-term impact because of the
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to-day after having been -- virus. they just live their lives day- to-day after having been diagnosed. >> reporter: for newborn children, it can be devastating.>> thank you dr. john. there is a state of emergency in michigan because of toxic tap water. the water in the flint michigan public system has been contaminated with lead. residents complained about the taste and smell of the water after the city's switch to a less expensive water system in 2014. the state employees said the water was fine. now, tests on children confirm elevated blood levels. they switch back to a previous water system and the department of justice has decided to launch an investigation. a cat earned when she called under a laundry dryer at an apartment complex in aurora is now up for adoption. some of you may find injuries a little upsetting. phoenix came to the denver dumb friends league with minor burns
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suffered abuse as well. the person who turned phoenix and did not give much information. the dumb friends league was able to get phoenix into a foster home with a cat who almost froze last year. now, she is healthy and ready for adoption. if you are interested, contact the dumb friends league. poor kitty. >> let them lineup because she deserves a great home right now. >> she has a great face. >> and it looks like her eyes are two different colors. they also point out that if phoenix is already adopted out, they have ton of great cats. possibilities. never seen before. quite literally.
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wills and planning. do it. we have denver bar attorneys who specialize in probate taking your calls.
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0999. >> everybody needs to be involved in that kind of planning. sharks are down today. down to the lowest level since 2008. oil tumbled on more sides. the china economy is slowing. the tao mack fell 252 points. the s&p luxist 26 and the nasdaq fell 55. -- fell 26 and the nasdaq fell 55. now, let's raise the chandelier. it is gorgeous, this is the 1700 pound chandelier that hangs above the house of west ridge -- representatives. it is heavier since restoration. it was designed to run on gas and electricity and it has been polished to its original shine. above it is the green ceiling with intricate sketch work that had been covered for decades with drab acoustic tile. it all started when former
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-- frank mcnulty, asked them to check a faulty radiator.>> then he said, while you are at it, let's take off some tiles.>> it had been so long that nobody is around that remember the chamber before the acoustic tiles. when the panel started coming off to see what was underneath it, we were all shocked.>> the chandelier, isn't that something. that led to the skylight been restored next to the chamber where the balls are red and stick -- the walls are red instead of green. there is a visitor gallery so you can see it all.>> it is all the rage right now. a great-looking chandelier. hundreds of american troops could receive medals of honor. the pentagon announced today
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military to review medals since 9/11. if approved by the defense secretary, the review would represent one of the most significant steps in decades to honor troops. if even of the fraction of medals under review are up rated , it is possible that dozens more troops would receive the medal of honor for bravery in iraq and afghanistan. thousands of people around the world are celebrating a holy night tonight. orthodox christians and greek catholics are celebrating christmas eve. there was a historical reenactment from around the time of the birth of jesus christ. those in serbia, ukraine and other countries celebrating january 6 and 11. in mexico
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slice of the largest three kings cake. it was handed out by the mexican government for free to celebrate the three kings. the kings cake celebration commemorates the visit of the three kings to newborn baby jesus to -- as described in christian literature. it took seven hours to bake the cake and it weighed in at us -- at a staggering 20,000 pounds. it had a width of 35 inches. that is a lot of cake. france is trying something new to combat food waste. restaurants are legally required to offer doggie bags. the new lot went into effect -- law went into effect on new year's eve. there is some 1,000,000 tons of food waste annually in france. from now on, larger dining establishments will have to provide a take-home box or doggie bag for anybody who asked for one. they hope to reduce food waste by the year 2025. in france, doggie bags do not
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the french are new to the concept of taking leftovers home. i had no idea.>> that's the best part. sometimes it taste so much better. thank goodness. we are following breaking news from wheat ridge right now. 39th ave. is closed from peers to dylan. police are searching for a suspect they believed to be hiding in the basement. they are asking people to avoid the area. i am trying to make sense of this. it looks like somebody abandon a vehicle. i am trying to figure out what this collection of vehicles is. it looks like somebody may have stopped and took off on foot. at this time of day, not a new -- not a lot of people our home. there is concern the person went into an empty house and is hiding there. you are looking at a lot of swat.
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arrest for a felony warrant. they did arrest one person and they are looking for another person that is possibly in a basement. stay away from 38th ave. you can go to 32nd or maybe over to 20th. this is between pierce and dylan -- newlan.
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. are people in the u.s. to clean? >> no, they are not to clean.>> we are going to ask dr. john.>> there is a study that says that americans may shower too often.>> we are the number one in the whole world for
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consumption, americans use the most. data from one source said that individuals use 430,600 gallons that's us. the u.s. geological survey says that breaks down to 1800 gallons per day. next in line is estonia that use 86,000 86,640 gallons per year. way down is the uk and the only use 40,000 gallons per year. think of the difference between the 430,000 gallons to 40,000 gallons. a big difference.>> however, if you have spent time around teenage boys, you could tell them to take a shorter shower, but take a shower.>> they use a lot of water.>> a lot of doctors at the american academy of dermatology say that if you are under 11 that you should
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when kids hit puberty, their skin gets more oily and if they play sports, they need to shower more often. more than once a week. to the 50s and 60s, maybe shower every other day because it is healthier for skin and hair. above that, even less than that. do any of us follow that in this country? no. if you don't shower as much, your skin will not dry out and it will help with eczema and your hair and a lot of things. with our culture, we tend to shower every day, if not multiple times a day and that's the way we are here. if you do use the shower, a couple of tips. make it as lukewarm as possible and not as hot as possible. i'm as guilty as anybody because i love a hot shower. >> it is hard on your skin.>> after you get out of the
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there are shampoos with moisturizers and you can lather up ahead of time. you need to be careful about slipping in the shower. we use a lot of water, we certainly do. could we cut down? we certainly could. they do say that if you are working out and sweating a lot and if you are at work in a dirty environment, you definitely need shower every day. for most of us like office workers where we don't necessarily work out, maybe you could skip one or two days.>> in dry climates, there is lotion to help with your skin.>> exactly. >> everyday shower? >> yes, sometimes twice a day when i work out.>> i do go to europe and i work in europe with the military. they don't shower as much as we do. >> and you can tell. >> they do make those little deodorant wipe things now that some of us keep in our cars.
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you are picking somebody up. >> like a bunch of teenage boys? >> perhaps. >> holy macro. -- macro -- makrel. >> never turn down a breath mint or those little wipes. >> never turn down the little white. especially -- weippe -- wipe. >> i want a device in my house where i can just turn off the hot water.>> good luck with that.>> okay, thank you dr. john. >> [ indiscernible - multiple speakers ]. well, you maybe want to get your boots back out. there are good powders to spray those with. we are going to need our boots. danielle is back to tell us
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scientists say that marine life could help them track el nio. they are looking at samples from up and down the west one project focuses on how algae. this is important because it makes a difference in harvest rates for fisheries. high levels of toxicity for certain species could mean that bad news for the fishing industry.>> what you are seeing is that the level of toxins in the clams are above the level. we are asking if this is the new normal? will we see exceptionally high levels? >> reporter: researchers say they found toxins in predators from southern california all the way to alaska.
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year's el nino. and so is california. we are saying hello el nino. nino. it is rolling back into colorado. the last couple of days was a nice break. >> you can turn the heat down in the car and roll the window down. >> the sun can be down on you and it was great. but, all good things have to come to an end. right? it will be good up in the high country where we will have more snow at our favorite ski resorts. we're not there yet. we get to enjoy a gorgeous sunset. this is the view out in boulder and the flat irons. you can see the clouds drifting in as that storm is beginning
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this is the view from winter park. they are begging for a little bit more powder to be on the slopes for skiers and snowboarders. right now they are socked in and we are waiting to see if that wintry white will push in. the temperatures today were not too shabby. collins. 50s and burlington as well as pueblo. 30s west of the continental divide. many folks above the freezing pace. 41. the rest of the afternoon and into the evening, you will notice clouds increase as the clouds move into the western part of the state. the wind will make it feel like 36 at the airport. this huge trough and system are dominating over the next 24-48 hours. it will bring rain and snow to california and then it will shift to parts of colorado. friday i think will be the day
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also some snow that six. we have this artic blast that is slowly going to sink into our backyard. that will mean some cooler temperatures on the horizon. on hd doppler 9, we are keeping a close eye on what is going on out west. again, everything moving and from the pacific from northern california to los angeles and san diego counties. they have rain and they would like to see the moisture, but they needed in slower spurts so that it sinks in and put a dent into the drought. right now they are getting widespread heavy rainfall. they needed to come at a slightly slower pace. there is snow across the sierras as well. you can see winter weather advisory warning to parts of around here, we are watching in. right now, most of it is off to the western slope toward telluride and shifting in from
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i think the heaviest amounts of snowfall will be rolling into the southwestern sound wands where we do -- san juans where this continues until about midnight . they will get 4-8 inches. an additional 1-3 through the evening. that will be the case for everybody under the winter weather advisory. pagosa springs, durango, i would say 1-3 inches for you also. that would be on the higher peaks above 6000-7000 feet. we will see the snowfall increase west of the continental divide. here it is around 10:00-11:00 where we will have mostly cloudy skies around the metro area. by morning, a little bit of that snow will try to push into the area. you can just see it to the southwestern side of town. it will roll through about midmorning around 8:00 or 9:00, probably when everybody is off the road.
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there is not of town of -- not a ton of moisture with this first round. then the next round will add up as far as the snow amounts go. also the cold. it is going to stick and stay put and you may need to bust out the shovel by 10:00 on thursday. there is that low with that parts of the southwest. right now in the forecast from morning, everything winds down saturday morning. i'm going for 2-5 along the i- 25 corridor. in the mountain 6-10. if you were going -- are going skiing or snowboarding, it will be a good weekend. temperatures 15 and northern colorado. 16 and leadville and low 20s at
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around here, 21 with cloudy skies. there may be flurries here and there. nothing too major. i think we will have slushy snow because it won't accumulate that much. once we move into friday, it will be a different story. 20s on tap for the high country tomorrow with 30s at the heart of the city. 41 at littleton and the same in longmont. 30 degrees at grand lake. 34 for estrus park. the trend is cooling off with the cool arctic air reaching the state by friday. the cold front will bring more snow too. 1-2 inches tomorrow and it will be slushy. an edition 1 -- additional 1-2 inches on friday. most of next week is looking pretty good. those are blue sky days.
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is looking nice too. >> make your plans for monday and tuesday. >> the stock sure -- show will be happening. 30s and 40s is pretty good in my book. >> maybe just a light jacket and your cowboy boots. right?>> and you need a big belt buckle. >> that's right, a big buckle. the afc player of the week after his performance on sunday. he rushed for a career-high of 117 yards and a 27-20 when over san diego -- win over san diego. they clinched their fifth consecutive division title. he is the sixth afc player honored from the broncos. that was fun to watch.>> that was great, wasn't it? >> that was a great moment, i like that too.
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headed toward the super bowl.>> mike at broncos headquarters getting ready for the huddle 9news breaking news in the world of sports. nominated to the baseball hall of fame with the highest percentage ever. >> that balloting is crazy for him. he received 365 votes. jeff bagwell and tim rains fell short in the results.>> i'm sure there will be lots later on to talk about that. chance to win $500 million.
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the powerball is up to $500 million which translates to $306 million if you take the cash. >> i will take the cash.
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make the players -- make it more difficult to win the jackpot. a man from rifle one $90 million in august 2014. he settled for a cash option which left him with $39 million after taxes. the colorado lottery says all the hype for the jack taught makes the jackpot -- checkbox -- jackpot makes it even bigger.>> the last time the powerball had a winning ticket was back november 7. that means 17 drawings without a winner. the cost two dollars for a single ticket. the odds of will and -- up winning is one in nine -- into hundred 92 million. that drops to one in 25 with the powerball. that drops out coming in as the sixth highest amount. we forgot about the really
4:39 pm
staggering set of odds that i heard is when you translate statistically one in 292 million would mean the broncos winning six super bowls in a row. we know how hard that would be. anyway, we're going to play those odds.>> i'm going to be the winner. we bought the ticket for the show. you want in? we could throw a little bit your way. if it's on tv, that means it is true. >> [ laughter ]. there is a video record of it now. we know where you work and we know where you live.>> [ indiscernible - multiple speakers ].>> it is all good.>> we have a question for you guys as parents.
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potty in public by themselves? >> i love this question. i am terrified of the prospect of letting them go, even when they are eight years old. i go with them all the time.>> there is a story of a little girl whose mom let her go in at superglue deceit. mom would have noticed that and she went in alone.>> do they stand at the door or do you go in? >> you stand right outside the stall. >> i go in the stall. >> we are in a world that is kind of scary. we teach them to wash their hands without touching the toss it and -- the faucet and how to open the door. >> you use the paper towel when you open the door. >> you never touch the handle.
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call, isn't it?>> if you stand there and watch that for long, you are convinced it is a good policy. although, we just did a story that americans take too many showers. they want us to take fewer showers.>> no, take more.>> i haven't showered in weeks. >> i know.>> it is the hair thing. you know? you have to worry about the hair. >> i have hair everywhere else. >> there you go. it's worth it. >> see you. goodbye. >> the shower thing gets everybody. i think that is a talker. we have been talking about it all week and it finally opens today. it is the consumer electronic show going on. >> fun toys and gadgets for all
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at least -- at last the computer electronic show has opened in las vegas.>> reporter: from toys to transportation, tech should be fun. here at the ces, there is a lot of great examples. now there is a machine that makes cold drinks.>> if you want a perfectly made while he though margarita -- mojica margarita, they have it for you. an educational tool that is
4:43 pm
it teaches kids to program. >> it uses software to bring a little -- lego model to life. it's a way to bring robotics to the classroom.>> reporter: there are multiple electric scooters on the way -- on display. >> it folds up very compact so you can take it on to us -- onto a train or bus. it has a lithium ion battery that takes you about 20 miles.>> reporter: all of the toys and tech the show has to offer. technology should be fun for everyone. here is another way to get around. i am steve zachman in las vegas. back to you.>> that looks like a personal helicopter. maybe the little car they are building.
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and el nio storm system still dumping snow in the northern california mountains is headed west. denver has had a haze skyline for much of the day.
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