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tv   9 News at 5am  NBC  January 7, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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announcement that it tested a hydrogen bomb. south korea is ready to retaliate . . and we'll look at how the stock markets around the world are reacting. if you can name who this burglar is.... you could get free pizza for a year. a denver pizzeria wants to catch a thief. a major retailer announces job cuts and store closings. we'll tell you what macys stores in the denver area might be affected. good morning. meteorologist becky ditchfield and traffic reporter amelia earhart join us. becky - the snow
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we continue to follow
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surrounding north korea's announcement that it successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. overnight, south korea said it will retaliate against the test... by resuming cross- border propaganda broadcasts. north korea considers those an act of war. south korea says they will start tomorrow. and earlier today - u-s intelligence- gathering aircraft took off from an american air base in japan. it's not clear yet what they're doing -but they could be involved in trying to determine what kind of nuclear device north korea detonated. worries over the nuclear test and china's weakening economy caused a huge stock plunge in china. the stock exchanges closed early - after dropping more than 7-percent.
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u-s stock futures about 1-point-5- percent each. what countries have high-powered korea is claiming to have. these are the hydrogen weapons - which are the more powerful bombs: the u-s, russia, great britain, france, and china. union of concerned scientists", these nations have less potent, but still dangerous atomic bombs: israel, india, and pakistan. new overnight.... adams county deputies are trying to solve a shooting. it happened on east 85th place... which is near the intersection of 88th avenue and washington street. officers tell us one person was rushed to the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds. no word on the victims condition or suspects at this time. we're also following a mine rescue in central new york state. the ithaca fire department says that 17 mine workers are stuck in an elevator... that's 900 feet down in the earth. crews have been
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men out since 8-20 our time last night. the local emergency response group says the men got stuck as they were starting their shift at cargill salt mines in lansing, new york. food and blankets are being lowered to the miners. a crane is being brought in from another part of new york... it will be able to get them out two or three at a time. we'll bring you updates on this story when we get them. a man once suspected of being involved in the murder of the head of the state's department of corrections... is now suspected of targeting another d-o-c employee. tom clements was murdered at his monument home in march 20-13. evan ebel - a former inmate - shot him. ebel died in a shootout with police in texas. now- one of ebel's associates is accused of targeting a d-o-c employee in el paso county. 9news reporter vida urbonas has the details. that suspected accomplice is 34 year old thomas goulee .. goulee is in the hospital .. and has been arrested .. after an attempted burglary and
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springs. guolee is a reported member of a notorious, white supremecist prison gang.. who was reportedly once an associate with the man who shot and killed tom clements in 2013. property records show goulee tried breaking into a house that belongs to a former department of corrections employee. this is surveillance from the night of of december 30th . el paso county deputies were called out to a report of a burglary in progress on the 2400 block of sierra springs drive.. around 9. on police scanners the reporting party told 911 the suspect was "trying to get in" the home. the video show the suspect approaching the house, leaving, then approaching again. that's when someone called 9- 1-1. just minutes later .. the suspect started shooting .. there was a chase.. and a crash.. officials say goulee was a person of interest in the clements homicide and that he is a violent offender. a spoksperson
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information has shared with employees. a popular pizza place in platt park was robbed over the weekend. and kaos pizzeria's owner is offering a unique reward... hoping to catch the thief. this is surveillance video of the suspect... who came through a back window. the suspect stole about 1-thousand from the restaurant's cash registers. there's also a crime stoppers reward being offered if you can help i-d the suspect. you can remain anonymous. a handful of changes are coming to education in colorado this year. one is the reduction of standardized tests. another is that the mandated college entrance exam will be switched from the act to the sat. 9news reporter tarhonda thomas is live at the state capitol. tarhonda - it was recently announced that the change to the sat
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friday's closely- watched report on job growth for december is taking watched report on job growth for
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on added importance. that's because our economy appears to be struggling as a result of a struggling energy sector and weakness overseas. the concern is that
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down. but economists are expecting that employers added a healthy 200- thousand jobs last month. and o ther fresh employment indicators are encouraging. payroll processor adp said yesterdasy that businesses added a better- than-expected 257- thousand jobs in december. a good jobs report friday thus could serve as a welcome sign that americans' income and consumption should continue to gain momentum, keeping the economy on solid ground. macy's, however, is cutting 48-hundred jobs and closing 36 stores, after reporting dismal holiday sales. about 27-hundred of the cuts are store employees, although some will be relocated. none of these latest store closures are in colorado. macy's blames warm weather, which discouraged sales of winter clothes, and the strong dollar, which kept tourists from visiting and spending money in the u-s. macy's shares are
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50-percent from their 2015 high. although the stock did jump nearly 5-percent in after-hours trading after the news of closures and layoffs came out. and the powerball winner is...... nobody. no one had the magic combination of these numbers: 47, 2, 63, 62, and 11. the powerball was 17. this means the jackpot is just
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growing. it reached 524 million dollars last night. now you have until saturday night to buy a ticket.. that's when the next drawing will happen. it's expected to be the largest jackpot of any lottery game in u-s history.... 675- million dollars! today - donald trump could have a big problem. he's promised a ton of people that they can attend his campaign event... when apoparently they can't! we'll
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a winter storm is expected to move into our area today. right now- it's snowing in the mountains. this is a live look at i-70 at mid-vail. snow is coming down - and the roads are snow packed. it looks like a plow has been through there... but you'll want to take it easy if you're driving up there today today donald trump has a campaign stop in vermont... and he might face a little bit of a problem. his staff gave out 20 thousand tickets for a venue that only has 14 hundred seats. the venue is in burlington, vermont -- which is bernie sanders'
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the police chief says if a rock band gave away that many seats he'd cancel the event. security will be extremely tight - and protests are expected. vice president joe biden says he regrets not running for president every day... but that it was also the right decision. this is according to nbc affiliate w-v-i-t. biden says he will still stay deeply involved. today we are remembering those who lost their lives in the charlie hebdo attack. one year ago today, 17-people died when extremists targeted the french magazine and a nearby jewish market. today, charlie hebdo released this cover showing a bloodied god with an assault rifle on his back. above the cartoon it says: one year later, the assassin is still on the run". the vatican
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cover, saying the magazine forgets that religious rejected violence in the name of religion. magazine replied that god may have indeed killed his he went on to say should learn to less god. a fast-food chain hopes it has found the next great way millennial moms. it's set up a valet system! gregg will explain how it works. but first, lets check in with becky and amelia. time warner cable says up to 320-
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customers may have had their email passwords stolen. the company says the information may have been taken through data breaches at other companies that store time warner cable's customer data. it's notifying people to encourage them to change their passwords. it was just a matter of time. "star wars: the force awakens" has become the highest grossing domestic movie of all time.
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disney, the movie the box office on wednesday to pass "avatar's" $760.5 gross. title comes after just 20-days. both "avatar" and earned some $1.6 billion globally. star wars could take the number one global titie when it opens in china on saturday. chick-fil-a is trying to help the dining out experience be a little less stressful for the company is concept called "parent's valet." the service lets parents order at the drive-thru with their children in the car. then after they order, they go inside where an employee will have a table and high chairs ready, as well as food and condiments on the table.
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maybe you're
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colorado murder... is back under this is 9news. a man suspected of being involved involved in a high under investigation this morning. a
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corrections employee.
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