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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  January 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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this is 9news. >> one person is recovering in the hospital this morning after being shot multiple times. this morning police are left with a lot of questions. he was accused much being involved in the murder of colorado's prisons chief. now police say he took aim atner person connected today the state prison system. and some incredible video out of canada this morning. a family had to jump for their lives to escape from a fire. now to breaking news. we have learned paris police officers killed man outside a police station.
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the ministry of interior said the man tried to attack an officer with a knife before he was shot and killed. officers say the man southed "god is great" in arabic. french officials say the man was wearing a fake explosive vest. this does come on the first anniversary of the charlie hebdo killings in that city where one year ago. investigated as potential terrorism. we will bring you the latest updates when they become available. good morning everyone. welcome to 9news. corey rose. gary shapiro, cheryl is off today. so is marty. we will start with meteorologist becky ditchfield in the nine backyard. cold temps today? >> we are nice out here this morning with temperatures in the 30s. given the clouds and snow that will be arriving today, we are not going to be warming up too much. mostly cloudy skies are out right now. that's out over the denver metro area.
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now, most of that not here across the front range. you have to head out to the eastern plains where we have got a lot of dense fog bringing just a quarter mile of visibility to places near holy oak and wray. three-quarters of a mile there. dense fog advisories have been extended to 10:00 a.m. along with that fog we have some very cold temperatures, which means freezing fog is possible. roads could be very treacherous here as we get that nice glaze of ice out there. so please be careful if you are headed out and about. denver, our foothills up through the continental divide right now under a winter weather advisory. most of that snow will start late this afternoon and into this evening. we have got some heavier bands across southern and southeast colorado from a separate system that will be moving out this morning. light snow possible late this morning, but it's truly late this afternoon and into this evening that most of that snow picks up here around the city. we will talk about how much we're expecting and, of course, what the mountains are going to get coming up in a few minutes. amelia.
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if you are just waking up, that alarm clock just went off and you are wondering, do i need to leave for work area? in the metro area, no. in the high country a different story. icy snowpacked roads across the i-70 commute. this is a live view of vail. no chain laws in effect, but areas like highway 160 over wolf creek, lizard head pass. we will track that. right now denver roads are mostly dry. we have had a calm start on 25, 285, and c-470. two crashes have popped up eastbound on i-70. one near colorado. one closer towards that northfield stapleton exit. gary, as we look out to the west side, this big mass of orange is fog and those areas in white is the on coming store. >> thanks, amelia. three minutes after six right now. new this morning we are following a mine rescue in
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17 miners were stuck in an elevator about 900 feet below the earth. crews have been working to get them out since 8:00 our time. the local fire department says a crane has arrived on scene. they had to bring it in from out of town. they have pulled the first four miners out to the surface. they are apparently okay. they are being checked out by paramedics. the local emergency response group says the men got stuck as they were starting their shift at the cargill salt mines in lancing, new york. of course, we will have updates for you through the morning. also new this morning deputies are trying to figure out what sparked a shooting in adams county. it happened at 85th place. officers tell us one person was rushed to the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds. no word on the victim's condition at this time or, as we said, what started that shooting. right now police officers missing pueblo woman.
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seen 57-year-old waunita hernandez since tuesday. officers found her white nissan van in the parking lot of runyan lake. anyone who knows where she might be, call pueblo police. police in longmont are searching for a kidnapped teenager. they say her abductor might be trying to take her to missouri. the suspect is 51-year-old thomas kitchen. he is wanted for sexual assault on a child and kidnapping. there is no amber alert right now because police say she may have gone with him willingly. the girl is 5'3", 120 pounds with blonde hair and blue eyes. police are not releasing her name right now. police believe the suspect and the girl may be headed to st. joesph, darlington, or kingston missouri. he is believed to be driving a light green 2012 toy rav 4 with missouri license plate number wh9k2u. police say the vehicle has rear-end damage.
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a man was suspected of being involved in the murder of the head of the colorado department of corrections. he is now the suspected of targeting another doc employee. he was an associate of evan eblele. now this suspect is accused of recently targeting a doc blow in el paso county. 9news reporter vida urbonas with more. >> reporter: good morning. that suspected accomplice is 34-year-old thomas guolee. guolee is in the hospital. he has been arrested after an attempted burglary and a shoot-out with police in colorado springs. guolee is a reported member of a prison gang. property records show a suspect that reportedly belongs to former department of corrections employee. this is surveillance from that night of december 30th. they believe that suspect is guolee. el paso county deputies were called out to that report of a burglary in progress that
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on the police scanners the reporting party told 911 the the suspect reportedly started shooting. there was a chase and then a >> shots fired. >> ambulance, ambulance. >> we are looking at a violent offender here. >> reporter: a spokesperson with the doc is not sharing details information has been shared with employees. officials say guolee is a very violent offender. >> vida, thank you. 6:07 right now. school districts? colorado face a litany of changes this year. denver public schools heads into a new year with a different superintendent after the current one announced he is taking a leave of absence. and in jefferson county there is a new school board after a slate of conservative members were recalled in november. tarhonda thomas is at the state capitol this morning. the most notable change is the switch from the sat to the act?
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state legislators made that decision at the capitol during the last session. they basically said that students who are preparing to enter colleges in colorado instead of taking the act, they will be required to take the sat. the move we saw this week was on monday when there was a request made to forego and to actually delay that decision until 2017 basically meaning juniors in high school right now could still take the act since that's a test for which they have been prepping in order to get to college. next year students will be required to take the sat. we will see if that request is approved. let's talk about the jefferson county school board. changes there. big changes that were enacted in november. that is when voters in that county decided to recall the three conservative school board members. they have been involved in controversial decisions. that led to protests which led to a petition which led to the
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majority is going to be taking over in jefferson county. they have already been sworn. and let's talk about denver public schools. there is a big change there, all be it temporary. superintendent tom boseberg is no longer at the helm for a little while. he is taking a six-month unpaid leave in order to spend time with his family. he wrote a letter to the district, to parents, to students saying he is taking that time to travel latin america with his wife and three children saying that international experiences have always been important to him and his wife even when they met in arab, and that children should explore the world around him. he is excited about that opportunity as he will be returning in july. the new superintendent will be taking over. we talked to an expert who said parents with students in denver public schools won't see much of a difference, even though tom boseberg is away for a while. they said principals are the ones who lead the schools in dps. >> thank you.
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education theme and looking at our money news, a foundation run by the heirs of walmart will spend $1 billion over the next five years to improve public education. the main focus will be backing new charter schools and helping existing programs. the foundation has spent more than $1 billion in education over the past 20 years, but again this is a more aggressive spending timeline for the next five. chinese stocks taking a nosedive again today triggering a second day-long halt to trading. and the ripple effects are now being felt around the world. other asian markets were lower. european markets are struggling and futures numbers indicating a lot of red at the opening bell in this country. in fact, at last check dow futures down 366 points. macy's cutting up to 4800 jobs after disappointing holiday sales. the company says sales were off more than 5% of the months of november and december. the company also announcing it
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none of the stores on the list are in colorado. winter weather advisories, greg, have been posted for the denver metro area. they go down to the south across the palmer divide out to the west covering the foothills and covering the continental divide as well. most of those advisories for denver start at 5:00 tonight and go until 2 p.m. tomorrow. not only that, but we have got a couple of different systems hitting southern colorado. this next one that's going to bring our snow expected to bring a foot or more to many of those southern mountain locations. here in the city it will be 2-6 inches of snow total. guys, that will take us from tonight all the way through late friday night. >> thank you for that. going to be snowing. >> yeah. skiers going to like it. >> that's true. there is that. all right. 11 after six right now. local business owner is looking for an answer after a burglar hit his pizzaria.
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good morning everyone. i thought we'd take a live look at the cloudy skies over fort collins this morning. to move in. right now not a lot of activity stretching from fort collins down you through castle rock. isn't bad. at dia. up around boulder we are at 32. 25 up around greeley. now, the national weather service has the put in place winter weather advisories. they stretch down from denver through the palmer divide. close out to our west over the foothills and along the continental divide. now, most of the snow hasn't moved into the city yet, but some bands to the west over the foothills and some maybe making suburbs.
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continues to bring some heavier bands of snow from walton berg to trinidad and southeast colorado. the one that's going to bring in our snow accumulation approaching from the west and it settles in just south of colorado over the next 24 to 36 hours. we are looking at a chance of some light snow still through the morning in the south side of the denver metro area, but most of our accumulation won't start until after 5:00 stretching all the way into friday. that's when we're going to see that storm total of 2 to 6 inches of snow. 36 degrees will be our high today. we are not warming up much. 37 greeley, 34 fort collins, 20s and 30s in the mountains, 1-2 inches of snow falling today and tonight, overnight tonight an additional 1-2 inches falls in the city, 16 degrees the overnight low, and then the system wraps up friday with 2-6 inches. 23 the high on friday. cold through the weekend with middle 20s saturday, low 30s on sunday. no real warm-up until the middle
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>> good morning. all right. dry roads for now, but as becky told us midday and tonight that's when we're really going to see the impact on the afternoon commute into the evening with those snowy road conditions. we just had 9news viewer jill ask what is the commute like heading from down south in the dtc to broomfield? checking things out near hampton great speeds northbound. slight delays through the bridges. towards u.s. 36 you see a 20-minute drive between i-25 out to boulder. hopefully it will stay in the 60s for the next 30 minutes or so. leave the house as soon as you can and speeds specifically on that approach towards u.s. 36 drop down to the 30s right on the -- heading towards i-76. across i-70 two crashes in the clearing stages not only at quebec but also the drive approaching northfield. greg, off to busy start. 6:16.
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morning to levels we haven't seen since the early 2000s. concerns about a lack of global demand and geopolitical stuff going on pounding the market. for consumers good news. taking a toll on the energy industry. energy companies announcing more than 250,000 layoffs noblely last year, and the job cuts are expected to continue this year. a new report to congress says the irs is moving towards a high-tech future that may cost taxpayers more money. since 2014, they have invested money on a plan to adopt online taxpayer accounts. the national taxpayer advocate service is worried the irs is creating a pay to play system, as they call it, where only people who can afford professional help will get it. time warner cable says up to 320,000 customers may have had their e-mail passwords stolen.
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have been taken through data breaches at other companies it uses to store customer data for their cable service. it's notifying folks right now, encouraging them to change their passwords. so far just passwords is what we're talking about. no other personal information. >> you should change those often anyway. a montana food bank is making the most of meat that
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check out this video. canadian family escaped a dangerous situation when their apartment building burst into flames. you can see a ten-year-old boy hanging from the window. then drop to safety. his mother and father soon followed. all three landed in the snow. they were taken to the hospital, but they survived and are going to be, we think, okay. >> how scary. a bizarre lawsuit has been thrown out in san francisco. a federal judge has ruled that a monkey who took now famous selfie photos cannot be declared the copyright owner of those pictures. yes. they filed a lawsuit asking the court to let it represent the monkey and allow them to administer all proceeds from the not owes for the benefit of the six-year-old monkey named naruto. >> i love the picture. >> that was the most bizarre thing the judge had ever seen. >> i guess so. any time you can get a moneyty selfie into the show,
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hey, if you consider yourself a decent crime solver you could get yourself a free pizza for the next year. the owner of chaos pizzeria in platte park wants to track down cameras burglarizing the place. the man crawled through a back window. he stole the money, about $1,000, and then took off. >> the most disturbing thing about it is how nonchalant they in. i have a lot of female employees. it makes people nervous. brings morale down. >> the owner posted the surveillance video online. we have a link at and on our mobile app. anyone who can help police get this guy arrested you are in for a free pizza for the whole year. he says if you want to get one a day for the whole year, you can do that. >> wow. here is something that might ruin your appetite for free pizza. a montana food bank is doing what it can to make sure that a nothing goes to waste. the north valley food bank
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also known as road kill, from local police and game wardens. it set up a butchering room to turn the meat into food. the food bank has been doing this since the '80s and says it provides 1,500 meals a year to the country. >> it sounds disgusting, but it is animals going to waste, you know, as long ago -- >> don't tell me where it's been. >> been there a long time. the unbreakable bond between dogs on full display in massachusetts. we are going to find out what one day nine did that would make lassie proud. teens, 20s and 30s across the front range. quite the spread. not bad. we are not going to see the temperatures move too much this afternoon with highs in the middle to upper 30s up and down the front range. that's because a storm system is moving in. it will be bringing us snow, especially overnight tonight. come tonight and tomorrow it
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look at those lows. 16 for denver. single-digits up around longmont, brighton out through bennett, even castle rock will drop to a low of 4 degrees. more on the forecast coming up here in just a bit. amelia. good morning. check out this view in vail. we are seeing a lot of those lights slowing us down. that traffic shot there across the cdot camera. a very icy one. in roads. no chain laws in effect for vail as of yet. the speeds probably lower 50s and upper 40s for right now. if you are waking up in the city, don't worry about the sun glare today. becky says mostly cloudy skies and a lot of areas are seeing
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so a dog in massachusetts
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a lot like the famous tv star last issy, right? >> so the pup came to the rescue when his bestie got into a rough spot. two scottish terriers, jack and annabelle, are inseparable. their owner was hospitalized and they ran away. then something terrible happened. annabelle fell down a 30-foot embankment and got hurt so jack helped out by getting the attention of a police officer. >> wow. >> jack and annabelle are now under the care of animal control. >> is that just like lassie. the broncos should consider themselves lucky. their big win over san diego sunday has them missing out on what could be the coldest nfl
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this is 9news. south korea says it plans it to retaliate for a north korean nuclear test earlier this week. it's a plan the north considers an act of war. a disturbing case out of southern colorado as police try to figure out why a woman would try to attack a teacher. >> reporter: a live look at new state laws coming up. we have breaking news to tell you about. we have learned paris police officers killed a man outside a police station. this is a live look at the scene right now. the ministry of interior says the man tried to attack an officer with a knife before he
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officers say the man shouted "god is great" in arabic several times. french officials say the man was wearing a fake explosive vest. this situation is being investigated as potential terrorism. right now the area around this has all been evacuated as a precaution. police have cleared hundreds of people from all of these surrounding neighborhoods. this happened and the first anniversary of the charlie hebdo city in the city where islamic year ago. we will bring you the latest available. we are following a mine rescue in central new york state. they now say that 15 of the 17 mine workers who were stuck have been rescued. they got suggest in an elevator -- got stuck in an elevator about 900 feet underground. a crane was brought in and 45 minutes ago they started
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miners each. this is at the cargill salt mines in lancing, new york. it looks like they are going to get everybody out. >> that is good news. all right. thanks for joining us. gary and corey with you on this thursday morning. cheryl is on assignment. amelia is in the traffic center. and becky in the backyard. how is it out there? is it cold? >> just a little. a little bit chilly. not too terrible though. low 30s out here this morning. we are not going to see though, and that's because of the clouds that we have around the denver metro area and snow that's headed our way. on top of that, we have to deal with a little bit of fog. not here across the front range. it's all out east. we have got a quarter quarter mile visibility through holy oak. burlington three-quarter of a mile there. denver fog advisories extended to 10:00 this morning. along with that it is so chilly that we could get is some freezing fog with this.
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a light glaze coating of ice that could make driving pretty treacherous on the eastern plains. denver, our foothills, down to the south and then april cross the continental divide under a winter weather advisory. that goes into effect this evening, lasts through friday afternoon. the snow bands right now setting up out to the west. we are starting to see some light snow fill in around castle rock approaching near i-25. this system headed our way is expected to bring snow. most of the accumulation starts tonight, takes us all the way through friday. we will talk about the numbers and what you can except for tonight's drive and also as you are waking up in a few minutes. let's check in with amelia. good morning, becky. if that alarm went off, your morning commute is not going to be that bad. your drive home today, that's for. live view outside 25 and
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we are in the middle of the 6:00 hour. traffic loading up at 120th avenue. goes all the way down to 84th. your 225 commute takes you 15 minutes. over the next 15 or 20 average speeds in the 50s. across the board a crash across the i-70 drive in the area of that northfield stapleton exit. the back-ups are light. we are in the mid 50s and 60s heading across highlands ranch. >> not too bad. we can handle that this morning. thank you. the search is on this morning for whoever shot a man in adams county. home before midnight. with multiple gunshot wounds. no word this morning on what might have provoked the attack. retaliation plans overnight reacting to north korea's announcement that it successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. cross border propaganda broadcasts that north korea considers an act of war.
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u.s., other governments, and experts have expressed doubt that north korea actually tested a hydrogen bomb. u.s. tell intelligence gathering aircraft took off from an marijuana airbase in -- american airbase in japan. we looked into what countries have high-powered weapons like north korea is claiming to have. these are the countries that have hide general weapons. the more powerful of the two bombs. the u.s., russia, great britain, france, and china. according to the union of concerned scientists, these nations have atomic bombs, israel, india, and pakistan. officers say a teacher was attacked by a former student in southern colorado. and this morning officers are trying to figure out what is behind all of this. investigators believe 19-year-old courtney plante went
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she lured her teacher to a stolen u-haul. 37-year-old sean overstreet jumped out of the vehicle and stabbed the guy several times. investigators say the pair stole the teacher's car and took off. the teacher is expected to survive. overstreet and plante were arrested and taken into custody. he was once suspected -- a suspected accomplice in the murder of the head of the department of corrections. tom clements was murdered at his home in march of 2013. evan eble shot him. he died in the shoot-out with police in texas. now one of eble's associates is doc employee. vida urbonas is here with more. >> reporter: good morning. that suspected accomplice is 34-year-old thomas guolee. this morning, as you mentioned, he is accused of targeting another doc employee trying to break into a house that belongs corrections employee. now, guolee is in the hospital. he has been arrested after that attempted burglary and shoot- out with police in the springs.
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the night of december 30th. el paso county deputies were called out to a report of a burglary in progress in the 2400 block of sierra springs drive around 9:00. on the police scanners the reporting party told 911 the suspect was trying to get in the home. the video shows the suspect approaching the house, then leaving, then approaching again. >> someone trying to get in. they have a vehicle up against the garage. >> reporter: just minutes later the suspect started shooting. there was a chase and a crash. >> shots fired! >> back up! >> 45. >> reporter: thomas guolee is a reported member of a notorious white supremacist prison gang. he was also reportedly once an associate of evan eble, the man who shot and killed tom clements in 2013 guolee has been arrested. he is in the hospital. a spokesperson with the d.o.c. is not releasing information but
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>> thank you. the denver police department is ready to start outfitting more than 800 officers with cameras. the "denver post" reports that they will start wearing them today for the first time. as officers get used to the new cameras, the department says they are trying to figure out how it will handle open records requests for footage recorded. he say reviewing footage of crimes and other incidents will require a lot of manpower. legislators are expected toette into this year to talk about body cameras. there are big changes coming to colorado schools this year. one of the biggest is the reduction of standardized tests. another is the mandated college entrance exam is going to be switched from the a.c.t. to the s.a.t. 9news reporter ter round a thomas live from the state capitol with more. >> reporter: good morning. now, last legislative session is when those lawmakers here at the capitol approved that switch from the a.c.t. to the s.a.t. but, however, monday the
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commissioner on education requested that that decision be delayed to 2017. so today's juniors in high school can still take the a.c.t. since they have been prepping for the class for a while. approved. let's talk about some other changes that are happening. namely, the reduction in standardized tests. that has been a big change for governor hickenlooper signed this bill into law last year and it reduces the amount of standardized testing by 26% for the average high school student in colorado. it reduces social studies testing for all grades and allows districts to create their own assessments and ending mandatory tests in early grades giving those schools more accountability and also just more responsibility and the ability to determine for themselves what is successful after a lot of criticism that too much emphasis was being placed and standardized tests. this is happening on a national level. one group that administers tests in colorado is called the
6:33 am
readiness for college and career. for short, known as park. now that group said it is reducing the number of hours of standardized testing that is it administers to students in colorado. high school students who were once taking 11 hours of standardized testing will take 9th .5 hours. those elementary school students taking 10 hours will take 8 hours of startized testing this is happening on a bigger scale. we will talk more about that. in money news chipolte is under criminal investigation after more than 200 people got sick in a norovirus outbreak in a california location. now, this investigation is unusual because it focuses only on norovirus, which typically is just a 24-hour sickness. it's also unusual because it's being focused on one single restaurant, simi valley. attorney bill marler represents
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>> in this instance, there were who were hospitalized. >> the fda and the u.s. attorney's office will not say what potential criminal matter the grand jury is looking at specifically. chipolte is not commenting on pending litigation either. all of this is hitting the bottom line. december sales were down some 30% and the company's stock is down 43% since october. well, the man in charge of united airlines is recovering from a heart transplant this morning. oscar munoz had a heart attack in october. he has been away from the job ever since. he could return to work by springtime. his heart attack came five weeks after he replaced former ceo jeff smizek who was forced to resign due to a scandal. that's an incident that's now part of an ongoing federal investigation. all right. greg, thanks. 6:41 right now. l.a. residents say they can't remember where they put their umbrella because it rains so
6:35 am
but they need it now. this week's el nino triggered storms that brought welcome rain after four years of drought. but they have also brought some major flooding problems. police have evacuated ten mobile homes northwest of l.a. because of the watery mud from the hillsides that burned bare in a wildfire. winds were serious enough in san diego county wednesday to bring a brief tornado warning in that area. and that same system is going to be pushing into colorado. in fact, we are looking at our chance for snow starting this morning lasting into the afternoon, and also through tomorrow. light snow is going to be possible this morning south of the denver metro area. we are not going to get most of our accumulation until after 5, 6:00 tonight. that's when the bands will start to pick up here around the estimate we will see snow falling overnight tonight and into tomorrow anywhere between 2 and 6 inches possible by friday night in around the city lighter amounts.
6:36 am
greeley, and check out the mountains, guys. 6 to 10 inches on the continental divide. you know the ski resorts are loving that. >> absolutely. >> thank you. it was dubbed the ice bowl. widely considered the coldest game in nfl history. could we see the second coming
6:37 am
all right. welcome back everybody. we talked about that snow here across the front range. there is your winter weather advisories posted for denver. they go down to the south, extending close to colorado springs. they do not cover fort collins and greeley. you're going to see smaller amounts of snow, but they do go out west to the foothills across
6:38 am
winter storm watches, warnings and advisories for southern and couple through. one this morning and the next builds in this afternoon. it will be a foot or more of snow for a lot of these places, especially at our highest elevations. so just another system we are going to be keeping track of. we will have the details on what's happening here around minutes. good morning. you do not want to be this guy. take a look at your camera. our cdot shot at i-25 and dry creek zoomed in on a fella who has a flat tire and is trying to change it out along the side of the highway in the cold. it's freezing out there right now. luckily, this is completely out of traffic. hey, your morning commute could be starting like this. for the rest of us things are calm and clear across the city. an earlier crash east 75 at northfield in the clearing stages. your commute could be at stake, wink, wink, because of the stock show parade which kicks off at
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>> how to steer around the steer. very good. you bundle up when you are heading out there, miss amelia. >> i will. 6:47. a survey finds that progress is stalled on reducing the number of uninsured americans under the new healthcare law. the share of adults without health insurance was essentially unchanged in the last few months of 2015. this according to a new gallop index. released in that report comes after congress came after sending legislation to the president's desk. microsoft will stop supporting internet explorer ie8, 9, and 10 on certain windows computers. that kicks in january 1. experts say up to 20% of internet browsers might be ip pacted. anybody who continues to use an out of browser might put themselves at risk. last year with the launch of windows 10, microsoft came customers a new default browser. they are pushing a lot of people to edge.
6:40 am
everything now, but they don't carry you around until now. a chinese drone maker has call it. it's a prototype of the first drone that could fly humans. it seats one. after the flyer enters the destination on a computer, it takes two button presses. there are all kinds of government clear ins that have to be -- clearances that will have to be gone through. a lot of buzz about all the drones on display at the consumer electronics in las vegas. tech enthusiasts are hearing the buzzing of thrones, including noel brennan who is at the big electronics show looking at some of the newest ones on the market right now. >> reporter: walk around ces this year and you cannot help but hear the distinctive buzz of a flying drone. they are everywhere. big and small.
6:41 am
>> a dogfight to stand out, to be unique at ces in 2016. unique u.s.a. said its drones are ready to fly right out of the box. >> my favorite flying buddy is my 6-year-old son. anybody can fly these. >> power it up and you're in the air. >> reporter: microdrone 3.0. it's pint-sized, but speedy. their drone goes on sale next month after a successful online campaign. >> now for the last year developing it and making it. dji showroom floor. right now. sticks. and that drone is holding position better than any drone on the market. >> reporter: a drone equipped with a new thermal imaging camera could help firefighters and search and rescue teams. drones will be hovering around for a while.
6:42 am
brennan. 6:49 right now. today could be the day we find out who starts at quarterback for the broncos next sunday. denver returns to the practice field today. head coach gary kubiak is expected to tell the team whether peyton manning or brock osweiler will start behind center. they have a first round bye in the playoffs and won't play again until the 17th. sunday's nfc wildcard game in minnesota is expected to be one of the coldest games in nfl history. the vikings and seahawks take the field with temperatures hovering around zero degrees. the wind chill is expected to make it feel anywhere between negative 15 and negative 20. >> sounds delightful. >> it will likely be close to the 1967 nfl championship dubbed the ice bowl. temps were negative 13 degrees with a wind chill of negative 48. the weather has a huge affect on ticket prices with some selling on stubhub for as low as 40 bucks. >> i can understand that. yeah. people don't want to sit out there. if the nuggets score less than 100 points, they always
6:43 am
until last night anyway. after losing 30 consecutive games in which they failed to reach triple digits. they managed to pull this one out against the timberwolves 78-74. this despite missing the last eight shots of the game. meanwhile, at the pepsi center last night the avs were down 3-2 in the third. the coach gambled and pulled goalie siemian from the net. they scored. then in overtime the avs got a break. it was a very pretty pass. up to john mitchell who slipped past the goaltender jake allen. found a streaking gabriel landeskog and that was the game winner.
6:44 am
mostly cloudy skies out there. here is your live look at boulder. not seeing snow yet here, but we are waiting for it to arrive. temperatures are cool, in the low 30s. we will not see these temperatures move too much today because of the clouds and because of the snow that we are expecting to move in. the national weather service this morning has issued winter weather advisories for denver, locations down to our south, and then out to the west covering the foothills and along the continental divide. most of the snow that i am seeing, if you have it at all, is just flurries around the city with maybe some heavier bands just over the palmer divide. a separate system moving out of
6:45 am
bring snow to locations near walstonburg, trinidad and lamar. the one that's going to be bringing us our accumulating snow settles in south of colorado. heading into tonight and tomorrow morning there. snow will pick up in intensity by 5, 6 p.m. it will move into the denver metro area and bands continue on and off through the night and into tomorrow. this is light snow. we are not expecting a lot of wind with it. so it's going to be a slow accumulation through friday night of 2-6 inches. lower to mid 30s for your high today. southeast colorado into the low 40s with 20s up across the mountains. denver 36. 1-2 inches falls during the day today and into tonight. overnight we'll see an additional 1-2 inches of snow. 16 the overnight low and then we will wrap it up friday with 2-6 inches total around denver. 23 friday's high. saturday as the system moves out up to 26.
6:46 am
next week. morning. nice and dry which we need for this afternoon's drive, which could be snowy and tomorrow morning anticipate those delays related to the weather. the fog in our cdot camera that becky just told us about. place. 60s and 50s from colorado springs. monument hill is clear. your drive up towards castle looks awesome. 225 is the slowest commute this morning. southbounders load up parker and the dtc. speeds in the 40s now. across the metro drive you see that white stuff out to the side. that's where snow is falling. west and the south. commute. southbound 25 drops down to 33 miles per hour at 120th and 32 approaching that 36 split. >> thank yo .
6:47 am
trying to solve a shooting on east 85th place. officers tell us one person was rushed to the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds. no word on any suspects at this time. right now police need your from pueblo. family members say they haven't seen 57-year-old waunita hernandez since tuesday. they found her white nissan van in the parking lot of runyan lake. anyone who knows hernandez's whereabouts is ask to call the police department. emergency crews have rescued elevator 900 feet underground. a crane is pulling them out two, three at a time. they got stuck in central new york at the new york salt mine. that's about -- at about 8:20 last night our time. paris police officers killed a man outside a police station this morning. the ministry of interior says a man tried to attack an officer with a knife before he was shot and killed. officers say the man shouted "god is great" several times in arabic.
6:48 am
was wearing a fake explosive vest. now the situation is being investigated as potential terrorism. now, that comes on the one-year anniversary of the charlie hebdo attack. extremists targeted the french magazine. today charlie hebdo released this cover showing a bloody god with an assault rifle on his back. it says one year later, the assassin is still on the run. it's already received some from the vatican. south korea announced retaliation plans overnight reacting to north korea's announcement that it successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. the south says it will resume cross border propaganda broadcast. north korea considers that an act of war. thed broadcasts, they say, will start tomorrow. meanwhile, the united states and other governments and experts have expressed doubts that north korea actually did test a hydrogen bomb.
6:49 am
becky has a look at the forecast. >> right on schedule, guys. stock show weather is here. we have got temperatures today that are going to be in the 30s, but snow arrives this afternoon and continues into tomorrow. 2-6 inches of snow from this system. tomorrow 23 the high. saturday not a lot of snow, but we are going to get up to 26. then sunday and monday we will return to the 30s. we will not be in the 40s until next week. so we are in the middle of a lot of cold here, at least for a few days. >> stock show weather. >> yeah. totally. and it's the rare forecast where the snow comes after the rush hour ends. we like that. absolutely. so the original lovebirds weren't birds. coming up over on channel 20, we are going to show you why scientists think dinosaurs were dating. >> really? >> i know. that? >> i don't know. >> the dino app. 20.
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