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tv   9 News at Noon  NBC  January 7, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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thank you for joining us here on 9news at noon. i am kyle dyer. >> i am tarhonda thomas. the fbi is sharing details about man accused of crimes in colorado. his name is myloh mason. he is accused in a string of cars, including carjackings, two shootings and multiple robberies. vir for yeah, you spoke with the act -- victoria, you spoke with the agent? >> reporter: that's right. mason has been on the fbi's ten most wanted list for six weeks
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with the $100,000 reward. covered with scream masks. special agent in charge robert evans says this type of violets rare, top ten most wanted list. >> it was senseless. it was brutal. it made no sense to shoot these cooperated. they have given their keys. of the situation. the gentleman was shot four times in the back after he treed their keys. >> reporter: he says mason has but there is a chance he could be here in colorado. he says there are three reasons he hasn't been caught yet. friends helping him out, cash from the bank robberies, and pure luck for now. >> we will see if they catch him. thank you for that. this just in. longmont police say the suspect has been arrested and a missing
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police received information they were in alabama. with the assistance from clarksville county sheriff's deputies they located the vehicle and arrested thomas fletcher. . 17 miners trapped 80 stories underground are now safe. all 17 were rescued early this morning from deep inside a new york salt mine. for ten hours. officials were able to communicate with the miners. tactical rescue teams went in with a commercial crane with a basket and brought up six miners at a time. snow has been falling most mountains. looking live at the tunnel, snow and some flakes on our cdot cameras even in the metro area. >> absolutely. from our backyard. hi, handel.
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in downtown denver. the heavier bands a little bit further to the east in aurora, dia, and south through parker. it's been over the area for the past couple of hours and i anticipate it to stick right over you guys for the next couple of hours as well. again this secondary system is starting to march in from the desert southwest. phoenix getting gobs of rain while the high country in snow. a little bit of snow cruising now and the front range mountains picking up a little bit, too. you can see that band from the palmer divide north up towards the greeley area. again those darker blue bands indicating some heavier snowfall where we could be looking at inches of snow piling up quickly. the eastern plains, well, it's dry. they are dealing with the fog out there. dense fog advisory continues to 2:00 with the temperatures the way they are, some freezing fog, freezing drizzle going to be a possibility. if you are traveling out there, it could be slick. we are at 34 in denver. greeley 36.
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wet, slushy, and not sticking. at least here in downtown. wait until we get a little cold push of air late tonight and the snow starts to stick by morning. through the rest of the evening temperatures hovering near that freezing mark with the snow picking back up in intensity right there around the evening drive. in a few minutes i will be talking about possible snow totals that we have and a slew of advisories, watches and warnings some posted for the front range. but as always there is a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel and that will be some sunshine and warmer temperatures, ladies. i will let you know when that arrives. >> all right. breaking news that has to do with the broncos. are you surprised by this? the broncos have announced peyton manning will be the starting quarterback for the playoffs. i think a lot of people expected that. the broncos playoff game next sunday will mark manning's
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he mixed six games with a left heel injury. coach kubiak spoke during a press conference after practice today. he says he is confident in his decision to start peyton. >> he is throwing the ball. the way is moving around, you know, i don't have any doubt, he doesn't have any doubt. that's a good thing right now where we're at. you know, as far as the rest he is going to needy ventionly for it -- need eventually for it to heal 100% is going to take place after the season. >> brock osweiler hurt himself on sunday. he had a knee sprain. he is technically not practicing right now. but will be the back-up. >> a bye week maybe he will be better. to get you excited, how many days left until the game? ready to start the countdown. another huge giveaway at 9news. we have done the window clings, yard signs. this time it's something new. ready? we're giving away magnets. >> oh, for the cars?
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>> united and orange magnets. starting monday fans can get these at king soopers stores across the state everywhere from denver to alamosa. we have a full list of locations and dates on >> okay. >> just know that people take this seriously. they line up early. >> you can't go any time of day? >> no. we will have giveaway times. >> i like that. >> yeah. and easy to put on the fridge. display it wherever you want. >> car. >> exactly. >> lockers at schools. >> you have all kinds of ideas. >> when we do the live shots i get there at 3:30 in the morning and there is a long line of people waiting for them. get there early if you want one. >> watch out king soopers. 9news is coming next week. let's get to other news of the day. on this anniversary of the charlie hebdo terror attacks over in paris the french are making it clear that the threat of terrorism will continue to weigh on the country and all the people there. shortly after the president paid tribute to police officers killed in the line of duty officers at a paris police
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others. he was wearing what looked like a suicide vest. police say it was a fake vest. to determine if north korea really tested a hydrogen bomb. air force planes took off from japan today in search of more information. north korea's dictator claims hydrogen bomb. in response, officials in south korea announced they will retaliate with propaganda broadcasts that start tomorrow. in this country the healthcare repeal bill passed yesterday by the republican-led house now awaits president obama's veto. it's no surprise that the president will reject another effort to dismantle his healthcare law. this is the first time such legislation has passed both the house and the senate. meanwhile, a recent survey found that in 2015 there was a lot less progress towards reducing the number of uninsured americans. well, still ahead on 9news at noon, a little old school love.
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>> like 100 million years ago old. colorado researchers discovered
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welcome back everyone. meteorologist danielle grant hear in the 9news backyard where the snow has subsided for the time being. more moving later this afternoon and this evening and tomorrow morning. outside right now we have mostly cloudy skies over much of the city. temperatures just a couple of degrees above that freezing mark. that's why if we do see any
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it's quickly going to melt because of these numbers. low 40s in boulder right now and longmont. 35 idaho springs with the 20s in kremmling and 30 at steamboat springs. right now i'm keeping my eyes out to the desert southwest where this next storm system is starting to materialize in phoenix. we are looking at a little bit of light rain coming in and snowfall to the north of that in flagler where they are counting it in inches. finally this system is backing away from the california coastline, the four corners and into colorado overnight. right now dealing with today's storm system. good snowfall basically from greeley through dia and then south towards parker into colorado springs. you can see the darker blue bands just to the east of downtown denver where we're picking up on some good snow. up to the foothills along the hog back little bit of light snow at this moment. but wait for it. wait for the cold front to move through late tonight. that will cool us off and then the snow that comes on the back
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upslope flow, that's going to stick around. that's why i'm still forecasting pretty good numbers around here. 2-6 inches by friday afternoon into the evening around the heart of the city. 4-8 southern foothills. 6-10 up to the high country. estes park, red feather lakes 4-8. cries the southwestern corner of the state they are also under a slew of advisories. we have the watch he positioned in place through tomorrow, about 3-6 inches durango, and also that winter storm warning continues for parts of the i-25 corridor, trinidad, 4-8 inches for you folks as well as the sangre de cristos down there. one storm system moving out, another moving in combining with the cold front overnight is going to keep our winds coming out of of the northeast. that's going to give us a good upslope flow overnight into tomorrow morning than allows that snowfall to amplify. here we go. this afternoon into this evening
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that pushes through. by 11:00 it gets a little bit more sparse. once again returns to us by tomorrow morning. you can see by tomorrow afternoon the southeastern corner of the state will pick up a little bit nor snow because the center of that snow is going to dig further into new mexico and parts of texas. by 3, 4:00 tomorrow afternoon everything winds down here around the metro area. we will be left with the clouds and the cooler temperatures as we quick off the work week. tonight we will drop down to 16 degrees. 1-2 inches and 1-2 tomorrow. 23 for a daytime high with clearing by saturday. pop back to the 30s on sunday.
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eat less sugar, way less sugar. that is one big change to the new federal nutrition guidelines out today. >> we have heard that, but now we know how much. the recommendation is to limit added sugar intake to no more than 10% of your daily recommended calories. that would be like having one can of regular soda. one coke and a fun sized candy bar. little ones. the guidelines also suggest cutting back on salt and saturated fat, increasing fruits and vegetables and whole grains. health and human secretary sylvia burwell says take it slow. >> when you think about it, whether it's the beverages you
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night a week or perhaps how you think about adding some additional fruits or vegetables. >> a government advisory committee said the guidelines should also urge people to cut back on read and processed meat. the final version though does not include that advice. >> so just keep thatting sugar intake down. >> sugar is bad. >> it's everywhere, too. >> we get so used to it and don't even know it. >> yeah, yeah. >> oranges juice, you know? okay. so the food and drug administration is also now coming up with some new food labels that will help all of us see more clearly how much added sugar is in all of those products at the store. >> it's it can be hard to tell. university of colorado denver professor is talking about the birds and the bees and dinosaurs. >> he is passionate about this. there is a new discovery right here in colorado about the ancient creatures inment
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professor martin lockley found evidence of fossilized love nests. dinosaurs engaged in mating behaviors there and their behavior was similar to modern bird. researchers found them on the western slope near delta and then here along dinosaur ridge in the front range. they are 100 million years old, these fossils are, and they show scrape ceremonies. that's when males would show off their acts to win over the female dinosaurs. >> we are doing bird research. call it pseudonest building. so dinosaurs, when they are getting ready to mate, will scratch the surface like i know how to make a nest. they will do it many, many, many times before they finally settle down on the nest. >> um-hmm. >> okay. >> 9news reporter myra rodriguez is working on this story today. she is going to have more on what this discovery means for the understanding of all prehis to prehistoric history.
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>> i don't know if i want to i'll watch anyway so i can answer the question for my kids. >> talk about the scratching. >> right? >> okay. let's get back to modern day creatures. lodo is busy getting even show begins. lots of steer and everything in
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students returning to school won't be taking as many standardized tests as they used to because of new laws that went into effect. last spring the governor signed to bills that reduced hours 26% for high school students. they will have less standardized testing. the laws reduce social studies testing for all grades and end some mandatory testing in early grades. the changes are part of a push to put less emphasis on standardized tests and give school districts more autonomy to create their own assessments.
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in the next story, you could get pizza free for an entire year. the owner of chaos pizza in platte park wants to know who this person was. he was caught on camera burglarizing the pizza restaurant and got away with about $1,000. anyone who can help police find this person can get free pizza for the whole year. >> you can even order different pizza a day. powerball. it nobody won. so with this till saturday's drawing the jackpot keeps going. it might be worth $675 million saturday night which would be a record. >> it's time for me to buy tickets. last time i tried to buy a ticket a couple months ago i didn't have cash. i didn't realize you need to have cash. >> do quick pick. >> i try to pick the numbers. this is too hard. >> too lazy to pick powerball numbers. wow. snow is already falling in the metro area.
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advisories that we have to tell
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going on right now with 110's stock show is taking over the streets of downtown denver. >> oh, yeah. looking a lot different. they sent back in video. just happened a few minutes ago. anyone driving down the street you have to get around this. you won't get around this street. take an alternate route. >> look at all those people out. >> the weather is perfect for the stock show. >> yeah. >> this is the 110th year. it's a big anniversary. i just love talking to -- i go to small towns in colorado and talk to people who make this their destination. they definitely come for it. >> and a lot of business goes on here. a lot of the ag families come. >> i love takeing me kids -- i love taking my kids. >> i have family in idaho who
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>> it is a huge deal around here. i am glad the snowfall tapered off a little bit. you didn't he see the big fat flakes coming down. that's good. a lot of folks talk about the stock show and it's so cold. take a look at this graphic. i did it last year and you can see the temperatures over the past five years. that's not bad. >> averaging for the past five years above our average, which is 44 degrees. so it looks like this year it's a cold start, but wait until you see next week. we will get through the next couple of days and this storm system that's moving in. the winter weather advisory continues to 2 p.m. tomorrow. about 6-10 inches in the high country. around the denver metro area 2-6, especially if you live be in aurora, towards parker. i have been tweeting photos people have been sending in. this convective band is on top of them. if you are joining us from southwestern colorado you also are going to be under a series
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through the next day or two. again around here it looks like it's going to pick up in this storm system interacts the cold front. it will become a bit more widespread. there it is by 8, 9:00 or so this evening. the snowfall will be continuing overnight into tomorrow. again 2-6 overall around here. cold saturday. then you guys 30s and 40s into next week. >> wow. >> above average. >> that will be great. thank you, danielle. thanks for watching, everybody.
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