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tv   9 News at 10pm  NBC  January 7, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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>> the morning drive will likely be the toughest with inches of snow. >> it hasn't been touched since the last big snowstorm. >> fresh snow where ice still exists. we looked at how many warnings and tickets have begun out about the problem. terror arrest in two states involving iraqi refugees. they call it the can opener. the bridge that has taken a bite out of more than 100 trucks. 700 million reasons why some people might consider playing power ball for the first time this weekend. and, the broncos call in the sheriff for the playoff. 9news starts now. >> fort collins is getting an early preview of what the rest of us are expecting. in denver, the skyline is socked in by low clouds an it is only a matter of time before the snow starts.
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center with a look at what is coming our way. >> now the heaviest snow is north. but that will change overnight. the focus will shift into the city and the areas south. we are dealing with not one, two, but three storm systems. there is an area spinning near wichita. radar showing the heavy rain moving out of california. all snow outside of phoenix and albuquerque. and now in the southern mountains, winter weather add size ryes expending into the denver metro area. pushing snow bands from the east, a narrow snow band east of denver near dia. where the areas of blue are is where the heaviest snow is falling but it is moving back toward the i-25 corridor. an arctic front.
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to take that snow. keep it on the ground and give you an icy snow pack and slow morning drive. with another two to five inches of snow. overnight through midday tomorrow on top of which you receive today. and temperatures are going to be pretty chilly as well. something we will talk about coming up detailing the snow for the morning drive forecast allows for extra time. the weekend looks good. just looks a little cold. >> we will get through friday morning first. thanks kathy. so we know the whole never snows on snow thing in denver is a myth. snow on snow without shoveling or decent plowing just means ice on ice. we are seeing that now. and we are hearing from you about some dangerous spots around town. 9news reporter steve staeger is out there. >> reporter: hopefully i won't fall on live tv. we asked where the slipperiest spots are. they told us, 20th and lincoln is one of them.
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you see the sidewalk is pretty good. as you step into the street, this is the real problem. the viewer is taking applications for street losing. why is all this ice sticking around? and if you see something like this, what do you do? call it the cold facts crunch. potential pedestrian error. >> i see people pushing wheelchairs and they can't get through because there is sighs on the sidewalk or snow. >> reporter: patches like this seem to be all over the place. osseletting in with no sign of melting away. 9news head weather honcho kathy sabine says you can blame two cold months for it and a sun that cannot get the job done. >> this time of year, the angle of the sun is so much lower.
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day of the year in terms of daylight hours. >> reporter: the sun may be part of the problem, the other is lack of care. it is the property owner's responsibility to clear snow. >> this one here in front of 2101 that has not been touched. >> reporter: so george took the only action he could. >> i turned this one in two days ago because it got to the point where with the weather warming it is like black ice. >> reporter: he called 311 which has kept the city busy since the snowstorm in december. >> we have done more than 2,000 inspections and we have issued several hundred warnings. >> reporter: 14 property owners have received tickets including that business on colfax. bottom line, if you see ice and snow? report it. and here is a gentle reminder for you. if you are a business, you have four hours to clear snowfall from sidewalks. if you are a homeowner, you have 24 hours.
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advocacy group called walk denver. they say they want to see the city out inspecting more. the city says they have two dozen inspectors and there are about 4,000 miles of sidewalks in the city. so it is awfully tough and that, kyle, is why they rely on people's complaints. >> yes indeed. and that of course is how we knew where to send danger steve staeger this evening. thank you sir. so, out on the roads and interstates mostly just seeing just a wet surface at point. not a lot of buildup. we will start at 4:00 a.m. with the latest on the traffic, the weather, school closings and kathy sabine will be back in a few minutes with the forecast. a refugee has been arrested and charged with trying to help terrorists in syria. 24-year-old alharden is charged with three counts he tried to
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he was trying to help people in the u.s. get overseas to join a foreign terror organization. another man in sacramento also faces charges of fighting alongside terror organizations. in his case he faces charges of lying to investigators about his travels. iraq. china has removed a security measure that kept the drop at 7% for the day. it is now friday in china and it looks like stocks are stabilizing. staying slightly positive. here in the u.s. trading on thursday today continued the 2016 sell-off. 5% lost in the dow. the worst start for a year on the index of america's biggest companies. here is where it really fits everybody at home hard. this week alone has wiped out on average $4,000 from 401k funds. >> i think it is premature to be overly concerned.
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i think in the end, fundamentals are really what matters for the and our fundamentals are rock solid. >> tomorrow morning u.s. investors will not only be watching what happened in china, but looking at the monthly jobs report to see any signs of where the economy might go in 2016. the biggest question sounding the biggest jackpot in u.s. history is how high power ball will go before saturday's drawing with no winner announced last night night. the new top prize was $675 million. it jumped to 700 million. players in 12 states missing it, winning it all by one number. now, the one time lump sum pat for saturday's jackpot stands at $728 million. we will start shopping around denver to see what you have to pay in a few minutes if
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team. a woman from colorado directly challenged the president on his executive orders. kimberly corbin weeks is a guns right advocate. she is a rape survivor and a mother of two. she questioned the president as to why he would not want people like her to have firearms to protect themselves. >> why can't your administration see these restrictions you are putting to make it harder for me to own a gun or harder for me to take that where i need to be is actually just making my kids and i less safe. >> the president responded by saying that nothing that his add meditation has proposed would make it harder for her to get a gun. it would prevent any criminal suspect from getting a gun. he also noted that concealed carry laws where you can take your gun are typically the province of the states. scammers in colorado are cashing in on desperation. people in this country illegally have the option to get a drivers license at one of three particular dmvs in the state.
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go get an id are hard to come by. there are simply too many people here illegally wanting ids and not enough appointments. whitney wild tells us how that has opened up a new black market. >> reporter: the attorney general's office says late last year, reports begin surfacing of people attempting to sell the dmv appointments. scammers almost lured one woman into their scheme. that thin card in your wallet probably goes unnoticed most of the time. >> i need it for my family. >> reporter: but for this woman whose name we agreed not to share because she is here illegally, a license is a gateway to a better life. >> you need a drivers license for everything. even for id. to work. anything. it is very important. >> reporter: her struggle is shared by thousands in colorado. three dmvs offer licenses for people in the country illegally, but there are too many people fighting for
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>> i try today make my appointment. they told me no. i looked on their website to see if they have any appointments. they don't have any. >> reporter: that is why when she saw a facebook ad for appointments she looked into it. >> i thought this was my only option. >> reporter: the price? $200. >> i said oh. this is not right. >> reporter: attorney general cynthia coffman's office says it is criminal and has launched an investigation into the practice. she says it is illegal to sell appointments and likened the scheme to scalping tickets. they are charging victims between $50 and $1,000. >> they created a market for and is free. >> reporter: the woman in our story says she didn't pay for the appointment and wants to either. >> because it is not right. this is supposed to be free for everybody and they need to be arrested.
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office is asking other victims to come forward to help find the scam artist. they will not ask about immigration status if victims come forward. >> they need to hear from them. >> reporter: absolutely. the ag's office cannot prosecute these cases alone. >> thank you whitney. still ahead, a low bridge takes on tall trucks. the bridge is undefeated and more than 100 matchups. >> then, the story of the grandmother who gave birth to her own grandchild. >> wildlife paragraphers wait for a moment like this for years. only to have it caught on a simple traffic camera. then kathy returns with an update on the inches of snow coming our way tonight.
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. >> my lovely mom offered to give me the greatest gift i could ever have in my life. >> a story out of texas is getting a lot of attention tonight. kelly and her husband tried for years to have a baby of their own. after three miscarriages, her mother offed to helpment at the age of 53, tracy gave birth to a girl. >> i was in my 20s with my earlier ones. it didn't slow me down. and this one slowed me down because i was a surrogate. i was concerned. she had gone through so much and her husband had gone through so much. >> what a gift.
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together in a way they do not see often. a bridge in north carolina offers free haircuts for trucks. a camera captured 100. truck after truck peeled back by the bridge they called the can opener. the clearance is two feet lower than most overpasses. the man who set up the camera has turned this into a business selling crumpled and curled debris as art. wildlife photographers can try for years to get a shot of a snowy owl like the one captured by a traffic camera today in montreal, canada. the curious bird made several passes at the camera on the highway next to the city. the owl was likely looking for a good place to perch. the photos have had 20,000
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go there if you want to see them again. share them with yourfriends. those pictures are amazing. i'm meteorologist kathy sabine here in the 9news weather center. looks cold doesn't it? yeah. it is trying to snow in the city. heavy snow band to the north of us in areas like fort collins, greeley. eventually, those snow bands will shift to the south overnight. on top of the one two three of the snow many of you saw today, we will add to the totals overnight. between now and noon, it is the potential for one to two inches of snow with heavier snow between about 7:00 a.m. and 11:00. then it winds down in the afternoon with drier air working in from north to south. temperatures today hovering right around freezing and so, you know, a lot of that snow did melt leading us to wet slushy roadways. that is not what you will be finding tomorrow morning. roads icy, snow pack, cold temperatures, my goodness. oh, it will be cold in the morning. winds increasing out of the north right now.
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steady air pressure, we are tracking not one, not two, but three storm systems. one is headed into the midwest. that is the one bringing the snow bands back into the front range and eastern plains. second low tracking across the four corners area bringing snow bands up from the south. that is the storm that is going to interact with an arctic cold front to the north of us. because of the cold air, the national weather service has issued a winter storm watch because the snow is going to stick. it will stay on the ground. icy snow packed roadways will be a good bet with this winter weather advisory posted. as a matter of fact, some of the heaviest snow is going to fall south of pueblo and down to the trinidad area. the storms moved along quickly by the jet treatment but with the second storm interacting with this cold front, temperatures are going to drop into the 20s and stay there weekend. so tonight, snow which is into the front range. we get a little bit of a break, then the heaviest snow picks up continues through the morning
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we do see a little break in the afternoon as the drier air works in. but look what happens down to the south of us. the heaviest snow band shifts into southern colorado, new mexico, and that is where travel will come really problematic as the winds increase. as a matter of fact, in bailey, evergreen, we have already seen three to four inches of snow. monument, palmer divide. these areas recording nine to ten inches of snow. heavier snow will only complicate the drive after 9:00 a.m. from the city to the colorado springs area. so allow for extra time in the morning. we will be here starting the programming probably as early as 4:00 a.m. to kind of get you through what could be a complicated drive simply because of the cold air coming in with this system. low of 14 in greeley tonight. 17 denver. three leadville. ten in vail. high temperatures tomorrow? cold. this map looks more like a low temperature map and this is the trend that is going to continue right into the upcoming weekend. 26 in bailey, 27 black hawk, 26
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denver, under a winter weather advisory. we expect the snow to pecuniary up after midnight leaving us a two to five inch snow accumulation. temperatures in the 20s much of the day. snow and ice will be a factor and potentially drive home simply because there won't be wet slushy roadways and we won't see a lot of melting. we see skies clear if the weekend. low to mid 30s headed into sunday and monday. finally back to the 40s . by the time we hit the middle of next week. so what starts out to look a lot like stock show weather turns out to be pretty nice. speaking of the stock show, the parade underway in downtown denver today. and if you get a chance to check out the stock show which kicks in and just really gets underway this weekend, it is an amazing sight. you guys have been down there. the weather cooperated. >> it is perfect for them. >> absolutely. stock show saturday gets going. just in case the thought crossed your mind, what if i
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power ball jackpot. team. 200million in 2002. these days it would cost about $855 million. the monfords paid 95 million in 1992 for the rockies. if you want them, you have to get that jackpot to go because forbes has them listed as 855 million. pictures. >> don't think about the bronco. though pat bowlen got them for a steal in 1984 at 78 million, they are now $2 billion. one team you could put in a bid for is the avalanche. that was bought in 2000 for 200 million. these years they are worth 360 million. you could see if he would throw
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>> from colorado's sports leader, here is drew soicher. >> hi everybody. if you can't figure out why the broncos would go back to peyton manning, ask yourself this. if you were the manager of the yankees at the end of babe ruth's career, would you use him or leave him in the dugout eating hot dogs? manning practiced as a starting quarterback today. gary kubiak decided he would use the aging legend rather than brock osweiler when the broncos open the playoffs in ten days. >> i always told y'all i will never write a book. i could probably write a good short story on this past off season and this season. but, right now, it is nine to focus on the now.
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a lot of guys have done some great things. brock has done a great job. helped us be in a position to have a bye and watch some football this weekend as posed to having to play. and that is a credit to a lot of guys. but, i'm looking forward to being back. part of the team. and hopefully contributing in some way. >> there is a little bit of disappointment as a competitor. as somebody who loves being on the field with his teammates. you know, loves giving everything he has to the sport. it is hard to hear that you are not going to be the one playing. however, you know, i'm a big team player. and if coach feels that peyton gives this team the best chance to win in the playoffs, i fully support that. i stand behind peyton. i stand behind coach. i stand behind this team. >> i have to make these decisions. anything i do in this business, any position, you know, i have a lot of people that i trust in and pull from and listen to.
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make a decision that i think is best for the football team. >> 9news broncos insider mike cliff broke the story early this morning again. and tonight, he is standing in the snow without gloves or a hat. >> reporter: we don't know whether starting peyton instead of brock was the right decision. only time will answer that. but it was a no-brainer decision. let's say the broncos are not the last team standing and don't win superbowl 50. gary kubiak was going to go down with peyton manning on the bench. peyton manning? no way. there is concern this will hurt the broncos chances of resigning osweiler. the benching won't help. but, they are only two factors in play here. one, contract value. two, opportunity. if manning retires or the broncos done bring him back, and the team shows brock the money, osweiler will let by
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this is likely mannings last hurrah with the broncos. >> i'm not thinking about that. that is probably not the case. but, i am excite today be thinking about, you know, who we are going to play this week and have the opportunity to help to contribute in some way. and, as far as anything beyond that, there will be a time and a place for that. but you know, sitting here on thursday is certainly not the time. >> reporter: there will be second guessing either way if the broncos do fall short. but gary kubiak will have a tougher time living with himself with manning on the bench than osweiler. mike, 9news. >> mike will catch a cold. broncos have three different players with a chance to earn hall of fame induction this year. terrell davis, steve atwater and john lynch are all finalists. davis is the team's all time leading rusher. atwater is one of the fearest
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and lynch was such a tough guy, he once almost knocked out his own brother-in-law on the field. >> boy, if we could all somehow meek in, that would be wonderful but i'm just happy for the denver broncos that they are so well represented. i think it is a great organization. and i'm just proud to be included with those guys. >> you know, i was really excited, you know. i never had gotten this far before and i'm happy to be here at this point. and hopefully,ly move on. but you know, just being at this point is really quite happy. >> before i wasn't worried about it. now they are letting metalist it. they are starting to talk about it more. the keyword is momentum. and, hopefully within the next year or two, you know, it will happen. >> in honor of national bobble head day, we have a tour on my
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head drewseum and on facebook, all the heads i have at work. this is the one they sent me for the hall of fame. >> congratulations.
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>> how time flies. tonight show is next. we will see you here tomorrow.
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