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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  January 8, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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already creating a commute in parts and we have you snow across the front range is snowy commute. we have your covered. we have a live look here. 225 and parker road, there's a lot of snow on the road. slippery in spots. we're at 27 degrees, and it's going to get colder before it's all over. a soupy fog this morning. tough to make out specific buildings. a live look to the north at fort collins. they're getting the worst of it at the moment. you see a lot of snow falling. not a lot of tracks in the snow this morning. fort collins under a fresh layer. all right. good thing class doesn't start for another week and a half up there. >> good thing. >> we have help to get you where you're going safely this morning.
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side where the snow is causing problems. >> and colleen is driving on u.s. 36 checking out the road conditions. a bow us in in the information center. she's going to share pictures with you that you have shared with us using the hashtag 9wx. >> this is our camera from boulder. you can see -- well, you will have to trust us that they're there. you can't see much. they're behind a thick, dense fog this morning. >> amelia earhart is in the traffic center. >> the snow is coming down north and south, not so much in denver. >> we've seen light snow here in denver. it's picked up a little bit within the last 20 minutes. coming down heavier than what we saw earlier this morning. still hard for you to see. let's take a live look at what it looks like all across the front range. this is dia. a clear view of the hotel there.
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visibility in some spots, but the roads out there look pretty decent. here around town, closer to 9news, like i said, snow is picking up a little bit. we're also looking at some pretty nice roads in and around town. here's where some of the heavier bands are setting up. south side of town is at its heaviest. you can see it's moving a bit closer to denver. that's what's pushing into the downtown area, starting to see things get worse out there as far as the snowfall goes. around longmont, we're seeing moderate snow. that has let up as you head out the boulder. colleen was out along 119. we know that's slick. visibility is low out here because of the snow we've seen. and it is going to be continuing until about 9:00 this morning. then it lets up significantly. in fact overnight tonight we get partial clearing, which is
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then it leads to a very warm day tomorrow. warmer temperatures are coming this way. we're going to have all the details coming up in just a few minutes. we need to check on the roads. let's head over to amelia. how is it looking? good morning. it's coming down. you can see it across the 25 and hampton cdot camera pushing on through there. it looks windy. for now, the i-25 drive has picked up the last 25 minutes. more so than earlier this morning because it's all volume. everyone waking up and an dissipating the snow. it seems like it's going to affect the volume early on. our crash near peoria as well as hampton, that was a rolled vehicle. rolled jeep. that's out of there. swap information if you have no
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you have 24 hours to contact police. speeds improving across the area area. guys? >> thanks, amelia. >> it's picked up a little in the 9news backyard. >> we get a little bit of snow accumulating. >> it's like a winter wonderland. >> it's beautiful. >> elbert county school districts is on a 2-hour delay. that's in the south. that's one of the areas getting the most snow. >> the heaviest snow bands are north of the city and south of the city. tarhonda thomas is south right now to bring us up to date on what's going on in castle rock, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're near i-25 and founders parkway. the lanes you see closest to me are in the northbound direction. just to the north of where we are, there's a jackknifed semi truck. we want to show you video of it. we passed by a short time ago. you can see the semi truck hit the barricade southbound on i-
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parkway. now, what we want to tell you is colorado state patrol has updated this, saying this semi truck is leaking diesel fuel. hazmat crews are on scene in castle rock on i-25 north of founders parkway. this is going to be something that could impact the morning commute, especially as more cars get on the roads. it's a big job to try to remove that. as far as your road conditions go, we do see snow packed interstate lanes on i-25 in the south end of town, really starting at lincoln before we start the snow pack on i-25. as we get to castle rock, we see more snows on the roads. it's not a huge amount, but it's enough to cover the lines so you don't really see which lane is which. it doesn't take much to slow things down. let's go to colleen who's on the north side of town on i-25. good morning, colleen.
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we were just on u.s. 36. if you're traveling that this morning in and out of boulder, u.s. 36 is messy. snow packed and very slick. be prepared to take it very slow. we did see some traffic just now as we merged onto i-25. you know, a lot of people trying to get that head start. here on i-25 as we're headed toward denver right now. you know, there's nothing you can see on the road. it is a little wet, but no snow pack to talk of. this is a whole different story boulder. very snow packed. making turns through the intersection, very tricky and very messy too. so north is bad. you're waking up to different conditions than you are here in the denver area. we'll keep you posted on i-70 and peoria, there's a lot of accidents happening. we'll let you know how it looks when we get there. i know you're tracking things
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from what you can see, is it really different no matter where you go? >> we're seeing a whole lot of everything all over. what we're noticing with just some of the peckures we're getting, even if you don't have a lot of snow on the roadways, you could run into slick roadways with some accidents. for example, we have this one from tarhonda earlier as she was driving at hampton. you had a rollover that was down to one lane. we want to show you what just came in. we got this from steve. he said looking good in longmont. you can see it's covered. you can see it looks like the patio furniture right there. a picnic table covered there. he says that the turkey fryer in the foreground. that's going to be frying any turkis today with a lot of snow out there. you can see some of the lines are covered with snow.
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we want to see you pictures there across the metro area so we can share this morning. send it to us or tweet it to us. >> thank you, cheryl. we'll have everything you need to know. you will find out any closures or delays. elbert county has a two-hour delay right now, their school district. we'll also make sure we keep updating that throughout the morning. you can also get a customized forecast for where you live. remember to help tell us the story. use the hashtag 9wx. thought we would take a look at some of the storm totals we have. winter park, three and a half inches, same for steamboat, loveland, one and a half. the heaviest snow in our southern mountains. here's a look at the advisories and warnings we have across the state. the winter weather advisory advisory for denver, foothills and the continental divide goes to two. around the higher elevations
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of wet mountains, 6-12-inches of snow. this is more of a system for southern colorado, gary, than what we're seeing here across the front range. >> all right. thank you for that. it's 5:39. coming up next, we're going to have a look at the top stories of the day. why wall street could see a
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it is 5:42 this morning. we're tracking a winter weather system that's moving through the area this morning. this is i-25 and runningback -- i-25 and arapaho. it's icy in spots. we're still below the freezing mark at 25 degrees. becky tells us it's going to get colder throughout the morning. we have heard from the elbert county school district, they're now on a two-hour delay. >> all right. we want to give you a big heads
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closure that starts tomorrow. denver public works is going to be installing improved traffic signals at evans and santa fe drive. it is a huge intersection. tomorrow night. 9:00 p.m. tomorrow night until sunday night. this could be delayed because of the weather. right now we think the weather is going to be decent. done. >> two more businesses were burglarized in smash and grabs. it happened on south broadway at the panda one. our photographer saw officers track footprints in the snow. right now investigators are trying to figure out if this crime is linked to smash and grabs in denver and englewood. there have been 40 just in the last two weeks. >> the fbi really wants to catch a colorado man on the 10 most wanted list. the agents who released more on who they're calling the scream
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him on this list. 25-year-old milo mason is wanted for the crime spree. investigators say he and accomplices covered their faces faces with scream masks during the robbery, carjacking, and shooting of two people. the accomplices have already been arrested. there's a $100,000 reward leading to mason's capture. we have more information into the investigation of the deadly paris terrorist attacks. authorities raided an apartment in brussels. they think terrorists used it at a bomb factory. the prosecutor said the same property was a hideout for this fugitive suspect after the attacks. 130 people died in paris and isis has claimed responsibility. it is 5:44 right now. one of the top trending topics, the president's town hall meeting on guns. last night president obama told anderson cooper he's not coming from your guns.
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measures, the president pointed out the minor changes he made will not stop all attacks, but he's hoping to add a little more safety to the process. >> there's nothing else in our lives that we purchase where we don't try to make it a little safer if we can. >> the president compared gun control to tighter regulations on roadways and the connection to fewer traffic deaths in recent decades. it's a 5:45. china, stocks were calm overnight. wall street could be set up for a rebound. that may be a nice way to end the week for us. it's been a wild ride as retirement funds have plunged and $800 billion of value have been wiped out in four days. it has people questioning what the future holds. >> i think it's premature to be overly concerned. financial markets are fickle. in the end, fundamentals are what matter for the u.s. economy, and the fundamentals are rock solid.
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future, predicting can 87% accuracy what the economy will do for the end of the year. still, they point to the housing and job markets as a positive sign. the monthly jobs report comes out this morning at about 6:30 mountain time. it is expected to show that companies kept on hiring at a nice steady pace in december. forecast dropped to 4.9%. southwest airlines is celebrating ten years since its return to dia. the operation has been the fastest growing in the carrier's history. it could become the largest market for southwest. it added more capacity to denver than any other airline last year, and it will likely increase its flight schedule out of dia in the year ahead. >> 5:46, we've seen cool gadgets come out of the consumer electronics show in las vegas. we'll get a look.
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he's going to show us. first, let's check in with becky and amelia. >> forecast models picking up on the snow we're seeing here in denver. we're expecting that to continue until about 8:00, 9:00. watch what happens. it significantly diminishes. flurries possible around lunchtime today with possible cloudy skies, most of the snow will be wrapping up overnight tonight where we'll get partial clearing leading into tomorrow morning. so we've got another 2-4 inches to go from denver to the southeast and another inch or two to go for fort collins and greeley with two to four more inches possible through our foothills leading into the mountains. amelia? >> good morning, becky. we're tracking our travel times across sixth avenue, beginning around lakewood and golden, you're seeing eastbound delays you. era 11 minutes, speeds are in the 40s. once we hit the 6:00 mark, we expect that to happen. i-25 in quincy gives you the bigger overview of what it
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light flurries coming down right now, wet roads and some more congestion. good news here, we're clear after the earlier rollover crash at hampton. quickly down the southside, we have a jackknifed semi truck blocking two lanes of traffic. so between denver and colorado
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welcome back. it's 5:50. i-25 and jewel, you can see the interstate is running pretty well, but there have been some issues. there have been a couple of accidents. it's slick in spots. be very, very careful if you're headed out there. becky and amelia will be tracking the weather in just a couple of minutes. >> the consumer electronics show in las vegas continues to show off the newest innovative gadgets for people who love their technology. >> we have smart phones and smart drones and a smart
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>> yes, we do. >> noel brennan is there. seen so far? >> reporter: the coolest thing i've seen is probably the urby scooter. it weighs about 30 pounds. you can fold up and take it with you on the train or bus, anywhere. it's pretty cool, but, they looked at thousands of products. they basically boiled them down to 48. i have a few of them i want to show you. drones are everywhere at ces. this is the dji phantom 34k drone. they add a camera to it. these things are so cool. this looks like a little usb stick. you plug it in. it turns your tv into a full windows computer. very cool. this is only $199.
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this is the glyph. put it on like head phones. you can put it over your eyes. becky. this has a screen in front of my eyes. it's an equivalent of a 65-inch tv that's 10 feet away. movies, tv shows. anything connected to your smart phone. this is connected to the thing you're seeing at ces. becky, i will toss it back to you. i know we have a lot of snow in denver right now that we have to keep track of. >> yeah. it might be one of those days where people want to stay inside and watch a movie. >> you can see the snow coming down there over fort collins. it's been at a very steady looks pretty impressive. middle 20s. greeley. these temperatures colder than where we started earlier this morning. 27 in downtown denver and evergreen is at 22. we'll stay in the middle 20s as the day. looks like we have a couple of
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a heavy band is starting to push into our western suburbs and downtown denver, this is covering arvada, wheat ridge, downtown. gets lighter as you get further east, out to aurora where they're getting a break from the snow. we have light snow that's impact impacting longmont. this is moving in and settle southwest of colorado, far enough south we didn't get heavy snow bands set up. in fact, the heaviest snow is going to be in southern colorado. this is a fast moving system pushing into the midwest today. the rest of this, done by 9:30. we actually get partial clearing, believe it or not. daytime temperatures are going to stay there in the lower to middle 20s today. we've got another 2-4 inches of snow to go from this before it is all said and done. it will be completely done tonight. 8 degrees the overnight low.
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so still cold. 33 for sunday. we're up to the upper 30s monday and tuesday and close to 50 by wednesday afternoon. all right. let's see how the roads are doing and how everyone is getting to work this morning. sounds good. this time we focus on 225, your aurora commute is bogging down, no major accidents yet, but we're seeing the snow pack sticking along the corridor. mostly on the shoulders, bridges, ramps, overpasses, those tend to stay icier if that's the cold air circulating underneath. right now the speeds are in the 20s approaching parker road. right now your travel times are at 14 minutes southbound, tracking all the way into greenwood village. out and about across the roads, we have a new crash not affecting sixth avenue but in our lakewood drive around fifth and sheridan and, of course, out to the west side.
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happy friday morning, everyone. it's 5:57 right now. here is a live look at 25 and parker road. things are moving along this morning. you can see some snow and ice there. we've been looking at a lot of the metro area cameras. it looks like more snow is starting to stick. we're also going to show you a live look on the streets off of 36. we're talking about wet roads
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so you can expect a lot of things to have low ice on it? >> sure. >> coming up in just a few minutes. we'll check back in with meteorologist becky ditchfield,
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