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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  January 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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good morning. it's a jackknifed semi on founders parkway is one of the trouble spot this is morning in the metro area and all along the front range. you will want to get out the door early to navigate the snowy and icy wet roads. we have teams spread out across the metro area to help get you ready for the morning. crashes across the metro area. tarhonda thomas is out checking spots that are causing problems. we're also finding roadways a
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so you will want to take things slow. colleen ferreira has a look at conditions east of the metro area right now. >> we'll show you how you're helping us tell the story about the storm today. good morning, everyone. the team is in the backyard. it is snowing. the flakes are big. it's definitely picked up over the last few minutes or so. we do want to let you know that elbert county school district is on a two-hour delay. it's the only one we've heard far. >> amelia is going to walk us through the commute. we'll start with becky. >> it's picked up. >> by 9:00 it looks like it significantly diminishes, but we have this morning drive to get through. >> and you can see the flakes have definitely gotten bigger in the 9 backyard, right? this is going to continue now for a little bit. it's hard to see downtown denver. still a clear view of the highway.
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the band that's swishing through also extends out to the west side of town where heavy snow is hitting the area. this is what it looks like at dia. you can see a little clearer view. we've got snow reports coming in. we'll be going over those in just a few minutes. as for the actual snow, there's the band moving around the city. it's close to aurora. all the way down south, as far south as highlands ranch and as far west as golden. we then get a little bit of a break on the north side of the city through places like westminster, but it does pick back up right around longmont. visibility is going to be lower in the places where we had some of the heavier snow. be prepared as you are headed out and about. it significantly diminishes with a chance of flurries this afternoon and partial clearing by tonight. when it's all said and done, we have another 2-4 inches to go
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we'll talk more about that and the snow totals coming up in just a few minutes. tarhonda thomas has been out morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: and the road are. as we drove through downtown, roads. right around here, i-25 and lincoln, this is where the interstate starts to get snow packed and the cars start slowing down. i just tweeted video of us navigating through the lanes. i want to show you video too of i-25 just north of founders parkway. this is a jackknifed semi truck that's been there for quite a while. you can see the truck just hit the left sidebar roadway cade and now colorado state patrol says it's leaking fuel. there's no safe spot for us to do it. we couldn't show you the video. you can see what's blocking
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we did see another truck from the same beverage company. it looks like it's unloading the the crashed truck so they can clear it out. as far as how long it can take, we don't know yet. if you're headed in that direction, it's going to slow you down. let's get on the neighborhood streets. just to let you know, that's where i saw the most ice and is slick conditions. some of the ice from the storm a couple weeks ago never really melted because it's been so cold. now there's a layer of snow over it. to help you navigate, let's talk to amelia earhart. >> good morning. that's so right. the leftover ice pack can be deceiving on the side streets. keep that in mind. also, keep in mind the 25 and parkers accident, the jackknifed truck still causing delays. from the springs or castle rock into the denver tech center or downtown, you will need extra time. the curiosity slowdown will be a major factor. just the icy and slick
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up to a tough commute. it's one of the busiest drives. 37 miles per hour, the average. southbound i-70 down to 25. an 18-minute commute. across the board, the slew of accidents is rolling in quickly. i-70 crash out to west side of town at 34th avenue just took place. that will cause slowdowns around the curve in both directions. another crash westbound 70 near peoria. in my next update, we'll detail the rest of the crashes south of i-70. first, we want to head out to our reporter colleen ferreira now. >> good morning, amelia. 70. i think what you just talked about, we might be seeing some of the affect of that. we have been going westbound for a little bit. we're just starting to slow down a little. i don't see anything just yet, but i do see a lot of brake lights nearing me and off into the distance. speeds are dramatically taking a dip, almost to 30 miles per hour. the roads here are not bad.
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a little bit of snow and slush. very little bit and a little bit of snow falling too, but they don't feel icy. that was the problem on i-70 when we were headed the other direction. same thing, the roads felt great. i-70 seems to be okay right now. we're picking up speed again. i do see brake lights in the distance. i will tweet whatever i can see, if i can grab a picture of it safely, i will do that. we've been everywhere this morning. i-25 as you go north, that gets really bad, really snow packed and icy. longmont, boulder, if you're waking up, it's bad out there. leave yourself plenty of time. the intersections can be slipping and sliding today. >> that's for sure. >> thank you much. it has been kind of a crazy storm because it's snowing really hard in the 90s backyard right now. over where colleen is, not so much. there's pockets of snow. >> pockets. i noticed it when i was driving
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a lot of people from the north and the west. we can't have any and all of a sudden you went outside and brought it with you. >> people are showings. >> people are showing us. i want to start with what we saw last night. a light snow at the university of denver campus. that was last night. you can see when the snow started falling in that area. this one is my favorite this morning. this is my snow angel. i tried to get greg moss to do the snow angel. he was not having that. we're hoping people will start sending in photos. even what we saw earlier with tarhonda, this is i15 southbound north of founders parkway. there may not be a lot of snow on the parkways, but even if you get a little bit, it's pretty deceiving as you're driving out there this morning. this is from steve. he says it's looking good in longmont. what does he say right there? >> that's a turkey fryer.
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we would love to hear from all the folks at home as well. send us your photos. i love the snow angels. >> all right. use the hashtag 9wx, and you will help us cover the storm. cheryl? glass shattered at another englewood business overnight. this time the snow helped police catch the suspect. englewood police tracked the suspected burglar's footprints in the snow, and then they found him and arrested him. they say the suspect broke into the panda one restaurant. he's wanted for another smash and grab earlier in the night along hampden. now, this arrest could be a very big break in the case. police are now working to find out if this suspect is connected to more than 40 smash and grabs throughout the metro area. >> a deputy accused of killing
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cell unit until his trial. authorities say he shot his wife, fawn, in the neck in the couple's home. several children were inside of the house at the time of the shooting. he's claiming he shot his wife in self-defense after she pulled a pistol on him. kansas city firefighters worked fast this morning to fight this apartment fire, but it was really burning. as you can see. the nbc station in kansas city reporting that at least one resident jumped out of a window to escape the flames. was taken to the hospital. firefighters are staying clear of the side of the building because they say it could collapse. part of the roof has already collapsed. they have evacuated nearby buildings for safety. no word on what started all of this. right now the building continues to smolder, and some flames linger inside. these pictures were from about an hour and a half ago. >> wall street hoping for evidence that shows the u.s.
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financial market chaos that we're seeing right now. that's why today's december report in the 4th quarter 2015 critical. our retirement funds, market watchers are looking for about last month. we'll bring you those numbers just after they're released at 6:30. the airline is being called out for not giving passengers with disabilities prompt services. damaging and delaying the return of wheelchairs. united is also being fined for five lengthy tarmac delays. united management says it does remain committed to meeting all transportation department rules. frontier airlines is going to added 42 new routes to its system. that will start in april. none will involve travel to dia. frontier is still cutting back its presence at down, cutting
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in half of. we're watching more snow continue across the front range. likely to about 9, 9:30. that's when it will start to significantly diminish. in the meantime, snow reports coming in from elizabeth. dia reporting 2.6 inches of snow. up around lafayette, a little bit less. 1.8 inches. fort collins reporting 2.5 inches of snow on the ground. there's some of the heavy bands we have right from denver into the south and southwest side of the city. we've got another heavy band that's set up north for longmont stretching out there are brighton. so it's definitely spotty out there. guys, it continues until about 9:30 before it significantly lets up. >> thank you. the roads are slick. the going is slow in some spots. after the break, we're going to get you set for the commute
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the snow has picked up around downtown denver, specifically outside the studios here. you can see it's having an impact on the roads, starting to coax them a little more as the heavy snow moves through. we're going to show you the radar in a moment. the other side of the system is the cold. we started off in the upper 20s and low 30s this morning. we have dropped since into the lower to middle 20'd. here around the metro area stretching up through fort collins. this is where we now stay through the remainder of the day. winter weather advisories remain in place through this afternoon. there's the heavy band basically circling arvada, goes out to golden. circles lakewood down to littleton, close to aurora. we get a bit of a break around
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parts of westminster. it picks back up again with a band from longmont all the way down into brighton. of course this is all from the system moving in from the southwest. it's settled just south of colorado and will continue to very quickly push to the east. so the snow -- the worst of it takes us to about 9:00, 9:30. there you can see it disappears after 9:00. by 3:00 we'll have mostly cloudy skies. the heaviest snow by far will be in southeast colorado near springfield and trinidad. 9:30 tonight, still a lot of clouds, perhaps flurries in the area. overnight we get the partial clearing, and we stay cold. 24 degrees will be daytime pictures. 22 in greeley. 20s and 30s in the eastern plains. we've got another 2-4-inches of snow to go before this thing wraps up. then tonight, still in the 20s tomorrow.
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with a high of 33. we're actually close to 50 by wednesday of next week. considering the snow has picked up, amelia, i guess it made the roads rough too. absolutely. we're looking forward to the warmer temps. in the meantime, you have to gear up for today's drive. if you're looking out the window, yes, the snow is falling. here's the silver lining. we have wet roads but not a lot of snow pack if you're commuting to the tech center. up to the north, south, and the west where we have seen more snow this morning. 25 travel times coming in from thornton. southbounders on 25 are at 40 miles per hour from e470 to u.s. 36. a 16-minute ride. metro wide, here's crashes we promised to tell you about. this wreck near washington causing significant delays just to the east of the mouse trap and we've got this next one out to the west, westbound across i- 70 near 44th avenue.
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>> i think there's a white snow blanket behind her. 6:16 now. this morning snow is hitting just in time to slow down your morning drive and make the roads pretty dangerous for a lot of people. we wanted to check in with cdot. bob, a little ice and snow out there can cause all kinds of havoc in the morning. >> oh, yeah. i mean, you get the ice, you get the snow, and then you get the additional traffic, throw in a couple of accidents, and it's going to be a slow go in a lot of areas, probably most this morning. >> you know, bob, when we were driving in, a lot of the roads were just wet. now that it's been coming down and it's 25 degrees, it's going to be icing over. seeing more ice now. >> it is. we're going to start seeing more ice on the roadways. it will help that we have a little more traffic. with more traffic comes more slowdowns. so it's one of those things where we're going to -- it's going to be a slow go and people need to give themselves
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>> what's the situation up in the high country right now. traction laws are in effect just west of town in i-70. mt. vernon canon and 285 also from morrison road to pine junction. there's a traction law in effect. it has been lifted at the tunnel. it has gotten better there. vail pass still has the traction law in effect. still seeing driving conditions west of town. >> bob wilson, thank you much. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> it is 6:18 now. last night the president held a town hall meeting on gun control. hours before that, he was
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6:20 right now. a philadelphia police officer is in the hospital right now after officers say someone ambushed him late last night. police say the shooter attacked the officer in a marked police cruiser. they say the suspect fired 13 times. three of the bullets hit the officer in the arm. the police commissioner says the shooting was unprovoked and called it one of the scariest things he had ever seen. the suspect is also in the hospital right now. no word on his condition. the officer is expected to survive. >> two people with what authorities say is a tie to isis are in jail this morning. one in california. the other in texas. one is a syrian refugee charged with lying to investigators
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texas governor greg abbott says this is precisely why i called refugees. >> president obama will not vote for any candidate, even a democrat, who does not support reform. the president made the proclamation to the new york times website. it was published just before he took part in a town hall meeting on gun violence. the president says despite all the rhetoric, 90% of americans support reform. if they join him, the u.s. will elect leadership that we deserve. all right. girls matter. that's what a little girl told the toy maker hasbro. first, we want to check the weather and traffic once again. >> good morning. a lot of people still seeing heavy snow out there. that certainly has moved right back into the denver metro area.
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until about 9:00, and then you can see a significantly diminishes. it looks like the heaviest snow will be up north. mostly cloudy skies by 11:30 with a few flurries. clouds are going to break up. we get partial clearing. sunshine doesn't go a long way. sunshine is in place today and tomorrow afternoon. we'll bring you all the details in the forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> we're going to go ahead and call it here. i-25 southbound at founders parkway. we watched these flashing lights after the truck that stuck around. the flashing lights are gone. let's call it clear. cdot has not cleared it on their website yet, but we do have a call in to make sure all lanes are open. we should see improvement on drive. another crash eastbound i-70 the shoulder. colleen ferreira just tweeted
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bad of a factor in your drive.
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welcome back. 6:26. after a week of online outrage and a sweet note from a little girl who's 8 years old. the star wars game is going to develop a character named ray. little anny rose asked why they left out ray when she's a main car in the latest movie in the series. the company responded saying it didn't want any spoilers, so it didn't include ray. the little girl said, hey, girls matter. so the toy maker said it's going to added the new piece coming up this year.
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>> that's awesome. power. i like that. winter storms sweeping across parts of colorado right now. it's worse in some places than other places. after the break, we're going to sort it autoowl and have the
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good morning friday morning to you. here is a look at i-25 and hampton.
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you can see some brake lights there. take it slow as you head out the door this morning. heavy snow if you're traveling across to the north and south of denver metro area, making for asslike friday morning commute. we have extensive team coverage to help you get through this storm. we already have some crashes this morning. tarhonda thomas is going to have more on that. colleen ferreira is checking out the roads, driving around the area. amelia is in the traffic center this morning. she'll give us a look at the travel problems as you head to work. right now. >> we start this morning at the 9news information center with meteorologist becky ditchfield. we've been talking about the phases of this system. >> right. >> we're now at phase two. round three yet to come. >> we saw some of the cold air move through yesterday, light snow during the day. and another round moved in. this pushed in from the south, bringing in heavier snow for us
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then a third push of cold air comes in tomorrow. it may bring flurries for us tomorrow morning, but most of the snow should be done. outside it's been impressive, as far as the pictures go. this is fort collins. you can see the snow coming down. we have two and a half inches reported there. that's officially into the national weather service. that's included in some of the snow reports popping up on your screen. the heavy bands of snow, they're encompassing denver. they stretch nearly to aurora. down south to highlands ranch. west almost out to golden, and they just barely try and move up there westminster. another band is just north of that area stretching from longmont into brighton. these bands of snow bringing in fairly decent snow amounts and low visibility. that's something you will have to watch out for as you're out and about. visibility is 1-2 miles out across the front range. now, the worst of this system
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9:00 and 10:00 this morning. we'll be under cloudy skies. partial clearing is in store for us as we head into tonight. we still have to get through a lot of this morning. some of the worst spots have been on the south end of town. that's where tarhonda thomas has been all morning long. good morning, tarhonda. >> reporter: good morning. you know, the thing is we're not seeing a huge downpour of these big, fat, massive flakes. i've been smacked in the face by bigger flakes in my day. trust me. we're on lincoln. the south side of town is worse than that metro area downtown commute. we're seeing more snow accumulation on the interstate here. take a look at video we saw a little while ago of i-25 north of founders parkway. this is a semi that has jackknifed. it's in the left lane, crashing into that barricade. colorado state patrol says several vehicles were involved in this. a couple of them stayed on the scene. it looks like they have this accident cleaned up.
6:27 am
that direction, just to be sure. we couldn't bring you a live shot from there because it's too dangerous. colorado patrol says they're working multiple accidents between lone street, founders, and that castle rock area. a lot of people are driving just too fast for the conditions. it's a good lesson for all of us. we've all had experiences driving in the snow. we all think we're experts, but any one of us are susceptible to a crash on roadways like today. >> good morning, tarhonda. that i-25 on the south side had been pretty treacherous. jackknifed semi truck is now cleared from i-25 at founders parkway. cdot just took it down from their travel alert section. we can confirm all lanes are open. what lanes are not hope? several across the area freeways. 225, we have a new southbound delay at dayton. a crash approaching the interchange has caused this backup. alternate routes are not going
6:28 am
streets are packed more than the area freeways. i-70 in the westbound direction, we have had ongoing backups near ward road. the left lane is now blocked. that's going to be out to west side. as we focus here on the 225 interchange, right in the dtc, we have the southbound crash and then southbound i-25, a new crash is just coming in on the approach to 225. now we're going to head out to the newsroom and check in with corey. >> we've been following all the pictures you've been sending us this morning. we get to see what's happening >> it's great. we're getting a lot of pictures. we'll get there. here's what i really like. that just came down. that was the team in the backyard. there's a new one. this one just came in from deer trail. eastern arapaho county. there's a pond in my front yard. you can see it's completely covered around. snow there. everyone, this is your favorite. >> it is my favorite.
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>> she went outside and did a snow angel in morning. >> i tried to get greg moss to go with me, and he said no. >> debbie downer. i called him the snow angel grinch. i'm going to get hate mail from that. >> looking good in longview. you can even see the snow around the light bulbs there. >> little icicles. of course we want to hear from you as well. tweet out your pictures at hashtag 9wx. there's a good chance we'll get more on this morning. i'm trying to show some every half hour. >> nice to see. thank you. gary? all right. thank you, both. it's 6:35 right now. new overnight, a suspected smash and grabber's footprints in the snow led police right to him.
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panda one restaurant to the suspect's home. it was busted into. a second place was also hit on east hampton avenue. the suspect is linked to two overnight. those two overnight burglaries, but right now investigators are trying to find out if this crime is also linked to a string of recent smash and grabs in denver, sheridan, wheatridge, and englewood. we learned that a denver man is going to serve life in prison without the possibility of parole for a sword attack. he planned to rob a friend when he lured him to a remote part of summit county. this happened in june of 2014. he then attacked that friend. the teenager survived, waved down a sheriff's deputy, and was able to get help. >> 6:36. we've got breaking business news to tell you about. the december jobs report was just released by the feds. the numbers are much stronger than expected. employers adding 292,000 positions in the month of december.
6:31 am
the economy may defy what we're seeing globally right now and year. the government also says employers add 50,000 more jobs in october and november than they previously estimated on employment rates hovering at 5% for the third straight month. this strong job report is a calm day for china stocks. as you know, it's been a wild ride for investors as retirement funds plunge in value with the markets losing more than $800 billion in value in just four days. it's enough to have some people questioning what the future holds. >> i think it's premature to be overly concerned. financial markets are fickle. >> i think in the end fundamentals are what matter for the u.s. economy. our fundamentals are rock solid. >> january is a barometer for
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accuracy for the year. they're pointing to the housing market as a very positive sign. all right. to get you excited, i should say more excited, about the broncos playoff game, we're doing another huge giveaway here at 9news. >> these are my favorite. >> these are so cool. in the past we've done the window clings, the beanies. this time it's something different. magnets, really cool magnets. >> these are magnets. absolutely, united. starting on monday, fans can get them at king sooper stores across the state. anywhere from denver to alamosa. we're going to be there handing them out. we'll have a list of where we'll be and the dates we'll be there. you can go to the mobile app and check it out. >> they're heavy duty magnets. >> these are great. >> keep them on the car all year round. >> or the fridge. it's 6:38. today the colorado national
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of local agencies are going to be taking advantage of our snowy damp weather. 29 groups are going to get together to train for responding to blizzards across our state, specifically in the san louise valley. they're going to be happening through tomorrow. efforts. they're going to practice how they would deliver emergency supplies and help perform security operations. and, boy aim thankful the winds are nowhere close to blizzard conditions. 1.8 inches for golden. aurora 1.7. ken car roll 2.5 inches. lakewood, 1.5. of course it is still coming down. we're expecting more through 9:00 or 9:30 and then most of the accumulation will be done. from denver to the southeast, another 2-4 inches of snow will be possible. up to the north, especially
6:34 am
another one to two inches of snow will fall. foothill and mountain areas can expect-4-inches of snow -- expect 2-4 inches of snow before it's done tonight. the cold sticks around. we'll talk about the weekend forecast coming up. >> that mean no, sir meltoff for a little while. >> for a little while. >> all right. becky, thank you. drones are some of the most talked about gadgets at the consumer electronics show? las vegas. once again, it is snow packed and icy in some places. just wet in other places around the metro area. this is i225 in dayton right now where it looks like it is a little bit wet. we're tracking all the trouble spots, though. they're mostly north, south, area. so we'll bring you up to date
6:35 am
winter weather advisory still in effect from denver out to the south and out to the west. here we're looking at snow that will continue to fall at its worst through 9:00, 9:30. it quickly diminishes. we'll see flurries through the remainder of the day. down to our south, these are the areas that have been hit hardest from this system because it's just far enough south to do that. 6-12 inches of snow possible across parts of the san juans. in the mountains, 6-12 inches. trinidad, 5-8 inches of snow. system.
6:36 am
out very quickly tonight and then cold temperatures settle in for tomorrow. details on that are coming up. amelia. >> becky, as soon as our semitruck that was jackknifed was cleared, there's a new wreck, flashing lights off to the shoulder. the northbound stretch at digit speeds. plan ahead. southbounders, don't forget. you will see the residual delays as well. i would say expect at least 30 money minutes -- minutes on your drive between boulder and denver. boy, if this doesn't sum it up, i don't know what does. across the city. in the next update, we'll detail those individually, some of them. in the meantime, we'll go out live to the roads with colleen ferreira. >> reporter: good morning, amelia. we're on i-70 traveling westbound approaching colfax
6:37 am
i-70 near ward road, there was a collision there. two cars involved. off. so. quickly. even though there's a little bit of backup, keep that in mind if you're headed there. i-70 is a real funny story i-70 by the airport. fine. there's basically nothing on the road. just a a little bit of snow, but then out here, i-70 into golden, you can see just how much snow pack is out there this morning. that could be what's causing some of the collisions we're seeing out here. you know, those cars that are on i-70 near ward road, their bumpers were smashed in. it didn't look too serious. you guys have to be careful out there this morning because it's a different story no matter where you go. you can be on i-70 one minute, gary, the next minute it could be snow packed and slippery.
6:38 am
there. we have new information this morning on the investigation into the deadly paris terrorist attacks. a belgian prosecutor says authorities raided an apartment they believe the terrorists used as a bomb factory. the same property was the hideout for one of the fugitives after the attacks. as you remember, 130 people isis is claiming responsibility. south korea restarted its cross border broadcast into north korea by blasting pop music. >> the broadcast also included information about life in south korea. north korea will likely lash out against the broadcast, which it considers an act of psychological warfare. south korea resumed them after north korea claimed to successfully detonate a
6:39 am
the state trooper indicted on perjury charges connected to his arrest of sandra bland has been released on bond. a grand jury indicted him on wednesday. they said he lied about what led to his confrontation with sandra bland following a traffic stop last year. bland was later found dead in her jail cell. if convicted, he could face up to one year in prison and a $4,000 fine. maine governor is under investigation this morning after making a remark about out of state drug dealers. they're talking about the state's heroin epidemic. >> now, the traffickers, these are not people that take drugs. these are guys named d money, smoothie, shifty. these guys that come up from new york. they come up here, sell their heroin, and then they go back home. incidentally, half the time,
6:40 am
>> now critics are calling lapaige a racists. he was not referencing race when he made that comment. >> southwest airlines celebrating ten years since its return to denver international airport. they've come a long way from '06 when they had only 13 daily departures and 5,000 staff or so. southwest has a 30% market share here and 2900 people work were the airline in denver. ceo gary kelly says the operation out of department of education has been the fast -- dia has been the fastest growing. it added more capacity to denver than any other airline last year, and it will likely increase the schedule on the year ahead. wouldn't it be nice to link up to the smell of chocolate, cinnamon. this alarm clock promises to do that. wake you with a smell as
6:41 am
the clock costs about 100 bucks. the smell capsules are sold in packs. it will be available in june. one scent is not available yet, bacon. >> you look sad. >> i am very sad. give me a little bacon, fresh biscuits. >> i think i would just start dreaming about what i'm smelling. >> i would be waking up. i would be headed to the kitchen. when you go to the biggest electronics show in the world, it's hard not to end up playing with them. >> noel brennan is in las vegas for the consumer electronics show. >> noel, poor guy. >> tough job. >> reporter: yeah, i have a really tough job, cheryl. you know it. some of the coolest stuff i've seen are drones. yesterday, really, i spent all day looking around at the coolest drones. one of them came from this
6:42 am
they were a crowd sourced, crowd funded company based in london. they developed this drone you can control through your smart phone. here, though, is a really, really cool drone from a company that are really the industry leaders. this is the phantom 34k drone. you can control this using this controller. it has a 4k camera that produces stunning quality images. these things things are so cool. this, believe it or not, really tiny. almost looks like a usb stick. plug this into your tv. it turns your computer into a windows -- turns your tv, rather, into a windows 10 computer. this little thing only costs 159 bucks. lastly, guys, this is so cool. looks like a normal pair of head phones. put them on. use them as headphones or you can slip them down. watch this.
6:43 am
you've got the equivalent of a 65-inch tv that's about 10 feet away from you. it basically is projecting this image in front of your eyes. it looks ridiculous, but if you're watching a movie, you're not thinking about that at all, guys. 650 bucks. i may have to get a pair of these. >> that's awesome. >> it really is. >> i tried it with my head headphones here. not quite the same. thanks, noel. after the break, we'll give you another look at the current weather-traffic situation. >> and we'll take a live look outside right now at i-25 and founders. you can see a lot of flashing light there is off in the distance, a lot of backups and slowdowns and brake lights that you sere seeing there. there were several people involved in an accident there. many of those people drove away from the scene. we're looking to get more
6:44 am
snow continues here around the denver metro area. mostly cloudy skies. we've certainly seen heavier bands push through the city. a lot of that is also coming with cold. earlier this morning, we started off with temperatures in the upper 20s and low 30s. we've now dropped into the lower to middle 20s. here we stay for the remainder of the day. right now, 23 in denver. 25 in broomfield. boulder is at 27. we have teens and 20s out west into the foothills. still winter weather advisories in effect. those go until 2:00 this
6:45 am
heavier snow right now moving straight through denver. stretches all the way through westminster. lakewood seeing that. you're right on the edge. it stretches through to high land ranch. we have second area of moderate snow that's pushing through brighton. still sitting over those areas this morning and will likely last until 9:00, 9:30. now, it was too far to the west of denver. the really heavy snow is going to be falling in southern parts of our state. it's a fast moving system. it's out of here by tonight, and we get partial clearing there. 's the snow that's opinion sitting over us. takes us through 9:00. watch. just diminishes. we'll have clouds and flurries from here on out through 9:00 on out through the rest of the in southeastern colorado. temperatures will be in the lower to middle 20s this
6:46 am
plains. we have another 2-4 inches of wraps up. by tonight. 8 degrees the overnight low. tomorrow, not a lot of snow, but 26 the high. so 33. tuesday. then we're back up close to 50 for wednesday afternoon. road. >> yes, it does. put your seat belts on, even. this is going to be quick. a crash at founders parkway. traffic stretches for miles. . out to the maps we go. we have a lot to cover here. zooming in closer. of i-25. it's a trend we've noticed in the last 20 minutes or so. i-70, two westbound crashes, ward. both approaches will be about 22 miles per hour. out to the west, our westbound crash still blocks the lane at
6:47 am
delays, 10 miles per hour stretching all the way to sheridan. no easy alternate out there to the west side. colfax approaching a wreck. your stretch is past parker road. i-25 you have a crash approaching the 225 interchange. now, we head out live to colleen ferreira. >> reporter: good morning, amelia. it has been a slow and snow packed commute on highway 93. we're headed toward boulder. you can see all the snow on the road right now. that's kind of been the case into highway 93. it's a slow go. it's slippery. a lot of snow pack, which means it's messy, dicey, and also getting through those intersections, i've seen a lot of slipping and sliding. i know i-25 in castle rock where you are is just a mess. >> reporter: it is. you know, there's not a whole
6:48 am
but we're approaching founders parkway because that's where the accident is that amelia mentioned. now, prior to that, there was another big accident. we want to show you a video of it. this accident was at i-25 north of founders parkway. a jackknifed semi truck and several other cars involved in this accident. state patrols say only a couple scene. took them a while to get this one cleaned up because that truck was leaking diesel fuel. up, another accident. we're going to keep following this trail of traffic and let morning commute and give you a look at south side of town. good morning, becky. >> good morning. the snow dust continues until 9:30 this morning. we'll see it lift. the snow is coming down heavy and accumulating quickly. today's temperatures in the 20s. safer tomorrow, a little dryer tomorrow afternoon. we do warm back up and fast. >> yay. >> highs in the 50s wednesday
6:49 am
>> nicely done. >> becky, you have two more hours on channel 20, so i'm going to get going for you. >> she's going to take care of you. >> i appreciate it. >> you can see the tracks in the snow. it's like the smash and grab congratulations, you made it to the end of the week.
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