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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  NBC  January 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm MST

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because of the actions of other people. but his family is convinced marshall died because of the negligent hands of sheriff's deputies. this all happened in november. marshall, who lived with mental illness and addiction, was arrested on a minor trespassing offense. the medical examiner describes in the report he was combative before he was restrained. he was then held down in the prone position for several minutes. a spit mask was placed on his face. he threw up. he began suffocating. he had a heart attack, then passed out. more than a week later, he died at the hospital. his family and other community members are furious. they are calling this murder. they demand for the release of jail video. however, the sheriff's office with the new sheriff amid all of these reforms here, says they are doing the best they can as this investigation moves forward. >> please, mr. mayor, please manager, please, da, release
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give us justice! or quit your job! >> this is a tragic event. tragic for the family, the marshall family, tragic for the deputies and our staff that have been involved with this. we're anxious to have some closure to this. we're continuing to be committed to a thorough investigation. >> reporter: the six deputies involved with the incident are still on the job. but we're told in a restricted manner. they are not allowed to have any contact with inmates. in the meantime, it is the denver police department and the denver district attorney's office that is reviewing this case. but the family and their attorney feels a special prosecutor should be appointed to take a look at this. kim, back to you. >> they certainly had strong words today, jeremy. i know they said they really want to see that video. as for those of us that really don't understand, can you explain what a spit mask is? >> reporter: a spit mask is placed upon a person, a detainee or an inmate if they are starting to spit at deputies, and it's to protect
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of diseases that can be transmitted through saliva. that's what the intention of that is for. >> okay. all right. we know you'll be following this for a good deal of time. thank you, jeremy. snow is wrapping up across the metro area, but we are expecting a very cold night ahead. single-digit cold. that is going to mean more ice on the roads. this, after between 2 and 5 inches of snow fell across the metro, 4 to 6 in the front range foothills. danielle grant is in the weather center. what do we got to plan for this weekend, danielle? a little bit of it all, brandon. looks like tonight we'll be dealing with frigid cold temperatures, possibly a little bit of ice on the roads, maybe a little bit of morning fog, then finally some sunshine by the tail end of the weekend. so a lot to get after. a little bit of a headache early this morning with that snowfall coming in prime time during the morning drive. but as far as the totals go, pretty much as anticipated, between 2 to 5, 2 to 6 inches. wellington picking up the most,
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3 for lonetree. at dia, they brought us this report of 2.6 earlier this morning. we'll see if we can get an update within the hour. right now on hd doppler 9, i am watching this storm, spinning from new mexico into texas. on the counterclockwise bands, we're still looking at some southeastern colorado. around the front range, most of done. we still have a few flurries here and there. overall, i'm not anticipating any more accumulation overnight into tomorrow morning. most of the moisture is south of i-25, colorado springs, trinidad, toward the southeastern plains where they have a good deal of snow coming in, an area that loves to see it with all of those farmers out there. we do still have a few advisories and warnings to talk about. the sangre de cristos are under a winter storm warning until 11:00 tonight. in the blue, that's the winter weather advisory continuing for the next hour or so. i'll take you through the rest of this evening.
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look for mostly cloudy skies out there and certainly overnight. if you are going out, definitely dress in layers. grab that big puffy coat before you walk outside and certainly the snow boots, because the time soon. 7:00 tomorrow morning, a bit of fog here and there, low level clouds along i-70 off to the eastern plains. then by late afternoon, i anticipate a little bit of clearing. again this evening, mostly cloudy skies. however, most of the storm is long gone and out of the front range. right now, temperatures in the teens in greeley. we're at 22 out at the airport. teens in leadville, as well as kremmling with more 20s off to the eastern plains, and 30 degrees in grand junction. the rest of this evening, temperatures slowly start to cool. we'll be looking at mostly cloudy skies through the dinner hour. bitterly cold temperatures overnight, like brandon mentioned. we're dropping down to the single digits. i will be tracking some of that fog for you early on tomorrow. then the sun will come out, but we'll have to wait until sunday. a live look out there, vail, eagles nest, everyone winding down a great day of skiing.
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i'll have a look at snow totals in the mountains, so if you're thinking of going skiing or boarding saturday or sunday, i'll let you know how much enjoy. >> got to think it's pretty good up there. >> so good. so good. >> thanks, danielle. with only a few inches of snow on the ground, law enforcement agencies and the national guard in northern colorado were in action. course. this was training for a snowstorm that could get a lot worse than today's. was there. >> reporter: evans woke up with a few inches of snow on the ground. not quite what you would call a blizzard, yet that's exactly what emergency crews here are training for, and they say that bonus snow they got this morning really helps put them in the mindset. this is the emergency operations center, where crews are prepped for the worst. here, law enforcement, fire, city planners, even finance folks are working out the logistics of a fiction almonaster of a storm.
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of snow fell in evans overnight, causing transportation issues. the fake storm also caused a fake train derailment, prompting fake evacuations. we're used to hearing about training for a wildfire or flooding, but crews here say a blizzard is just as realistic and just as dangerous. >> why a blizzard? this is one of the main hazards in colorado along with flooding. as we know with a winter blizzard, it can also cascade to other big events. so the nice thing about a winter blizzard exercise, it brings in the locals. >> reporter: law enforcement and military rarely get to work together, so this gives them a chance to practice. this is one of several of these drills going on statewide, so don't be alarmed if you see military, fire, even police. they are training to help keep you safe in the event of a storm a lot bigger than this one. in evans, steve staeger, 9news.
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police officers will wear body cameras while they are on duty. the commander of the operation says they will phase in 800 cameras. officers in district 6, downtown denver, are going through training now and some began wearing the new cameras today. these cameras are attached to special glasses, like those that officers will be wearing. >> it will improve the quality of witness evidence in criminal court cases. it will improve interaction between the police and the community. it will reduce the number of complaints against police officers. it will also protect officers against false or frivolous allegations, and it will document conduct of officers who act outside the values of mission of the denver police department. >> commanders say the officers will need to activate the cameras themselves. they will be required to put them on in certain cases, including traffic and weapons calls, foot chases, and other searches. this rampup comes after a
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involving over 100 officers back in 2014. the current program will be fully in place by the end of this year. investigators in englewood believe they found a burglar because of his foot prints in the snow. a smash and grab was reported at a hair salon on east hampton. then two stores were broken into about a mile away on south broadway. police noticed foot prints in the snow, leading from one business to another. a suspect was arrested once officers followed the tracks to an apartment complex across the street. news of an arrest brings relief to business owners who were targeted overnight. >> there was just a distinct line of footsteps made. they traced them all the way to the apartment and wherever else he smashed and grabbed. >> when i heard they catch him, i feel much better now. much better. i'm much safer. >> investigators are looking
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part of a criminal theft ring. shots fired! i'm shot! >> all cars, we have an officer shot at spruce. >> those are the sounds of an attack on a police officer in philadelphia injured from gunfire. today, we learned the suspect told police he carried out the attack, quote, in the name of islam and that he had also pledged allegiance to the self- proclaimed islamic state. the suspect fired 13 shots that hit officer jesse hartnett in his car last night. the officer returned fire, hitting the gunman. police say the suspect told them he believes the police, quote, defend laws that are contrary to the teaching of the curran. quran. mexican drug kingpin
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been caught. he broke out of a mexican jail last year. the mexican navy acted on a tip and raided a home before dawn. five suspects were killed. six others were arrested. one marine was injured, but is expected to be okay. mexican authorities say guzman's cartel is a key player in a drug war that has ravaged parts of mexico for years and cost thousands of dollars. a south korean research institution says it found a small amount of radioactive elements in air samples reported in an area near where a hydrogen bomb was reportedly detonated in north korea on wednesday. but the institute says the amount was too small to determine whether the north had really detonated a nuclear device. earlier this week, north korea claimed it was testing an h bomb when an earthquake registered a 5.1. the white house says it's not convinced. scientists say there are other types of ice types used to
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more testing is expected. in a work e-mail sent from her personal account, hillary clinton expressed surprise that one of her subordinates at the state department sent a work e- mail from his personal account. his note about libya got forwarded on to clinton. she asked who he was and learned it was a state department employee. that's when clinton shot back a note saying, quote, i was surprised that he used personal state. republicans argue it shows the hypocritical attitude from clinton. this was in the latest dump of department overnight. workers there are running behind to comply with a judge's oned to release the e-mails. more than 1300 e-mails so far contain material that is now classified, though clinton maintains that none of it was marked classified back when the e-mails were sent. for the latest on the presidential race, let's bring in chuck todd, moderator of nbc's "meet the press." >> brandon, how are you doing? >> doing well.
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questioning subordinate's use of a personal e-mail, sounds like the things that end up in campaign ads. we're expecting the last batch of e-mails. will that put an end to this, or is the story heating back up? >> nothing gets put to rest until we find out if the justice department will pursue any further charges against her, whether she mishandled this investigation, whether she mishandled classified documents. until that's resolved, that's when this issue is resolved or not. >> now, i know you've got donald trump coming up on the show sunday. he's still the national frontrunner, but the real clear politics average has him 4 points behind ted cruz in iowa right now. caucus is about three weeks away. trump's been stirring the pot over the fact cruz was born in canada. legal experts think it's not a problem for cruz, but is trump actually making a political problem out of this in iowa? >> well, that's what i think has been so clever about him all week, frankly, has been he really has been -- jeb bush a
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the time, i thought it was an odd attack phrase on him. he said he's a chaos candidate. but i'll tell you, this week he did create chaos for a number of candidates. you brought up ted cruz. at a minimum, it knocked cruz off-message for three days. instead of talking about what he promises he wants to do as president, he's had to answer questions about this. look at what he did. this is the first week bill clinton was campaigning for hillary clinton. instead, bill clinton had to deal with questions on the rope line about allegations women made against him years ago because donald trump brought the topic back up. he went to vermont and sort of trolled bernie sanders and did a big event in bernie sanders' territory. again, there's no state. vermont's primary's not that important, but he created a chaotic situation. the point is, i think for cruz, it's a disruptive force, and it keeps the focus a little bit more on trump and that may work. >> all right.
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get closer to the iowa caucus. thanks so much, chuck. appreciate it. >> all right, man. you got it. >> join us on sunday morning. we have jack lew on balance of power on sunday morning at 8:45, followed by "meet the press" at 9:00 a.m. on channel 20. the stock market lost another 167 points to finish up at 16,346 today. the s&p fell 21. the nasdaq lost 45. falling oil prices and concerns about a slowdown in china's economy helped drive stocks downward again today. speaking of china, china's major stocks regained some ground today, after beijing decided to stop a circuit breaker that halted trading. it stops trading for a certain period when a substantial market fluctuation occurs. it's been blamed for exaspirating the market selloff. it was designed to actually limit.
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building are forking over our $2 for a chance at the now $800 million jackpot for powerball. yes, i'll cop to handing over my money for the office pool. the astronomically overwhelming odds is you'll still see us showing up to work next week, but yes, the jackpot is up for grabs. no one won the powerball drawing on wednesday. the jackpot cranked above $800 million this morning. the next drawing of numbers is going to be tomorrow night. to say that the powerball ticket is a hot ticket, well, that might be putting it mildly. >> a typical week of sales of million. this week alone we are well five days in. >> crazy stuff. in the 15 years that we've had powerball here in colorado, the state has only produced two winners of that game. the last winner was from rifle and won $90 million. that was back in 2014. this dog in douglas county
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a run-in with a porcupine this week. police first saw kinello running around aurora on december 24, but weren't able to catch him. animal control officers spotted him again in douglas county wednesday, but again, wasn't able to get him. this morning, a homeowner called police to tell them the dog was sleeping on their porch, with porcupine quills stuck in his throat. >> okay. we got to tell you, you the dog is going to be okay. hard to look at the pictures. >> looks awful. >> parker police animal control castle rock. okay. heal. family. kinello is a 1-year-old male boxer mix, neuter. if you would like to know how needs, information on >> he's already been trained not to go after porcupines. >> porcupines, raccoons, they can all be -- they are tougher than they look.
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dogs are curious. that's tough to watch. going to be okay! happy story. 600,000 people are expected at this year's stock show. >> exin, how organizers plan to
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video. dia is expected to get 6 inches out of this storm we got today. this is video from the airport of crews getting snow off the runway this morning. two dozen flight cancellations today out of approximately 1500 scheduled flights, so not many. the faa slowed traffic into denver this morning because of that snow, which did cause delays for some passengers. more than 100 mostly somolia workers fired from the meat packing plant in fort morgan will soon be able to reapply for their jobs. last month, the employees at cargill meat solutions were fired after they walked out over a prayer dispute. today, cargill announced it's changed its rehire policy nationwide to allow workers to seek reemployment after 30 days instead of 180 days, as it had previously. the company did not guarantee all the workers would be rehired or that they would
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positions. cargill and somali leaders disputed the reasons why they walked out. the national western stock show officially opens tomorrow with some big changes in the works. last fall, denver voters approved measure 2c which will fund the first two phases of expansion to upgrade the current facilities. the national western stock show is working to fund raise another $50 million on top of that for improvements that are going to take place over several years. the stock show president says the show will go on throughout the entire expansion with as possible. >> the phasing plan has been written so the national western stock show every jan will be solidified and continue on for the 110 years it has been here, for the next 110 years as well. so we will not have a pause in show.
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>> the plan we're talking about calls for the stock show's 95- acre site and the city's 30- acre coliseum site to be transformed into a 270-acre complex that could be used the entire year. united airlines is looking government. the airline is facing a $2.7 million fine for violating consumer rules that protect disabled passengers and long tarmac delays. the department of -- the transportation department says the number of disability- related complaints regarding united was up significantly in 2014. a review found passengers with disabilities did not get prompt service getting on and off planes and in many cases, united damaged or delayed return of wheelchairs and other ability devices. passengers were left in planes on the tarmac for long periods of time. the airline says it's committed to following all transportation department rules. as of today, at&t is no longer offering two-year
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now, customers either will have to pay the full price of the phone upfront or pay installments over time. at&t and some customers will be able to upgrade early or put down payments on the phone with lower monthly installments. >> phones are expensive, as we know. >> yes, they are. got to think about that investment. >> a little supercomputer in your pocket. speaking of gadgets, if you got a fitbit, it might not be as accurate as you think. >> really? that's what we're hearing. one woman says she feels like
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. the makers of fitbit heart rate monitors are facing a lawsuit that says certain models don't really accurately track heart rates during exercises. the models that the lawsuit names are the charge hr and surge. one woman says she felt misled by the company after being denied a refund for a product she says doesn't work as advertised. she compared the fitbit monitor to ones at equipment at her gym
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and spoke to fitbit's customer service. fitbit says the case doesn't have any merit. their trackers are designed to provide data to help users reach health and fitness goals. they are not intended to be scientific or medical devices. now for the latest fire caused by one of those two- wheeled toys i simply refuse to call a hover board. fire crews in oklahoma city say one of the devices went up in flames, burning a hole in the carpet and mattress inside a home. this fire is slightly different than similar ones because the battery was thrown from the machine. >> by the time they got the fire out, the firefighters left, that's what we had afterwards. i'm just glad that nobody got hurt in the time it happened. >> u.s. consumer products safety commission is working to figure out the root causes of these fires, but they don't have full answers yet. we know many started with
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can be a result of overcharging. this week, as many as 20 colleges and universities across the country, including the university of colorado boulder have put in some kind of ban on the devices, which, and i can't stress this enough, do not actually levitate. can we please stop calling them hover boards? please. >> like kyle says, chariots of fire. that's what they have turned into. overcharging. lot of people do that. got to be careful. hernia surgery. surgeons operate with thin robotic arms, creating three small incisions around the hernia, then remove the hernia and stitch up the area. one local patient who had the operation says he couldn't believe how quickly he was back on his feet with the new procedure. >> well, i had the surgery. i think i got home on a wednesday night around 6:00 or 7:00 that evening.
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opening a gym that we own and the next day, that evening, we had a business meeting that we had to attend and i was walking around, very gingerly and very slow, but i was able to walk and participate in that business meeting 24 hours after the surgery. >> the patient rick wilhoite says he was off heavy meds in 36 hours, feeling great in 10 days. it was a little longer before he started full exercise. the da vinci robotic surgery was performed at st. luxe medical center in denver. doctors are the first in the rocky mountain region to use this type of surgical system. >> always cool to see new technology. >> it is. it is really common. most people tell you it takes weeks, unless you're a stubborn old farm guy like my dad, who refusedded to even take the meds because he is a stubborn farm boy. >> i'm not that tough! >> i know. he doesn't like medication! we're expecting freezing temperatures tonight and into the weekend. >> next, danielle will tell us
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. oh, yeah, most of the snow is gone, although we thought morning, we saw it. the flat irons are still buried guess. but it is going to stay cold for a few more days. >> meteorologist danielle grant is in the 9 backyard. danielle, this cold front is going to stubbornly stay put around here for a little while. yeah, the cold air, it certainly isn't going anywhere any time soon. we'll be stuck in the 20s and low 30s for both saturday and sunday. nice to see a little bit of snowfall, though, a changeup in the weather pattern and certainly up in the mountains they are loving it, too. this is the view in breckenridge.
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day, but you see the big icicle dangling across the camera lens and some clearing going on. you can see a town out there. as far as our 24-hour snow reports out in steamboat, powderhorn mountain, 6 inches. 5 inches out in breckenridge. 3 for copper mountain and wolf creek. keystone, about 2. i did want to show you our current avalanche danger. lot of folks like to head up to the highcountry on the weekends. so far, we're okay. things are fairly moderate for the northern, central and southern mountains around here. but as always, probably better to stay inbounds. most of the snow has started to subside in denver, not after delivering us a pretty good amount, anywhere in the 2 to 6 inches. greeley and aurora, about 4. evergreen, about 2.7. 2 1/2 in morrison. it was a cold one. look at that h 29 degrees. no worries. that came at midnight, early this morning. we've been stuck in the low 20s ever since. it's been a bitterly cold
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sticking around in some areas. 22 right now at the airport. winds have been relatively quiet and calm with this storm system, but you can see humidity is still up around 78%. on hd doppler 9, our storm system that marched through the area yesterday, now picking up, moving into parts of the midwest, bringing a little rain to the chicago area, snowfall in minnesota, and then look at us, we're still dealing with this system. the center of the low is actually positioned in new mexico and it's slowly going to shift into texas and oklahoma. but with that counterclockwise flow, it's taking direct aim at southeastern colorado, where they are seeing several good inches of snowfall coming across the plains and the farmland out there. around here, everything beginning to wind down. up and down the i-25 corridor, i'll zoom into the denver area and you might still find a few flurries around the foothills or maybe if you go up to the mountains, you might find a few. but accumulation is going to be few and far between around here. really, the darker blue bands are positioned in southeastern colorado, kind of by la junta and south toward kim.
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25, say you're tracking south from pueblo straight down, next couple of hours, still probably a little slick with that snow coming down. it's certainly slick here in the 9news backyard, too. by 6:00 this evening, everything quiets down. we'll still be stuck with the clouds across northeastern colorado. and the snow will be winding down in southeastern colorado by then, too. i'll stop the clock, 11:00 p.m., everything moves to the south and to the east. tomorrow morning, we wake up, a few areas possibly dealing with patchy dense fog out there off across the eastern plains. as the afternoon goes on, there's still plenty of moisture out in the mountains. so that interacting just with the mountains. the rockies alone, possibly creating a couple of isolated flurries in the afternoon. maybe an inch here and there if you're lucky, but overall, everything winds down and it should be a dry day around the metro area and eastern plains. we still have a few advisories in place. again, the warnings everywhere you see in red continue until
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areas in blue, winter weather advisories, like out toward the san juans, an additional 1 to 3 inches possible. then the sangre de cristos, 6 to 10. southeastern plains, grand total of 2 to 6 inches. everything, again, winding down tonight. then the deep freeze continues for the start of the weekend. temps tonight in the single digits, down to 6 degrees in greeley. 1 in sterling. 3 for leadville and gunnison. alamosa, a fat old goose egg for you guys. 8 around here. snowfall coming to an end, but it's going to be so chilly overnight and tomorrow morning. if you're thinking about taking the dog to the park, or maybe you're a hard koruner, layer up because it's going to be cold. the moisture around here will freeze to the roadways and it might be a little slick, icy for the drive up to the highcountry tomorrow morning. daytime highs staying in the mid-20s. we're about 20 degrees below our average where we should be for this time of the year. you'll feel it by the
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it will be nice to see, but certainly deceiving because the numbers will stay in the 20s all afternoon long and even around the foothills in the 20s, too. 18 in walden. 22 in loveland. close to 30 in longmont. we find the 30s around us on sunday, a little bit of sunshine for us, and that's the trend for the start of the next week. you can see we have a huge ridge piling in around the area and that's going to create quieter conditions for us and some slightly warmer ones. by next wednesday and thursday, a couple flurries out there next friday evening into saturday. i'll keep my eyes on that one. but so far, should be good weather for the stock show and it's coming to town tomorrow. >> we're ready to climb the stairs up. we've been seeing that slowly get back up to where we were. >> i've still got snow in my front yard from before christmas! >> i know, it's not melting. >> now with new snow on top of it. >> are you on the north-facing side, brandon? >> i am facing east. >> east. >> oh, you must have shade. >> gotta be, yeah.
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>> well, you're welcome for the couple of inches we got today! >> yay! awesome. appreciate it. with all the cold weather, you could just hibernate, but that's not the colorado way. there's lots of great things you could do over the weekend. we've got a list of nine things to do posted for you on >> first of all, get out the cowboy hat. dust it off. put on your flannel shirts and boots. it's time to celebrate the wild west. a parade through downtown denver kicked off the 2016 national western stock show yesterday. other events start tonight. 682,000 people came out to the stock show last year. this year's show runs through sunday, january 24. 9news anchor ryan haarer and belen de leon will be there for the morning show tomorrow. they will be all dressed up, ready to go. >> lots of fun. if you're willing to bundle up and get outside, free admission at the denver zoo tomorrow. there will be feedings all day starting around 10:15 in the morning. so you're sure to see animals,
4:34 pm
there are also meet & greets with some of the animals. winter hours at the zoo, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. >> a lot of the animals are more active in cold weather. take advantage. and there's a ton of cool gadgets at the consumer electronics show. >> but how well do they work? we'll be back with a live shot from las vegas.
4:35 pm
. mega huge big deal. the consumer electronic show took over las vegas all week long. gadgets span 2 million square feet of show space. >> and noel brennan is saying, now, do the gadgets actually work? that's what he's going to do! he's checking them out. how are they, noel? >> reporter: hey, kim. well, some are pretty cool. one of my favorite things i saw, we don't have it here, but it's something called the irby, an electric scooter that you can actually fold up and take with you wherever you go. it's really cool. but our partners at
4:36 pm
literally thousands of products. they boiled it down to a list of 48. and we have a few of them i wanted to show off to you. this was a big show for drones. dji, they are a company that are very well known for drones. they are kind of the industry leader. this is the phantom 3 4k drone. what's cool, this has a 4k camera built right in, produces stunning video. this thing is so cool. check out this. this is called the intel compute stick, okay. it kind of looks like a usb port. all this is is a computer, really, a tiny computer that you can plug into your tv via usb port. it can turn your 65-inch tv into a computer all for $159. really cool technology. and lastly, this is something called the avagante glif. look like headphones. you put it on, this is the cool part.
4:37 pm
and right now i have a screen that is equivalent to the size of a 65-inch tv screen that's about 10 feet away from me. you can watch tv, watch movies, your smart device. this is great for anyone who is traveling on a plane, a bus, anywhere and just wants to kind of escape for a little bit. so cool. $699. but this might be one of the coolest things we've seen on the showroom floor. really, kim, brandan, there is so much to see. i have been spent hours walking this showroom floor and i haven't come close to seeing everything. it's overwhelming how much cool gadgets we've seen. >> you don't walk with the advisor visor down? >> reporter: you do not. >> you check out. i get it.
4:38 pm
wake up! >> reporter: and i will say, ces might be the only place where you can wear something exactly. you just blend in. >> last one, talking about hover boards earlier, not really hover boards, the things with the two wheels on them. board? i want a real hover board. >> reporter: no, i haven't seen one. but, you know, based on the types of stuff we've seen out here, the really cool technology, you know, maybe it's only a matter of time. maybe ces has 2017. >> or '18 or '19. thanks, noel. >> keep walking, keep looking. >> reporter: will do. >> been walking all over for us. thank you. it's crazy, the stuff. and you think it's not going to happen that soon. then boom. >> all of a sudden they are making them. slacker & steve are joining us now. they are into that fancy stuff! >> i am so jealous of him! >> i knew it! >> dying, right?
4:39 pm
>> i want to be out there so bad. who's going to wear the headphones? like you said, you can't wear them on a bus or a plane. >> i don't know. >> bit of a personal safety thing on public transportation. >> exactly! >> yeah. >> still cool, though. want them. have you guys seen this story about the woman who just had a baby and the baby is her grand baby? >> yes. >> crazy stuff. >> isn't that weird? or is that cool? what is that? >> you know what? i don't know. first, your reaction is weird. then i heard her talking about it and it spoke to me like a mother, what a mother would do for their child. and they would do anything. >> right, right. >> even that? >> yeah, because they felt so much pressure to really be healthy and everything during this pregnancy. >> hey, listen, you two don't give birth anyway. what do you know? >> you don't know! the consumer electronics show is going to make this happen. >> i can't even believe you're talking about that. [ laughter ] >> we're trying to figure out if it's cool or creepy.
4:40 pm
>> carry a child. you get back to me on that one, okay? >> find out if they can make that happen and we're going to do it. >> we talked to them before the holidays about pressure from family to have a kid. at least this mom, this grandma is putting her money where her mouth is. >> good point. >> so there! >> i'll do it for you if you're not going to do it! >> here you go! [ laughter ] >> all right, guys. >> good luck on powerball, by the way. >> oh, yeah, thanks. >> you got a pool there? >> oh, yeah. >> you win, you share. we'll share. >> no, you won't. >> you'll either see us on monday or you won't. >> i think you will. i think you will. we'll see you guys. >> have fun. >> peer pressure. we all know realistically it's not going to happen. but you feel the peel pressure to be a part of it. >> if you got the two bucks to spend, i consider it spent. >> it is. you could be a guest on the broncos huddle.
4:41 pm
. somebody out there just might win $800 million or more in tomorrow night's powerball jackpot. the numbers are growing, the way tickets are selling right now. >> what in the heck would you do with all of that money? really? what would you do? >> i'm boring. >> nbc's carey sanders looked at what's happened to some of powerball's biggest winners. it's 47. >> reporter: we all dream of hitting it big. >> first thing i would buy is a beach house. rookie card. [ applause ] >> reporter: but for an actually comes true. the top five jackpots ever add up to more than $3 billion. at number 5? >> $564.1 million. >> reporter: won last year by marie holmes of north carolina
4:42 pm
of four, holmes donated thousands to her church and started a foundation, as has been widely reported in north carolina, she's put up a chunk of her winnings, 21 million to bail her boyfriend out of jail several times. charges include trafficking heroin, possession of a firearm, and drag racing. the fourth biggest award came in 2012, 587 million divided between a man from arizona and cindy and mark hill from missouri. the hills went on to donate money to a fire station and a local park. jackpot number 3, $590 million, won by 84-year-old gloria mckenzie in florida. the woman in line in front of ms. mckenzie let her go ahead, a gesture of kindness costing a half billion dollars. number two, $648 million, split by ira curry from georgia and steve tran from san jose. tran, a delivery man, told his
4:43 pm
to come in today, tomorrow, or ever. and the single-largest jackpot anywhere, $656 million divided three ways. the winners want to remain out of the spotlight. money may talk, but they prefer not to. >> yeah, i would be there with them. >> a lot of people have seen the trouble with coming forward and what's happened afterwards. it's been really difficult. >> it's like a life-changing amount of money and then some and then some. it's crazy. >> powerball has seen two jackpot winners since joining the game in colorado. well, we got to wait another week for the game, but the good news is broncos are in the playoffs and they will get r & r this weekend. that means we got to get ready for the huddle. >> yes, we do. that means you could be involved. the huddle is every wednesday during the broncos season.
4:44 pm
we need guests for next week's show. that could be where you fall in. if you want to be in the audience, be at the broncos field house by 3:45 next wednesday. the first 50 people to e-mail get the seats. the deadline is monday at midnight. the e-mail address is it's free, but you do need to be on that list. >> send the e-mail now. we are doing another big giveaway for the broncos at 9news. this year, oh, yeah, it's that. the united in orange magnet. bigger! bigger than i thought it would be. >> much bigger. >> i thought they would be like the little european country tags. it's that shape, but it's huge! >> you go big or you go home unless you're a bronco fan. be bold! starting monday, fans can get the magnets at king soopers stores across the state. you need to get the list of the locations and the dates. that's on
4:45 pm
>> seriously, we've got two in this building for us to share. i'll be out at king soopers on monday. >> tried to get one for a friend. can't get one. not yet. >> go to king soopers. and the games this weekend are of big interest to broncos fans. a reminder that we'll find out who we'll be playing and you can watch the vikings-seahawks matchup on 9news sunday morning. the game will be streamed on >> very cool stuff.
4:46 pm
. hey, that was fun. >> we're out of time. have a great weekend. 9news at 5:00 is next. . next at 5:00, public allegations against deputies from the family of an inmate whose death in the denver jail has been ruled a homicide. >> also ahead, the legal issues to keep in mind if you've joined an office pool in an attempt to win part of the record powerball jackpot. >> and the impact of hours of snowfall today in the denver
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