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tv   9 News at 6pm  NBC  January 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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a homeless man, promises to bring more attention to a sheriff's department still struggling to repair its image. >> reporter: 50-year-old michael marshall weighed 112 pounds, stood 5' 4. he died on the 20th of november, nine days after sheriff's deputies held him down on the ground for several minutes. friday, the denver medical examiner ruled his death a homicide. >> more than anything, i come to you all, asking for justice, begging for justice, begging. >> reporter: marshall's niece joined many others in front of the jail where this happened, urging progress securities to charge the six deputies involved. >> they are not above the law. matter of fact, they took an oath to follow the law, and to abide by the constitution of the united states of america. >> reporter: the autopsy suggested marshall, a drug abuser with a bad heart, died partially as a result of pneumonia brought about when vomit entered his lungs shortly after deputies forced him to
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mask, like this. >> this feels like groundhog day. we've been here before. >> reporter: denver pastor timothy tyler is correct. in 2010, another african american, marvin booker, died after deputies restrained him, a resulting lawsuit costing the city of denver $6 million and helped prompt a massive review of the sheriff's department. and now this. >> we've been expecting this. this is just one more step of the investigation. >> reporter: new denver sheriff patrick furman was brought in to help reform the department. now, his department will have to undergo another round of scrutiny. >> this is a tragic event, tragic for the family, the marshall family, tragic for the deputies and our staff that have been involved. we're anxious to have closure to this. >> reporter: so apparently is the mayor's office, telling me this afternoon, quote, we will release information as quickly as we possibly can. there is significant attention to doing this right. you can bet others will be paying attention as well.
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cold, calling for justice one more time! >> reporter: chris vanderveen, 9news. >> the term "homicide" does not necessarily mean a murder occurred. the denver district attorney will have to died if criminal charges fit in the case. colorado's latest new storm along the front range has been more about duration than intensity. light snowfall for hours added metro area. broken clouds this evening will tonight. lows are expected to reach down into the single digits in denver. meteorologist danielle grant joins us now. danielle, we may actually wake up to fog as well. a little patchy fog tomorrow, kim, and also cooler temperatures to kick off the weekend, too. the storm is positioned just to the south of the state, but still whipping around some snowfall to southeastern colorado. a couple of light flurries around the foothills and the mountains, but those all wind down after midnight. most of the moisture is
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across the southeastern plains. tonight, mostly cloudy skies sitting over the metro area, as temperatures only start to cool off. right now, we're hanging tight to about 20 degrees, but like kim said, single digits overnight, into tomorrow morning. it will be bitterly cold. a little early morning fog, then the sun will come out not so much tomorrow, but more looking like sunday. kim, i have a little warmup. you'll have to stick around for the nine-day forecast in a few. >> oh, yeah, we want to hear about that. thank you very much. denver police officers will now wear body cameras while they are on duty. some officers started wearing training. the commander of the operation cameras. officers in the downtown area, denver gang unit and the traffic units will be the first to have them on the streets. the cameras are attached to special glasses the officers
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[ no audio ] >> denver police say they hope to have all the cameras in use by the end of the year. the program comes after a successful pilot program in 2014. think how much tougher criminals were smart. englewood police followed a trail in the snow to bust some smash and grab burglars hitting businesses on broadway. jessica oh has the details. >> reporter: this sight is far too familiar in the metro area lately. business after business, broken into and burglarized. >> i don't know what to do. >> reporter: a to z electronics on south broadway was one of six shops hit overnight. >> if you see the door is half broken, so he, like a dog, he got out of my shop. >> reporter: the chinese restaurant next door was also burglarized by the same person. police know that because of ground. snow may cover things up, but
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>> early in the morning, from the foot prints, they catch him. >> reporter: snowy tracks led from one business to the other, then led police across the street, straight to adrian hicks' apartment. police think the 45-year-old is responsible for all six salon. hurt. >> reporter: stacy kelly came to work and found $800 in retail hair products gone. police found the same foot prints outside. >> there was just a distinct line of footsteps. they traced them all the way to a park and wherever else he smashed and grabbed. >> lucky i could say. >> reporter: mike may have had thousands of dollars of electronics stolen, but he does occur himself lucky. in the midst of a rash of burglaries, somebody has finally been arrested, all because the burglar didn't cover his tracks. >> when i hear they catch him, so i feel much better now. much better. i'm much safer. >> reporter: in englewood, jessica oh, 9news. >> investigators believe hicks could be tied to other burglaries in the metro area.
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reported those smash and grabs in the past few weeks. more than 100 mostly somalia workers fired from a meat packing plant over a prayer dispute in the workplace can soon apply to be rehired. cargill meat solutions said today it has changed its rehire workers to allow employees to apply after 30 days instead of the previous 180 days. cargill did not guarantee all the workers would be rehired or obtain previous positions. workers blamed a three-day walkout that led to the firings. cargill says it never changed its policy regarding prayer breaks. some workers believed it had. about 150 workers were fired for not reporting to work or contacting the company for three consecutive days. hillary clinton sent a work e-mail from her personal account, expressing surprise that one of her state department subordinates had sent a work e-mail from his personal account.
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his note about libya got forwarded to ms. clinton and she asked who he was, learned employee. that's when clinton shot back a note saying, quote, i was surprised that he used personal e-mail account if he is at state. republicans point to that as a clinton. the state department is releasing the e-mails to comply with the judge's order. some of them contain material that is now classified, though clinton maintains none of that information was marked classified at the time that she sent the e-mails. 9news political reporter brandon rittiman spoke with chuck todd about those e-mails this afternoon. >> expecting the last batch of her e-mails next month. is that likely to put this to rest for her campaign or is this story starting to heat back up? >> look, nothing gets put to rest until we find out if the justice department is going to pursue any further charges against her, whether she mishandled this investigation, the fbi investigation, whether she mishandled classified documents. until that's resolved, that's
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>> chuck todd has an interview with gop frontrunner donald trump on "meet the press" this weekend, airing sunday mornings at 9:00 on channel 20 during football season. a warning about extreme temperatures across colorado overnight. >> a technology expert in las vegas shares his favorite gadgets from the consumer electronics show. >> and in an attempt today to break a world record in
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. the products of the future and very near future are on display this week at the consumer electronics show in las vegas. ces has filled 28 football fields of space at the las vegas convention center with new technology. all week, the experts we have partnered with at
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new products and they have chosen the most amazing.'s senior vice president for content david kinder has the results. >> reporter: i'm dave kinder from i have some amazing products here that we have seen at the consumer electronics show. thousands of products debut every year here. we at scour the halls, narrowed it down to what we think are the best 48 and i've got a few of them here. first one is the dji phantom 3- 4k drone. drones have been around a few years. trusted name. what we love about it is this 4k camera right here. that footage is going to look amazing on your 4k tv and there are plenty of 4k tvs here as well. next, we have the intel compute stick. it doesn't look like it, but this is actually a full fledged windows 10 computer.
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plug it into the back of your tv and there's two usb ports here, one for wireless house, one for wireless keyboard and suddenly for $159, you've got a brand-new computer, which is amazing. finally, probably my favorite, the avagon glif. looks like a regular pair of headphones, but flip it down and i'm seeing the equivalent of a 55 to 65-inch tv in front of me. it's sort of like a portable home entertainment center. plenty to see here. check out the whole list at i'm dave kinder from back to you. >> ces continues through tomorrow in las vegas. as david said, find out all the information on the products he inspected at a stray dog in douglas county in need of a forever home found a porcupine first. the male neutered boxer mix was found sleeping on a porch with souvenirs from the porcupine. he was taken to the buddy center in castle rock.
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an adoptive home at some point, but he'll need time to heal first. you can find details on his story on america got better at skiing today, after a nationwide attempt to set the record for the most ski lessons at one time. it's learn to ski day at ski areas and resorts across the country. at a-basin, lessons started this morning and went all day. skiers and instructors together, out on the slopes, along with thousands of other folks. >> today was a big day. it was the world's largest lesson. it's an initiative by the national ski area association, to encourage people how to month of january. >> that was kim concluding her impression of somebody frustrated with a ski lesson. [ laughter ] i'm going home! i'm done! january's actually learn to ski month, so who knows. if you poke around, you might find deals on ski instruction and that kind of thing. >> it all depends on the instructor! >> yes. be patient.
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>> never learn the wedge. just learn the turns. incapable of the wedge. >> excuse me? [ laughter ] temperatures expected to >> we're expecting a
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. the snow started early this
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tough, but hopefully this evening things are a little smoother for your friday night. overlooking downtown denver, we have mostly cloudy skies out there, after picking up several inches in the 9news backyard. around the front range, close to 2 to 6 inches, everywhere in between. we hit 29 degrees at the airport today, but that came at midnight and we've been staying steady in the low 20s ever since. right now at the airport, we're at 20 degrees. couple of light flurries still coming down and humidity at 85%. we still have a ton of moisture out there in the atmosphere. our storm system is still sitting just into parts of new mexico and texas, but on the back side of it, this counterclockwise flow is ushering that snow straight into southeastern colorado. that's why they are seeing the heavier bands and have a good shot of seeing more move in later on tonight. around here, what you see is what you get. couple of light flurries around up to the mountains. a little light snowfall coming down, but we aren't going to see too much more accumulation
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again, heavier bands, i-25 south from pueblo to trinidad, la hundred today, kim, also looking at a little snowfall, too. our storm system pushes to the east by morning, but the stationary front is going to back up around the front range and that's going to keep the frigid temperatures around for saturday and sunday. the rest of this evening, everything starts to wind down. 11:00, snow finishes in southeastern colorado. by morning, we wake up to patchy fog. i don't think it's going to last forever. maybe by afternoon we might have some clearing, but mostly cloudy skies. by 1:00, 2:00, a little light snowfall popping up around the northern and central mountains, just because we still have the moisture out there and so with the mountains, i think we could pick up just a little bit more. down across southern colorado, we still are looking at the winter storm warning. about 6 to 10 inches for the sangre de cristos. as far as temperatures tonight, they are going low. look at that, 6 in greeley. 1 in sterling.
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in the highcountry. tonight, 8 degrees. snow winding down. but look at the bitter cold arctic air blasting in from canada. daytime highs tomorrow in bismarck, 1 below. 6 degrees in minneapolis, making our 25 not look that bad. in the 20s along the eastern plains. 27 in blackhawk, 23 in brighton, 25 in fort collins with low 20s across most of northern colorado. we'll pop to the 30s on sunday, a little more sunshine. 40s arrive midweek, but then another storm system will be on the horizon for next weekend. . so now that we know who the quarterback is, it's time to focus on the broncos' next the best part about being the best team is you get to face the lowest seed, which is not necessarily the worst team. the steelers are number 6. so if they beat the bengals, that's who the broncos get.
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who do the broncos want to see? chiefs? texans? or steelers? >> it really doesn't matter. >> come on. >> it really doesn't matter to me. i'm so excited about the opportunity. we got a first round bye, homefield advantage, opportunity to win the super bowl. we're in the tournament. you can't, you can't talk about who you want to play because then disappointment and expectations set in. i keep a level head. we'll find out saturday who we play. >> i went back to kansas city and that's all the talk of the town, us being 1-1 and them having a chance to come back to denver and break the tie. for me, being from there, it's very exciting. i always love playing against kansas city because everybody back home gets to see that. if they do pull this game off, i'm ecstatic. >> you could put a story line to any game you play. it don't matter to us, man. we're going to prepare and play whoever shows up. >> we want to play.
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we're going to play the lowest seed, whoever that is, and, you know, if they deserve to come into mile high and play, that's what they get a chance to do. >> shoutout to von miller, the broncos' lone all-pro. that was announced today. shifting gears to high school hoops, and a big honor for the head coach of monarch. taylor? >> reporter: hey, rod, coach nivens is celebrating 30 years as head coach in the state of colorado. i'm joined by manny wassinger. football. >> that's right. people don't realize, as well as he's done in his coaching career, deep down inside, he's really a football coach. >> reporter: love it. we also want to talk to neil hammer, who covered him while years. what did you learn about coach and the way he treated players in all of those years? >> you know, ken's records
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he did one young man at a time. for instance, my son drove through the weather from new mexico just to be here tonight. he certainly was a builder of men. >> reporter: appreciate it so much. we're going to have more on this game, coach nivens' accomplishments tomorrow morning on the 9news prep rally. for now, back to you, rod. >> very good, taylor. also tonight, nuggets in action, tied 7-7 with memphis. avs at home, playing. and cu playing. busy night in sports. >> are you going to get dinner? >> kim promised she was going to run out, grab me something really nice and expensive. all right. nice. all right. food.
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. a chorus of sad trombones heard emanating from wall street today, as the stock market finished its worst week since 2011. plunging oil prices and concerns about a slowdown in china helped drive stocks
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. that snow this morning, it kept coming and coming and piling up in your backyard. yes, this was sent in to us by michelle peterson in windsor. kyle, i believe this one was specifically for you. >> guess she put some text on it, so it's okay. >> i put that there. [ laughter ]
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>> we have cloudy skies sitting over the area and looks like we're going to be dealing with temperatures probably warming up just a bit as we head toward the middle of next week. i'll show you just another glimpse at the snow reports we have, anywhere between 2 to 6 inches, so up and down the i-25 corridor. lot of folks saw a good amount, just enough to hopefully melt things off by middle of next week. we'll see what we can do. >> danielle's got your back, michelle. >> good job covering for her. i like that very much. "entertainment tonight" is next. we'll see you back here at 9:00
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we went really hard. >> beyonce crashes channing tatum's lip sync battle. >> and my conversation with khloe kardashian. is her sister dating taylor swift's ex? >> i mean they were in bars together. i would call that dating. >> khloe opens up about kendall
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her reclusive brother rob's diabetes.
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