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tv   9 News at 10pm  NBC  January 9, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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it could be worse. just ask the people in duluth. two men on the run after assaulting a woman outside a denver hotel. long lines and visits across the border, all for a chance to win the largest lottery jackpot in us history. we have if winning numbers. and with theater programs being cut at school, some students are creating their own productions. 9 news starts now. and these are the numbers preponderances have had their fingers crossed for, the numbers for the record jackpot, 16, 19, 32, 34, 57, and 13. a record $949.8 million by the time all is said and done. by far the largest lottery jackpot. 9 news reporter jonathan gonzalez has been following the story all week long, and the
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spot evening hours tonight. >> the more people buy, the quicker it rise, and when it gets this big, more people buy as well. we saw the jackpot jump $50 million in a day a few times this week, and jumped nearly $150 million since yesterday. just crazy numbers, add up to a jackpot that's taken the nation by storm. >> this is unprecedented, unchartered territory. this is insane. >> reporter: simply put, americans are crazy about getting their simple 2-dollar tickets that can possibly lead to a lifetime ovarisms. >> oh -- of riches. >> oh, yeah, everyone wants to get in on it. >> reporter: not just americans though. >> we fielded a lot of calls from canada wants to know if they can purchase tickets online. >> reporter: they can only be purchased in person and in cash, so people have come from
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nevada as well. alabama folks made their way to georgia because their state doesn't participate either. >> bad news for them, but i have a feeling they figured out how to get it done. >> reporter: the lurch sum would be 558able million dollars. that many dollars would wrap around the effect twice, and -- earth twice, and they're hoping it lands to someone in our state. >> i'd say we're still due for a really big winner. at least a large piece of the pie. that would be wonderful. this photo is from one of our producers that took the photo of people in the line in the denver area waiting for a ticket. we won't know if somebody won the jackpot until late tonight or early tomorrow, but if it rolls over again for the 19th time, it could rise to an astonishing $1.3 billion. numbers you never see with power ball. >> and we're both still looking at each other tonight, so it's a fair guess you weren't a
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>> yes, we're still here right? >> better luck to you next time. >> like wise. >> all right thank you. denver police look forking two men that violented attacked a woman outside a motel late last night at the super 8 denver on east 36th avenue. the woman say she was walking back to her room from the parking lot when two men attacked her and tried to steal her lap top in front of the motel entrance. she was pistol whipped in the head and had to go hospital. she says she didn't know she was in danger until it was tiglate yeah, it's really hard because i -- too late. >> yeah, it's really hard because i always mind my own business. i'm always nice to people. i thought those were the keys to stay out of danger. >> she needed several stitches. she and her boyfriend were depriving up from miami, and in -- driving up from miami, and were in colorado for a ski trip.
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returning from the motel, one was carrying a silver gun. it's too early to tell if the same men were responsible for a robbery on south parker road just after 11:00 o'clock last night. both were seen running south from the location of the store. a man is in custody after a security threat aboard a denver- bound flight from anchorage. it was diverted to vancouver and met by canadian authorities. according to the royal mounted police, a passenger was taken into custody without incident. passengers were escorted from the flight and rescreened before continuing on. suspects about the exact nature of the concern are now under investigation, but canadian police say it's an isolated incident. monarch pass was closed
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crews had to shut down the road which of course led to pretty big delays. a former 9 news correspondent was caught in the traffic and took pictures for us of the accident. the new i-70 mountain express lane is working as planned so far according to cdot. saying the first weekend of the new year was the third busiest for winter weekend travel with 130,000 cars traveling the mountain corridor. they say the 13-mile toll lane kept eastbound traffic flow, and they were in major delays. fees range from 3 to $30ed thing on demand. the desire for fame on the big screen may have been the undoing for el chapo. he's back behind bars from the prison he escaped from six months ago. she was trying to -- he was trying to make a movie about himself, and sat down with an interview with actor sean penn,
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northern mexico friday after a gun battle with authorities. he faces drug trafficking charges in several us state, and is expected to be states. reinforcements arrived at a national wild life refuge in oregon to lend support to a small group of armed militia. they're members of the pacific patriot network, that kathy sabines of different -- kidnappings of different -- consists of different group, providing security for those in and outside of the compound and act as a peace-keeping force in the stand off over land rights. >> many asked how long will this go, and we say to you not a minute too early. >> the men took over the refuge january 2nd. bundy says they won't leaf until there's a -- leave until
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federal lands to locals. in the growing area of denver known as river north, a new theater company is preparing to make a debut. the difference is that the actors and crew are all students from the cherry creek school district. nelson garcia introduces us to modest arts. >> reporter: he's passionate, he's demanding, he's also a teacher from eagle crest high school who got suspended after disagreeing with administration on how to run the theater program. >> i was super upset because i figured out he's not coming back to school. >> reporter: what he did is take his passion to river north in denver to an empty warehouse
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>> i created this for them, not for me. >> for him to do this was crazy, and he's pulling it of. >> reporter: neil moved on and we wanted to follow him and see what he had in store for us. >> reporter: now 27 eagle crest students are putting together a premier performance of romeo and juliet. >> we want to take the 27 kids and walk into a space where theater has never been made. >> reporter: so they're making it from scratch. >> i would say it does feel like we have more freedom, but it's also just a really cool new opportunity. you know, doing it in a warehouse, that's just unheard of. >> it's possible to move something outside of just school [ singing ] >> >. this is not high school theater.
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>> reporter: he calls it college prep. giving students a different chance at theater. >> i don't think i'll make a lot of money with the endeavor. >> reporter: the profit of passion. >> i get the reward of their growth. >> reporter: from a deeper without a school. >> i get the reward of a kid that came into the process, and was okay and by close of the process will be great. >> reporter: nelson garcia, 9 news. >> modest arts will debut next thursday night. the productions are open to all high school students looking to get involved in the arts. and a trip to the world's biggest consumer electronics show could be a pay off for one denver start up. pivot headset upshot inside the convention center. they make sun glasses with an hd camera built into the flame.
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you can boost battery life, and stream video online. it shoots in full 1080p, and take picture with a simple tap of the side of the frame. >> the camera is right between my eyes here, and that gives you your ultimate true first person point of view video, right, so instead of having to strap something on the outside of your head or putting it to the left or the right, any time i'm speaking with somebody it's my true point of view. >> pretty cool. you can customize the lenses as well. they sell for about $300. they've gotten interest from people wanting to live stream video, and businesses looking to record video for quality control. next on 9 news at 10:00. >> a ship found at a virginia construction site offers new clues about the city's past. >> bring the pets inside tonight. tracking frigid temperatures around the front range, but a gradual warm up. how long it will take to get to
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and who's on deck for denver? the chiefs or the steelers?
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awards season is upon us. the best in tv and movies will be honored tomorrow night at the golden globes and a familiar face is back leading the show. you can catch the entire show on 9 news. coverage starts at 5:00 p.m. with the red carpet arrivals with the awards following the show at 6:00 o'clock. you can join us on twitter using the hashtag globeson9. we'll be talking fashion, high lights, winners, and a lot more. then stay with us for a special edition of 9 news right after the show. alexandria, virginia is
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found on a site was still surprising. they found a ship, likely used as a framework for the land fill that helped build the city's water front. >> the unusual thing about the ship is not just how big it was, but how heavily constructed it was which meant it was either a ship that was built for heavy cargo and extremely heavy cargo, or it might have been a fortified military ship. >> the ship has been dismantled, and will be stored and studies. just exactly where it will end up hasn't been determined. remains of a warehouse built in 1755 and bits of pottery and glass ware were also found in another corner of the same construction site. yeah, it's cold here, but it might feel warm compared to parts of minnesota. there was a wind chilled advisory issued for duluth for temperatures 25 to 35 degrees
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could occur on exposed skin in as little as 30 minute windshield those temperatures. was temperatures reach a high of 10 -- temperatures will reach a high of 120 later next -- 10 later next week. >> our hope is we actually see danielle grant at this point to discuss it, and no you weren't a lottery inwinner either. >> i wasn't even in the game. how lame am i? >> i should have brought one ticket! >> >. i know, maybe next time. >> she blazes her own trail. >> i felt likes the odds weren't really in my favor. that's okay, i want tot stick around and hang out with you guys. it's been cold tonight. looking at temperatures down to the teens, some spots sippingable digit, and -- single digit, and now the fog setting up shop along the i-25 corridor. a lot of tweets from folks saying oh, the roads have been tough. freezing to out there as well.
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trying to see it, but we have a soup picture sky out there -- soupy sky out there. same in greeley and fort collins. the dense fog advisories continues until 10:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. the wyoming border south to denver, and closer to castle rock. weld county, the worst of it as we spoke, emily around -- speak. especially around the rivers, and everything is moving into the metro area as the morning goes on. if you have to get out of town early in the morning, give yourself extra time. slick roads out there, and a quarter mile or less visibility. not only do we get to enjoy that, but the cold too. yes, this big dome of cold air will be invading parts of the northern plains. look at that. minnesota, just getting the worst of it through chicago and the great lakes area. good thing about colorado, well, we're just sitting on the fringe. while it's cold tonight it's going to be even colder out there.
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not too shall be picture compared to -- shabby compared to 10 below. upper 20s in denver, and same in fort collins, couple of spots in the teens and 20s in the high country. right now at 13 degree, but winds out of the west, 3 miles per hour, making it not feel all that bad. humidity is still up. you can feel it making our temperatures feel a hair cooler out here. what we have going on across the country, the storm system from yesterday finally moving into parts of midwest, the ohio river valley bringing them a good batch of rain, and then snow in and around chicago, the great lake, winter storm warnings, and advisories continue through tomorrow evening, and then the advisory for most of minnesota and parts of the dakotas into iowa, and us just pretty chilly and dry. no advisories around here. been quiet all afternoon long. having to deal with the early morning haze, and fog tonight. fog with us overnight into tomorrow morning, so again i
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with the low sun angle for the month of january, and of course we're in the dead of winter, it's going to take some time to get rid of the fog before we start to see the sunshine move through. i'm anticipating in the afternoon we should have a good deal of it, and help warm us up but to the west of the continental divide a little bit of snow. the moisture in place t awesome terrain, perfect ingredients for a few showers, everything winding down tomorrow evening. dry but cold night ahead, in greeley. 10 in yuma. down to the single digits if mountains. areas of fog with the dense fog advisory expiring at 10:00 o'clock tomorrow, and while we think our temperatures are chilly, daytime highs in minneapolis, 2 degrees. they have the big wild card game, and it's going to be biting. 35, not too shabby around here. a lot of folks above the freezing mark.
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30s off to the eastern plains, burlington at 40. 19 in leadville and winter park with low 30s in grand junction. 20s lining up the foothills, just a hair warmer in the metro area, and once we get some of the afternoon sunshine, i think we'll melt some of the snow off in the front or backyard, and everywhere in between. monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, picture perfect. back to more seasonal temperature, and then it claimings as usual. -- changes as usual. another storm pressing in, bringing cooler temperature, and possibly light snow friday, so while you're off enjoying the 40s and sunshine, i'll keep my eyes on the next storm, and get. >> there you go. >> and we'll focus on tuesday >> yeses. >> >. it looks great. >> yes, it will be good. >> all right, thank you. when the broncos have their first playoff game they'll be led by peyton manning. >> he hasn't started since
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week 10 against the chief, and sam and ron look at the decision to start him over brock in the playoffs. >> ron, brock had it in his hands. >> in his hands. >> he had the starting quarterback job in his hands. >> well, standers and anderson shouldn't have fumbled, maybe he'd still have it, but i don't have a problem with manning starting do you is this. >> no, and i was a guy saying if he's healthy, you play him. even before the playoffs started i thought if he was healthy. i think brock had an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the moment against san diego to get the guys together on the sideline say come on, we have to go, concentrate. >> peyton manning doesn't do that. >> no, but peyton manning has that aura. >> the expectation. you know what's expected.
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hook for him? >> no, i saw a guy who had lost confidence, he's got it back, and he'll take it out on the guys he's playing. >> that's good because if the steelers come in, you'll need the confidence. it's going to be a shoot out. >> if brock can put up 28 in the first half, think of what a good peyton can do. >> you think we'll see a good nate. >> yes, i think -- peyton? >> where he is, i think it's going -- yes, i think it's going to be a tough day for the other team. that's it for us.
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from colorado's sports leader, here's rod mackey. >> 34-27 was the score the last time the broncos played the steelers. a devastating defeat in pittsburgh in december as denver no-showed in the second half. well, sometimes in life you get a second chance, and this time the game will be in denver. the sixth seated steelers coming to town after upsetting cincinnati tonight. some say it's an upset, but pittsburgh was favorite. the catch of the year, it's even more unbelieverrable in slow motion. but then problems for -- unbelievable in slow motion, but then problems for pittsburgh. ben big carted off the field with an jew. cincinnati came -- a injury. cincinnati came back, all the way back. cincinnati on top 16-15.
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jones the quarterback? no. interception, game over. or maybe not. bengals give it right back, jeremy hill coughs it up, and the steelers have life. are you kidding me? big ben says enough, i'm coming back in, injured shoulder and all, leads them down the field, aided by two stupid cincinnati call, and put them in position for this. 35-yard game-winning field goal. pittsburgh wins the craziest game ever, 18-16, but the steelers may be short handed sunday at mile-high. >> we had some injuries, obviously, antonio has a concussion, ben's got a shoulder, you know, he was able to go back in the game, i don't know how far he was able to throw the ball, that's why the last drive looked the way it looked in terms of wasn't very fluid. didn't throw much down the field, but he was good enough.
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we have to work quick. we are going into another hostile environment. we respect it. >> the other afc game is new england and kansas city, that's red hot kansas city. houston lost home field on the first play of the game. advantage gone thanks to davis. opening kick off. 106 yards, and we thought the superbowl snap over peyton's head was a bad way to start a game. houston kept shooting themselves in the foot. they had five turn overs all by the welcome back. kansas city wins their 11th straight this year. the final, 30-0. another day, and another honor for the broncos. yesterday von miller was named all pro, today danny trevathan and brandon marshall earned the encouragement award. both had off season surgery,
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to start and they were the team's top two tacklers. >> we both went through, you know, tremendous injury, and we both came back, worked hard, we are rehabbed hard, and dedicated ourselves to getting back, and being ready for the team. to have somebody go with me and be strong through it is a characteristic not really found in a lot of people, and it feels going to get the award. >> >. it's a very prestigious award, so to have two players get it that's something special. >> and another shout out to adam gate, a former offensive coordinator for the broncos, he's now a coach at the dolphins. at 37 years old he's the youngest nfl coach. are we happy about pittsburgh? >> i think so. kansas city is red hot.
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that started with beating the broncos, and the steelers they're coming in short handed. brown is the guy that beat the broncos last time with harris, he took a real cheap shot, he has a concussion, so we don't know what's going to happen, so pittsburgh is not at full strength next week. >> go broncos. >> that game though, wow. >> great game. >> thanks rod.
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we're all still sitting here, so none of us won the lottery. >> no one here won, but we're a winner in terms of forecast that's warming up. >> yes, little bit of sunshine, things are looking up.
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