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tv   9 News at 1030PM  NBC  January 10, 2016 10:30pm-11:00pm MST

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the jackpot is enough to convince even the most skeptical person who said no way am i spending two dollars on those terrible odds. anybody who would want to join into the powerball will have a tough shot. the pot has grown to $1.3 billion. and with no winner last night the powerball will likely believe even more before the drawing on wednesday. in colorado four people one $150,000 each last night. we have a list of where -- four
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we have a list of those winter -- wenning locations -- wenning locations on 9news continues next with our broncos tonight segment. >> we look at the matchup with
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[music] >> quick throat of the end zone, wide-open sanders -- touchdown denver. osweiler into the end zone, touchdown denver. >> throw to brown in the end zone, touchdown. >> at the goal line, touchdown pittsburgh. >> hi, everybody and welcome to broncos tonight. drew soicher, mike klis, chad brown on a broncos playoff bye week.
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>> yes. [laughter] i had a couple extra things i shouldn't have had. [laughter] >> broncos steelers in round two . same teams met less than a month ago and roethlisberger and brown just scorched them. should we expect something different this time around? >>ross lippert -- roethlisberger threw for 380 and brown had 187 of them. two touchdowns against chris harris. those were the two guys banged up in the game yesterday against the bengals, antonio brown now on the concussion protocol and big then leaves with a separated shoulder, gets the shot in the locker room apparently, comes back out and saves the day with a lot of help from the bengals. i would anticipate those injuries -- and they are going to play, make no mistake they will play but those injuries will hurt their passing game. >> no doubt about it. antonio brown can't practice all week because he's in
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russert -- ben roethlisberger will also be limited in practice. bullet -- been is the ultimate playground court -- quarterback but the precise timing of the plays which you will need against the broncos defense -- those may not be there for the steelers. i've had both of those injuries, it's different than a shoulder separation, it's where the collarbone meets the shoulder joint. it's painful but not something that can be further damaged by playing. a painkilling shot is usually enough to let you go play. >> he's already played with it. >> you like to say that more games or lost that one. -- then won.
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>> yes the bengals -- those two personal foul calls and the fumble by hill lost the game for the steelers -- i'm sorry for the bengals. the steelers didn't win it, the bengals lost it. and seattle earlier today, the vikings lost this game. seattle didn't win it. it's amazing how you can go all season long and prepare for these moments -- and you go out there and you lose the game beating you. >> i will say that -- that russell wilson play, he won the game without play. that was a heckuva play. that's the ultimate playground player right there. >> do you feel that's true, more games are lost then won all your long or just in the playoffs? >> all year long because sometimes teams get so caught up in executing some tricky play, if you do the basics, ball security, execute, you win more games than you lose but teams lose track of that constantly.
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we've got to get the by, the bye -- is it really that important? >>each year for the last 11 years one of these top two seeds have lost their second round game in that streak was continued by the broncos, they played the last game on the second round last year and the loss to the colts. i tell you, -- the broncos came out and played last year like their what -- their coach had 1 foot out the door towards the bears. >> the night before it was leaked that he would be happy to take the bears job. >> yes the report came out that morning. watch out if the broncos lose john fox source to the top of the list for a lot of these coaching vacancies. a terrible report to have come out just hours before the game. >> i think part of this is -- the nfl has such parity, the
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the bye, that's when coaches go talk to other teams instead of focusing on winning the game. there focused on how much can i make at the other job. >> i like what kubiak did -- >> days off at the beginning. he brought them back and they've had continuous football now since thursday. thursday friday saturday practice, off today and they will resume their routine. we will see if that works. >> so the broncos get pittsburgh this year in their first game second round. as you might imagine the steelers were a little crazy after yesterday's improbable victory, didn't have much time to think about the broncos yet. >> we are going to another hostile environment. we respect it. we respect all this stuff, january ball. we are not a perfect group. but we do enough to move on and hopefully that can be said again next week. >> it feels pretty good.
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this will, just so -- this win, just so proud of so many folks the way they stepped up and played. i thought bryant played great, defense offense and special teams, we want to win every game by 40 but it's not going to happen so we have to find anyway possible to win the game. >> ben and i have been together nine years. we looked at each other and said, now or never. >> we joked after the chargers game that peyton manning really was terrific in handing the ball off. quick handoff this week but there really is something to that, the run game seems to operate better at least recently with manning at quarterback. >> i played in the kansas city chiefs in my playoffs my rookie year. joe montana was the quarterback. the game was tied, went to overtime but when joe montana came onto the field, suddenly
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was the joe montana of old -- the younger version, and it lifted the entire huddle. all of those guys were playing crisper, sharper because it was joe montana. peyton manning will have those same effect in the critical situations on sunday. >> manning didn't win through his performance so much as his presence. everybody started playing better and that's why he's the quarterback against the steelers this week. also interesting, you notice a lot of snaps under center -- he was running brock osweiler said offense. that was the game plan last week. the game plan will go back more this way to the up-tempo, the hurry-up, maybe no tempo and manning in the pistol. when we return, you are
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and then meeting the broncos
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players who say they work hard, they don't know hard work. try growing up on a cattle ranch in idaho like matt
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why, he was driving the family farm truck since kindergarten and he liked it. no wonder he was the only player on both sides of the ball to play every snap this year. [music] matt, you grew up in idaho, eight man football. not too many of them in the league took >> yes i doubt it. i don't know of any others. >> we had some way back in the day but how did you wind up -- boise state discovered you at eight man football? >>so i went to boise state football camp two years in a row . they didn't know who i was. >> in high school. >> in high school. i went there and whipped up on
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recruiting. the defensive line coach at the time pulled me aside and said who are you? he said you need to go over there and talk to coach carson, the head coach there now with the -- was the offensive recruiter at the time. >> you grew up on a cattle ranch , tell us about some of the chores. how far back did you get tours starting in the morning. >> we first started chores when we were five years old. every one of us, when we started kindergarten, you could take the amr pm session. i don't know how it works in colorado but you do a.m. -- chores. [laughter] >> every one of us would do the pm session so morning -- mornings in the winter we would help our dad feed the cows. we would drive the vehicle to feed the cows so he had someone to help and then we would go to
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>> you were driving in kindergarten. >> two or 3 miles an hour in a big open field. [laughter] different now. >> yes of -- a little bit. >> the broncos had one hot -- 1110 snaps. played every last one. a badge of honor? >> yes. that's pretty neat to be able to play although snaps and pretty lucky in reality. it's hard to stay away from injuries. it's been nice to stay away from that. >> matt, thanks. appreciate your time. did you guys have chores as a kid? >>of course. i had to dry the dishes, my brother wash them. and my dad would dump piles of grass on the driveway so if we wanted to play basketball we had to first get rid of all the
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>> we had brothers and sisters. sisters had been stites -- inside stuff, which was make the beds. we had to mow the yard and pick the dandelions. >> we had a lot of exotic trees and plants. he would wake me up by running window. that was my cue to get out and help cut trees down. >> he likes to stick to a plan but maybe that's not the best idea considering how the plan went against pittsburgh last time. >> chris harris is a very good cornerback, second team all pro , probably would have made first-team all-pro if it wasn't for this game, give up the two touchdowns. it was all man-to-man, they threw 55 times. since that game wade phillips
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that's what they have to do. maybe crowd the line of scrimmage and deer big ben with that separated shoulder to beat them deep but i think you will see a tighter zone. >> ben roethlisberger even nicked up as a good enough quarterback if you line up and man every time, there are route combinations that are called man peters. they beat man -- man peters. -- there's a reason they are called that, they beat then every time. -- then every time >> this sounds ridiculous but -- to the broncos have to deal with this guy also? >>he's always going to try to get under and opponents skin whether now as a coach or as a player. he is not far enough removed from being a player. sometimes i think he does want to be a player. >> he ended up being a hero. >> 15 yard penalty for field goal range. i heard he got a game ball.
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super bowl he ought to get mvp. [laughter] >> the last game they played their december 20 i heard -- joey was yapping alterable -- all 60 minutes. >> 9news continues after a
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we may be a week away but we are still excited. we are counting down the days to the game. so far i know we are week out, things could change the right now looks pretty quiet. sunny, cool, temperatures for kickoff in the upper 30s. tomorrow similar in the upper 30s with a bit of afternoon sunshine.
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