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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  January 11, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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blocked off as firefighters work to put out a house fire. two people were taken to the hospital. we will go to tarhonda thomas. we hear the roof collapsed. >> reporter: the roof did collapse and then firefighters had to cut a hole in this roof as well to try to attack this fire. it's a small house at 29th and federal, two people were inside. one step from the door, when firefighters did come in to rescue them. if you look at the top of the roof. you can see some smoke coming from it. this where the flames really came out, where the roof collapsed to let the fire and the smoke come out. by the chimney affect. that's a defensive attack that firefighters were using in the fire. crews were inside and said it was too dangerous to stay ins they pulled out and started attacking the fire from the outside. here is look at some of those flames and all the smoke that
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morning rs around 4:00, when firefighters got here. they do say that the people were taken to the hospital, we don't know their condition yet. the important point, too, is they kept this fire from spreading to a house that right next door, looks like it's a couple of feet away. you know how the old neighborhoods have the houses close together. that's the case here. on the opposite side. farther away, a brick building has studio apartments in it according to the sign on the outside. we see people milling about from windows wondering what was happening here and if everything is okay. firefighters say the situation is under control. the roof is totally gone from this home. they might call ate total loss. 29th and federal, it is shutdown, down the street, 29th and the spear is closed down here, 28th and spear is closed down. firefighters could say it could be a half hour to a half hour before they get everything cleaned up. they are close because they
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this building, it looks like and watching it. it might be within an hour or so they finish and one other little word, they sprayed so much water on the fire, the streets are very, very icy. if you are driving here, even when the situation is over, it will be something to contend with. two people rescued from the morning. good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us. meteorologist,el , belen de leon and amelia earhart with us today. we have the potential for a warmer day ahead. >> reporter: we do, that will be this afternoon. this morning, you are starting to feel if you are outside, those warmer temperatures comparison to yesterday morning. we are 11 degrees warmer than where we were yesterday. i know it's not a warm morning, my calves are feeling the chill. we got teens and 20s on the
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single digits towards greeley. it is chillier in the mountain valleys, that's the case throughout the day, that's where we will see the cooler temperatures. here warming things up, highs in the upper 40s, mid 40s, we have to watchout for particulates in the atmosphere, trapped in the lower lay r for sensitive groups, lungs or respiratory problems. when you are leaving home, temperatures in the teens, dry roads and leaving work this afternoon, dry and breezy temperatures at 30 across the state. doppler 9 not doing a thing. we had light snow, northeast colorado, coming up in the forecast, we will talk about the snow chances this week. for now, look at the morning drive with amelia. let's start with the closures and the alternate routes around the fire. the intersection where the fire took place is 29th and federal.
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spear, 29th and the federal and 28th. a alternate route, 38th avenue to z u.n. ie, to the west, northbound and southbound can help you out. tarhonda thomas is putting up pictures on twitter to give you details when the closures get lifted and the fire clean up wraps up this morning. c dot cameras rolling through, shown us dry conditions, got rotating through the entire city this morning. we could see dark patches there. i want you to know, speeds are on the high side. roads are dry. up in the high country, u.s. 6, we are slowed down because of conditions. the man accused of killing his partner in a marijuana grow court today. in september, 44 year old jayson doses body was in the trunk of a burned out car in jeffson county. his partner, shawn gurts is
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murder. a man is going to spend the next 24 years behind bars for shooting at a fort collins police officer. jose la canno was convicted of second degree attempted murder, he shot at officers in 2014 when police were trying to arrest him on outstanding warrants. a purse snatcher got away with more than someone's wallet. a officer's badge and gun were inside the purse. it was stolen from the officer while at the gas station. the thief grabbed another purse at a kings super where this surveillance photo was taken. she drove away in a silver or light gray sedan. aurora police are looking for a man that robbed a subway restaurant. a man who witnessed this robbery is now in trouble for trying to catch the suspect himself. 7:30 on saturday a man with a
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police say he hit a female worker and demanded money. as the suspect took off, police say a witness, 25 year old avery nelson rs started to chase him. nelson pulled out a gun and fired a couple of warning shots in the air and a few more at the suspect's car. >> when you fire rounds in to the air, you have no clue where those rounds may end up. they didn't strike anybody. same with shooting in to the vehicle. at this point in time, it appears he was shooting a vehicle to try to disable it. who knows where the rounds might have ended up. >> nelson received a summons and will have to appear in court for reckless endangerment. police say in these kind of situations it's important for witnesses to remember details rather than taking the law in to their own hands. the things they had to see and hear will never leave them.
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theater trial, some of the jurors who serve ready traumatized. four jurors spoke to the press and talked extensively about the struggles in the aftermath of the trial. they are battling anxiety. some battling shame. the jurors could not unanimously agree that the shooter deserved to die. a judge sentenced him to life in prison for the attack in 2012. that killed 12 people, to cope the jurors formed unusual bond sending uplifting text messages and share dinners together, they are raising money for a memorial to honor the victims. first, there is norovirus and e koa lie outbreaks at different chipotle locations and a stock taking a hit. a class action lawsuit has been filed in new york against chipotle. the suit alleges that the restaurant chain misled shareholders about the food
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it's filed on behalf of investors that bought shares between last year and last tuesday. a chipotle hay is not commentingment it's been tightening food safety practices in response to the outbreaks. the next power ball winner could be a billionaire. no one won the big jackpot. colorado had big winners. 6 tickets sold adding up to winnings of 700 grand. two tickets won $50,000, the other four won 150,000 dollars each. not bad. officials say wednesday's estimated $1.3 billion jackpot is the world's largest ever. our web story about what to do if you win was the most popular read on 9 over the weekend. certainly, here in the newsroom we were talking about what we would do. we signed a contract that we wouldn't all say bye-bye at the
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as well. today. our temperatures will be warmer than yesterday. we have watchout for breezy conditions at times and stronger wind gusts tonight. dry all across the state. if you are going to hit the roads, things should be okay. this morning, areas of fog, closer to the south plat river valley and mix of sun and clouds, 2:30, temperatures at 38 degrees. if you live in arvada, temperatures at the warmest, 2:30, mix of clouds and sun, dry forecast within the next 24 hours. coming up in your forecast, a look at snow chances for this weekment. 5:39 now, we are about 20 minutes away from starting to give out these broncos magnets. we will tell you where you can get yours next. >> i will give you a dollar. >> no, all mine.
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a legendary singer passed away. david bowie died, he was 69, he died peacefully after battling cancer for 18 months. he is a singer, song writer and artist, released 25th album called black star on friday.
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last week was the best week of the year for people who love gadgets, got to see the new ones in vegas. this week, car fanatics rejoicing. the detroit auto show is here, media gets a preview today. the public can check out these new cars, a lot of concepts on friday. the high profile reveals expected this year, a new mercedes-benz luxury sedan. chrysler town and country mini van.
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connect to your vehicle the playoff picture is is set up for a crazy wild card weekend. the broncos will face pittsburgh at home sunday afternoon. i'm stuck on mini van. this is 9 news sports cartoonist's take on the playoff game match up. the steelers driving a car under a sign that reads, imagine this, the steelers are driving a car under a sign that reads the road to the super bowl. the road takes them in to a mouth of a big broncos player and wearing vaughn miller's number. that's awesome. >> that's awesome. add to the mania taking over, magnets to display on your car as well. get yours in parker this morning in about 17 minutes.
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colleen ferreira is live at the king supers on parker road and cottonwood drive. this is going to be a blast. >> reporter: it's already a blast. if you are not here, i don't know what you are doing on this monday morning. this is clearly the place to be. all the awesome fans lined up for the big broncos give away. the magnets, they are so cool. you have been here almost for an hour. >> we love the broncos. >> she gets it from me. >> reporter: you are going to get that magnet. it? >> if i put it on my car, somebody will steal it. give away. hundreds of them this morning. look at the fans lined up. we are here by the milk section, way in the back, cottonwood drive. i got the huge shopping cart,
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can't wait to see all of you, 6 to 8:00 a.m., giving these out to youment come and seer me for your awesome broncos magnet and stop by this afternoon in brighttop at a king supers. we will give them out this afternoon as well. i love monday moshings all of a sudden -- morning all of a sudden. 6:00 it starts. who the woman over there dancing in the big orange -- doing the -- i don't know what she is doing. there they are. there we go. okay. runningman. all this week we are gathering your broncos photos as part of a hash tag we are broncos photo challenged. we want to see your pet photos. shaye them on social media. use we are broncos and they might end up on tv, just like the cute little guys.
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>> this one has its own twitter page. >> probably more followers than all ofous combined. coming back, what happening ahead this week. good morning, the forecast for the metro area, we are going to be warmer, high of 40 degrees. the winds breezy at times, 10- 20 miles per hour, let's take you elsewhere across the country, if you are packing the bags, chillier towards the east coast, new york 33, boston 35, chance for snow in cleveland, dry. chilly 24, that soggy weather cleared up out in los angeles, temperatures 66 degrees with mostly sunny skies. headed to the lone star state, the temperatures 49 degrees. must have good coffee at king supers. 270, checking clear, 6 minutes either direction through commerce city. 25 to i-70, speeds in the 60s
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things off santa fe and i-25, an easy 8-minute drive. we will see the sun glare between the 7 and 8:00 hours. we are looking clear metro commute. coming up a full detailed update on the updated 29th and
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aurora will celebrate 30th year of commemorating dr. martin luther king's contributions to our city. they will have a ceremony and a candlelight vigil this evening. other events are planned throughout the week. and monday a motorcade traveling through before it joins the ma raid. you have a chance to see hilary clinton on the ellen degenerous show, sharing the secrets he
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airs this afternoon at 3:00 here on channel 9. tomorrow, president obama will be dpiffing final state of the unitaddress to congress, he is expected to reflect on the year ahead and look back on presidency and some of the more momentous decisions during the time period. a colorado woman will have a seat this the viewing box, ranna rice's family operated rice's lucky clover hopny since the 1920s. the people sitting in the guest box with the first lady represent the progress made in the country over the last 7 years. in that same viewing box are be an empty seat. the white house says it is meant to honor the victims of gun violence. >> obama's expected to make the case for tougher gun laws. watch the state of the union running until 9:00 p.m.
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weather. >> we are going to warm things up throughout the next several days. cooldown doesn't arrive until friday with next chance for snow. water vapor imagery, shows us how much moisture is in the atmosphere. we are going to have drier air, and warmer air working in from the west, that's going to influence our weather pretty much through the middle of the week. it's going to be still a cold morning, we have fog out there, especially near low lying areas, south flat river valley, greeley, 1 degrees. sub zero, alamosa, 25 below. high country temperatures, 20s and 30s oh on the map. it will be warmer low, denver, towards the eastern plains, chillier towards fort collins and greeley, we will hang onto the clouds a little bit longer. the future cast, going to be dry across the state. where ever you are headed, you should be okay through this afternoon, sunny skies over the
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partly cloudy conditions, we have to watchout for stronger winds developing closer to the foothills, gusting up to 40 miles per hour. mix of clouds and sun as we go throughout the day. the warmer temperatures closer to 2:30. 15 will be the overnight low with the smallest sliver of the moon visible, tomorrow the high of 45 degrees on wednesday. we get close to 50, thursday, 46, the next chance for snow arrives on friday with the high of 31, sunday 35, let me give you extra forecast , the broncos versus steelers on sunday. the forecast looking dry and chilly. kick off temperatures 37 degrees. that looks like a good looking forecast. i get excited when i see the graphic. kicking off our drive to the northside, i-25s looking excellent. 36 to e470 northbound, 10 minutes. speeds still in the mid-60s. we will take that across the
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issue, a crash along 13th and joe been. we are seeing a light rain through the eastbound 36 corridor on the approach toics 25, dropping down to 31 miles per hour. across the drive, towards broomfield, areas like sheridan, 60 miles per hour along east and westbound corridors. we checked things out at the airport, security wait time, 15- 20 minutes. little bit on the heavy side. mexico recaptured big drug lord who escaped from prison and thanking a hollywood actor for his help. how sean penn is involved in
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good morning, guys. we are minuting away from magnet mania here, king supers in parker, dedicated broncos morning. see me 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m., i'm giving all these away, cottonwood drive in parker. gladdous taught me how to do her little move. >> i think they are doing all right. >> you might be thanking your lucky stars you didn't have to
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new york or boston yesterday. we are going to explain why some people were not wearing pants coming up at 6:25. >> just another day at the office. checking in with tarhonda thomas on the scene of a house fire. firefighters had their hands full. a live report coming up. >> the folks got out okay. the firefighters got out okay. we still got road closures, causing a challenge heading in to work this morning. 9 news 6:00 a.m.
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breaking news this morning... crews are cleaning up after a fire buined a home near 29th and federal. two people
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