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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  January 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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cleaning up after a fire burned a home near 29th and federal. two people had to be rescued as the flames were shooting from the roof. the fire has closed an intersection, amelia earhart will have more on that and how to get around the closures in a minute. first tarhonda thomas has been there all morning long, gathering the information for us. >> reporter: good morning, i have a new update for you, look at the ladder here, it's being retracted. firefighters are coming away from the home. this is the first time we have seen them move this ladder away prom the roof of the house. they have been spraying it down and cutting a hole in the roof to make sure that the flames were out. the firefighters now looking like they are in the final stages of being done with the fire. looks like the roof is a loss. around 4:00 this morning, firefighters got out here and lots of flames coming from the home. look at the video. see how much smoke was pouring out. there were two people inside the house as well, they had to
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take a listen to how firefighters did it. >> one was very 5-10 steps inside the home when they found them. the other one was woken up by firefighters. >> reporter: firefighters took the people, they treated them on the scene and paramedics transported them to the hospital. they don't know their exact condition yet. they got out safely. one thing firefighters had to do was get out of this home. they started inside attacking the fire, it got too dangerous and after they pulled the firefighters out, the roof collapsed. that's when they started fighting the fire from the outside. cutting the hole in the roof. the fire started in the attic, they don't have a cause yet. if you look in to the distance, you can see a flashlight bounces off the roof. they are investigating. it did not spread to the house or the building next door,
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work, and the people who live here, lucky, the fire station is only 2 blocks away. we are at 29th and federal. that's a big intersection in the hilands. several other streets closed as well as this one. for more on how to get around them, let's talk to amelia earhart. few for the info. tarhonda thomas saying federal and spear is the biggest closure in the area. that's the main intersection, one oh of the busiest in the hilands. we have 28th and 29th. use 38th, to the east. to the west, lull, northbound and southbound, a great way to sneak around the closures. sky 9 is headed that direction. they are headed overhead to show what kind of impacts they are having. to the southside, 25, looking good. between castle rock and 225, 20, 21 minutes northbound or southbound, as we kick things off today.
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an easy start out of golden and lakewood. speeds in the 50s to lower 60s this morning. good morning. happy monday. i'm cheryl preheim, along with corey rose. belen de leon is in the backyard. >> reporter: we are starting today the thawing trend will continue until middle of the week. first up, i want to let you know about an action day alert issued by the epa. unhealthy for sensitive groups to be outside for an ex tended period of time. there will be wood burning restrictions below 7000 feet. we will have warmer drier air working its way in to colorado. our temperatures are already about 5 degrees warmer than where we were yesterday. you will feel the warmer temperatures this afternoon. this morning, it is chilly out
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this is what the afternoon will shape up to be. 40s on the map along the i-25 corridor. foothills. what your bus stop forecast will look like, temperatures 12 degrees, around recess 39, going home, that last bell, degrees. dry across all of the state. chance for snow? the answer coming up. fans around the world are mourning the loss of music icon david bowie, he died after an 18 month battle with cancer. the singer's representative said he died peacefully surrounded by his family. he released his 47th album on friday, friday was also his 69th birthday. as we remember his life this morning, we want to know what your favorite david bowie song is. share the memories on social media. here are some we received. we saw under pressure is mine.
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we want you to keep those coming so we can reflect back. >> a great musician and singer and a great acting career as well. >> sold 140 million albums all around the world. >> he really changed music. he made it so much more of a performance. all his characters and everything. >> under pressure with queen. the man accused of killing his partner in a marijuana grow operation will be arraigned in court today. the body of dosa was found september 20th in the trunk of a burned out car. his partner, 46 year old shawn gur 'tis is charged with first degree murder in his death. he shot and killed dosa on the property in ag got. tomorrow president obama will deliver his final state of the union address. one seat in the first laidty's viewing box will stay empty to honor the victims of gun
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2 dozen people will have sneets the viewing box including a woman from greely. ronna rice the ceo of lucky clover honey. her family founded the business in 1924. it expanded across the u.s. and around the world and allowed the company to hire more employees. the people in the guest box represent americas future and what our country has to offer. senate majority leave mc connell will not push lawmakers to approve president barack obama's request for new war powers, he says he fears it could tie the hands of next president. the obama administration has proposed a 3-year authorization to help in the fight against isis. the afc playoff picture is all set after really a crazy wild card weekend. the chiefs and the patriots squared off on saturday. that was an interesting game. we know the broncos will be facing pittsburgh at home on sunday afternoon.
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we will get a denver-pittsburgh match up and roethlisberger separated his shoulder. >> and antonio brown, the two of them carved up denver less than a month ago are going to come in here and we don't know what condition they are going to be in. before this weekend, i thought pittsburgh of the three possible opponents was the worst match up for denver. after watching the game, it depends on the health of ben roethlisberger and antonio brown. they were this close to playing the kansas city chiefs. listen, if cincinnati does not self destruct, they got the chiefs, the chiefs are going to give the patriots all they want. this game affectively ended saturday afternoon, on the first play of the game when the niles davis took it back 16 yards, the texans never recovered from that knockout blow. the chiefs played great
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houston, ha lee, berry, peters all going. played very, very good defense, alex smith in the playoffs, in his career, has thrown 9 touchdowns and one interception and doesn't make mistakes. now, they lost their best receiver, their home run threat. high ankle sprain, one of the worst injuries. the the chiefs will give the patriot whose are banged up, all they want and don't just necessarily think well, it will be the patriots and the broncos, ten, 12 days from now. the chiefs and the steelers, i thought when the playoffs started were the two most dangerous times in the afc. i still think they are. lots going to be decided yet. >> looking ahead, we talked about ben and maybe an injury. we have been lucky, we had time off to heal. what do we need to win. >> get healthy.
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carved up by steelers on december 20th, was the tj warden and stewart , the two starting safetys, did not play in that game. tj ward will be back. not really sure about stewart. here is the difference, we may not see number 17, we are going to see number 18. this game is going to be an incredible chess match. i watched every play of the steeler game saturday night. i think one thing they are going to do. they blitzed aj like crazy. they brought the house against him. normally, teams do not do that against peyton manning because he will beat you. this is not 2013 peyton manning, this is 2016 now. it's different. he is not mobile, he is playing with an injured foot. the steelers will try to get the ball out of oh his hands quickly. we will talk about this game a lot. the team that runs the ball the best, is going to win the game. >> the running game is going to
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>> incredibly critical for both teams. denver's offensive line struggles and do better running and blocking than pass blocking the steelers maybe compromised with less than 100% roethlisberger and brown, they ran the ball very affective way the other night. who ever runs it the best, they will win the game. >> stick around, we will get more insight later on. we got to get everybody ready for the game. giving away free magnets at super stores. they started ten minutes ago at king supers in parker where colleen ferreira is stand big this morning with all sorts of -- fired up fans, really early. >> reporter: oh my gosh. what better way to start your monday than meeting the -- what are you? >> bronco reaper. >> reporter: this is a big get up. how early did you have to start doing this?
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physically, about 5-10 minutes. >> reporter: look at this outfit. this morning. the best fans in the world. broncos fans, i tell you, we are all united in orange, it's about the awesome magnet this coming in. come on up. them. we are on live tv. country. come on in. thank you for coming. look at all these people. we are here at cottonwood drive in parker at the king supers. happening. giving away hundreds of these this morning until 8:00, if you have doubts that i don't have enough, i got a lot in here. we are here at king supers in parker this morning. this afternoon, we going to be in brighton, giving more away. we got plenty. come and see me. we got cookies, we got coffee and doughnuts and awesome king supers employees that are just dancing all morning.
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see you guys in a little bit. >> i don't think they need more cookies or coffee or anything. they are fide up on their own. -- fired up on their own. >> share your broncos photos, everyday of this week we have a different photo challenge. we want to see how you and your pets cheer on the broncos. >> we get the caption there. >> with broncos gear. these are some photos you have keep these coming. use the hash tags we are broncos. everyday we have a photo these are adorable. rocking number 18. >> reporter: adorable. is will any better way to start off a monday morning than with the runningman? as you get on the roads this morning, we are looking at dry conditions out there, some of the side streets, have ice, be careful. it is dry across the state.
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the south plat river valley. areas of patchy fog and clouds, that are settling in to northern colorado. through the future cast, 9:00 a.m., more sunshine around the city. still that bank of clouds this northern colorado, partly cloudy as we go throughout the afternoon, through this evening, a few of the clouds over the sky. skies clear in the city. we will see stronger winds chose to the foothills, gusting to 40 miles per hour. the full forecast coming up. the national western stock show got off to a record breaking start this weekend. we talked to the show's president about how many people they are going the expect over the 16-day event.
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stay drien the front range. temperatures warming up as well. yesterday we got to 32 degrees. today we will do temperatures close to 40 degrees. we will see stronger winds kick up tonight, closer to the foothills. if you are wondering when the next chance for snow will be, it will arrive friday. this morning, chilly, northern colorado, greeley, a goose egg out there and areas of patchy fog. below zero temperatures for the mountain valleys, gunnison, 22, 25 below. 20s and 30s in the high country throughout this monday, warmer for lower elevations and towards the eastern plains, stays cool in northern colorado, greeley, calling out jacket and sweater weather. the clouds won't fade away towards weld county, a bit more sunshine through 1:00 p.m. with the fog lifting up. roads around that time, if you are grabbing a bite to eat, taking a break from work, things will be looking good through this evening, skies
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closer to the foothills will pick up gusts possibly up to 40 miles per hour. we don't have any alerts or warnings that have been issued. throughout the rest of the day, mix of sun and clouds. temperatures closer to 3:00 p.m. sun sets and temperatures dip in to the 30s. tonight 15 will be the overnight low. mostly clear, tomorrow a high of 45 degrees. close to 50 on wednesday. 40s thursday. friday, a high of 31 and a chance for light snow. good morning, let's head up to sky 9 over the intersection of 29th and federal over the overnight, early morning house fire closed down significant intersections there, in the neighborhood of the hilands. 29th and federal is closed. same for 28th and federal. the big one is the fact that spear and federal is still blocked off. see, still several fire crews on scene there, the water that
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is frozen on the roads. it's slick. once it does open up, we will see that on going slow traffic. let's talk about the alternate routes heading to the rest of the drive, use 28th or lull to get around it. high country drive, u.s. 6 over lostled pass closed down because of snow we have seen overnight. those mountain roads are icy and snow packed across the board. other big activity that people love over the weekend, big deal, national western stock show is off to a huge start. the rodeo had the largest opening day this weekend. they set new records. >> 50,000 people, 50,000 50,000 6315. last year's number was 47,000. the president and ceo of the national western stock show
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over the entire two weeks. >> we are off to a great start. people understand that january 9th through the 24th is stock show time. we have got rodeos horse shows , the world's biggest livestock show and wonderful experience shopping. people love to come out and expecting more than 600,000 visitors again. >> if you didn't make it, don't worry, you have plenty of chances , the show runs through january 24th. contest. we did, i was very proud. >> that's awesome. out of 2. just kidding. >> krieger grills was one of the sponsors, money went to of fun. >> i have never eaten so much steak in one sitting in my life. we had two steaks, had to turn one in to the judges and one we
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it was really good. best steak i ever had. big movie star could be in big trouble after its revealed
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mother of a texas kid known as the affluenza teen is due in court.
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fled to mexico after sid vo surfaced of -- video surfaced of him possibly violating parole. they were captured in mexico. he is fighting extradition to the u.s. tonya is due in court for a bond reduction hearing today. the united states wants mexico to extradite joaquin el chapo guzman. after 6 months on the run and the man hunt, the famed fugitive was captured friday. this extradition process could take quite a wild as his lawyers file appeals and try to keep their client in mexico after he escaped from prisons two times now. maybe the connect to sean penn, a mexican law enforcement official tells nbc news, authities would like to speak with pen, as well as the mexican soap opera star kate del castillo.
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october and could get to him. the meeting was connected to a rolling stone article. charges. sit a very interesting bizarre twist to the whole thing. >> yes. >> there are politicians that are angry about it. they see the picture of the two of them together. train riders didn't shy away from a international tradition. more on why so many people were in their underwear after the break. let's take a look at weather and traffic. >> let's look at a few pictures we got over the weekend. i have this one, it is pretty spectacular of the covered trees sent in, she hates driving through the fog but you get beautiful pictures like this. this was in northern colorado.
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pictures on 9 the epa has issued a action alert in affect for sensitive groups , the particulates in the atmosphere is going to make it unhealthy for them to be outside and wood burning restrictions throughout the day through 4:00 p.m. hazy, and sunny at the same time. amelia earhart, you have a new crash to talk about. it's in aurora, 225 is the area with the the biggest impact. the speeds leading up to the wreck on the northbound stretch hour. sky 9 is headed that way. we will have the update in a minute. okay.
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international event celebrated in places like new york, bosto and london, this is video from celebrations celebrations in austria and romania. it started in 2002. >> no girls in it? >> all boys. legs. we got our hints to who might win an oscar. the golden globe award kicked off the award season.
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firefighters had to wake up one person inside a burning house. a second person was rescued. a big night for leonardo dicaprio. live from the red carpet with hollywood's insider's most memorable moments of the night. >> reporter: good morning, it is magnet mania monday. we are here live at king supers in parker, we are united in orange. i will tell you where you can get your magnet this morning. big crowds there already. dramatic rescue in the early morning hours, firefighters got two people out of a burning house just before the roof
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at 29th and federal. at this hour rs there are still road closures in a busy area in up. amelia earhart will have more on you. we start with tarhonda thomas. you have new information within the last 30 minutes, a firefighter was also taken to the hospital. >> reporter: yes, absolutely, that firefighter was taken for exhaustion. that is what we are hearing from the fire department. the firefighters were in the house at one point, it was just too dangerous because the roof was about to collapse. look at the video from after the fire started. see the smoke, the flames coming from the home. fire started around 4:00 this morning, inside the home, there were two people, firefighters say they got them out, they were transported to the hospital. we don't know the extent of their injuries. firefighters do know this fire seems to have started somewhere in the attic. when they got here, they went inside of the home, before
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take a listen at why. >> 10 or 15 minutes in to the scene, in to the incident. the tactics were changed. to defensive attack. meaning the firefighters were called out and we started outside. maybe another 10 minutes or so, there was a small collapse from the roof of the house. >> reporter: firefighters got out of the area just in time and they were not injured in that incident. again, another different firefighter, a firefighter was injured as a result of fire. collapse. we want to tell you, you can see by the cars passing by, 29th and federal re-opened to most traffic. the truck is pulling off for the one lane blocked will be re- opening soon. we are seeing lots of ice, though, as a result of the water that firefighters had to use to fight this fire.
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coming in to the area. let's talk to amelia earhart more about the traffic. this is a big intersection, people are glad it is re- opened. absolutely. as the back ups dissipate, as we get back to normal with the icy situation, we could see a slow drive for the next 20 or 30 minutes. if you want to avoid the situation, 38th avenue to zoo nei is way to get around it. lowell is a alternate route if you want to go to the west. to the east side of our city drive, a wreck northbound 225, near alameda, the slowdowns resulted in a delay of 14 miles per hour, from parker road, all the way up to the scene of this crash. we will hope for the aerial pictures in a few minutes and have that on going update and alternates for you as well. let's get a check of the
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>> reporter: you will feel the warmer temperatures, this morning it's chilly out there. we are starting to see a bit of the sunshine, over the city right now. that sunrise doesn't happen until 7:20, dark and trying to move the camera and find the sun for you. lit come. i promise this afternoon. when it does, you will notice it's going to be hazy, epa issued an action alert day because of the particulates. it's going to bun healthy for sensitive groups to be outside and wood burning restrictions below 7000 feet. believe it or not, we are warmer than where we were 24 hours ago. it's not warm, it's chilly. you need the seat warmers, teens and 20s on the map. parts of wealth county dealing with patchy fog. we got 9 below now in creamily, here is where we will be at this afternoon. highs in the 40s along the i-25 close to where we should be this time of year when you are leaving home this this morning, temperatures in the teens, dry conditions later today when you
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temperatures will be around 30 degrees. today is not the warmest day in this extended period. warming thing up by the middle of the week. the details are coming up. a man with a mask walked in to a subway restaurant, hit a female employee and grabbed money. aurora police are lacking for the man, it happened at 7:30 saturday night at east i lift near chambers, a witness to this crime is in trouble as well. as the suspect was taking off, police say 25 year old nelson started to chase him. police say nelson pulled out a gun fired two warning shots in the air and a few more at the suspect's car, nelson received a summons and will have to appear in court for reckless endangerment and firing a weaponment they are looking for the robber. police are looking for a woman they say stole 2 purses including one from a law enforcement officer and it had her firearm and badge inside.
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was at a gas station on straussburg. at a supers. she drove away in a sedan with florida states. if you recognize her, call the adams county sheriff's office. a man will spend 24 years police officer. la canno was convicted of second degree attempted murder, found guilty after he shot at the officer, crashed the truck. he sped off and shot through his own windshield at a marked patrol vehicle, luckily knocks one was hit. today the trial for second bolt mare police officer charged with the murder of a man who was injured in custody will start. goodson faces the most serious charges in freddie gray's death. gray died in april a week after being gravely injured while in
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other police officers are slated to have trials. he brought to life characters, influenced 5 decades of rock music. david bowie side on sunday. bowie battled cancer for 18 months. he sold more than 140 million records, so many hits like fame, heroes, let's dance, your honor americans, married to super model emo n for 30 years. he had two children. we would love to know what your favorite david bowie song is. corey's under pressure. share your memories, use the hash tag be on 9. >> this one could narrow it down. she has 15 on there. >> there were a lot to choose from, that's for sure. >> i keep hearing it in my head this morning. >> it's hard to forget all those.
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first there was the norovirus and e. coli outbreaks at different locations. that followed by the denver based company stock taking a hit and a federal criminal investigation. a class action civil lawsuit has been filed in new york. our partners at the business journal report the suit is alleging the chain misled shareholders about the food safety practice, it's filed on behalf of investors that bought shares. it has said it's been tightening up the food practices in response to the outbreaks. no one won the power ball jackpot. off chance to become really rich. lottery management says wednesday night's estimated $1.3 billion jackpot will be the world's largest ever. this jackpot has been growing, soaring fromel the starting points, 40 million, $277 million worth of tickets were
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more than $400 million were sold on saturday. i will put in $2 for the office pool. i'm all in. $2 worth. this morning is going to be chilly for the kids at the bus stop. we have a cover of clouds over the city right now. temperatures will be around 12 degrees when you are sending them off to school. 39 recess. by the time they are going home, 35 degrees. breezier conditions closer to the foothills. watchout for stronger winds this afternoon in and around the foothills, they could gust up to 40 miles per hour. guys, we don't have alerts for any of our high profile vehicle search roads. no skirt alerts for the ladies. good news. >> hair alert, too. >> no hair alerts, thank goodness. steelers coming to town for playoff football in denver. ron zappolo is in this morning to tell us what it's going to
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areas of fog, especially close the weather shouldn't get in the way of you heading in to work. the temperatures in the teens, slow to warm, closer to 9 and 10:00 a.m., we will jump in to the 20s and in to the 30s. we are starting off monday, let's look at the broncos versus steelers forecast. we are several days away, but as of now, it looks like we will have a dry game, the temperatures for the start at kick off, 37 degrees, it will be a chilly one with mostly sunny skies. that could change as of now. as we head up to sky 9, 225s alameda, a northbound crash is blocking the far left
6:35 am
lane, we are seeing speeds in the teens. talking 10 miles per hour, 15 miles per hour, on the approach to the crash, southbound traffic, you dropped in to the lower 50s and all in all that's not too bad. you will need extra 10 minutes to make the trek northbound across 225. travel times, across i-25, that bog down first, up top, e470 to u.s. 36. southbound direction, 35 miles per hour with an 18 minute drive. greg, we are loading up, as per usual. sounds like the closures around the intersection of 29th and federal after the fire are wrapping up. happy monday everybody. take it slow. money news, uber would like to get you around town for less money. over the weekend, ride sharing company announced lit cut ride prices in 100 u.s. and canadian cities. they have done this in the past, demand for rides drops big time in january. uber is is not saying what kind
6:36 am
participating. signs apple maybe developing a self driving car. the giant registered and auto related domain names. they have a car related product, car play, syncs up the display. playoff picture is set after the wild card weekend. we know the broncos are going to face pittsburgh at home in denver sunday afternoon. >> ron zappolo is joining us this afternoon. no game better describes that when the bengals and the steelers came together. >> steelers shouldn't be here. that's what scares me about the steelers. they qualified for the playoffs on the last week of the season. had the jets won, they wouldn't be in the playoffs. this weekend, that game was over. that game was over 3 different ways, jeremy hill fumbles the ball. you got roethlisberger coming
6:37 am
jones made a stupid play. that was a tremendous catch, tremendous catch by bryant, the steelers were doing everything right, up 15-0, ben roethlisberger got sacked and everything in the game changed. here it is. this is the play that might -- he sprains the ac joint in his right shoulder. he said i'm day-to-day. he is as tough as they come. he will play, they are throwing stuff at him. we can talk about that later. joneses showed you there are not enough good quarterbacks to go around. there really aren't. cincinnati got back in the game and got the lead in the game. you cannot do this. listen, that is absolutely b unnecessary. that is a selfish act by a selfish player. there was no reason to blow him up there. the game was nearly over.
6:38 am
top of that, you get another 15- yard penalty on pack man jones that shouldn't have been thrown. steelers assistant coach runs out and gets in the bengal's face and that happens. the people in minnesota feel the same way. this is what happens in the playoffs. what scares me about the steelers, the broncos have all the pressure this weekend. they are the number one seed, they are gold, their mission state from day one, super bowl or bust. the steelers, they eek in and get a gift given to them. no one expects the steelers to win this week. outside of the people in pittsburgh, no one, no one in the football world really expects that with an injured ben roethlisberger and injured antonio brown, the steelers are going to come in here and beat a much healthier denver team. that's what scares me about
6:39 am
they will take more chances, it will be more free wheeling, they will do more things and try more things. the pressure will be on denver. what denver is going to have to do is stop some of the things that happened on december 20th. and one way they will do that,ting is they are healthier this time. they didn't have either starting safeties in that game. roethlisberger threw for 390 yards. listen, that cannot happen, i don't think it will happen again. i'm hopeful that both tj ward and stewart will play and i don't believe that roethlisberger will be as 20th. the key to the game is not so much that side. it's the other side. it's when the broncos have the ball. tell me what kind of peyton who knows. who knows. listen, he played fine in a little cameo appearance the other day. i don't know what kind of
6:40 am
get. are we going to get the good peyton manning. all we need is the good peyton manning. we don't need the great peyton manning. smart, checks in to the good plays. doesn't turn the ball overs doesn't make any mistakes. give us that peyton manning, broncos win the game. give us the manning that throws picks, you are going to have problems. >> option one, please. if you need help showing broncos pride. i know you got a lot of it, a magnet is fun to display on your car. get yours in packer this morning. colleen ferreira is live at the king supers on parker road and cottonwood drive. you've had a crowd already. >> reporter: we have had so many people, probably hundreds i thought monday morning would be a good time to go shopping fortons of broncos magnets. the best thing is you don't
6:41 am
free. i'm giving them to you for free. there is no line here, you are in and out, cottonwood drive. you got your magnet. look at your coat. serious get up this morning. >> thank you, thank you. >> reporter: how are you doing? >> looking for a big win on sunday. we are going to do it. >> reporter: united in orange. >> yes, we are. >> reporter: look at these two guys coming before school. school starts at 7:20, they are cutting it close. that's okay because you got your magnet: >> reporter: favorite player? >> peyton manning. >> reporter: are we going to beat the steelers sunday? >> easily. >> reporter: this guy cede it there. what is your prediction? >> 34-3. >> reporter: 234-3, these guys -- 34-3, these guys totally know their stuff. people are coming in and getting their magnets.
6:42 am
catch our other crew at brighton, all united in orange, we love the broncos, come and get your magnet. >> did he say 34-3? i like that. that would be great. that would be fantastic. stress level and anxiety will be lower than last game. we are gathering broncos photos, as part of a hash tag, we are broncos photo challenge. look how cute these are. ip love it. today we want to see your broncos pet photos. share them on social media, using the hash tag we are broncos. coming up after the break, a look at weather, traffic and
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layer of clouds over the city, sunshine is trying to peek out from behind it. wishing you a sunny day despite the clouds over the flat iron, same there, the cloudy skies will turn sunny, closer to lunchtime. it's a chilly start. up in greeley, one single digit, not going to complain about that one single digit, gunnison, alamo is a, 20 and 25 below this morning. very cold up there. also in weld county, south flat river valley, areas of patchy fog and a bit of cloudiness up there. that's where we will see the cooler temperatures, greeley 29. 37 fort collins 20s and 2340s the high country. up 30s, 40 degrees here in the metro area. more of where we should be this
6:44 am
typical january day. clouds this morning, break up closer to noon. around colorado, around 1:30. it's looking good. anywhere across the state you should be seeing the dry roads through this evening we will have the stronger wind gusts kicking up closer to the foothills, 40 miles per hour. no warning or advisories issued. high profile vehicles, you are okay to travel in that area. clouds early, warmest temperatures coming closer to 2:00 p.m., clear skies in to this evening, temperature drop to 15 degrees, mostly clear around town, but chilly. the temperatures are just going to keep warming and warming. tomorrow high of 45, wednesday close to 50 degrees. mid 40s on thursday. we don't cool things down until friday. we will hold off the snow until your tgif as of now it's snow. we clear it up by saturday with a high of 35 degrees. let's get you out the door with a look at the roads. amelia earhart has that for us.
6:45 am
struggling with a big accident on the left shoulder and also, blocking part of the left lane. northbound, 225, in the area of alameda, sky 9 just left the scene. as of right now , the left side is where we are seeing the curiosity delay, back ups around parker road, 5 or 10 it. southbounders in the clear by morning. 270 commerce city, slowing down southbound and eastbound, 31 miles per hour the average with 11 minute drive. commute across c470, corey, looking pretty good with speeds in the 60s and a 9 minute commute both directions. a look at the top stories. i'm tarhonda thomas, 29th and federal, hilands, firefighter investigators are going in to a home that caught fire this morning, this might be their first time going in since the fire collapsed the roof of the home. it was around 4:00 this morning when firefighters got here and
6:46 am
rescued from the burning home. they were taken to the hospital. a firefighter was also taken to exhaustion. firefighters say at first they were inside the home, and decided to come out and shortly collapsed. they believe the fire started in the attic. they are still investigating to determine a cause of the fire. the man accused of killing his partner in a marijuana grow operation will be arraigned in court today. jayson dosa's body was found in the trunk of a burned out car in gunnison county. geerdes shot him, 100 miles from where the body was found. police are looking for a man who charged in to a subway restaurant, hit a woman working there and demanded money. police say he was wearing a mask when he robbed the subway on saturday night.
6:47 am
shots in the air and at the suspect's car , the suspect got away. the witness is going to have to go to court for firing the weapon. fans around the world are mourning the loss of david bowies he died after an 18- month battle with cancer. he died peacefully and he released his 47th album friday which was his 69th birthday as well. today the trial for a second baltimore police officer charged with the murder of a start. caesar goodson faces the most death. he died after being gravely injured while in the back of a place van. jury selection starts today. four other police officers are slated to have trials. the affluenza teenager -- ethan couch and his mom, fled to mexico in late november,
6:48 am
possibly violating his parole in relation to the dui deaths of four people. the pair were captured in mexico, ethan is fighting extradition to the united states. tonya is due in court for a bond reduction hearing. the plan is for mexico to extradite joaquin el chapo guzman to the united states he was recaptured friday following a month's long hunt. the process could take a long time, as guzman's lawyers are filing appeals and maneuvers to keep the client in mexico. we will keep you updated on what happens. a final check of the workweek forecast. the epa issued an action alert day. for the folks with lung and heart issues, it could be a little hard for you to be outside today. tomorrow warmer, 45, close to 50 degrees on wednesday. that's my pick day of the week. thursday 46, turns colder on friday with a chance for snow. it's safe to say most people love pizza. right?
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