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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  January 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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what led to the shooting?>> reporter: mark, we actually just got an update from police. i will first tell you that the suspect was taken to the hospital in critical condition. here is what they say happened. two officers were in the area on the report of a stolen car when somebody flagged him down about suspicious activity and another car. they went to check it out and i will move away so you can see it . it is that black suv with the door open. they walked up to that car and and shots were fired. the question is, did police fire first or the suspect? we do know that the suspect was transported to the hospital in critical condition. now, the officers were not injured in any of this. i can tell you that on the way to the scene that we saw an ambulance going down spear on
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police escort. >> steve, we know you are following the story. steve staeger reporting live. the latest poll numbers are strong for donald trump who is campaigning in new hampshire. his rallies are drawing huge crowds and his speeches resonate with voters, particularly when it comes to muslims. muslim protesters were -- protesters were kicked out of a rally.>> reporter: she had a couple of goals entering the event friday night in south carolina.>> one was to say this hate speech has to stop. the second thing was to let people know that muslims are not the enemy. we are not the scary ones.>> reporter: rose hamid and several others in the crowd warhead scribes -- head war -- wore head scarves.
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looked at me and said, do have a bomb?>> i look at people in the face so they would perceive us as human beings.>> reporter: she, like many muslims, are appalled at donald trump's plan to prevent muslims from entering the country. his support continues to grow.>> he says it like it is. it may not appeal to everyone, but there are a lot of people who want to finally here -- hear what the hell is going on.>> -- >> reporter: people are generally fearful of muslims. >> the more of this islamic -- islamic phobic rhetoric that comes up, the more people will be afraid to step out. >> reporter: trump was pressed on how you plan to prevent muslims from entering the united states.>> if people come
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and are proven, we have to figure out what the problem is. we can be politically correct and not discuss it, but we can't prevent that from happening to our country.>> reporter: rose hamid just wants people to understand that muslims are not the enemy. >> to be eradicated from who we are as americans. that is something all americans should be afraid of. 9news and new poll out by moment university says -- moumoth university says that donald trump is leading. the white house has been promising a different kind of speech from president obama. the white house -- he will probably reflect on how the country has changed since he took office. he will also talk about goals
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justice reform and homelessness. we just heard in the last interview with trump that the speech will be more about influencing the current race for president. >> i think he wants to insert himself into the campaign in a way that we have not seen. bill clinton wanted to an al gore had no part of it back into thousand. i think present obama thinks that is a way he can stave off being a lame duck in his last year.>> reporter: the state of the union is set for 7:00 our time. you can watch the speech and all of the coverage from nbc news right here. some jurors who served the aurora theater bombing trial -- shooting trial said that they nightmares and feelings of shame. they are experiencing flashbacks in spite of having never set foot in the theater
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four jurors have discussed it. they have bonded sharing text messages and sharing dinners. they were also raising money for a memorial for the victims. the jurors could not unanimously agree on a penalty, so the shooter was sentenced to life in prison. the colorado department of education has announced that this year's high school juniors will get to take the a.c.t. one last year. afterwards, the sat will be the standard college entrance exam in colorado. the board of education said that decided to make the switch because the sat is more aligned with colorado academic standards. and because there are a lot of online resources for students preparing for the exam. the student -- prefer to take the a.c.t., it will not hurt their chances of getting into
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colorado institutions of higher education will continue to accept both tests, the a.c.t. in the sat. they will both be used for college admission placement and scholarship consideration.>> reporter: this year's junior class will take the a.c.t. instead of the sat. the psat which is the preliminary scholastic aptitude the owner of this car may need to trade and ice scraper for an ice pick. this happened along the shores york. the wind splashed water over the car. it ensured that this would be the worst monday morning ever. the other side of the car did not have as much ice as the side splashed with water. scientist from colorado are headed to antarctica to collect data about the air around the ocean.
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the unique laboratory that they will be working out of and what it could tell us about climate change. >> reporter: inside this jet. >> it is essentially a fly in laboratory. >> reporter: science is airborne. >> there are tubes there. >> reporter: in the weeks leading up to now, scientists from the national center for atmospheric research happen getting the flying laboratory ready. they are headed to the -- to one of the most inhospitable areas of the world. >> the ocean around antarctica is unique because it goes in a circle without running into a large landmass.>> reporter: it is called the southern ocean and it is a place not fully understood by scientists. that is where they come in. they are going to study the unique roles at the very cold waters there. >> look at how the arctic warms up.
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>> reporter: how do we know that? the projections are based on world. the southern ocean around studied. the scientists hope that what they find there will help them to make climate change predictions more accurate. >> it is exciting to measure something that has not been measured before. in the back of your head, you wonder what you will find.>> reporter: maya rodriguez, 9news. >> they left colorado today to the southern most point of chile. they plan to fly 14 times in the next six weeks. the music world is mourning the loss of a legend, david bowie. he died after an 18 month battle with cancer and he was 69. david bowie was a music icon. his death is just two days after his birthday which coincided with the release of
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it set off a string of that she set off a string of hit songs and albums in the 60s. he also became known for his array of personas including ziggy stardust.>> he was the master of reinvention. one of the things that was incredible was that all of the inventions were incredible successes and work for him. we mourn the loss of a great talent. we think about his family and friends who have lost a loved one too early., we celebrate an immense british talent who has enriched all of our lives. >> reporter: that is the british prime minister, david cameron. david bowie was married twice and has two children, one from each marriage.>> that is interesting. >> 69 is so young and it is tragic. we may see snow in denver this week. also ahead, guidelines for
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group of medical experts. bragging rights at the detroit
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all right. whether your tailgating for the broncos divisional game at sports authority field or tooling around town, there is a way to show your support. we are giving away car magnets all this week.
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around the building and brighton. >> we had 1000 magnets and it was one for -- per family. way more than 1000 people showed up here at the king soopers in brighton to get their bang it. it felt like oprah magnet -- oprah winfrey.>> reporter: you get the last magnet.[ cheering and applause ] . you are alive and you have to say hi. >> hi.>> reporter: a big when, right? -- win, right?>> of course. >> reporter: 1000 magnets handed out here in brighton and it was fantastic. >> thank you so much for them -- from king soopers. thank you very much ryan haarer there is a lot of debate about mammograms. the u.s. has released the final
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women should have a mammogram every other year starting at 50 until they reach 74. women in their 40s should reach -- should decide with their doctor if they should get mammograms. doctor schwartzberg says that one half of breast cancer patients are under 50 and she does not see any reason not to get screened early. >> the way that mammography is done with digital mammography, the amount of radiation is to florida and back. so, i always tell people that if you are willing to get onto an airplane and take a trip for vacation, you are getting the same exposure as you would with a mammogram.>> reporter: doctor schwartzberg also says that cancer early.
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treatment for cancer patients. taking awards at the north american auto show in detroit. the volvo xe90 was named the top truck of the year. award. more than 55 automotive journalists voted on the winners from the list of finalists. the award ceremony kicked off the show -- the awards ceremony kicked off the show. >> it is tough to beat beaten by foreign carmakers on your own turf. but there are many foreign manufacturers that produce cars. >> conduct of ohio is another one.
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hi there. i am meteorologist kathy sabine from the 9news backyard. so many of you have shared wonderful pictures on the digital network tonight. unfortunately the cloud deck will not keep the overnight minimums out of the teens. 40 in denver today and greeley
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9 and gunnison. temperatures have been trending below average over the past few days. we are breaking out of the trend for warmer weather that will last only a few days. coming up we have another chance of snow. right now at the studio, the temperature is warmer than dia at 31 degrees. we are watching the clouds filter in on the northwest flow. the jet stream is carrying the cold air and snow through the northern plains into the midwest. these will be the worst travel conditions and bitter cold. rapid city, bismarck, st. louis, cincinnati, low pressure is headed into the area. the snow could be measured in feet and that part of the country. in colorado, high pressure is anchored where it is and the storms are tracking to the north. the storms will stay west and north of us until thursday. then precipitation going to the northwest tomorrow.
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of the southwest, the wind is light and it will not mix with that bad air that we have over the area. with the jet stream, the better air is to the north of us. minneapolis, omaha, chicago, these areas looking for tomorrow. we will be close to 50 for the next few days. higher level clouds streaming in and they will not be that dominant tank on the eastern plains that has been such a problem. good weather across the city and state. i-70 will look great and the roads will not be icy and snow packed. you can get up and enjoy the wonderful skiing. overnight it will be cold. many were temperatures below zero in the high country. really maybe a little more mild than last night, but still chilly. highs in the mid 30s and weld county tomorrow. a warming trend for east central and southeast colorado. those of you will not enjoy the
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ice that you have in the foothills. denver has a chilly low of 17 tomorrow. range. clouds expected around 1:00 or 2:00 and then moving out by the evening. a chance for light snow with a high of 32 and then clearing. the weather system is coming our way late in the week and it may bring flurries for the broncos game. when the guys take the field, take a jacket. it will be just about freezing when they head out. at about 5:30 in the evening, we will be in the low to mid 20s. not as cold in the high country, but that is pretty -- is a pretty scene. >> that vikings game was a killer. >> 40s and 37, what is that? >> 25 below versus 32 above,
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-- swing. why the broncos may be looking for revenge against the
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hi everybody. this week is off to a great start. do you remember pittsburgh offense of lineman cody wallace, number 72? he was the one who delivered a cheap shot to david bruton last month. it turns out that the broncos have not forgotten and they may be planning retaliation during the sunday playoff game.>> you
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so, 70 -- some bs. we already know 72 and we have his number. >> do it again in the fourth quarter. third and one, i hope you do it right then. it was a dirty play and he knew it.>> reporter: do it again. this will be gary kubiak part --'s -- gary kubiak's game. he still had time to sneak in a note and mike klis's no book. -- >> he has a bum shoulder and you have gimpy antonio brown.>> don't listen to that stuff. they will be there, mike. we are preparing for this team. they are great franchise and a
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look at what they have done. they have lost two backs this year and look at what they have done. we have great respect for them. we are preparing for the team. they are doing extremely well.>> reporter: in the last 11 years, one of the top two seeds have lost their first game -- that first game in the playoffs. why is that? is there a bye week blues? i am wondering how you went about it. >> it is the best they are playing right now. you go back to the wild-card game. you have to go out there and play well. it doesn't matter where. these are the greatest games in the world and that's why you coach and play the game. we understand. we will have to play extremely well. >> coach, good luck. >> thank you. >> reporter: i sure hope you have your cell phone to notify you every january 11 to wish you a happy anniversary.
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years ago, that john well -- that john elway led the team to tie the afc championship game 25 -- to tie the cleveland browns. they advanced to the super bowl. the teams former -- team's former public relations director remembers every detail.>> the night before the game, the steelers radio station said that this is what -- where the broncos are staying everybody. all night long, people drove around the hotel and honked their horns. then we won the afc championship game and we were on buses to go to the airport. tom jackson said, just a minute. before we head to the airport, head to that hotel. all of the buses went. he said, one lap around and hit your warren the whole time.
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-- your warned -- porn -- horn the whole time. the buses went around the hotel and then off to the airport. >> you need to toot your own horn. >> the broncos actually can win a couple of super bowls. that was one of the finest moments.>> is that the huddle where john elway said we have them right where we want them?>> [ indiscernible - multiple speakers ]. >> what an exciting game?>> cleveland in general hates everything about denver.>> a lot of great football.>> thank
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