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tv   9 News at 6pm  NBC  January 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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near there and police are saying the suspect had a firearm. >> reporter: kim, as you can see there is a lot of investigators here on scene. they expect to be here several hours. here is video we shot earlier. 2 officers responding to a report of a stolen car in the area. when they got here, someone flagged them down and told them about another suspicious vehicle in the parking lot of a ramada inn, as they approached that car, that is when they say the suspect came out with some sort of firearm. they haven't told us what kind yet. they say that shot s were fired, they have not said whether the suspect fired shots or whether the police were the only ones who fired shots but that is part of the reason they are still investigating. this is all part of their dangerous job. >> the officer knows what type of encounters what they have-- don't know what type of
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situation. it can be very dangerous like this one. >> reporter: the good news is in all of this is neither officer was injured. the suspect in critical condition. we are told the stolen vehicle they originally respondd to try to find is actually on the property and now back in police custody. back to you. >> all right, steve staeger reporting in denver. thank you. it is not just the lower end motels, it is not just colfax and the places we always think it is, it is everywhere. >> sex trafficking, too often goes unnoticed. one way to make sure it doesn't is educate people in the hotel industry, the people on the front lines teach them the signs someone is being sold for sex. 9 news crime and justice reporter anastasiya bolton sat in on today's workshop for hotel employees. >> it happens in our every-day life more than most are aware of. >> the words of a 20-year-old
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being a sex slave. >> i was trafficked in las vegas off the strip. >> amber needs her identity protected. we are not showing her face. she needs people to know what happens when people aren't paying attention. >> keeping an eye open for trafficking and knowing the signs, half the battling is knowing what to look for. >> we would meet in the hotel lobbies. >> she spoke at a workshop. >> this may be going on in your own hotel. >> human trafficking investigators say it happens in every hotel and the signs aren't always whautd we think they are-- what we think they are. >> we are not traind to look for it, we are trained to look for bruises and someone physically restrained so that more subtle form of control, a lot of times we miss. >> we are educating the community on what to look for. >> the organizers hope for a
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people. >> for those who attended, it to. >> the greatest events in group of people. you back there. >> that is all amber can hope for, change for the victims who are still on the streets and in the lobbies and in hotel rooms now. anastasiya bolton, 9 news. >> we are curious about the sad turn out for the event. 40 people respondd to the invitation, only a few came. we asked the lodging association what to make of that. it insisted the industry does take sex trafficking seriously and noted many hotels do their own training. denver firefighters over night rescued 2 from a burning home along federal boulevard near west 29th avenue. the fire started in the attic, firefighters had to wake up one of the people and the other was
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the roof collapsed shortly after arriving. one firefighter has been treated for exhaustion, we don't know how that fire got started. a group of superintendents, city counselors, parents asking for more state funding for public education at the capitol. the acting superintendent of denver public schools said they withheld money. educators say a driving workforce requires districts prepare all students to meet future opportunities. the only way to build a successful future is to receive stable and adequate funding, they say. >> this isn't a partisan issue. this is about investing in each and every child in our state so that they can be productive contributors to our economy and our communities in the future. >> the superintendents put together a list of goals they hope lawmakers will accomplish during the 2016 legislative
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barnum and bailey circus is hending the elephants act a year and a half ahead of schedule, there is scrutiny of circuses use of animal acts, some local governments passed anticircus and elephant ordinances in response to concerns over animal cruelty. the circus's parent company tellathize associated press the elephants will be permanently retired to the 200 acre center for elephant conservation in florida. the music world is mourning the loss of a legend, david bowie known for his unique style died after 18-month battle with cancer. he was 69. while many people remember bowie as a rock star she was a talented actor. he actually got his start in denver, july 1980 at the center for performing arts, he took the stage for 1 week in the elephant man. an arts critic at the time remembers having her doubts about his acting ability until
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>> i think as many were there out of curiosity as out of fan base or theater goers and i honestly remember a collective gasp when he came on stage and started because he was, not for a moment, david bowie. he was completely the elephant man and the crowd, as they say, went crazy. >> bowie's denver run in the elephant man sold out before the show even opened at the time it broke box office sales records. the power ball jackpot is up to $1.4 billion. if you see billboards and vendor signs that say $999 million it is only because they have 3 places. powerball made the jackpot harder to win to encourage these billion dollar jackpots there will likely be more in the future. a spokesman said they will look
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the media have done a lot of clearleader for lottery ticket buying, how about a realty check? here is 9 news reporter nick mcgill. >> inside this denver seven-11. >> no worries. >> what to do with the winning ticket is top of mind. >> probably quit my job. >> in all the hopes for financial windfall. >> second, an island. >> also the possibility of financial pitfall. >> money in hand is a scary thing if you don't have plan. >> spokesperson for the national education, paul golden. >> you will never have to worry about money, you have to worry about money more than ever before is true. >> roughly 70% of lottery winners go broke, many within a few years of collecting winnings. he said this can be avoid would a proper plan. >> a lot of success you will have is how you manage the intense emotions that come to play with it. >> infirst step is simple. >> what-- the first step is simple. >> you should come up a time
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>> winners won't likely to to make financial decisions so take the time to hire a lawyer, accountant, tax professional. >> you want to build a financial crew around you. >> while you are doing that, look out for those around you. >> you will have many new best friends, right, all coming to you for money, family and friends will be looking for a hand out. >> he said one of the quickest ways to lose a windfall is finance the lives of inner circle, boundaries are important. >> this is also a great opportunity to do homework, read stories about like winners, people who experienced the similar windfall, read what they did wrong. >> ultimately golden says with a proper plan, any financial windfall can be managed, look out for the common traps. >> there is plenty of good stories that happen, there are negative ones as well too. >> in denver, nick mcgill. >> it will open a door for other welcome them.
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>> as a wise philosopher once said, mo-money, mo-problems. >> this is for anyone who has an influx of tax, annual tax return, same principles apply. >> inheritance, things can get kind of unpleasant. >> you can't role with the big enter augs, i have been tell-- entourage, kim. i have been telling you. what the western stock show is teaching you about farm animals. search work on a new pedestrian bridge. the story behind a work of
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going up in denver that will connect the city's river north, curtis park, and cole neighborhoods, crews lifted a truck into place on blake street between 35 and 36th streets, the bridge almost as long as 2 soccer fields. >> we want to provide people on bikes as well as pedestrians safer and more convenient access to our rtd's east rail line station and a better connection for folks in the community. to denver public works says crews will add sidewalks and other improvements. the bridge opens this summer. kids in the oncology department have the strength of a lion and the work of jenny pitts, an artist honoring a friend, young, who painted lions herself, pitt donated more than 300 prints to kids battling cancer hoping they will draw
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>> i just hope these lion figures can just be a little visual, a reminder of something that is strengthening for them, there is something bigger than them and they are not alone. >> each print deliver today had a hand written note reading "may afshy's lion remind you you are fully loved and fully known." the national western stock show gives us life on the ranch. farm yard follies brings animals to show up tricks and that is stetson, the baby goat. great at climbing, and beethoven the lama and felicity the donkey who likes to smile. i am looking for it. it teaches kids about the animals, many they have not seen before. there is a petting zoo and pony ride, they will be there until the 17th weeshgs have a gallery
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gallery and all the animals on our website, a great week for sailing, if only we had an ocean, but we don't so it is just windy. >> we will take the wind, get the air out. then we will see-- we might see
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hello, welcome back, meteorologist kathy sabine in the 9 back yard. a lot of sunrise and sunset pictures, i like this with the wonderful fog, it looks like a scene out of a movie. if you have a great picture, send it in, we a few news casts tonight. if you are waiting on somebody, i-25 is slow and it doesn't look weather-related. 40 denver, 35 leadville, 9 gunnison. cold air, highs and lows stacking up to average pretty closely and we trend upward the next 2 days ahead of the next storm and chance for snow. downtown, our temperature a little milder than dia at 20. we are close to the freezing mark with light winds and not a bad night. we are tracking a few high and mid-level clouds, we are sandwiched in between 2 storms. areas like chicago and
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cold, dealing with snow. high pressure anchored here keeping the storm track to the north. there is always another storm system i am tracking and this will bring more rain to california, this time northern california benefits but look at temperatures, colorados and westward running above average while friends to the north, high of 16 bismarck, 19 omaha, 3 indianapolis, 12 in chicago and the snow is increasing as temperatures fall. smooth saging, i-25 along the urban corridor, great skiing and snow boarding conditions and good travel getting up there. things shift thursday into friday, might see snow high country wednesday morning. lows below zeros in the mountains, teens in plains. mid 30s in the mountains, mid 40s for denver, close to 50. tuesday and wednesday close to 50. forecast for you for tonight, fair skies, another cold one,
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january, 17 degrees will be the low, sun up tomorrow 7:20, 38 by noon, few clouds in the afternoon, not a bad bay, should be a few degrees warmer with wind shift east to southwest. partly sunny, 46 tomorrow, close to 50 wednesday, cooling trend on thursday. few flurries thursday night, light snow and cold friday like last week, doesn't that look like last week? 32 the end of the week, clearing saturday and i had to cloe in flurries sunday. nothing our guys can't handle for saturday but cold when they take the field. these pictures are awfully pretty. keep them coming . hi, everybody, the broncos are expecting to see big ben when the clock strikes 2:40 this afternoon. ben roethlisberger suffered an injury to his throwing shoulder during first raund of the playoffs, no way he will be a hundred percent against the
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with their own eyes. >> man, i am not buying it, i am not buying it, man. you know, i am expecting to him to play a hundred percent. >> if he does, we have the coverage, get to him, hit him. that is all it is, hit him. >> avalanche and nuggets have the evening off which is good because college football's national championtium game is on tv in a few minutes. nugs beat the hornets last night. my new favorite player, emanuel returned from a month-long ankle injury, moo moo scored and led hornets. honor roll ends with a
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taylor takes the time to list them in case you missed them. >> start the honor roll number 5, ron davis with a swat, the indiana commit led with 9 blocked shots. the season. >> this early it impressive to pull out best time. >> number 3, intercept the pass, past the defender and dives to extend the lead. number 2, a pass deflectd to the point and mountain vista's john newman is there for the one-timer, the eagles improve to 5 and 1. this top play starts with 2.5 left, dakota ridge down by 2 until tyler sinkathize long 3. time to celebrate, the eagles escape with a win, 63-60.
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the top play came from a viewer, you can send in your video, to learn how and how to vote go to >> we are going to play drew's clues. >> yea! >> clue number 1, celebrating the 29th anniversary of the most significant touchdown catch in broncos history. january 11, 1987 caught a 5-yard touchdown pass from john elway with 39 seconds remaining in the afc champion ship game. 3, the broncos beat the browns in overtime but lost to new york giants in the super bowl. surprise, the answer is former broncos wide receiver mark jackson. >> that wasn't very easy. >> everyone knows john elway threw it but only die hards know who caught it, mark jackson now living in las vegas coaching high school football and hosting ports radio show. >> how about that?
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to get them to wear them one more time. >> those were cool. stocks mostly higher but oil
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we are going to drop to 17 tonight, it is january, we can do this. tomorrow close to 50. right? that is a good number. it just is. how about wednesday? >> wednesday. >> way to get through the week. >> thursday is looking-- >> close to 50 thursday. >> we like to do that in the weather prognostication business, they say, plus or minus 3 and you are correct. >> who says that? "they"? >> plus or minus? i want that on my stories, that would be good. >> plus or minus 3 points in a ball game.
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e.t. -- >> e.t. >> it's the golden globes. >> e.t. the golden globes, we're off. we're going to nail it. >> it's the golden globes, e.t. nope, we're never going to get it. >> you guys going to celebrate together? yes. >> what j. law told us about schumer right after her win.
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