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breaking news overnight... right now investigators are trying to figure out what caused a deadly blast in istanbul, turkey. the istanbul governor's office says an explosion killed at least 10 people and injured 15 more. you're looking at new video this morning from the city.. the blast went off in a popular tourist area near the blue mosque and the hagia sophia museum. the state-run media is reporting the explosion was likely caused by a sucide bomber... however officials have not confirmed the source of the blast.
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at 4:30 a.m. gregg, corey, and cheryl here with you. marty is in the weather center this morning. welcome back! this evening
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will deliver his union address. the white house says it will be different the ones he has delivered in the past. nbc's tracie potts is on capitol hill with a preview. dueling videos are
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for tonight's final state of the union: "there is no next thing. this is it." the white house says president obama will reflect on his achievements and look ahead: "he's got an opportunity to lay out for the american people the longer-term challenges that we face, but also the longer-term opportunities that exist." this preview from house speaker paul ryan focuses on november - the election. for the first time, ryan will be seated directly behind the president: wisconsin :34-:39 "i'm not a real poker face guy." "i grimace. i wince. i sigh." south carolina governor nikki haley follows the president tonight. she's delivering what republicans call an address - not a response: south carolina :52-1:00 "i didn't want it to be a response to the president as i certainly am not one to compete against the president or try to imply that i could be." ted cruz is skipping tonight's speech to campaign in new hampshire where he's third. marco rubio, rand paul and bernie sanders are expected to attend. audio outcue: tracie potts, nbc news, washington. the first lady's guests will include students, business owners, veterans -- and an empty chair... to represent victims the first lady's
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owners, veterans -- and an empty chair... to represent victims of gun violence. several coloradans will be also at today's state of the union. ronna rice is among 23 guests - invited to sit in the first lady's viewing box. she and her family run rice's lucky clover honey. rice told us... she's getting a lot of calls from home while she's in d.c. shemsadeen ben masaud will also be at the address. he's the imam at the metro denver north islamic center in northglenn. we've talked to him in the past about his interfaith work in our area.
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congresswoman diana degette. you can watch the state of the union address - tonight at 7 p.m. - right here on 9news. nbc's coverage is expected to last two hours. law enforcement and first responders who rushed to the scene of a shooting in colorado springs -- will be honored for their bravery today. in november a man opened fire outside of a planned parenthood... killing 3 people...and injuring 9 others. this was the scene in november... when a man started shooting inside the clinic... killing three people, including a u-c-c-s police officer. nine others were hurt... in the hours-long standoff with the gunman. the police department at u-c- c-s... colorado springs police and firefighters and members of the el paso county sheriff's deparmtent will be recognized. colorado springs mayor john suthers will also present the "spirit of the springs award" to six civilians who also stepped in to protect lives and treat victims. this morning a man who denver police say was armed when officers walked up to his car-- is in critical condition.
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at least one officer shot him. denver police say a man with a gun out of his car when police tried to talk to ask him some questions. they'd gotten a call about something suspicious in that area. it happened near west 26th and zuni yesterday. it's unclear if the driver shot first or even fired at all. police confirm the suspect was shot. neither officer was hurt... but police say this event highlights just how dangerous the job can be. denver public health and denver public schools are denver public health and denver public schools are investigating if students and teachers were exposed to tuberculosis. a person was diagnosed with t-b during the holiday break. we don't know any details about the person with t-b, but we do know the exposure happened at kunsmiller creative arts academy. that's near the intersection of west jewell avenue and south sheridan
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students and to be tested for t-b have been alerted. the health there's no on-going risk of t-b exposure at the school.... and faculty and students are ok to be on campus. so-called could get out of tonya couch yesterday.... she was brought back to texas last caught with her 18-year-old son ethan in mexico. she's now charged with hindering the apprehension of a felon. couch will be fitted with a g-p-s monitor and likely get out today. neighbors say they heard a blast and then saw flames shooting from a home in ohio. the explosion took the lives of a family of four inside. just look at how much smoke is pouring out of the roof. the explosion happened in northfield, ohio last night... that's about 20 miles south of cleveland. firefighters say a mother, father, and
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in the blast. the family dog escaped. no word this morning on what caused the deadly explosion. fewer gop candidates are going to take part in the next prime- time debate. it's on thursday. fox business network says only seven candidates will appear on the main stage. donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio, ben carson, jeb bush, chris christie and john kasich all made the cut. fox business network says it set the lineup based on recent polling numbers. rand paul and carly fiorina were bumped to the undercard debate along with mike huckabee and rick santorum. rand paul said last night that he'll boycott the debate if he's not allowed in primetime. the next democratic debate is this sunday. it will on 9news starting at 7 p-m. n-b-c's lester holt is hosting the debate. you can't keep alabama football
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long! last night--the crimson tide added yet another national championship to its illustrious resume. they didn't waste any time either.. second drive of the night for them... and heisman trophy winner derrick henry blasts through a huge hole to take it 50 yards for the score. tide up seven nothing. end of the first quarter--things tied at seven... clemson q-b deshaun watson breaks the tie with an eleven yard touchdown throw. it's 14 to seven. bama would tie it up again before halftime. to the fourth quarter now... alabama up four... when kenyan drake fields the clemson kickoff.... and then it's off to the races 95 yards and then makes a dive for the pylon... that puts the tide up 38 to 27. later in the fourth--bama up five... and the icing on the cake... derrick henry with the second effort to make it into the end zone. the tide win 45 to
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national championship in seven seasons... and the fifth of coach nick saban's career. the broncos first playoff game is this sunday against the steelers. to get you ready -- we are giving away free "united in
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all this week. orange" magnets all this week. we're going to start handing out magnets this morning at 6 a-m at the king soopers on wadsworth boulevard and west 80th avenue. that's in arvada. starting at 7 a-m you can pick up a free magnet at the city market on grand avenue and 14th street in glenwood springs. you can head to 9news dot com-- to see the other locations and giveaways every day this week
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every day this week we will have a different #we-are- broncos photo challenge today we want to see how you and your kids cheer on the broncos. remember... use the hash-tag we-are- broncos and we'll share your pictures throughout the
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a local artist
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will help kids battling cancer at children's hospital colorado.... artist -- jennie pitts says she hopes the little patients can draw strength from these images. she made the donation in honor of her friend avery young, who had painted lions herself. each print has a handwritten note on the back -- that says in part: "may avery's lion always remind you that you are fully known and fully loved." some local scientists are heading to the bottom of the world to collect important information. coming up we're
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around antarctica -- to collect data about the air around the southern ocean. 9news reporter maya rodriguez takes us inside the laboratory they will be working out of -- and what their findings could tell us about climate change. inside this jet.. "what we have is essentially a flying laboratory." .science is going airborne. "those are the tubes that are pulling the air right in." in the weeks leading up to now. scientists from the national center for atmospheric research in boulder. have been busy getting their flying laboratory ready. to head to one of the most inhospitable areas of the world. "the ocean around antarctica is very unique because it can make it all the way around in a circle, without running into a
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and it's a place not scientists. campaign comes in -- they're trying to study the unique waters there. play in global climate change. "look at how the arctic warms up. that's in the next 50 years. that's a huge change." but how do we know that? projections. based on climate world. missing piece. the southern ocean, studied. the scientists hope whatever they find projections. more accurate. "as a scientist, it's something that because in the back wonder, what yotually
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14 flights around the southern ocean over the next six weeks. a major cellular carrier is testing out a new unlimited plan... but there's a catch. i'll tell you what you need to have to sign up when we
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experimenting with unlimited data plans again -- but there's a catch. you can pay 100 bucks a month for unlimited data, talk and text for one smartphone -- if you also signup for directv... you can also sign up for the plan if you have a-t-and-t's home-tv service, u- verse. it cost's 40 dollars a month to add a second and third line... you can get a fourth one at no cost. this means a family of four would play 180 dollars a month. no word on when this limited time offer will end. hate parking your car -- then tesla has a new option for you. the luxury electric vehicles - can now park themselves in your garage. the company released a software update that allows users to click one button and the car will open your garage
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your garage and shut down. the car must be lined up and within 33 feet of the parking spot. elon musk says the feature is safer than letting drivers park their own cars. ... plus if the car detects anything in its a child, or small dog while the feature is engaged -- it will automatically stop. so marty... how's
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shaping up this
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, oregon went to extreme python. in this surveillance video you can see snake... then he sticks it down his pants! the store's owner says the snake breed isn't aggressive... but this guy is lucky it wasn't a feeding day.police are still looking for the suspect. that's all for 9news at 4:30... 9news at 5
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