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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  January 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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it has been two months since people were killed at a planned parenthood clinic. there was a ceremony to honor the individuals who jumped in to help. on the blackest of friday's on -- in colorado springs, colorado, we knew and understood that heroes were at work among us. >> some heroes are obvious. >> reporter: law enforcement officers ran into danger that day. >> while the events that they were tragic, there was remarkable courage to be found in the response.>> reporter: officer garrett swayze may have been most courageous in his final rush to danger. >> the colorado springs police department lost a brother.
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given. other things were less obvious. when a pleading man walked into king soopers nearby, the manager knew something was wrong. >> we knew something serious was happening and we knew that we needed to take care of our customers. >> reporter: not just yourself, but the customers in the store. >> we are community. >> -- >> reporter: they set their lockdown for nearly 7 hours. the team fed people and handed out playing cards and coloring books to kids in an attempt to keep there mind occupied with anything but what was happening on the part -- in the parking lot.>> it was in the main entrance of the medical building. >> reporter: then there is dr. derek hurst . not a hero, just a community member.
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resiliency once again.>> it is colorado springs, right?>> reporter: in colorado springs, 9news they honored six citizens the ceremony this morning. just before 4:00 on monday afternoon, denver police shot boulevard. that man died at the hospital. two officers are on administrative leave -- leave as investigation. >> reporter: the remnants of the shooting scene are washed away. questions remain about how police killed a man they were not looking for. >> officer calling for help. >> reporter: monday afternoon, the police went to their motto motel look at -- to the ramada motel looking for a stolen car. they came upon people
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when they approach -- to escape. >> there are shots fired.>> the mail was holding a handgun -- male was holding a handgun in an attempt to evade officers. it is unclear whether the office -- the suspect cleared -- fired a shot. >> reporter: the officers did shoot, eventually killing a man. they were not wearing cameras. >> they will be in the next round for cameras. >> reporter: the whole thing may have still been recorded. >> surveillance video can help with anything that happen. we will find the surveillance video available to us. >> reporter: it can shed light as to what happened outside the hotels. in denver, nelson garcia, 9news. the man has been identified and the aurora police
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it is that -- it is part of a requirement that involves another police department assisting in the investigation. the governor says that he is not on board with the effort to legalize sales of full strength beer and wine in grocery stores. >> i think if you have it in supermarkets that beer and find -- wind -- wine, that the large deals -- the large chains will cut deals. in colorado we have 300 licensed breweries. >> reporter: the governor says
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jobs. others say the coloradans should be able to buy full strength beer wherever they want. grocery stores will try to get the bill passed in the legislature. they are pushing the ballot question in november and if not, the governor would not say if he would veto such a bill. about saying that we would like to craft something in the >> i try never to get out until i see something. i'm going to veto this or veto interested parties and they >> reporter: the governor has said that he will bring up a host of issues in his state of the state address that you can watch 11:00 on thursday morning on channel 20. president. obama will deliver his final state of the union address to congress tonight . this will be a nontraditional's beach according -- a nontraditional speech according to the white house. he will go over accomplishments like obama care and the improved economy. however, during an exclusive
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pointed out that after the george w. bush presidency, that he promised changed -- change. now something different. to be resonating. matt lauer asked if he feels responsible for that and if he could picture a trump presidency? >> can you imagine donald trump standing up one day and delivering the state of the union address?>> i could imagine -- look, anything is possible. i think we should not be complacent.>> reporter: we are carrying the state of the union address live here. the pres.'s speech is set to begin at 7:00. tomorrow's powerball
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the winner can take the winning in aust almonds over 29 years or a lump sum of 930 my million dollars. uncle sam will get 40%. lottery officials believed that 80% of the possible number combinations will be purchased before tomorrow's drawing. of course, not every dollar spent on lottery tickets goes to jackpot winners. we followed the money to see how it is spent in colorado. >> reporter: as thousands of coloradans pour money into the lottery, some may wonder where it is going. >> in colorado we like it to go outdoors. >> reporter: it is as simple as looking around you. >> wildlife, trail restoration, recreation centers, everything you can think of. >> reporter: the lottery puts $.24 of every dollar spent in colorado back into colorado. more than $120 million in 2015. >> the lottery generated nearly $538 million in general revenue
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went to that beneficiaries. >> reporter: how does a breakdown? 62% goes to prizes. that meant more than $410 million. another 24% goes to stay beneficiaries. the handful of agencies that take care of the outdoors. another 7% goes to retailers for selling the tickets. >> the remainder, an estimated seven, an estimated 7%, goes to the administrative costs of the lottery. >> reporter: it is already generated over $40 million a ticket sales in colorado. a number that christopher says grows with each jackpot. >> that is just 20 consecutive draws in the game of powerball. >> reporter: as that continues to grow, colorado could be in store for a good year. >> even if you don't win a
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safe to say that as a coloradans that you are already winning.>> reporter: since the lottery began back in 1983, they have invested $2.8 billion of tickets sales and projects around the state. parks and trails and a lot of things to our benefit. >> what about that road with no potholes and that manicured park. >> thanks to you who bought tickets. also ahead, where store shelves have collapsed on shoppers. there is a search for victims and the debris.
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. three people suffer injuries after a collapse in boca city -- boca raton. photo showed crews searching for possible victims under the debris and the sheriff's office canine helping in the search. it is unclear what caused the collapse. we are counting down the days until the broncos face the steelers and we are giving away exclusive broncos magnets. we have steve staeger at the king soopers at green valley ranch. >> reporter: i am wearing this ridiculous leisure suit along with this mustache to play a little game show is get -- as we give away broncos magnets. we are playing will it stick?
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store items to see if the broncos magnet will stick. what is your name? >> i am scott gauley. >> reporter: have you played this game before? >> no, it's my first time.>> reporter: hold onto this coffee can. the question is, will it stick to the coffee can?>> i don't think so.>> reporter: you don't think it will stick? by the way, i love your hat. if i can borrow it, it will go with this entire ensemble. >> sure. >> reporter: audience, i need your help. give me one more big, will it stick? i will give you the timing. >> will it stick?>> -- >> reporter: are you ready? stick it on here in kind of rapid around for me. now, let go. it doesn't stick. do you know what it will do? you are right.
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you win a 9news coffee mug. you are welcome. thank you so much. we are at the king soopers and green valley ranch. there is one per household and we have a long way to -- long line of people waiting to get them. back to you. a jefferson county charter school is looking at a way to bring the energy to the school in golden. it will power 90% of the electricity. the montessori school had a celebration. 171 kw. students will get to learn about alternative energy. >> this is about 1 pound of coal in the back here. already this morning, the solar electric system has saved 12 bags of coal like this. this much carbon from getting into the atmosphere.>> reporter: they say the savings
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the school says that the solar array will cost nearly $500,000 less over several years than standard excel energy west -- waste.>> colorado is a state with a lot of sunshine. one of the top 10 sunny states. we have had gusty wind in and near the foothills. snow is expected to return to the mountains as well as the mountain area -- the denver area. kathy sabine will have more in the forecast. 10 american sailors and to u.s. navy boats -- two u.s. navy boats taken into custody. why this state of the union
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welcome back. i am meteorologist kathy sabine in the 9 backyard. you have gusty wind in the front range foothills. looking toward the east, a beautiful night. a lot of traffic if you are waiting on somebody to come home. unless you are in greeley or sterling and saying, what are
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it did not get that warm today. it is pretty blustery around berthoud pass and nederland. the wind is southwest at 3 at dia and relatively calm here at the 9news backyard. i see clouds coming into the area, but they will not bring snow. we could use some for january. we typically see about 7 inches for the month and we are at about three point. we could use some for january. we typically see about 7 inches for the month and we are at about 3.5. winter weather and travel advisories for the pacific northwest. high wind warning in the purple and winter weather advisories in the blue. that's where we expect heavy snow east of seattle. we are dealing with dangerous winds -- wind chill tonight. these are areas dealing with low pressure. we are getting messed up traffic plans for tomorrow.
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and we have the warmest day of the week coming up tomorrow. temperatures in the low 50s. cold air just to the north of us. following the justina -- jet stream through this mark and chicago. -- bismarck and chicago. a few clouds coming in and that is just a week cold front that will drop to the south. you won't notice it. thursday night colder air comes in with a chance for flurries. another weak front coming in on friday. between now and thursday, we have great travel conditions. we have the cold overnight lows. gunnison will be back down to 22 below tonight. teens and 20s for the lower elevations. tomorrow temperatures above average and we have the warmest day of the week tomorrow. then we have a shift in the weather pattern. those of you and black hawk, below is 23.
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in northern colorado. partly cloudy and 21 in the city and windy along the foothills. the wind dies down tonight and picks up again tomorrow. by lunchtime it will be in the 40s and low 50s for the afternoon. on thursday, there will be of a few flurries thursday night. unfortunately i had to add a few more in on sunday because we are getting a more active weather pattern. i don't think it will impact the broncos game that much. i think temperatures will be just under 40 degrees when they go on to the field. after the game, temperatures will be -- the temperatures will be in the 20s. -25 is the record. >> that is the bar and anything above that is balmy. >> we call that perspective. >> thank you kathy. coming up. are the rockies on the birth -- on the verge of a blockbuster
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takes oil fell below $30 per barrel today.
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if you think going back to page and -- peyton manning is a big mistake, he has a lot of experience. ben roethlisberger has confirmed today that he has a
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his -- sprained -- sprain and a torn ligament in his throwing shoulder. >> obviously the emphasis on any given play is so big. one thing that stood out to me this weekend was there was not a lot of offense. there was one game where there wasn't or hundred yards of offense between two teams. there's a lot of defensive play in the leg. there is a lot you have to do if you want to win this time of year. i can tell you are concerned about the game on sunday and it's obvious why.>> [ music ] .>> reporter: since the nfl went to its current playoff format, they have earned a first-round bye mack -- bye. then there was a dramatic comeback with the houston oilers 1981. and gary kubiak made a great save on the low snap and david treadwell kicked a short field
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perhaps the most devastating loss in franchise history occurred during round 2 in 1996 as heavy favorites cruised super bowl. the broncos suffered a stunning jaguars at 30-27. same situation two years later. now a defending team. they pounded the miami dolphins 38-3. the largest victory ever in their second consecutive nfl title. the first times that the broncos faced tom brady was in 2005. champ bailey returned an intersection -- interception and the broncos beat the patriots. who could forget how the broncos were eliminated from the 2012 layoffs. the baltimore ravens with a 70
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they tie the game and then the ravens kick a field goal in double overtime. 38-35. the following season featured peyton manning's first bronco playoff victory. they beat the chargers 24-17. manning threw a couple of short touchdown passes. then in 2014, the broncos were upset again. manning was outplayed his indianapolis replacement and the colt advanced 24-13. that makes the broncos 4-3 at home in the nfl playoffs when following a week's vacation. the rockies must be on the verge of either trading carlos fong -- gonzales, corey dickerson or jackson. how else can you explain a
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there is no reason to add him unless you are subtracting one or more of the others.>> more good news tonight. alabama one -- one the national championship. i brought in my -- one -- won the national championship. i brought in my rubber ducky. in the 1930s, a sportswriter wrote the following. at the end of the quarter, the earth started to tremble. there was a distant rumble that continue to grow. somebody in the stands
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