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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  January 13, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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are free after they yesterday by the iranian government. we learned of their release within the last hour. this all started when two heavily- armed us navy boats like these were headed for bahrain when they ran into trouble. the americans apparently drifted into iranian waters in the persian gulf. u-s military leaders say one of the boats developed mechanical problems and both boats drifted off course. new overnight, turkey's interior minister says
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detained one person in connection to yesterday's suicide bombing in istanbul. turkish officials was detained late details were given. killed 10 of them were german tourists. this morning pope faithful to pray for the bombing victims. good morning. welcome to 9news at 4:30 a.m. gary here with you. take split marty is in the weather center. marty- today is the warmest day of the week. this morning a firefighter and
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are recovering -- they were injured while trying to save an elderly couple and their son from a burning home.. 9news reporter noel brennan is live at the home off stanford avenue- about a block east of south kipling street.. noel, these people risked their lives to save this couple
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boulder police say
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they were finally meeting women they met online -- instead came face to face with an armed robber. police say the victim responded to a craigslist add and was robbed by a man at gunpoint. the most recent one happened on
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another victim was robbed on january third. he was showing up for a tinder date. police say both times - the victims agreed to meet near 22nd street and mariposa avenue. investigators think the suspect is between 18 and 25 years old. if you have any information call the northern colorado crime stoppers - at 1-800- 222-tips. this afternoon president obama will sit down with an omaha family to chat about the vision talked about during last night's state of the union address. nbc's tracie potts with a look at his speech... and what comes next. "anyone claiming decline is peddling still struggling, economy is strong. jobs. the auto year. he defended his america's commitment-or justice is done, ask congress to deal, lift the climate change: nuclear deal as mention captured u-s sailors due to and he repeatedly slammed donald trump's idea of a
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"we need to reject any politics...any politics that targets people because of race or religion." "it's just wrong." south carolina governor nikki haley's republican response criticized broken promises but admitted her party contributes to washington's dysfunction. south carolina 1:05-1:11 "there is more than enough blame to go around. we as republicans need to own that truth." democrats called the president's speech inspiring. republicans say it fell short: texas 1:16-1:21 "i heard the president's words i just wish we would convert to action what the president said." today... the president leaves washington to spread his optimism to a divided nat outcue: tracie poon.
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nebraska before heading to baton rouge - two cities he's never visited as president. colorado gov. john hickenlooper is going to give his state of the state address tomorrow.. as you may know, the governor has changed his stance on the death penalty while in office. he came under fire from some people when he revealed he had a change of heart about it and personally could not allow the execution of a death row inmate to go forward. however hickenlooper told 9news political reporter brandon rittiman -- he won't call for a repeal of the death penality in his speech.
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so there's a hint that he may push for a repeal in 2017 or 2018 -- which would be his final legislative session as governor. last year a quinnipiac poll found that two- thirds of colorado voters want to "keep" the death penalty. you can watch governor hickenlooper's state of the state address live on channel 20. it will air tomorrow at 11am. after 21 years--the rams are headed back to los angeles. last night--nfl owners voted to allow the st. louis rams to move to a new stadium just oustside los angeles. the san diego chargers will have an option to share the facility. nfl commissioner roger goodell say the oakland raiders--who also wanted to move--were left
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move to los angeles if san diego doesn't. the raiders and angeles after the 1994 season. the rams had been 1946. picked up your 'united in orange' magnet... you'll have another chance to get one today. we will be handing them out at two this morning. we will beging broomfield at 6 a-m. you can pick one up at the king soopers
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avenue. then at 7 you can get a magnet at the city market in grandby. it's at us-40 and thompson road. this morning - we continue our hashtag-we-are- broncos photo challenge. today we want to see your broncos inspired haircuts and tattoos. share photos of your creations with us on social - using hashtag-we- are-broncos. we'll be showing them on t-v
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people are going wild over these cute kitties. the siberian tiger and african lion cubs became fast friends at six flags, great adventure in new jersey. they're being raised as sisters. these unlikely friends would never meet in the wild. mostly because the cubs are from different continents with completely different climates. millions of people
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fever -- hoping they picked the lucky numbers coming up after the break we're going to give you a rare look inside the room where they pull the winning
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fingers... hoping they have the winning numbers for tonight's powerball drawing. the record breaking jackpot is now at a one-point- five billion dollars.
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of 930-million. reporter from our sister station in where the winning numbers are picked. steven looklive intro that is the largest lottery jackpot in united states history and we are about to show you a behind the scenes look at the pkg born. broken. florida the powerball drawing is serious, secure, and top secret. to a place very few person. how the is run and the security officers that protect it. "we are going down to the vault and basement level where our studio is held and where all of the lottery machines are including the powerball." we're headed underground. if you think that sounds secure enough, get this... the florida lottery has their own florida law enforcement agency. ron cave is the director. "we are charged with ensuring the integrity of the game in the florida lottery system and will also address any complaints." the machine and balls for the big drawing are held inside this room. each ball set is weighed and goes through an x-ray for defects before making it of the big show. by law, the doors to this room cannot be opened until hours before the drawing. "these are four locks but not one person can unlock all of these? correct, we have an access and our e an access to hese doors were to be alerted. f th 1.5 billions $2 in taack to million percent of tber
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percent of the 292-point-2 million number combinations will be purchased before tonight's drawing. construction on
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rockies hotel is finally underway. the new project will bring thousands of jobs... and a lot of
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the gaylord rockies hotel and
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underway! you're looking at artist renderings of the hotel. the hotel is part of the "marriott- gaylord system. the massive--billion dollar project covers some 2 million square feet... it includes 1500 rooms-- and some 800-thousand square feet of convention and meeting space aurora mayor steve hogan says the hotel will bring a lot of jobs. developers hope to open the hotel by thanksgiving 2018. volkswagens c-e-o will be in washington today to discuss another way to resolve v- w's emissions scandal. this comes a day after the e-p-a and california regulators rejected a recall proposal submitted by the car maker last month. officials said the proposal lacked
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scandal involves more than a half- million vehicles in the u-s from 20-09 to 2-15. so marty... how's the weather shaping up this morning?
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but not just for us humans, baby goats need love too. caromont farms in virginia is looking for people willing to snuggle with the goats. the farm is expected about 90- little goats to be born over the next few weeks. it may be too much for them to handle with all the bottle-feeding and milking the mothers. so they are asking for volunteers to lend them a hand. oh, and no experience nessecary. just warm hugs and a warm heart. that's all for
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9news at 5 next, stay with us.
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