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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  January 13, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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neighbors raced to save the family inside. despite... the as flames consumed a denver home, firefighters and neighbors race to try to save the family inside. despite the danger, a man's parents were rescued, but sadly he did not make it out. anyone claiming that is peddling fiction. >> president obama takes aim at the gop in his final state of the union address. the vision he has for america and the steps he's taking to move that vision forward. good morning.
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you can finally get your magnets over here. we're here until we sell out. we'll see you guys in just a little bit. >> all right. colleen, thanks a lot. new overnight, denver police are trying to piece together what caused a car to roll over. two people died in that crash. this car was found on its side on railroad tracks near the western stock show early this morning. we'll have more on that coming up in just a little bit. good morning, everybody. welcome to 9news 6:00 a.m. amelia earhart is going to take you through the traffic news and marty coniglio will talk to you about our weather. >> nice spring day? >> we'll lower it just a little bit. for us today, no snow statewide. we have a watch around cheyenne. we'll start to get some snow.
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we'll see snow in and around rabbit ears pass, summit county, winter park area, beaver creek and vail. we'll get additional snow tomorrow night and friday. we'll start to see areas around the flat tops up near steamboat. 4-9 inches around winter park and summit county late in the day on friday. really decent snow. it starts tomorrow. wraps up a little bit on saturday morning. we'll get additional snow later on in the weekend. so not bad at all. by the way, down in the valleys, carbondale, glenwood springs, more like a 2-5-inch snow. day. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s around here. we start cooling off tomorrow with mid-40s until noon. yes, we may get snow friday afternoon. to me it looks like an inch or
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should be a no account storm for us. amelia, everybody is advised for that. between now and then, it should be smooth sailing on the roads at least, as far as the weather is concerned. >> we like hearing that. sky 9 is up and over 36. yesterday the winds were just too strong for the helicopter to take off, but today the helicopter is up and over our drive. u.s. 36 and the i-25 corridor, yes, it's busy, but thank goodness we're still problem free, at least in this section of our drive. let's get out to the cdot camera and check the central drive of i-25. mid-50s, mid-60s with no big surprises in your morning commute as you head out the doors today. our travel times have really been in the clear. 20 minute across the drive. 26 from boulder to i-25. if you're kicking things off on your commerce city drive, franklin has now reopened, but 60th and vasquez has police activity in the area. >> all right. amelia, thank you so much. a couple in their 70s and
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after they tried to heroically save the son. the son was in his 40s and had multiple sclerosis. >> ic credible -- incredible how the neighbors tried to help save the man. >> you can see the home behind me on sanford avenue. not long ago crews finished boarding up the house. fighting this fire last night. this is cell phone video taken from a neighbor. you see the flames shooting from the top of the roof. the ladder truck there from the denver fire department. the call came in at 7:00 last night. fire crews were overwhelmed by from the house. we're hearing that neighbors and firefighters rushed to help
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sadly we learned the man in his 40s who had ms and was bedridden was not able to get out of their home, but his parents, in their 70s, made it out, thankfully. we spoke to a neighbor who lived not too far away. he said he and his family were just sitting down to eat dinner when they noticed their neighbor's home was on fire. >> we were sitting there eating. it was dinner time. we were sitting there eating and one of my kids looked out the window and said, oh, no. there's a fire. we looked out. sure enough, it's our neighbors that we know. we just came running out. >> the heat the firefighters felt with their protective gear, the interior of the structure must have been overwhelmingly dangerous for any individual inside. all i can say is it was -- it had to be unbearable for those individuals. >> we're hearing hearing from the fire department that one firefighter, three of those neighbors, and the elderly
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home, all of them were taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries. we also know that one firefighter was treated at the scene for minor injuries. we don't know the cause of the fire as of yet, investigators are still looking into it. of course we're also hoping to learn more about the man who lost his life in the fire as well. >> that's such a sad story, noel. thank you for the update. a man once suspected in the the assassination of a doc employee. he was arrested last month after a shootout with colorado springs police. police say he was trying to break into a home. property records show the home belongs to a former corrections employee. he's a reported member of a notorious white supremacist gang gang. ten u.s. navy sailors are
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were captured yesterday by iranian authorities. officials say one of the boats developed mechanical problems, and both boats drifted off course. president obama will meet with some families in nebraska. he's going to be in omaha to talk about the vision he laid out in last night's state of the union address. in that address he talked about everything from the strength of the economy. he says it is very strong. to the embargo on cuba, he thinks it should be lifted. and the action on climate change. he touted the iranian nuclear deal and slammed trump's proposal to ban muslims. >> we need to ban any politics that target people because of race and religion. it's just wrong. >> democrats are calling the president's speech inspiring.
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the aisle, not so much. the gop says that it fell short. south carolina governor nikki haley was the one who gave the response. she criticized what she called broken promises. although, she did admit her party contributes to washington's dysfunction. she talked about the recent hateful rhetoric directed toward immigrants from the front runner. >> it could be tempting to following the siren call of the angriest voices. we must resist that temptation. no one who is willing to work hard, abide by our laws, and love our traditions should ever feel unwelcome in this country. >> it is 6:08. tomorrow, governor hickenlooper is going to give his state of the state speech. you can watch that tomorrow without any commercials. two day that was speech on saturday, the governor is
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he announced his engagement two weeksing a. construction on the $800 million gaylord rockies center is officially under way. it's been a long way to get to this point. court challenges, a battle in the legislature. developers as well as the city of aurora are looking nothing but forward. up to 10,000 construction workers will be needed. 2,000 permanent employees will work here once it's up and running. and the project took the biggest step forward when banks and other lenders committed to a $500 million construction loan. also the keys to getting this done, an $81 million incentive package from the state's economic commission and 300 million from the city of aurora. >> for the region and for the state, over time you're talking
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dollars that come in to the state's coffers. the gaylord rockies hotel project is 1500 rooms there. 's not a hotel of that size that exists in colorado today. in fact, there's -- other than the casino hotels in nevada, there isn't a hotel of that size between chicago and los angeles. >> it's scheduled to open in late 2018. there's about to be a lot more coffee flowing in china. starbucks is set to open 400 stores, bringing it to 3400 stores by 2019. they expect it to overtake the united states. it's 6:10 right now. we're on day 3 of our broncos orange giveaway. they're being handed out in
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soopers on west 136th avenue. 9news reporter colleen ferreira is there. colleen, bronco fans are out in full force once again this morning. >> reporter: oh, my gosh. there have been so many people here. we've been giving away magnets for 10 straight minutes. people have lined up, wrapped around the frozen food section. everybody is so happy to get their magnets. i love all of you guys so much. look at everyone. how excited are you. look at you, all blue and orange. >> we're live with colleen ferreira at the king soopers bronco mania. >> always. >> this is her big moment this morning. she's got her magnet. >> you've got your magnet. are you going to go to school now? >> no. we home school. >> lucky kids. they got their magnet. look at these people.
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you guys leave me speechless every time. there's that much energy, that much fun happening here. broomfield. there's also a location in grandby where we're handing out more magnets. we have about 1,000 here. we've had so many people so far. come see us. morning. come get the magnets. we're going to be here. can't wait to meet all of you. you guys are cracking me up. look at you all bedazzled for the early morning. >> we're ready. >> do you have a prediction for sunday? >> go, peyton. i'm sure we're going to do well. >> any words of inspiration for peyton? >> peyton, you're awesome. and we need you to win, and we want you to win. >> we need you to win. we want you to win.
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thank you to all of our viewers who came out this morning. we'll see you in just a little bit. marty. >> thank you. that's an exciting group you have there. temperatures 29 here in greeley. central colorado, it's cold. grand county 10 and 20 below. we're seeing anywhere from 5-15 below up around rangely right now. 10 below zero. some of those valleys really cooling down on this side of the continental divide, we have winds in and near the foothills. 25, 35, 45 miles per hour during the day. tonight we could be pushing 60 foothills. so it's going to be a bumpy night for us. it helps temperatures move into the 50s this afternoon. it's going to be a nice day. >> all right. marty, thank you much. 13 minutes after 6:00. he made waves after it was revealed.
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couldn't. interviewed el chapo while he was still on the run.
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beyond the fact that it's going to be windy, continue to be windy in the mountains and foothills, pretty dry. the next storm system is on the coast. it's slowly making its way inland. they're getting a tremendous amount of rain and snow in northern california. dry across the state. that's the way it's going to stay. we just saw some of the numbers around the area. fairly cold in the central valleys in colorado. the cold air settles as low as it can go. and that's in the river valleys
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the western part of our state. high clouds around us today. should be a great looking sunset again tonight. windy in the foothills with 30s, 40s to near 50 degrees. 40s and 50s in northern colorado. northeast of longmont, we'll be in the upper 50s in metro denver. generally along the continental divide, we aer going to have a decent day in the 40s. 20s, 30s through summit county. 30s and 40s from buena vista down south. windy in the foothills again tonight with 20s. midday cold front tomorrow. so lunchtime we start getting cooler around here and then a tiny bit of snow friday afternoon and we slowly warm up this weekend.
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seems like we've gotten off to a decent start this morning, getting to work. the closures we dealt with were 68 and vasquez for a short period of time. the major closure was near the stock show complex. national western drive and franklin, but that investigation has cleared up as well. sky 9 is up and over 225 and i- 25, looking at a nice clear transition from aurora into greenwood village and the denver tech center. as we speak out to the travel times, i've been pleased with thousand things have started. 8 or 9 minutes. speeds in the 60s there. parker road, there it is, a nice beautiful beginning with south. coming up in my next update, we'll detail the slowdowns. >> it's not much red out there. it's a good sign. i don't want to jinx it.
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company is i are -- recalling several brands of their products. they initiated the recall after they discovered the dosage cups had incorrect markings on them. they're sold nationwide under various brands, including dollar general, cvs, and rite aid. they've created a website to answer questions. if you think a product you have at home may be affected, we'll have that posted for you. you can go to our website. volkswagen chief executive officer will be there to try to resolve the emissions scandal. it comes after the the state of california rejected the proposal that was submitted by the carmaker last month. officials said the proposal lacked sufficient details. the scandal involves half a million vehicles just in this country alone. they were made from '09 to 2015.
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settlement with the government is one small piece of this problem. they have a lot of individuals who are going to sue right now. it's going to be tied up for a long time. >> and a lot of money. >> a new number made him a mac daddy.
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welcome back. it's 6:22. a secret meeting with actor sean penn and el chapo could
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capture. they're investigating to see if that meeting broke any laws. if any cash or gifts were exchanged, it could be considered money laundrying. penn says he has nothing to hide el chapo was recaptured on friday. a good lesson to learn. if you're a wanted man, don't send a selfie to police. donald pew was wanted for failing to appear in court and is wanted as a person of interest in several other cases. >> that's terrific. a seattle university law student named jonathan nichols thought it would be a good idea to get a local number to help with his job search. he started getting texts to check out videos and luxury car
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test drive and pictures of scan tilly clad women. turns out that he has sir mix a lot's old phone number. remember sir mix a lot. he plans to keep the number. he even got advice from the aging seattle rapper. he suggests he should not check texts in front of his wife, and if any of the women send good pictures, nichols should give them mix's new number. pass it along. >> could you please forward that to me. i guess his friends call him mix. you don't have to say sir. >> nasty nat calls him mix. i had to look it up. it's not quite a haunted house, but it may make your skin crawl. the creepy story behind this home is making it tough for owners to sell. first, let's check the weather. >> we talked about snow moving into the mountains tomorrow. look luke it's going to be rolling in from the north,
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mountains during the day. 1-4 inches. then we get another push on friday. better snow on friday. we'll get just a brief little -- i would call it a few snow showers on friday afternoon. we're talking in each or less around here. even in the foothills, it's 1- 3. for the mountains between vail pass and the continental divide, 4-9 inches of snow. i think a few people are talking about sunday. temperatures in the low 40s at kickoff. mid-30s by the end of the game. a partly cloudy game coming up for the broncos and steelers. >> well, this time we're headed op to sky 9. 25 and lincoln, hey, at least the traffic we can see on the screen is moving along with speeds in the 60s. no problem to the southside and overnight closures have
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so this house that's on the market may give you the creeps. the thriller silence of the lambs was filmed at this home. the thought of living in a residence of a psychotic killer is a problem for some people. the people had to drop the price 50 the brand. no word if they're selling any nice cianti. >> somebody could have more money that madonna or bono. the biggest drawing in the
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i went to their backyard. the whole back flames were going up the house. neighbors rushed into a burning home to help save a family inside. a man with ms didn't make it out. this morning we're working to find out more about his parents hospital. powerball, round 3 tonight. never before has so much money been up for grabs. 1.5billion and counting.
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biggest drawing in history? >> jubilation in one city and heart ache for another. the rams are headed to los angeles. someone else could be joining them. thanks for joining us. marty is in the backyard. we could see temperatures, what, reach into the 50s today? that could be nice. >> it's a fairly nice morning already. we have spots in town close to 40 degrees already. here's why. strong wind in the foothills. not windy down here, but, again, you don't have to have the wind down here to get the benefit of the shin nook. 25, 55 mile-per-hour winds. right now. we have temperatures in the 20s and 30s already in the foothills. you go to the other side of the continental divide. it's much colder with cold air
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for us today, we'll be moving into the middle and upper 50s. gustiest winds west of kipling today. as far as the next few days, today is a warm day. we start cooling off around lunchtime tomorrow. might get a little spritz of snow. it doesn't look like a big thing at all. we warm up over the weekend with generally dry conditions there. 's some really good mountain snow coming as well. i will have details on that in a couple of moments. let's get out the door now. amelia has the latest on how things are going with the traffic. >> good morning. well, the winds are a little lighter. it means sky 9 is up with us over 225 and parker. they have circled the city. not one problem stands in our way. let's keep it that way. live view of 6th avenue. well, i spoke too soon. we are looking eastbound. looks like a two-car crash off to the right shoulder. coming out of lakewood, coming
6:28 am
see slowdowns. commute. out across your metro commute, looks like we've got new action there right around the north field stapleton area. i will check that out and have the details about how to get around it and what the updates 6:33 right now. two people are alive this morning thanks to neighbors and fire crews. two people were rescued from their home. at the site. noel, about half a dozen people injured in this whole thing. >> reporter: yeah. you know, this could have been a lot worse had those neighbors and firefighters not been able to get some of these people out of this home behind me. this home has been boarded up because of all the damage. the windows were blown out.
6:29 am
what this house looked like when the fire was actually raging as fire crews were actively trying to put it out last night. a man in his 40s who had multiple sclerosis was living at his home. sadly that man was not able to make it out. his parents were, thanks to the help of those firefighters and neighbors. at least three of them who rushed over here to help. when firefighters first arrived, though. they say the flames were incredibly intense. the fire started at the basement, worked its way up, and the flames were shooting through the roof. >> at one point the fire was so significant that the firefighters thought they were going to have to back out for their own safety, but through the efforts of the fire department, we were able to find two of the victims who have been removed and transported to area hospitals. unfortunately we found one
6:30 am
>> i went to their backyard. the whole back, flames were going up the house. the first responders were already there. there were firemen in the backyard. they had ladders up trying to get people out of the house. >> one firefighter, three of elderly couple, corey, were taken to the hospital to be treated for their injuries. we're also told one firefighter was treated at the scene of the fire. as for the cause of all of this, investigators still looking into it. >> gosh, you see the fire and you wonder how anyone got out of there okay. boulder police say men who thought they were going on the a date ended up robbed. the most recent one happened on monday night. police say the victim responded to a craig's list ad and was robbed by a man at gunpoint. another victim was robbed on january 3rd. he was showing up for a date he got on tinder.
6:31 am
and the suspect is between 18 and 25 years old. if you have any information, call crime stoppers. new overnight, one person is detained in relation to the bombing at istanbul. there's not issue that germans were targeted. isis is claiming responsibility. the south korean government report lid fired warning shots after a north koreaen drone was seen crossing the border. south korea's president said the country will continue their broadcast into north korea. he called it an effective means for psychological warfare. the conflict stems from the claim that they successfully tested a hydrogen bomb last week. it is 6:37 now.
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takes his state of the union message on the road. he'll continue the conversation he started during his final address, making a plea for unity in politics in our country and urging americans to elect another democrat for president. he promised to make the last one short. he spoke for 58 minutes. he cede they -- said they mustards climate change. he said the united states of america is the most powerful nation on earth, period. it's not even close. he also took a clear shot at some republicans who have called for more bombings to argument target isis. >> the world will look to us to help solve these problems. our answer needs to be more to
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that may work as a tv sound bite, but it doesn't pass muster on the world stage. >> ronna rice runs her family business. she sat in the first lady's viewing box. the imam at the metro denver north center. coloradans are reacting to the speech. we've posted all of the statements for you on the 9news app. today colorado's lawmakers will head back to work, and there will likely be a lot of work over the state budget. our state democratic house and republican senate have very different ideas on how to balance the books. republicans want to issue bonds to pay for upgrades, and democrats want to use an
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expected to debate ideas to boost affordable housing. raising minimum wage and abortion rights will likely be on the agenda. people are crossing their finger, hoping they become a billionaire. the jackpot estimate, though, is reviewed daily. so that number will no doubt move up sometime today. steven dial, a reporter from our sister station in florida shows us where the winning numbers are picked. >> $1.5 billion. that's the largest lottery jackpot in american history. we're about to show you behind- the-scenes look at the security that goes into these drawings. >> it's the place where lottery dreams are born. >> hey, can i get five powerball tickets. >> and for most it's also where they're broken. here in tallahassee, florida, the powerball is serious, secure, and top secret. we're taking you to a place person.
6:35 am
run and the security officers that protect it. >> we're going down to the vault and down to the basement level where our draw studio is held and all of the machines for the lottery games to include the powerball. we're headed underground. if you think that sounds secure enough, the florida lottery has enforcement agency. ron cave is the director. >> we're charged with ensuring the integrity of the game in the florida lottery system. we'll also address any complaints. >> the machines involved are held inside this room. each ball is weighed and goes through an x-ray for defects before making it to the big show. these doors cannot be opened for hours before the drawing. >> not one person can open all of these? >> correct. we have access and auditors have the access to get into the
6:36 am
>> if these were to be open at any time, cave is notified by cell phone. here in florida, everyone has powerball fever. >> we're averaging about $556 a second here in florida. >> that's a lot. >> that's a lot of money. >> look at that number. $1.5billion. it only takes $2 to be a winner. make sure you play responsibly. if you win, share it with me. in tallahassee, i'm steven giles. >> the numbers can't fit on all the billboards. some can only go as high as 999 million. a spokeswoman says they're going to look into getting those signs and billboards fixed. other states have run into the same problem, but nobody thought it was going to get this high this soon. we're going warm today. temperatures in the mid-and upper 50s with some gusty winds in and near the foothills.
6:37 am
thursday morning, starts to see some snow up north near steamboat. spreads down all the way through aspen and the vail area and up to winter park. tomorrow's snow, not all that impressive. it looks like 1-3 inches for the northern and central mountains. another push in snow on friday starts to take areas west of vail pass in the 6-12-inch range down along the colorado river. more like 2-5 inches. so, again, the elk mountains, barely an inch here. generally it's going to be less. that's going to be friday afternoon. >> we can handle that. >> yes, we can. all right. 6:43. broncos mania continues this morning. we're giving away these. colleen ferreira is going to be live from a king soopers where
6:38 am
it is windy in the foothills, but not so much in town. the department of health still has us in moderate air quality. temperatures quite mild. 40s, 50s here. close to but short of 60 degrees here in metro denver. next few days, start to cool off tomorrow. especially after the lunch hour, really light snow. little in the afternoon friday, just a couple of little snow showers and a cool start to the weekend. looks like a couple of new crashes. >> couple of crashes on i-70. the commute eastbound near
6:39 am
and havana, slowdowns have stretched out. cdot cameras, eastbound 6th 6th avenue near sheridan is cleared up and out of the way. as we head up to the map, we've got another problem spot. this is crash off to the shoulder. westbound 70 in the area of the 270 split. corey, those are taking our speeds down to 4 miles per hour. >> thank you. after 21 years, the rams are headed back to los angeles. last night nfl owners voted to allow the rams the move to a l.a. the rams could have roommates. in the chargers move, they could share the stadium. the raiders wanted to move, but this deal. the 1994 season. since 1946. >> i guess stan is not going to soon.
6:40 am
to the fans. all the kids that love the team, now they're leaving town. it's 6:47. the broncos defense is going to line up against big ben when they face the steelers on sunday. >> he's not going to be his best. roethlisberger suffered a sprain and torn ligaments in his throwing shoulder. the injuries happened during their first round playoff, but he still plans to play in denver this weekend. >> wow. >> he's tough. >> he's tough. >> he is. long pass. that will be the test. >> we'll see if they try to put him down on his shoulder. broncos magnet mania continues today, starting this morning in broomfield. they're being handed out at the king soopers on west 136th 136th avenue. that's where colleen ferreira is this morning. again this morning. >> reporter: so many people
6:41 am
so much so that we only have this many magnets left. do you know what? once they're gone, they're gone. i want to introduce you to my decked out friends. we have matching scarves. see, we're twins here today. if you come out here, you can meet sweet pea and hang out with me a little bit and get one of the very last magnets that's here. we've got another location in granby this morning. that starts at 7:00 a.m. these are the two locations where we're handing them out this morning. here in broomfield, also in granby. [audio difficulties] it's all right there on your screen, guys. get your magnet before they're gone. here, sweet pea and i are going to be hanging out until the magnets are gone.
6:42 am
she's the sweetest thing. i think they should be along side miles. >> i think so. >> cute little mascot. >> little snuggle bug. >> the magnet weighs more than sweet pea. >> i hope sweet pea is a broncos fan. >> certainly dressed like it. this morning we continue our hashtag we are broncos. it's a picture challenge. today we would like to see bronco inspired haircuts. always great. you're going to die your hair orange, gary, and tattoos. >> it takes a brave one to put it in ink. >> who says i don't have one. >> hair and tattoos, we've been getting a lot of them. we're using the hashtag we are bron does. >> i want you to do that. >> it would never grow back. >> we'll be showing them all throughout the show and
6:43 am
channel 9. there's a lot of great ones already. >> when we go to the super bowl, i will do it. >> orange. >> i will die it orange. >> everyone heard that. >> that tattoo is signed by carl mecklenburg. >> this is big. >> there may be some caveats. we have to raise money for charity. >> okay. >> go broncos. reporting that cdot has signed on with a company called here. they're going to use their high tech mapping tools to smooth out the traffic. a person's cell phone will send traffic data to the database. it's all analyzed and drivers will get realtime warnings back on their phone of any problems that may lie ahead. volunteers will test this out first, perhaps by next ski season. there's been an early surge. colorado ski country is
6:44 am
saw a jump. this marks the third consecutive year that early visitation has been up over the five-year average. great snow and improving economy are getting the credit for the increase. well, this month is national mentoring month. it focuses on the need for mentors and really the profound impact that mentoring can have on so many young people. these are volunteers we've asked to come in. they can answer questions about colorado. mentors. give them a call. they will be with us until about 8:00 or so. they just love it. >> make a difference in somebody's life. >> you're getting so much back. it doesn't take a lot of time. 6:52. when we come back, we'll have
6:45 am
it's 6 here's a look at some of the cold again in the central valleys. new storm system moving into california. we've been talking about this for a couple of days. continues to pound the north. they will get another foot of the west slopes. dry across the state. that's going to stay throughout the day. colorado. some cold air drainage, very cold in the high valleys in central colorado. conditions. high clouds over us today.
6:46 am
wind gusts generally between 25 and 30 miles per hour. we could get a few 20 plus gusts on the western sections of the metro area. 40s, 50s up north. mid to upper 50s around here. the state. front range. 20s, 30s in the northern colorado. county. 50s around metro denver with 40s and 50s down south. windy in the foothills today. 20s tonight. the winds are going to stay in the foothills too. it's going to be up to 50 miles turns cooler. very light snow. still on the schedule for friday afternoon. not impressive at all. it will be well less than an inch. we'll cool for the start of the weekend and then a slow warmup starts for the beginning of next week. spots here. >> i would say the worst part
6:47 am
be i-70 between 270 and 225. and here's a live look at the crash that previously blocked the center lane of eastbound i- 70 near central parkway. it's all off to the right shoulder. slowdowns have taken us to chambers now across your slowdowns on the opposing side. we'll be posting speeds around 25 miles per hour. let's go out to our cdot camera. loading up. it's going to be a bright one today. that's when the sun comes up this morning. live outside the our view, another crash, gary. this one is going to be across i-70 drive near brighton boulevard. of course we'll follow that over on channel 20. >> be careful out there. here is a look at some of the top stories this morning. a man bedridden with ms could not escape the flames that con souped his denver home. neighbors and firefighters rushed into the burning home. they were able to rescue the man's parents who are in their 70s.
6:48 am
they were taken to the hospital. this all happened late yesterday evening. firefighters say the fire started in the home's basement. a man once suspected as being an accomplice in the assassination of tom clemens will be in court today after targeting allege allegedly another doc employee. police say he was trying to break into a home. property records show the home belongs to a former corrections employee. boulder police say men who thought they were meeting women online instead came face to face with an armed robber. the victims responded to a craig's list ad. both times victims agreed to meet near 22nd street and mariposa avenue. marty has a look at the forecast. a nice day ahead. it starts cooling off at noon tomorrow. very, very light snow friday
6:49 am
we start warming up the first part of next week and get arrested a little bit. light rain snow mix. none of those looks impressive. not nearly as impressive as this magnet. what do we have going on? >> there's magnet frenzy in denver right now. science teachers are across the room are going, why does denver love magnets so much. i'm going to show you experiments. steel is 90% iron. it's a retractor. >> watch this. if you take a dollar bill here. there's actually iron in a dollar bill. if you take the magnet and put it over the top, it will actually attract it. it finds the iron in a dollar bill. the broncos are so good because of organization. look. this magnet goes on the table on the piece of paper. here are the iron filings. as you sprinkle them here like this, watch what happens. look at that organization.
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would you look at all the
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