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tv   9 News at Noon  NBC  January 13, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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this afternoon, there are four more suspects detained in the suicide bombing yesterday in istanbul. turkish police arrested one person today suspected of a direct link to the attack that killed 10 german tourists near the famous blue mosque. officials say more than a dozen other isis militants were detained today in other parts of turkey. >> 10 u.s. sailors are in safe hands, detained by iran, after iranian waters. it happened during a training mission. the sailors, nine men and one woman, were taken into custody, yesterday. iranian officials have returned those sailors today. this, after the iran revolutionary guard accused the sailors of snooping and acting suspiciously. the guard investigated and found that the ship's failed. leaving nose sailors to accidentally -- those sailors to accidentally stray into secretary of state john
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cooperation. >> all indications suggest or tell us that our sailors were well taken care of, provided with blankets and food, and assisted with their return to the fleet earlier today. >> kerry also stressed the important of diplomacy in keeping the country safe. he says the peacele resolution in this -- peaceful resolution in this case is proof if that. it comes as a sensitive time because we are only days away nuclear deal. the possibility of a crisis could have jeopardized that and the billions of dollars expected to flow into iran for sanctions relief. let's switch now and talk about the weather. the skies are blue. a little cloudy, too. live over downtown denver but things are changing. >> the big thing is, that it is warm out. we are in the 40s right now. danielle is in the backyard. no coat. don't need one. >> wow. >> no coat needed. mid january. no problem here. so nice. today is a day in the 50s. all because we have pretty gusty winds in and around the front range foothills and mountains.
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that is what is helping warm us up. you can see the wind gusts to 23 miles an hour in nedderland and estes park. and 26 for berthoud pass. and west of the continental divide, cool, bitter cold temperatures, 66 blow in gunnison and -- 6 below in gunnison. and 3 in kremmling. as the winds are rolling off the foothills and the plain, they are warming us up. 52 in burlington. with some upper 40s out at the ailment. despite the fact that we have winds, the visibility is still a bit poor. we have some pollutants. so the air quality advisory in place until 4:00 p.m. we have wood burning restrictions out there as well. on hd doppler 99, all eyes out to the pacific northwest, where bringing the coastline, a little bit of rain and snow for the mountains. it is not here yet. we get a couple more days with the nice sunny sky, the nice comfortable temperature, and backyard. tonight, temperatures will cool off to the 40s. by about dinnertime.
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if you have to get out and about, do it without a coat. enjoy it while you can. because those big changes are that. a few. >> yes, we are going to be wearing coats pretty soon. >> and snow boots. mine, though. >> you look good. due need one today. you have the onx and blue thing going on. >> trying. >> and it is now a little bit after 12. and we are still following a tragedy for a denver family that happened last night. a fatal fire broke out in their home. a man in his 40s, with multiple sclerosis died, after a fire consumed the home in southwest denver. six other people, including his parents, who took care of him, and one firefighter, were taken to the hospital. three neighbors who tried to rescue the family from the blaze were also hurt. this fire rose so quickly through the house and spread so fast, firefighters say the heavy smoke made it really hard for crews to get inside. we spoke with a neighbor, brian bender, who says by the time he
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late to help out. >> yes, i feel terribly guilty. i just didn't hear everything right away. and came out as quick as i. could but it was just nothing. nothing to be done. and as i said, when i looked at the house initially, we couldn't even see the house. it was just all smoke. and it was not as bad in the front as it was in the back. so it just happened. fast. >> bender teared up a little when he talked about his neighbors. he said that they are really great people, kind people, and he just feels so badly about that fire. all the neighbors do. well, today, colorado lawmakers are back at work. tackling the state budget. constitutional spending restrictions mean that colorado faces big budget cuts this year. now, colorado has a democratic house, and a republican senate. and the parties have very different ideas about how to
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and lawmakers are expected to debate the proposals to boost affordable housing in our state, as well this session. and there is also talk of abortion rights and raising the minimum wage. >> we will keep our eye on that. >> republican reaction to president obama's state of the union address last night is predictably critical. but there is also some criticism of the republican response. we have more now from nbc's chris clackum. >> reporter: no surprise that when president obama, in his state of the union speech, bragged on his handling of the economy -- >> anyone claiming that america's economy is in decline is peddling fiction. >> reporter: republicans pounced. >> so plane people in america are working harder than they ever have before and yet they have seen their incomes decline. >> reporter: when he touted success on most everything else, republicans called it failure. >> i heard the president's words. i just wish we would convert to action, what the president said. >> but there is also criticism the day after the state of the union, of the republican who gave the g.o.p. response.
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blame to go around. we as republicans need to own that truth. >> south carolina governor nikki haley, especially upset, many conservatives with this swipe. >> it can be tempting to follow the siren call of the angriest voices. >> that she admitted on the "today" show, when she says it was aimed at leading republican presidential candidate donald trump. >> mr. trump has definitely contributed to this irresponsible talk. >> conservative commentator ann coulter tweeted trump should deport nikki haley. coming to her defense was jeb bush. tweeting, proud of my friend nikki haley for delivering a positive and uplifting response. chris clackum, nbc news. >> so aside from the politic, the first lady stood out in the audience last night. in a sleeveless marigold colored dress. there was a lot of discussion on the internet. marigold, lemon? marigold is what we are going
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people on social media were talking about the dress nonstop. and the nar cisco rodriguez world dress sold out in 20 minutes on the neiman marcus web site. listed at $628 down from $2,095. and it has been on sale since august and it didn't sell until she wore it. >> maybe she bought it on sale? >> you think she bought it? >> well, that's true. they just probably give it to her. >> that's right. >> she looked so good in it. she would sell is out. just to be clear, i would not be buying that. >> even if you're first lady. >> well, i wouldn't have to buy it if i'm first lady. it all works out. >> but it is too budget. the budget doesn't go that high for a dress. >> no. >> well, could $99 work? in my budget. iceland and europe, the trend of the future for flights? it is already happening. you're not too thrilled?
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i have friends who have gone there and say it is very pretty. >> around here, i am happy it is warmer. we are in the 40s. the sun is out. snow in the forecast. danielle will let us know when
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welcome back, everyone. meteorologist danielle in the backyard. and i have the coat back on. and it is a hair cooler than the 50s on the map. but still nice to see. still in the high country and the boulder area, looking at the clouds. the winds are creating the clouds that are drifting down the foothills. still a bit of sunshine out there as well.
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off distance overlooking downtown and beyond. right now, the winds still gusting around that 20 mile-an- hour range. around the foothills, estes park. and then around the higher pass. as we head to this afternoon, worse. in fact, later on tonight, they an-hour range. corridor. it should stay that way until about lunchtime tomorrow. when the winds finally pick up. just a bit. out of the southwest. around here, and you can see to the foothills, once again a blustery kind of day. with that being said, it is still a warm one. 50 degrees on the nose in broomfield. 56 downtown. and 28 in greeley. and 34 in fort collins. meanwhile, to the west, it is a whole lot cooler. thanks to the chinook winds. they are warming us up. at d.i.a., 47. winds out of the south at 11 miles an hour. in the 9 news backyard, our temperatures slowly warming up at 46 as well. and you can see by this afternoon, the numbers,
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the metro area, downtown, anyway. 50s. lamar, 30s, frisco, and grand junction. hopefully, you can find that. it is dry today. we have another storm system in sight. it looks like it is pushing into the state thursday, through saturday. primarily bringing the high country a little bit of snow. i will time it out. quiet and calm. a few high level clouds here and there. other than that, going to bed, things look good. and wake up tomorrow morning, along the eastern plains, things are quiet and calm. and around the metro area, we are doing good. but if you are taking i-70 up to the high country, that is where are you going to find that snow. and it will pretty much condition off and on for most of the day tomorrow. before slowly winding down. by tomorrow evening, meanwhile, on friday, we will have a chance for things just a little bit, a tiny bit, an inch or less around the metro area. 1-3, and then the high country, it could add at least 4-9 inches of fresh powder. great news for skiers and snowboarders, looking to take some turns for the weekend. >> tonight, mid-20s.
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around the foothills and in the mountains. and then in our backyard by tomorrow. we stay in the mid-40s thursday. mid-30s, with a little snow on friday.
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trending today, more than 80 whales washed ashore in southern india, and sadly, about half of them died. the others have been guided back to sea.
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whales about, 15 to 23 feet in length. more than 810 washed ashore along a -- 80 washed ashore along a six-mile stretch of beach. officials are working to rescue the whales. they say they are very disoriented right now. even some have been guided back to sea and they find their way apparently this breed troofls in very large pods -- travels in very large pod, and with the absence of a leader, they get isn't that sad? >> it is. >> really sad. that is in southern india. for those of you planning to go to iceland or over to europe, you can get tickets at a price so low, you might be saying wow. that is the name of the airline, by the way. and the airline carrier is adding new routes, connects from ley and san francisco, to iceland, and for $99 one way. wow's european connections include london, paris, berlin and dublin and starting at $199 one way. >> discount thing on an international level. >> let's see if it works. because there is one airline that does super, super discounts but due even get
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>> and a long flight with no water. >> and we will also begin flying from montreal and toronto and canada in may. >> lots of them. >> we are getting a clear look at some of the nooks and crannies in the dwarf planet. nasa's dawn spacecraft took these images of carrie, that shows one of the youngest craters on the planet. experts believe that the bright rim on that crater could be salt. and then the flat floor may be from impact melt and debris. and dawn is the very first mission to visit a dwarf planet. >> meaferg to see meaferg to see that. >> i know. >> and -- amazing to see that. >> i know. >> and a really old look at a crocodile. >> paleontologists in tunisia massive. the prehistoric croc marks 30 feet long and weighed about three tons and the skull alone is more than five feet. researchers spotted the fossil buried a few inches deep in sed
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this type of any ancient crocodile lived about 130 million years ago. >> do they have a flame for it yet? i wonder if they have a name for it. >> that front part, that front of his face is five feet. >> there is no way you could escape that. glad i wasn't around. >> he is not around. so we get the last laugh, right? >> okay. another thing that is huge. the jackpot for powerball. the odds of winning though, not so good. but i got my numbers.
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lotto fever. across the country right now. millions of people looking to win more than a billion dollars in the record-breaking powerball drawing. one ticket, $2. that's it. got your cash though. many people are talking about their big dreams. for winning the jackpot. and many of our 9 news viewers talked about low they would use the money to help out others.
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i think we all will with. that much money, due need that much money. shoe -- you don't need that much money you should definitely spread it around and share the wealth. you can buy the ticket 59 minutes before the drawing and the drawing is 9:00 our time, so 8:00 is the last time. >> and i plan to go right after we're done with work. >> go soon. why wait to the last second. >> and last time the drawing happened, there was a little bit of a line at the grocery store and people were coming in all day. and a lot of people anxious to help others if they win the money tonight. >> i like that. if. [ laughter ] >> let's talk about the odd, okay? >> one in more than 292 million are your odds. which means you have a better chance of being hit by lightning or being crushed by an asteroid, and we haven't heard that before. and a better chance of becoming president. becoming a movie star. or being cannonnized by the pope. >> becoming a saint? >> and i have done nothing good. >> we have plenty of time to live.
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so what we are saying here is that we all are in the same boat, we still can play, there is still a chance. and a lot of people who don't play are playing this time, because it is so big. it is a dream. 9 news psychologist dr. max says that our brains are not equipped to understand just how bad our odds are at winning the lottery and lots of people are too afraid of missing out if they don't buy a ticket. fever. and when the jackpot is at $10 million, it is like what a big deal. you know, the payout there is, what like 3348, like that is not -- 3 million, like that is not going to change my life, $3 million, give me a break. but when we think about the possibility of getting a check for $800 million, then it is like, well, i should do this. >> prudent choice. >> so even though we probably won't win, like almost definitely won't win, dr. max says there is an upside to
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day dreaming about striking it rich and it will make people feel very happy today. until tonight when we lose. but today is probably your best day. because you will be thinking, oh, i could win, i have a chance, i have a chance. >> and hopefully when you wake up tomorrow, it will be another great day and you won't hinge it on the lottery ticket. >> every day you wake up. >> absolutely. have you had a chance to get a magnet yet? here they are. >> get this before the powerball, don't you think? >> yes, this is for real. >> this is important.
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many of the broncos fans who stood in line in broomfield and grandbigot a magnet today. there are -- grandby, got a magnet today. there is no shortage. i think the broomfield crowd was the most ram ram bungs rambunctious yet. >> 3:00 this afternoon we will
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mark on u.s. 24. and then we will be at the king soopers on east iliss in aurora. also at 4:00. and we will also be at the king soopers in boulder at 30th and arapahoe at 4:00. will you be at all places. buena vista? aurora? boulder? >> no, i'm not. you better be in aurora. >> just in aurora. >> and so come by and see us. we will be there at 4:00 until about 6:00. >> well, until they run out. >> i mean, yes. >> because i think you are going to run out before 6:00. >> you think? >> i think these will probably be gone in 45 minutes. get there early if you want one. >> as early as possible. >> we have 1,000 of these to give out at each location. they go fast. we are saying one magnet per family. we are using the honor system. so if you bring your kids, take one for the whole family and it gives everyone else a chance to get one. >> a good idea. >> and where are people putting these? >> refrigerators. cars. >> i will give one to my daughter for her locker at school. >> that is a good one. >> you can put them everywhere. >> so far, we are looking good.
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going to be out at the game or maybe inside watching, temperatures should be in the mid-40s. mostly sunny skies. and we do have one little storm to roll through before that, but right now, it really looks like a wimpy storm. and for us around here, if you're headed out, to the game, facing the steelers, it should be looking good with the temperature. and you will have your magnet. hopefully. that makes for a good day. and then top it off with a win. >> yes, go broncos! >> yes. >> have a wonderful day. and enjoy the warmer weather. it is great out. and go see danielle in aurora at 4:00.
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