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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  January 13, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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has -- a house fire in southwest dinner -- denver has killed a man. other family members were able to make it out. >> reporter: the family is not ready to do interviews quite yet. i did speak to the sister of the deceased man who is currently here at swedish medical center with her mother. she says the mother is doing okay, but the same cannot be seen -- said for the father who is a denver health with serious injuries. >> i feel terribly guilty. i did not hear everything right away.>> reporter: a neighbor's regret comes from grief. it happened so fast that only a few neighbors to try to help.>> we cannot even see the house. -- could not even see the house. >> reporter: the rest had to watch.>> we tried to get them
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thing to do. it was -- they were extraordinary people who lived here. >> reporter: extraordinary people and it appears this family fit in. >> they were really good people. really good humans. >> they were my friends. i just hope that josie and ralph are okay. >> reporter: nobody would make it to the couple's son. a man in his 40s with multiple sclerosis. his sister says that she believes the father fell on his head while being rescued. already battling health problems, he is in serious condition.>> she suffered two or three heart attacks and was trying to work and take care of her son. she was a very loving and caring person. she was there for them. >> reporter: today, all anyone could do west hope and pray -- was to hope and pray.>> i
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i want to at least do that. >> reporter: at least to let them know that their their pain. doctors at denver health are i am sure doing everything they can to keep the man alive this evening. total were injured in the fire. that includes a firefighter who was treated and released last night. the people who went in to help the family were also sent to the hospital. we do not know how they are doing this evening. we are still waiting to hear from the denver fire department as to what they think caused the fire. >> they had deep connections in their community. that is ryan haarer reporting. thank you. detailed documents of 216- year-old girls who conspired to kill -- two -- 216-year-old
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year-old girls who conspired to commit better -- murder at their school. prosecutors are set to decide on thursday whether to charge the other girl as an adult. >> we are talking about a juvenile who is being tried as an adult. there have been recent statutory changes and we are trying to figure out what that means. the court is also trying to apply the law.>> reporter: johnson brought the bb gun to practice and also mapped out the high school. others say that the girls were not close fans and that the cases -- friends and that the cases are different. the legislature was gaveled into business this morning. both parties are locking horns over the budget. democrats are trying to adjust the fee paid by hospitals, to avoid budget cuts and make tax refund smaller. republicans say it is against the taxpayers bill of rights in
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all during an election year. the speaker is critical of the political rhetoric. in her speech, she said that we will defeat these laws and the opportunists. >> wherever we find that kind of rhetoric, we need to call it what it is. i call it obstructionists and opportunists. >> i guess that is her speech and i guess that will set the tone. governor. hickenlooper will give his speech tomorrow live at 11:00 and you can watch it right here on channel 20. it happened southwest of buffalo this morning. first responders danielle grant people to nearby hospitals. some people said to be in serious condition. cash -- crash debris was spread about a mile and a half down the interstate.
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pilot took place. a ski trail where a deadly avalanche hit a ski trail today have been closed. the leader of the school group had taken the initiative to lead the teenagers onto the trail. authorities say that two of the students and a ukrainian skier were killed. dogs and rescuers have been deployed. first he was in the denver public schools and there was named 9news leader of the year. now marcus campos is -- marcos campo is donating $650,000 to have smart labs filled in elementary schools and elementary school fashion charter schools. it is for kids who will prefer -- pursue careers in a stem field. >> we are trying to target
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>> reporter: he says that colorado needs more engineering student so he can hire them. the first one opened at sandals elementary and southeast denver. just a few hours left by a powerball ticket. the 1.5 just a few hours left by a powerball ticket. the $1.5 jackpot is up for grabs. -- $1.5 billion jackpot is up for grabs. not everybody is interested.>> reporter: from gas stations to supermarkets. powerball fever is at a fevered pitch. here in the metro area, it is not hard to find people who want to be in it to win it. >> i have some powerball, some mega million and some lotto.>> we are all trying to get out of the job and make it here.>>
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>> of course not.>> reporter: carter is to find someone who has never bought a ticket. >> never.>> reporter: that is until now. it seems like those who are most resistant to playing are finally getting into $1.5 billion.>> it is so high, i wanted to get into it. >> reporter: like everybody win. >> we could take a vacation. sure. >> reporter: it is only sure if there is one winner tonight. maya rodriguez, 9news. in transparency, miya rodriguez wanted you to know that she is one of the remaining powerball holdouts. how she handled the story. according to a cnn and --
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more on the lottery than books, music and other things as well. atop the 62.7 billion spent on all forms of leisure and entertainment. no thanks to miya -- maya rodriguez apparently. also ahead, and unusual job for tow truck crew along the
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focus on the line 9. we have experts from the denver bar volunteering this afternoon. the number to call for the next 20 minutes is 303-698-0999 a breakthrough in buffalo as a frozen car breaks to the ice encasing it. it was courtesy of a tow truck today. workers cover the car in calcium chloride and then they pulled and pulled. the driver parked outside a restaurant along lake erie. the lake waves splashed and cover the car with several inches of ice as temperatures dropped. the man's friends and even his mom mocked him for leaving his car in the path of the windblown sea spray. we are spreading support for the broncos before the big playoff game against the steelers. it is day three of our orange car magnet giveaway. we sent danielle grant to s. buckley rd. in aurora.
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mark. down the line. who is excited about their magnets?>> [ cheering and >> reporter: everybody is going, i just love it. so many folks are coming down in their best broncos gear. however, we have had some folks in cheese gear. regulating things. i have seen people coming gear. what is up with that?>> we understood that one person was a single span -- and bangles -- bengals fan. everybody has been good. >> reporter: we have about 200 magnets to go and we hope that everybody keeps coming down.>>
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play it in colorado. pretty good. all right danielle, thank you very much. in his state of the union address last night, president. obama announced that vice president joe biden will lead a national effort to fight cancer. he will spend the rest of his vice president me pushing cancer development -- research development. he has also pushed cameras to at $264 million to the cancer institute budget this year. the cancer society chief medical officer said that biden may be the best person to get people to support his plan. biden's son, beau, died of breast cancer -- of brain cancer last year. a feature called night shift. it uses the device is -- device's clock to change the color to filter out bluelight that keeps the body from producing hormones that help
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for its fire tablet. google has one for google play. >> a lot of people were turning the devices off because the little bluelight keeps you awake. >> he probably should not have it close to you. >> almost all of us do. a cooling trend that extends into the weekend. >> how much snow may come with the cooler temperatures. we have that next in kathy's forecast. capturing the american sailors in and around -- iran. the efforts to free them. also ahead the response to the response. donald trump takes aim at a fast rising risk pop -- republican for her official response to the pres.'s state of the union address.
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welcome back. i am meteorologist kathy sabine outside in the 9 backyard. how about this for a treat as we close out wednesday. the color in the sky tonight has been amazing. we have a lovely purple and pink hue on the western horizon. so many great sunset pictures network. we will share this with you on the newscast later tonight. a high of 51 today which is not too shabby for january.
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coming to a close. colder weather settled in for the rest of the week. a chance for flurries on friday afternoon and again on sunday. at the airport, the temperature is holding at 39 with the wind out of the south at 14. the wind is calm at the studios and the temperature has been nice today. the wind has been flowing from 14 miles per hour in nederland to about 9 and kenosha pass. up to 40 miles per hour at berthoud pass. we will watch the wind increased out of the southwest. there is a weather system creating snow across the sierras and cascades. outside our state border, we have high wind warnings posted in southeastern wyoming. southbound i-25 between pueblo and trinidad, we are dealing with wind and snow as that clipper is moving. dangerous traveling conditions across chicago and cincinnati today which are part of the
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minneapolis to chicago and into the great lakes. the first in a series of weather system's will cross the -- systems will cross the state tomorrow. light snow from one-3 inches. we will watch that cold arctic air stay to the north of us for now. eventually that cold air will creep into colorado. high clouds around the area tonight making for a spectacular sunset and probably a sunrise tomorrow. snow is developing on the north and west faces of the high country mountains. you will be dealing with snow showers for traveling in the afternoon as well. at this point, no winter weather travel advisories posted. know that snow will be increasing in the higher elevations tomorrow. the drive will be fine tomorrow with a few foothill flurries tomorrow night. the high temperatures tomorrow will be cool out west and cold and high country. great skiing and snowboarding
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conditions each day including the weekend. we kick off at cooling trend, especially in weld county where in the 30s. black hawk and idaho springs will be about three zip tomorrow. -- freezing tomorrow. cloudy skies and windy conditions along the foothills. it will ease a bit tomorrow night. we start off with clouds and chilly conditions. we stay dry with foothill flurries. land later in the day. we get colder heading into friday with a chance for light snow. we clear out on saturday and then flurries on sunday. we break out a little bit on monday and that we are tracking a rain/snow mix in the forecast on wednesday. great pictures coming in from the colorado high country. we want to see your pictures from this we can, especially if you go to the broncos game. it is a winning picture for you
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are possible. i think that will be a winning forecast. i am talking about pictures. how creative is this shot? you are getting wonderful cloud a bad start to 2016 for the market. the widely watch s&p cam down 10% from its november peak.
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hi everybody. the broncos may have a better chance of winning on sunday at the request to move the game to pittsburgh. they had their first full day of practice since learning the steelers are their opponent in the playoffs. peyton manning watched lots of tv over the weekend.
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all the teams with -- with home- field advantage, lost. played better than the home teams last week. -- the 4 road teams played week. that is my opinion. i think they play better and may make -- and they make fewer mistakes. i think that is true in the playoffs.>> reporter: ronco's huddle begins at 6:30 and rod mackey is hosting the shore -- the show from team headquarters.>> reporter: they said they did not care who they played in the playoffs. i think most of them were lying. i know chris harris was. they will get it -- he will get a chance to make up the only bad game that he has had all season as he lost two touchdowns to antonio brown. >> i have bounced back. i want to continue to be consistent and play the way
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>> he is one of the most competitive people that i have ever read -- ever met. you know chris, he will be ready to go this week. >> reporter: it is sort of like the movie space jam where somebody stole his soul. he also talked about how great it was to have tj ward back. in fact, he is going to be on the broncos huddle tonight with emmanuel sanders. we are life -- live at the pepsi center. we have sports reporter aaron made us -- aaron matas. >> reporter: the warriors on pace to break in 1995 shoop
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just double what the warriors have now and they are 72 and 4. golden state 3-0. they have been close and had some pretty offensive -- good offensive nights.>> we hope to neutralize that as much as possible. the last game shows they were never out of it. it has been another -- we expect another tough fight tonight.>> beating the bulls record. tonight, i am not rooting for them. we are going to try to go out there and give them their third loss.>> reporter: one thing that could slow the warriors team down a little bit is players. they are so far ahead of everybody else that they can afford to give guys the night off. tonight, drew, your guide --
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taking the evening off.>> yeah right. do you know if curry is wearing that hat during the game?>> reporter: i think he will take that one off. although, the way he was hitting shots during a warm-up, he should keep it on.>> thank you.>> . he says he was motivated to be -- beats colorado because he wanted to stick it to corolla ski -- carron ski -- kronki. >> it is good that he does not play basketball, soccer or lacrosse. he would want to stick it to the nuggets, the rapids if he
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>> it is called a you shinnecock -- uchinka. >> you go to ebay. how do you spell that? you kind of portended some bad news with baseball. have you heard anything today question mark >> no. one of the three has to go because they have just paid big money for the outfield.>> i just don't want that to be right. i have a 14-year-old at home that says no.>> [ indiscernible
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