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tv   9 News at 10pm  NBC  January 13, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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>> the richest lottery jackpot in world history. some people waited four hours the line to play. the tsa comes clean about the holiday security line nightmare at dia. >> i thought i probably shouldn't have that information. >> the wrong number has people turning to a salon owner with something she can't help them with. and peyton manning's reaction to the end of the tv network that marked him for doping. 9news starts now. we will get right to it. the numbers, the powerballplayers have been waiting for them since the jackpot rolls over again on saturday. 4, 8, 19, 27, 34, and the power ball is 10. we are already hearing there is at least one winner. the california lottery says at least one ticket in the chino hills area in los angeles matched all six numbers.
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there? we are going to crush all your dreams now. the colorado lottery says no ticket actually matched all six numbers in colorado. all right, we will leave the numbers on the screen so players can write them down. with the jackpot so outrageous, it is no surprise that sales soared. everything big in texas. tonight, the state was selling $130,000 a minute. 9news reporter victoria sanchez stopped by a few convenience stores here in denver to see how much money people are willing to put out to win the prize. >> reporter: we saw some people spending a couple of bucks and heard about people winning thousands of dollars. someone with lottery winning specious has advice for picking numbers. >> reporter: tiffany cassidy has not played the lottery in
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she had the computer pick her numbers. >> three power ball tickets, random numbers. >> quick pick by a long shot. >> i think quick picks win normally. i don't think it is people choosing their numbers. >> do not spend grocery money. >> reporter: but if you do pick your observe numbers, seven time florida lotto winner richard says leave off your anniversary or pet's birthdays. >> the problem with that is that all of their numbers will be between 1 and 31. because the most number of day in a month is 31 right? well, with power ball, you have to pick five numbers out of 1- 69. so what that means is you are not playing numbers 32 through 69. so, now you are decreasing your chances of winning. >> reporter: no matter the method, more customers means more work. 7/11 in cherry creek had to bring in extra employees in the past week to keep up with power ball demand. >> i will be an instant
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>> reporter: vino's company owns the convenient store and he has never seen this many people buying this many tickets and at a price. >> one person paid $2,200. >> reporter: eric anderson didn't spend that much. only around $25. >> it is exciting when it gets up this high. you want to be a part of it if you can. >> reporter: for $2 a ticket, $1.5 billion sounds pretty good. sales in colorado have risen each day since the weekend. more than $7 million worth of tickets were sold today alone as of 4:00 today. kim? >> okay. but no winning ticket. >> reporter: i have mine right here. nothing. i know. there goes my $3. the odds. the odds of matching all six numbers are 1 in 292 million.
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standing in line to get a ticket: player going to ohio, coming here to colorado to get a chance to play. again, there is at least one winning ticket for the jackpot bought somewhere close to la. according to the california lottery, colorado lottery says no jackpot winners here in our state. we will have those numbers again for you in a few minutes and update you on any other winners if we hear about them. the top story anywhere else in the world tonight is the massive explosion that just rocked jakarta, indonesia. it was fallen by smaller explosions all in a popular crowded part of that capital city near shopping mall, luxury hotels, embassies. an associated press reporter said he saw at least one body in the area and a u.n. representative said gunfire could be heard in the streets and people were being warned to stay away from windows. one of the worst security
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in the days after christmas was in fact the fault of the tsa which initially blamed other factors. we finally got them to admit the line was not the fault of the airlines or the weather but rather of the tsa's on staffing decision. we had to fight them to find out why they were so unprepared for what was an obvious peak travel time. whitney wild has the answers to the questions we asked two weeks ago. >> reporter: in short, tsa says they decided not to add extra staff to monday december 28 to tuesday 29. because of that, at one point, the wait to get through security came dangerously close to two-and-a-half hours. >> i have been going here for 20 years. i have never had a problem like this. >> reporter: we heard from a lot of you very upset about the long line that developed that night stretching into baggage claims. our video shows one poor tsa employee trying to accommodate thousands of people. here is what we learned. when the evening shift on the
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to go home instead of working overtime. typically, the airlines figure out how many passengers they will have throughout the day and share that information with dia and tsa. tsa uses that number to decide how many people to have working and how many lane to have open. >> and they said that tsa wanted to go from 40 employees that they have on the floor. >> the agency says it made a mistake sends us a statement that read many part tsa determined that correct staff and protocols were not followed wait times. and, added that they will continue to employ the lessons learned that evening and early mornings to local operations. basically what they are saying is they are going to try to learn from the mistake. the agency says they can boost staffing during busy hours and ask officers to work overtime if need be. but again it appears that just did not happen. now tsa says after that long
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waits were much shorter the rest of the week. whitney wild, 9news. the network that linked peyton manning to doping is going out of business after three years in operation. al jazeera, america says it will be phased out by april 30. not everyday you ask your starting quarterback about the demise of a tv network funded family. but in this case, peyton is no fan. >> i don't. it is going to be devastating to our viewers. >> al jazeera managed 30,000 viewers in prime times and sometimes had a zero rating in key demographics. talented and troubled. that was the life of lawrence phillips who was found dead in his prison cell at the age of 40. phillips was in prison awaiting trial for the murder of his
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the death penalty if convicted. suicide. 49ers. the republican. the eventual nominee didn't have things sown up were the convention. several tom republican leaders are selling the associated press they are preparing for the scenario this year. the republican national committee will meet privately on thursday to outline possible scenarios with party leaders and the campaigns. that discussion is expected to focus on lodgistics that are traditionally controlled by the presumptive nominee. sensitive personal information is going to the wrong place because of a slight difference between two phone numbers.
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getting numbers for a human services number. jonathan, this is because of a problem with an area code. >> reporter: the area code for the leap line begins with 720. but several residents wrongly assume it is 303 which belongs to a salon owner in littleton which has no place receiving such private information so we called dhs to find out what could be done. as the owner of a salon in littleton, teresa is used to be glued to her phone. >> a lot of my customers text me an some call me. if i don't recognize a number i don't answer it right away. >> reporter: she started receiving calls from a number she had never seen leaving voice mails. >> everything with the 0s is a fax. >> reporter: that led to faxes. >> i thought i probably shouldn't have that information. >> reporter: sensitive information. >> we are talking social security numbers, birthdays, addresses. >> reporter: of low income
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bill assistance from dhs's leap program. >> these guys don't know they are dialing the wrong number of. >> it is tough because we are stuck between two bad options. >> reporter: it is an unfortunate coincidence. >> a few thousand of these went out in november and it has the fax number on it to apply for the program so we are not getting those back. >> reporter: he says they can't change the number until at least next winter. >> we are glad to take your applications. we want to get you the help we need. but double check before you hit send. >> reporter: because your private information. >> i don't know what the solution will be. >> reporter: could end up in the hands of someone that doesn't need it. >> if i wasn't an honest person, i could do some serious damage with that. >> reporter: the correct fax number for leap is 720 on your screen there and on a compromise has been reached. hagen has agreed to turn off the fax feature on her phone.
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residents to make sure their application goes to the right place. >> an honest person and we trust our stylist. >> it is a good thing they are going to her. >> all right, thank you jonathan. denver police are asking for help finding a sexual assault suspect. on monday night, the victim was in the area of 44th and chambers when the suspect allegedly assaulted her. caught on camera at a convenient store nearby. there's a $2,000 reward in the case. if you can identify the suspect in this video, you are asked to call crime stoppers 720-913- stop. the sister of a man who died in a fire last night tells us her brother ralph jr. had multiple sclerosis and was bedridden. he was in his 40s . a father of two living with his parents. antouinnete says that her mother and father are doing
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injured by the fire including a firefighter and a few neighbors. the denver fire department is searching for a cause. flames spread through an apartment building in maryland. some people could not escape fast enough and were stuck inside their unit. firefighters reached the balconies and helped them to get outside safely. three people had minor injuries. back to powerball, we have the winning numbers in case you missed them and we will let you know if there are any more winners out there. and the most famous car this week is finally free after being encased in ice. >> what a sunset. kathy has details for our return to the 30s. so, you are a huge broncos fan right? well how come you don't have one of these yet? >> and if the nuggets can stop the nba most valuable player in the final seconds, they will
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. >> here they are one more time in case you thought no. no, i'm sure i had a winning number here. the winning power ball number in tonight's drawing. the colorado lottery says five tickets in colorado won $100,000. ten ticket ins the state are worth $50,000. >> yeah. >> we are waiting to hear from other state to see if they have more than just one winning ticket out there tonight. the best known car in all the land is no longer frozen like a popcicle. a tow truck crew freed the car at lake erie.
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waves and spray off the lake coated the car and froze it sunday night. the guy who parked there is getting it pretty good from his friends and his mother who say he should have known better than to park near the lake on a freezing cold night. >> easy to say after the fact. i'm meteorologist kathy sabine outside in the 9 backyard. it is not too bad out here for mid january. you are halfway through the week. congratulations. then, there was this. sky 9 flying along the front range foothills producing just a spectacular panoramic sunset 25 corridor. you may have been stuck in traffic tonight. but that view, maybe you didn't mind sticking around on i-25 a little longer. the pictures just kept coming in tonight and they got better and better and brighter. blue. almost a water color painting out there. tonight. how about that high of 51 in
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the warmest day of the week coming to a close. winds are southwest at 17. calm winds here in the backyard outside the stew owes. we are in the low 40s as well. we are tracking the wind. we have a series of weather systems come. pass. a lot of wind to the north where a high wind warning in effect for southeast wyoming. a high wind watch south of the colorado border. it is all snow. in the sierra and the cascades winter weather and travel advisories posted. these systems will roll off the pacific and across colorado between now and sunday. we are glad to say good-bye to that alberta clipper which caused hazardous conditions. heavy winds, ice, and snow across seven states. the cold air will follow this system through the midwest. more lake effect snow tomorrow. but we get a series of weak little short waves coming through with the high pressure ridge breaking down. we will start the cooling trend
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but notice the temperatures are pretty comfortable and seasonal this time of the year. we are on the fringe of the arctic air. bismarck 32. on that northwest flow, we will see some high clouds come in late tonight. light snow in the central mountains. you will run into some snow showers. one to three inches of snow. at this pin, no winter weather or travel advisories. nothing that will compromise your travel too much. we may see flurries with a few friday. a cold low of 20 below in leadville and gunnison. we have 11 in frisco. 16 greeley. very cold in weld county. 20 from denver down to colorado springs and pueblo. some of the warmest highs east central and southeast colorado with that cold air starting to plateau. although, blackhawk, 32, 26 grand lake.
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highs in the foothills below freezing. partly cloudy. less wind west. sun up at 7:19. an afternoon cloud deck out there. mid 40s in the afternoon. foothill flurries and wind, maybe a few flurries in denver. i wouldn't worry too much about it. a snow shower in denver friday. a cooling trend headed into the weekend. saturday, clearing, sunday, i have flurries. mid 30s and the guys take a field. a break from the pattern monday and tuesday. the third system arrives wednesday into thursday of next week. so the guys will hit the field with 38 degrees. partly cloudy skies. come off the field with a big win we hope the temperature ins the mid 20s . scott fuller sharing with us windshield frost as art. >> i like that. very nice. no two pieces of windshield frost are alike. >> you are so smart.
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with a broncos magnet. united in orange. just a reminder, a limit of one per household. they are going fast. we are giving them away. here is a look at the magnet give aways tomorrow. it starts tomorrow at conifer. 7:00 a.m., head to the king soopers at i-70 and south first street in alamosa. the city market at main street and market street. and in greeley at 7:00 a.m. at the king soopers on west 10th street and 71st avenue. in the afternoon, give away starts in delta at 3:00. at the city market at main street in confluence drive. then at 4:00, the give away in lakewood at west alameda parkway. all this information on magnets have their own theme music. itself just needs to be longer. we asked you to show us your broncos tattoos. most of them appeared to be outside of your cover up parts. broncos haircut photos
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we asked the guys where they were getting the broncos helmet haircut. that is what led to this unpaid advertisement for the scissor hand design studio.
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our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn' t need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 months? that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. amex helped me buy the inventory i needed. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself?
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>> from colorado's sports leader, here is drew soicher. >> you had a better chance of winning power ball than the nuggets had a chance of beating the golden state warriors and it happened. the nuggets became the third team in 39 games to beat them. curry missed five of his first six shots. nuggets led by 11. curry caught fire and scored 20 of his 38.
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the final seconds, curry gets too fancy. danilo gallinari dives on it and the nuggets beat one of the greatest teams of all time. >> great win. a great way to start our home stand two wins in a row. any team you can beat the best team in the nba, it is always a quality win. couldn't be more proud of our guys. >> hand on the ball. it happens. >> college basketball tonight. in fort collins, colorado state and san diego state were tied with less than a minute to go. but the aztecs scored a final seven points and beat the rams 69-62. pittsburgh steelers quarterback ben roethlisberger is still pretending like he may not play this weekend.
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is kidding who? broncos sunday. out there. if you can't throw the ball 25, 30 yards off field, i think you are hurting your team. i don't think we put ourselves in that situation. if we can find any way possible to get out there, pain medicine, whatever it is, if i can deal with the pain and make plays and just have to be in a deal with it. >> he is telling the media one thing but we aren't falling for it. he goes out there. he plays hurt. he tries to make big plays hawaii is what we expect for him to be out there. hopefully, we hit him around a little bit. >> broncos insider mark just thinks it's the wrong one. >> steelers quarterback ben roethlisberger has torn
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no doubt that will have an impact. star receiver antonio brown. how will he come back from a concussion? that will be a factor. the injury to those players are just diversions. whether the broncos win or lose likely comes down to the play of one peyton manning. he will be making his first start in two months. what they need from manning is to play the role of a game manager. even if manning struggles at times, the broncos have to win anyway. remember they can. in the broncos next seven games, manning threw a pick in each. it is not so much what big ben and brown can do so long as peyton still has it t broncos should be fine. >> we are going to play drew's clues.
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hair in a fabulous high top fade made popular in the 80s . clue number two, he is colorado state's all-time leader in receptions, receiverring yards and receiving touchdowns. an, clue number three, he announced on social media tonight he is foregoing his senior season at csu and entering the draft. the answer is rashard higgins. >> did you hear the nuggets beat the warriors tonight? that's the greatest victory for them since they last made the playoffs three years ago. >> what, this is a new little thing i got for the holidays. it is called a beanie ball. >> it is like a furby. >> a little nuggets guy. isn't he cute? >> you are paid to play with toys. >> adorable.
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>> we have an update for the situation in jakarta. five attackers including three suicide bombers blew themselves up in a central part of the city. nbc news says at least six people are dead there. there have been more explosions at a number of embassies in the area. this will continue to develop overnight. we will have details starting
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