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tv   9 News at 5am  NBC  January 14, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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overnight... we continue to learn more about explosions in indonesia's capitol. the bombs hit near a starbucks in jakarta... this is amateur video shows one of the explosions. at the same time, gunmen also post and other the attacks happened in a busy area near many embassies and a united nations office. seven people, including the attackers, were killed. police say as many as a dozen people might have been involved in the think mimicked the deadly paris attacks. government did
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the capital. the government has deployed 150- thousand security personnel to safeguard churches, airports and other public places. no one has claimed responsiblity for today's attacks yet. good morning. meteorologist marty coniglio and traffic reporter amelia earhart join us. marty-last warm day before the cold gets here! new overnight... 5 people are out of their home... after a house fire in
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their home... after a house fire in denver. neighbors told 9news reporter noel brennan that they heard 2 loud explosions... came outside... and saw the home in flames. it took denver fire 30 minutes to get this fire under control. it destroyed the home. one person was taken to the hospital as a precaution. investigators say it looks like the fire may have started in the
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they're still looking into the cause. thousands of people waited for hours... stuck in dia's security line... in the days after christmas. some... missed their flights. and today... tsa is fessing up... and saying it made a mistake. in the middle of the madness... tsa had told travelers bad weather across the country was to blame. now, the tsa is changing its tune... and saying an investigation revealed correct staffing protocols were not followed at dia on december 28-th through 29-th. 9 wants to know obtained data showing tsa's own passenger forecast came reasonably close to the numbers the airport actually saw. but dispite that, only 10 agents were assigned to the huge crowds. information is place - because of a slight difference between two phone a littleton salon to us - saying she's meant for the denver human services program
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teresa hagen's number is identical to leap's except for the area code. the area code for the leap line begins with 720 -- but several residents wrongly assume it's 303. she started getting the faxes last month and had struggled to reach a solution. 9news reached out to dhs, who told us they spent $9,000 dollars on the marketing campaign to promote this season's leap program, which runs from november through april. eventually, both sides came to an agreement -- hagen will turn off the fax feature on her phone. the correct fax number for leap - with area code 720 - is on your screen and 9news dot com.
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faxes she received and reach out to the residents who applied to make sure their application goes to the right place. big thompson canyon could be getting permanent repairs for the damage caused by the 20-13 floods soon. the daily loveland reporter herald says that cdot representatives met with local leaders this week to talk about the next steps for repairing u-s 34. cdot says the project is set to cost 129-million dollars... and will be paid for with federal funds. public meetings are expected to happen before the work starts. a few people... will be sharing history's largest- ever lottery jackpot. at least three winning tickets... were sold in three
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point-5 billion dollar powerball jackpot. one of the lucky people bought their ticket at a store in southern california -- a lot of cheering was going on at the 7-11 gas station where the winning ticket was sold in chino hills. a store employee said they sold about 12-thousand dollars worth of tickets wednesday alone. another winning jackpot ticket was sold in munford, tennessee... north of memphis -- this is one of four stores that could have sold it there. a third winner bought a ticket in florida. the three winners will split the giant jackpot... resulting in 528-point-8 million dollars a piece. even if you didn't hit the jackpot - you could have won a smaller prize. 15 tickets in colorado matched at least some of the numbers... worth between 50- thousand and 100 thousand dollars. here are the winner numbers
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is 10. a rockslide shut
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this massive boulder blocked the road... and they used explosives to
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becoming the hottest item in town to get your hands on! and this morning - there's 4 locations in colorado where you can pick one up! 9news reporter vida urbonas is live at the king soopers in conifer off south davis avenue! vida - the giveaway doesn't start until 6! starting at 6 south savis avenue ks i-70 and sout 1st starting at 6 ks confier road and south savis avenue starting at 7 city market main street alamosa
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challenge new topic for gear. we want to see the swag you have to support the team - maybe it's clothes... blankets... or share it on social media - using hashtag-we-are- broncos... and we may put it on t-v through the day! tonight - the republican presidential candidates will face off in another debate. this time - it's being held in north charleston, south carolina.. and will broadcast on fox business network. this debate is expected to focus on economic, domestic and international policy issues. 7 candidates will be on stage: donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio, ben carson, chris christie, jeb bush and john kasich. in july - the republican
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like we haven't seen in decades. this could be the first year since 1976 for the republicans - and 1984 for democrats - that there's not a clear nominee before the convention. there could be a contested convention if the party decides not to support the front runner, who is donald trump at this point. the republican national committee will meet privately today - to outline possible scenarios with party leaders and the campaigns. that discussion is expected to focus on logistics that are traditionally controlled by the presumptive nominee. the democrats will host their 4th debate of this campaign season on sunday night. it will be held in charleston, south carolina. this will be the democrats last debate before 20-16 primary voting begins... with the iowa caucuses on february 1st. you can watch the debate - here on 9news - sunday at 7 p-m.
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boulder being blown apart on a california highway. the department of transportation had to use explosives to break the boulder apart- so move it - and re- open the road. u-s military leaders call video of 10- u-s sailors being captured by iranians, "pure propaganda." you see crew members on their knees, with hands over their heads ,surrounded by iranians with weapons drawn. all on their own boats. one sailor later was taped apologizing for entering iran's waters. the video aired on iranian state television. the u-s military says a mechanical failure caused at least one boat to drift into iranian waters. the sailors were rele9ased yesterday.
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leader... and you'll want to hear what about the internet! but first, lets check in with marty and amelia. boulder's sphero had made the cut.... best known
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robotic creation from the new star wars film...sphero is one of three finalists whose leadership will pitch sir richard branson on his private island about why they should be crowned the winner of the extreme tech challenge. the other finalists include bloom technologies out of san francisco, and giroptic located in france. they're all make their final pitch on february 10th...they're competing for coaching and a cash investment from branson. twitter is reportedly working on a way to turn your tweets into advertisements . . . according to digiday, twitter plans to gather product related tweets for advertisers to choose from. if your tweet is chosen, you'll receive a direct message asking for permission for the advertiser to use it. it's felt that some
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twitter users more than a celebrity or pitch man. there is no word when the ad platform will be available to companies. pope francis will meet with google chairman eric schmidt at the vatican on friday. while the pope doesn't own a computer, he's not naive about the power of technology. he once said the internet is a "gift from god," because of its ability to offer "immense possibilities for encounter and solidarity." let's check in with marty. the national western stock show is in full swing... and everyone has their the national western stock
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i am happy and excited and-very proud. that much money, yes, yes.
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station can proudly say it sold
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