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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  January 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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this is 9news. >> 9wants to know is getting answers for the thousands of travelers stuck in dia security lines shortly after christmas. we're gonna tell us what tsa is admitting it did wrong and what caused the massive wait times. america? a world record jackpot. >> at least three people are newly minted multi-millionaires this morning. we will tell you where the winning powerball tickets that we know of were sold. and five people, including
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we have a look at damage from a late night house fire on eagle street in denver. boy, not much is left. the entire family did make it out of the house safely. no word yet on a cause. firefighters told us it looks like the fire started in the garage. neighbors say they heard some explosions right before they saw the flames. we do have some sad news to report this morning. actor alan rick man has died. he is phone for films including harry potter, die-hard, truly madly deeply, and robin hood prince of thieves. one of my favorites is love actually. he is one of the best loved britt i can actors. he died in london. his family said he was suffering from cancer. he was 69 years old. all right. good morning, everyone. welcome to 9news. i am corey rose with gary shapiro. amelia in the traffic center with a look at the commute. marty is in the nine backyard.
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that's gonna be this morning to maybe lunchtime and then we're gonna drop off after that. clear conditions around here. nice looking morning around here. temperatures at or above freezing here and in fort collins. believe it or the not, it's cooler in fort collins than it was an hour and a half ago. we were in the 40s because of some very strong chinook wins making to the east side of i- 25. greeley's warmed up. very cold temperatures in grant county this morning and along the colorado river. we're seeing some readings right hovering near zero at lower terrain. wind today is gonna be the big story. early on it warms us up with a west wind. this afternoon it starts coming out of the northwest, and that's gonna hold temperatures and then cool them off later in the day. so we really don't get a huge warm-up today. we kind of hold in the mid-to-upper 40s and then drop off during the afternoon. we're still on track for a tiny bit of snow tomorrow. we will talk about that. and the mountains are going to do very well on the snow
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i will have that as we go into the weekend. aneilmelia, weekend. we are pretty proud of this commute so far through the 5:00 hour. no major problems to let you know about in terms of big delays that can alter your morning. if you are just waking up and getting that first peek outside, dry conditions, windy conditions out to the west side but a quiet start overall. 8 to 10 minutes across 6th avenue. 50s and 60s lake golden. today sunrise at 7:19. if you look closely at the georgetown cdot camera you can see it moving around with the high winds kicking in through this afternoon. but right now i-70 is nice and quiet. and across the city that big area of yellow that you see, those are your windiest conditions. 93, 6, as well as i-70 and c- 470 will be affected. coming up in the next update check things out towards >> thank you. we are tracking new developments in the terror
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this morning. isis is likely behind the bombings and gun battles that killed seven people in jakarta. a news agency affiliated with isis is says the terror group carried out the attack. the attacker set off explosions at a starbucks cafe. they then got in a gun battle with police. police say five attackers and two civilians were killed. at least ten people were injured. and that number may climb as the morning continues. we he have the results of a 9wants to know investigation into something we first broke on the morning show. one of the worst security lines we have ever seen at dia in the days after christmas was, in fact, the fault of the tsa, which initially blamed over factors. 9news reporter noel brennan is live with what we found. good morning, noel. >> reporter: you see the security line behind me at dia this morning filling up a little bit, but this is nothing, if you remember, what we saw here on
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into the morning of december 29th. we have some video from that period of time. i was actually here at the airport, saw that line stretching all the way from where it typically is in the baggage claim and looping around a few times. the wait times soared up into the two and a half hour mark. a lot of people ended up missing their flights. a lot of frustrated passengers. at one point it appeared only one tsa agent was working to check all of those people's id's and tickets as they passed through security. so here's what we're learning from the tsa. they initially blamed all of this on bad weather in the midwest as well as poor communication from the airlines. but two weeks later, yesterday we learned that they say that it was all their fault. despite their estimates of how many passengers there would be, they decided not to add any more staff overnight. in a statement here, the tsa said after further investigation the tsa determined that correct staffing protocols were not
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airport on december 28th through the 29th resulting in an unusually long wait time. the agency added it will continue to employ the lessons learned that evening and early morning to local operations. so basically they've learned from what happened and they will try to make sure that it does not happen again, gary. i can tell you that before around christmas time and the period after december 28th and 29th the security wait times were not nearly as long as we saw during that overnight period. so hopefully this won't happen again. i know a lot of people that were in that line, many of whom had been coming to the airport for years and years, had never seen a security line that long. >> it took a while for tsa to fess up. we kind of knew what was going on even before today. all right. thank you very much, noel. it is six minutes after six right now. a sex assault suspect was caught on surveillance camera near the
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this morning denver police need your help to identify that suspect. police also think the video will help catch the suspect. this video. the victim says the man assaulted her near 44th and chambers monday night. a surveillance camera captured convenience store. if you have any information, can identify the suspect, call crime stoppers at 720913 stop. there is a $2,000 reward. you do not have to give your name. former douglas county high school teacher jeffrey fallk is expected in court today for a preliminary hearing. he was arrested in september on dozens of charges, including child pornography, stalking and burglary. investigators say that they found more than one victim. the douglas county school district said faulk was a math teacher between 1995 and 2014. they are the magic numbers everybody is talking about this
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here they are one more time. they are 4, 8, 19, 27, 34, and 10 is the powerball number. well we, know at least three winning jackpot tickets were sold around the country. the california lottery says one of them was bought in chino hills near los angeles. another also reportedly sold in florida. and we know of another location in tennessee. apparently, it was sold in tipton county. the colorado lottery says there were no tickets sold here that matched all six of the numbers. if you didn't hit the jackpot, you could have won a smaller prize. 15 tickets won between $100,000 you. the numbers are 4, 8, 19, 27, 34, powerball number 10. >> oh, so close. not. >> we have a consolation prize. >> that's right. a magnet. these broncos magnets are the hottest items in town. this morning there are four locations in the colorado you can get one.
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is at the king soopers in conifer, which is off south davis avenue, and she has more. >> reporter: hi, everybody. we are at the king soopers in conifer. boy, is the crowd excited. just starting to give these magnets away. big cheers. woo! amber, you opened up early. a little bit of excitement this morning. a fire alarm went off? >> yeah. it was a little exciting trying to get ready. >> reporter: and then the crowd started up outside. what does it take to put something on like this, getting ready for the people coming in this morning? >> we bring a little staff in. we get dressed up because we are die-hard. king soopers is it. >> reporter: it's hard to tell folks for the magnets and the folks working here today. you guys are all excited? >> we are all excited. thank you so much. this is going to be going on here this morning. we have mike. mike has been standing here. he was first in line. are you excited about your >> sure am.
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are going to be hiking a bunch of them? >> yes, my mother-in-law can't stand in line. you have to do that for her. then saturday morning i hope to see my teacher peeps from douglas at the king soopers by thunderridge. >> reporter: awesome. and you guys, so many people here, how excited are you about your magnets? what does it feel like to be one of the few? >> exciting! >> reporter: awesome. you need a big cheer everybody. woo! >> [cheers and applause]. >> reporter: starting at six this morning, that's the one at king soopers at sixth and confer and davis. at seven in king soopers in bennett, city market that alamosa and the king soopers in greeley as well. there are others going on later today. city market in delta and the king soopers in lakewood. of course, we have all this information you need to know on all right. one more cheer for the broncos. are we gonna win? >> yay!
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we are in conifer, vida urbonas, 9news. >> all right. vida urbonas, 9news, thank you. this week's hashtag earebroncos photo challenge continues. we want to see your picture of how you support the team in your gear. >> here is some we have already received. i love this. i think they are dolls or bobbleheads or something. >> or something. >> they are like little broncos cheerleaders. how cute. big ones of -- house screaming. we are broncos. share it on social media. use hashtag #wearebroncos. i think it's gonna be a challenge today, marty. the biggest crowd for we are broncos. >> neat to see. the excitement is getting so intense. vida found quite a bit of it. moderate air quality today. good visibility. no wood burning restrictions. the wind is clicking along between 25 and 35 miles per hour up and down highway 287. now just over 60 miles per hour
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remember we talked about the possibility of that happening. 30s, 40s for the front range. the farther east you go the cooler it gets. the farther west you don't get that chinook flow. light snow in the mountains tonight, tomorrow, and tomorrow night. by saturday morning through -- from today through saturday morning from winter park to summit counties, vail 4-9 inches of snow. and right down below the colorado river 2-5 inches of snow. so again it will come in fits and starts, but by saturday morning it's gonna end up being a pretty nice total. thank you. an alabama police officer won't be forced to pay up an excessive force civil trial.
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windy, mild this morning. windy, chillier this afternoon. that's how the day is going to go here. we are seeing some moisture in utah now starting to sneak over that western border with colorado. hd doppler just now picking up a few echoes moving into the high terrain of the colorado river. again very cold in some of the high mountain valleys this morning. teens, 20s, 30s, 40s here in eastern colorado. chinook wind off the foothills keeping things warm. light snow in the foothills by late this afternoon. minimal accumulations. because the wind is blowing so strongly, it could limit visibility especially along the peak to peak highway. 40s for the highs today. we will see that this morning and early afternoon. it's gonna drop off later in the day because of gusty northerly wind.
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going from crested butte, aspen all the way up through vail, summit county and winter park. that goes through the day today and light tomorrow. they get a new surge tomorrow so by saturday morning we get the nice snow amounts. 40s around here. 50s down south. 20s and 30s in the mountains and west. tomorrow we are in the 30s. tomorrow afternoon a couple of light snow showers. i still peg us for an inch or less here. in northern colorado a few folks getting a quarter, half an inch here or there, but along and north of highway 14 we could actually see an inch or two of snow. foothills areas only a couple of inches of snow. it will be blowing quite significantly. again along the mountains right along the continental divide 4- 9 by saturday morning. clouds increase today. windy, cooler this afternoon. we hit the mid 40s early on. mid-teens tonight. we kind of settle temperatures down. we are gonna be in the 30s tomorrow. a couple of snow showers in the afternoon. cool weekend.
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sunday in and near the foothills. i still think we can crack 40 degrees downtown. martin luther king jr. day looks ideal for monday. amelia, it seems like things are going really, really well. did i jinx us in. you haven't jinxed us yet. we have been checking out all sides of the city. as promised we want to talk about the drive getting out to the airport. speeds great on i-70, on pena boulevard. you have plenty of spots in all time normal. your drive down south towards colorado springs looking great. if you are using 225 to access i-25 you will have a nice easy transition there across that dtc commute. ten minutes north and southbound from 70 to 25. c-470 is 8 minutes between santa fe and i-25 on the very light side. of course across the side streets we have one minor issue out here to the east side. a crash at iliff and tower. greg, as you know, this part of town is quiet in the early morning. >> thanks.
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really struggled on wednesday as the major indexes fell back into correction territory. there was an expectation. chipolte. they say they are confident steps they are taking to tighten up their food safety will prevent outbreaks of food poisoning in the future and the company's stock was up 5%. shares are down more than 30% since the first case of e.coli reported back in october. chipolte is starting a big marketing push next month to move back customers. look for stepped up ads and a direct outreach to their loyal fans. last week chipolte said sales of stores open at least a year fell some 30% in the month of december. all right. thank you much. so there was an unlikely police
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6:27 right now. an alabama police officer accused of partially paralyzing a grandfather is off the hook in a civil suit this morning. a federal judge tossed out the civil lawsuit against officer eric parker citing lack of reasonable doubt. parker is accused of slamming a 58-year-old man to the ground during an arrest. parker said the man looked suspicious. the man apparently didn't understand english and was unarmed. parker's previous two trials ended in hung juries. 6:21. tonight the republican presidential candidates will face off in yet another debate and this time it's gonna be held
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it will be broadcast on fox business network. the debate expected to focus on economic, democratic president, and international policy issues. seven candidates will take part. donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio, dr. ben carson, chris christie, jeb bush, and john kasich. meanwhile, the democrats will host their fourth debate in the campaign season on sunday night. that one will be held in charleston, south carolina. that race is heating up, too. this might be a good debate. this will be the democrats' last debate before 2016 primary voting begins with the iowa caucuses on february 1. you can watch that debate here on channel 9 sunday at 7 p.m. this morning lawmakers in maine will debate whether to impeach governor paul paige. paige is accused of abusing his power by using influence to pressure a school operator into taking back a job offer from democratic house speaker mark eaves. it will eventually go to the
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paige made waves last week when he accused drug dealers from to peddle drugs and impression white woman. a mayor knows he is not above the law this morning. portsmouth layer kenny wright tried to -- mayor kenny wright tried to outrun police. it was over an expired vehicle inspection. >> it was really weird. a portsmouth deputy said that when he realized the car belonged to the mayor, he planned on just, you know, giving him a slap on the wrist, you know. just writing him a warning. but then wright took off and that led to a police chase. they caught him and now he's facing charges. >> that is bizarre. >> not sure what's going on there. hey, will the nwa biopic get some love from the academy? more on the oscar nomination announcements after the break. first a check on the weather and traffic. >> plenty of wind in the front range.
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we have a high-wind warning out for cheyenne and the laramie areas through 7:00 this -- 2:00 this afternoon. wind gusts up to 65 miles per hour. and flash flooding possible along the gunnison river. 5-8-foot surges possible because of an ice jam northeast of gunnison. that's gonna be a concern here. wind forecasts through the day really strong winds in the mountains and foothills. they kick up here during the afternoon out of the northwest. so these temperatures in the 40s that we've seen will be about as warm as it gets at any point during the day. and then it just gets chillier. so you're probably gonna want to put your jacket on that sleeveless dress later, amelia. just my suggestion. >> i brought one. i had a feeling you'd say that. all right. as we head down to our south end drive across 25 near monument hill police activity due to a crash southbound near the 105 exit.
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off in the distance. speeds are doing okay. 40s and 50s. sunrise today at 7:19. so your sun glare factor is a 9. marty says very little cloud cover.
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and the oscar nominations are, well, we won't know for a few more minutes. >> we won't. >> they are getting ready to announcing them though. we have a live look at hollywood just before the academy awards nominations are revealed. it will be on this set. some of the top films that could be named are "the revenant," "the martian." another big contender is "straight out of compton." the nwa biopic. and of course the "star wars"
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"the force awakens." >> we shall see. >> maybe the top choice? we will keep you up to date and we will put all of the nominations as they come down on the 9news app so you can keep up with it there, too. >> "star wars" has never won best picture. that's so surprising. all right. stick around because we're gonna
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this is 9news.
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state address is happening later this morning. we're live at the capitol breaking down the goals he has for our state this year. remember those extremely long security lines out at dia a couple weeks ago that caused some people to miss their flights? well, now we know exactly why that happened. we'll share it with you coming up. okay. and this is a live look where they're getting ready to announce the oscar nominations. that is just getting going in hollywood. we will let you know some of the biggest categories for the 88th academy awards when the nominations come out. sad news this morning to pass along. actor alan rickman has died. he is known for films including harry potter, die-hard, truly madly deeply, move actually. he is one of the best loved british actors of the past decades. he died in london. he has suffering from cancer. rickman was 69 years old.
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gary and corey with you on this thursday. cheryl is off on assignment. amelia has a look at the traffic, which hasn't been bad so far, and marty is in the backyard. marty, things are going to start cooling down in a little bit? >> they are. strong north and west winds this morning. that's kept temperatures up a little bit. beautiful pre-dawn sky in denver. we have no wood burning restrictions today because the wind is scooting a little more off the foothills. 68 miles per hour at the top of berthoud pass. you go into winter park today, you're gonna have some blowing snow going up there. 20 to 30-mile-per-hour winds on the west side of town. good visibility today. no wood burning restrictions in effect below 7,000 feet today. 30s and 40s temperatures on the front range mainly because of all those down sloping winds. again in grant county this morning it is below zero between 10 and 20 below zero. boulder 40 plus. 40 plus in the longmont area and broomfield this morning.
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commute. we don't warm up dramatically though because we are gonna see the wind shift and come out of the northwest a little bit later in the day, and that's gonna hold temperatures in the mid-to-upper 40s and then we start sliding down later this afternoon. in fact, with the temperature cool-off and the winds later this afternoon, it's really not gonna be all that comfortable around here. we will be talking about snow in our friday forecast. and of course broncos-steelers. first a lot of folks have to get off to work. amelia has the latest on how to do that. good morning. yes, we do. we are checking out the city across 70, 25, 225. quiet all things considered. now that we have hit the 6:00 mark we are pushing into standard and typical delays. let's focus in on the thornton and northglenn drive. if you are about to jump on 25
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on the east identify and you use tower road to access e-470 or i-70, we have a minor crash at iliff. live look out to monument hill, police activity southbound 25 on the right shoulder. light delays building up in the southbound direction, but northbounders you're still in the mid 50s. we are gonna keep an eye on highway 93 and 72 cam, gary, because this is where we expect snow. >> thank you very much, amelia. 6:34 right now. developments indonesia's capitol. police in jakarta now say that five terrorists who carried out isis. this is amateur video showing one of the explosions outside a starbucks at a busy shopping center there. at the same time these explosions were happening, gunmen were attacking a police post and several other locations. terrorists, were killed. police say as many as a dozen
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they think they were trying to mimic the deadly paris attacks. well, the economy, affordable housing, even wine in grocery stores, they are all up for discussions in the governor's state of the state address today. but he's going to be up against a divided colorado legislature. so it could be tough getting anything done. he is trying to take on even the taxpayer bill of rights. 9news reporter tarhonda thomas with a preview. the governor has a big goal today? >> reporter: he definitely has a goal, and that is to reach all coloradans. we have with us someone who knows very well the agenda and what the governor is trying to accomplish this year. this is lieutenant governor joe garcia. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: congratulations on session. what are you thinking about as your goals for this year? >> my goals have always been to make sure that we have world-class educational opportunities for all coloradans the economic status, whatever their
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people to be able to participate in our economy. >> reporter: governor saying that's something he is going to talk about. paying for college. another thing people are thinking about, the taxpayer bill of rights. the governor wanted to make amendments. republicans saying they oppose it. where do you see that going? >> we want to address the hospital provider fee through a technical fix that will free up hundreds of millions of dollars without which we will see dramatic cuts at a time our economy is booming. >> reporter: we are also talking about jobs with that though comes the need for affordable housing. how does the governor plan to address that this session? >> in partnership with local communities, with business, with non-profits. certainly that's a downside of our economic expansion, is housing prices are going up. >> reporter: when we talk about things like that people can relate to, one of the things the governor addressed yesterday in a preview was thoughts about the passing of possibly having grocery stores carry beer and wine. that's something that's very relatable of an issue.
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>> it's something we're all -- all coloradans have an opinion. the really big issue is around the budget fix. we want to make sure that we're freeing uple dollars to allow us to cover the cost for programs that coloradans need. >> reporter: how hard do you think that will be? >> government is very good at bringing people together. he is going to be looking for common ground and common sense solutions. >> reporter: lieutenant governor joe garcia, appreciate your time. thank you very much. governor john hickenlooper will be speaking at 11:00. we will carry that live on channel 20. can you believe it, america? a world record jackpot. >> and the winning numbers are 8, 27, 34, 4, and 19 with the powerball number of 10. did you pick any of the lucky numbers? this morning millions of people are checking and double checking their powerball tickets. so far we know there were at least three big winners.
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winning powerball ticket was sold in california. this is video from the 7-eleven in chino hill where the winning ticket was sold. someone in florida also has a winning ticket, and we know of the location in tennessee where another winning powerball ticket was told. it's in tipton county north of memphis. all right. we have some information about an apartment complex fire in colorado springs. 24 people are out of their homes today after the overnight fire at the treehouse apartments. that's on the city's southeast side. firefighters had to place ladders against the building in order to get to -- try to get to people and get them out. it's near a south academy boulevard and east fountain. it took crews more than two hours to put out the flames. one dog, we're told, was killed. several other pets are missing, but we do believe that everything else got out. the second student accused of plotting against her classmates at mountain vista high school in highlands ranch will be in court today. we're expecting formal charges and we expect to find out if
6:33 am
teenager will be charged as an adult. we have not named her or shown her picture because no formal charges have been filed. prosecutors were waiting for a psychiatric evaluation. her classmate, 16-year-old sienna johnson, is facing charges as an adult. she is accused of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder. there were some -- they were some of the longest lines we have ever seen at dia. three days after christmas security wait times peaked at about two and a half hours. 9wants to know investigated and finally got a response from the tsa about why this happened. 9news reporter noel brennan is live at dia this morning. noel, tsa admits it's at fault for this? >> reporter: exactly. basically, they say that they didn't add the staff members that they should have and in that overnight period between december 28th and 29th. you see behind me though security wait times not too bad this morning. the line is filling up. this is nothing in comparison, of course, to what you might remember seeing just a couple weeks ago.
6:34 am
way back to backage claim, even looped around a few times before coming back to where the line typically ends. a lot of people ended up waiting hours. some close to two and a half hours. i was out here that morning and some of those people ended up missing their flights. a lot of these people who have been coming to the airport for years say that those were the longest lines they have ever seen. so despite the tsa's estimates of how many passengers were gonna be there, the agency overnight. at one point there was only a single tsa agent that was checking all those passengers. yesterday, two weeks later, we got a response from the tsa and they released a statement. they say, in, after further investigation tsa determined that correct staffing protocols were not followed at denver international airport overnight on december 28th through 29th resulting in unusually long wait times.
6:35 am
continue to employ the lessons learned to local on occasions. basically, they have learned from that mistake and they will try to make sure that it does not happen again. i know a lot of people were blaming dia. a lot of people were concerned about the airlines being at fault. but the tsa guys now coming out and saying, hey, we should have added staff members that night. they sent the night shift home and they did have an option of asking some of those staff members to stay and to work overtime, but simply that did not happen that day. >> that was a frustrating day for so many passengers. thank you. it is 641 is right now. the stars are aligned so some of the oscar nominations are in. it's always kind of hard to time this stuff. we have a live look in hollywood as the announcements are being
6:36 am
we should hear best film, actor, actress very soon. directors are presenting award. documentary feature, documentary short, costume design, "mad max," "the martian," "the revenant," "star wars," "force awakens" were all nominated for sound editing. and boy and the world, inside out, "shawn the sheep," and the marine were there as nominated for best animated pictures. we have the stream up on our website and on or 9news app. if you want to watch it live, you can tune into that. we will get to the big ones in a little bit. >> they split up the nominations. 11 and 11. so they could take a commercial break. >> oh, all right. pause for the cause. let's look at money news. wall street trying to claw back from weapons' sell-off which
6:37 am
what has been a dismal start to this trading year. the drop-off came after a bounce in oil prices. a late day sell-off pushing the dow and nasdaq and s&p down into correction territory. investors worried about earnings, too. jpmorgan kicks off things in reports today. they are concerned about oil prices and the global economy. three boulder apartment complexes are about to undergo a multi-million dollar renovation and they are getting some financial help from the city of boulder and google. in fact, the money they combined with a couple of private equity firms will total $63 million. our partners the at the business journal say that in total the renovation will result in 238 6:43. we talked about firefighters having a greater chance of developing several types of cancer. the cars generals and the smoke and soot they are around every
6:38 am
cancers in first responders such as testicular cancer, prostate cancer, multiple mileioma among others. it's important to track those calls in case a firefighter is diagnosed with cancer and needs to file for workers' compensation. but doing that has been difficult for a lot of fire departments until now. south adams county fire department has been using a new web-based program for almost a year now called the exposure tracker. they are the only department in the state to use it so far. it helps track and log all the calls every firefighter goes on in detail from the length of the call to the color of the smoke, the type of environment and so on. it's really personal for this fire department. right now they have six firefighters in their department of 80 people that have cancer, including their chief. so it was a no-brainer for them to adopt this new technology. >> we have all, you know, over this cancer thing, you know, shed tears and shake our heads. but to have this technology, i
6:39 am
>> that's the chief there. he was diagnosed with kidney cancer. he is in remission now, which is great. the cost is less than $5 per firefighter per year. the safety officer enters the firefighter after every call. firefighter. they hope other departments now as well. 68-mile-per-hour winds at the top of berthoud pass. a webcam from cdot. can you see the snow blowing across the road up there. we are gonna have 40 to 55-mile-per-hour gusts in the mountains and foothills, staying through the afternoon. we start to get a northwesterly wind around here this afternoon and that's gonna bring some colder air in. we go into the 40s, mid-to-upper 40s, and then start dropping off this afternoon as that northwest wind begins to take hold. we also have strong winds in wyoming. high-wind warning out for cheyenne, wheat land and
6:40 am
in the gunnison river valley we have a flash flood watch through tomorrow afternoon. why? a big ice jam. they could see river levels go up 5 to 8 feet, guys. that could flood some folks who are living right along the river. >> a big deal. >> yeah, that sounds like a lot of water. 6:45. a warning this morning for anyone looking to buy broncos tickets.
6:41 am
snow begins in the mountains today. it's a 1-3 inch snow by tomorrow morning, but the snow's gonna continue during the day tomorrow. we will have some really good totals. so by saturday morning this is
6:42 am
winter park, summit county, vail area 4-9 inches of snow. along the roaring fork valley and colorado river 2-5 inches of brand new snow. i'm not going to say jinx it, amelia. but i guess we knew it couldn't last. this has been too smooth of a commute? yeah. we won't blame it on you. back-ups on southbound i-25. we have a center lane accident that if you are about to leave the house and you're in downtown denver or the denver tech senator, greenwood village, keep this in mind. but with the crash and the tow truck, tow truck here, car in front of it, look at that back-up. southbound delays kick off at i-70. so that is going to cause our speeds to drop down into the teens and 20s. greg, take look at these speeds. 14 miles per hour near colfax and 10 leading up to the scene of the crash. >> better plan tore extra time.
6:43 am
more kmart stores are going to close shops. the number expected to be small. perspective. and we do know for sure that april. sears holding operates 95 2k marts around the country. pier 1 is recalling thousands of swinging chairs because they might flopped might fall with -- might fall and you might fall with it. they were sold between january 2010 and august of last year. now, the hardware used to suspend or stabilize them can become unstable over time. there have been 101 reports of this happening, including 27 injuries. if you have one, you can contact pier 1. they have a free repair kit or you can return it for a refund. people looking to focus on their best selves in this new year, and not a weight loss bad.
6:44 am
lean cuisine's wake this diet filter for google chrome blocks the word diet from online articles and social posts. it searches and filters out the word diet when it appears in your browser window. >> that's pretty neat. a warning this morning from denver police for anyone trying to buy last-minute broncos tickets. be careful when you are shopping around for that. they suggest not buying them from places like craigslist and use official ticket exchanges. the department warns if you choose to use unofficial sites and the tickets are fake, there is a very small chance that back. a number of people this season have already fallen victim to these types of ticket scams. police are still looking for these two suspects in this type if you recognize them you're asked to call the number on screen. hancock has proclaimed tomorrow orange denver. broncos fans in denver through the region, through the whole state actually, encouraged to wear their orange gear.
6:45 am
the city are also gonna be lit up in broncos orange, and in celebration bannock street in denver is going to be renamed broncos boulevard. like that, huh? we'd like you to join us for a special edition of 9news tomorrow morning in honor of orange friday and the broncos' playoff game. we are going to be live out at sports authority field. we are going to talk to some ex-players. we will break down what's coming up in sunday's match-up. we will share everything you need to know about the game, talking about parking, transportation, ticket information. >> food. >> food, food, most importantly, and of course the rivalry. is there a rivalry? well, maybe we'll talk about that, between the broncos and the steelers. our coverage begins at 4:30 in the morning, run to 9. the cheerleaders and miles will show up, too. >> wear layers. it's going to be a little bit chilly. after the break a look at weather, traffic, and the top
6:46 am
we wanted to share more oscar nominations with you. big short, brooklyn, "mad max," "the martian," "the revenant," "room," spotlight. the refnent leads the pack with 12 nominations.
6:47 am
windy again over the front range, especially in and near the mountains and foothills. moisture begins to move out of utah now. to
6:48 am
either side of the colorado river and western colorado. first surge of snow. it's still very cold in many of the mountain valleys. 22 below zero in gunnison. cold air dropping down in there. range. chinook wind the big factor here. light snow during the afternoon along the peak to peak highway down to around georgetown, springs. it will be blowing around and those gusty winds by the end of the day tomorrow 1-3-inch snow. tomorrow. 40s for us this morning and early afternoon. temperatures drop later in the day with 30s and windy conditions in the foothills. today light snow. west and northwest facing slopes one, two, three inches of snow by tomorrow. an additional 3-5 by early saturday morning. 20s, 30s in the mountains and west. 40s around here. warm conditions down south. we are gonna have a period of very light snow showers tomorrow afternoon. metro area an inch or less. the northern colorado some folks
6:49 am
of highway 14 we could see up to 2 inches of snow with a couple of inches of blowing snow and snow in our foothills. clouds gonna increase. cooler afternoon with temperatures in the 40s today. teens tonight. 30s tomorrow. again that very light snow, a cool weekend ahead. we are gonna keep flurries on and off in the foothills through this weekend. amelia. marty, we need to go directly back to our cdot camera. approximate if your drive takes you on i-25 -- if your drive takes ounce i-25 this morning, listen up. the middle of the city. 25 and alameda a major center lane accident is still tying up the freeway here. traffic get through southbound. one lane to the right and one far lane -- actually, two lanes to the left now. two tow trucks on scene. two cars right up front and this delay southbound on 25 has linked up with the north end delays coming from 136th avenue. so there the crash sits.
6:50 am
15 miles per hour. on the north side this southbound very much from e-470 to 36 will combine with that central corridor delay. i would recommend something like federal or sheridan running off to the west side. if you head to the east, possibly cherry creek to avoid that back-up might work as well. >> thank you. 6:57 right now. here is a look at some of the top stories this morning. five people are out of their home after a house fire in denver. neighbors say they heard two loud explosions, came outside and saw the home in flames. it took denver fire 30 minutes to get this fire under control. it destroyed the home. one person was taken to the hospital as a precaution. a second teen accused of a murder plot in her highlands ranch high school is expected to be charged odd. investigators say the girls made details plans to hurt students and staff at mountain vista high school in december. sienna johnson was charged in the case as an adult.
6:51 am
capital city in indonesia was the latest isis target. five people carried out the bombings and shootings in jakarta are affiliated with isis. seven people, including the terrorists, were killed. another 19 people injured. tonight the republican presidential candidates will face off in another debate. this time it's being held in north charleston, south carolina, and we'll broadcast on fox business network. this debate is expected to focus on economic, democratic president, and international policy issues. stage. donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio, bernie sanders, chris kasich. windy today. temperatures cooling off a bit. light snow tomorrow night. a big deal here. possible. pretty decent weekend. good look look martin luther king jr. day on monday. then for the middle of next week looks like a little bit of snow. just a few flurries tuesday. a better chance for measurable snow on wednesday, but then we
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