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tv   9 News at Noon  NBC  January 14, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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governor john hickenlooper reaching out to republicans to find a way to veteran in roads and schools by avoiding issuing taxpayer refunds so he is delivering. he just delivered his 2016 state of the state address to the republican controlled senate, and the democrat led house. the house is divided. >> it just ended moments ago. brandon is standing by now, to talk about the speech and its reception among lawmakers.
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behind me, because the lawmakers threw a whole ton of rice on the governor's fiance. they will have a small wedding. sot senate president, the republican, appears to have ranged for a great number of members to have some rice at hand to throw on the couple since they are not going to be getting invites to the wedding. the governor will have a small ceremony. ending on a warm note here. i can tell you politically, the governor threw down the gauntlet on this issue on the taxpayer bill of rights. the governor and republicans have been fighting what to do about the state budget in the year ahead. right now the taxpayer bill of rights will require some cuts to be made and potentially some refunds of state taxes to taxpayers. and the governor wants to take this fee that is paid by hospitals outside of the system that tabr control, and that has been a very hot issue, just heading into this legislative session. and the governor, doubled down on his proposal, and he essentially said this is the line what is going to stick
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make this very reasonable change, like many already allowed under tabr, then what choice do we have, but to re- examine tabr? republicans have no interest in tinkering with tabr at all. they see it as a critical tool to protect state spending, from growth, getting out of control. so this right here, while there might have been a lot that both sides can agree on in this speech, that one issue is going to be a hot button issue as we head into the legislative issue which as of now is two days old. the governor talked about the infrastructure. saying that the state is growing at a very fast rate. but the roads, the highways, to get everyone around, are not growing at the same pace. republicans would agree with that. they just would not agree that do it. they want to try and clamp down on government spending. so that is sort of the posturing that has begun as we head into the legislative session and lawmakers in this
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kyle? much. we are going to speak with kyle clark shortly who will be talking with the governor. hopefully he will get all of then. thank you very much. we just missed that moment by just a segment. darn. all right, outside, sunny skies, right now, but there will be a change in the weather tomorrow. i wonder what it will be like on the wedding day. >> oh, man. maybe a snowy wedding day for the governor. marty coniglio is in the 9 backyard. it is windy out there marty. all about the wind here today. we started with winds, 60, 70 miles an hour on berthoud pass and some of that wind has made its way down here into downtown denver. we are looking at clear skies here. berthoud pass, wind blown snow. light snow falling on the top of the continental divide, and we have some light snow, as you just mentioned, tarhonda, it is starting to pile up a little bit, in the mountains and foothills, just beginning to show up on the peak to peak highway. not going to make its way down here. and high winds have been going in wyoming, between 50 and 65 miles an hour.
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high wind warning for cheyenne and laramie, until 2:00. and ice jam near espy ranch near gunnison has a flash flood watch in effect. along the gunnison river. through tomorrow. highway 93 and a notorious nasty place for wind. things looking okay there now as temperatures hold in the mid- 40s. we finally have gone above zero in kremmling. i believe it is 18, 19 below zero earlier in the day there. the wind stays -- stays with us the rest of the day. the farther east you are, the lower it wilke. but still 30, 40 miles an hour on the west side of town. up to 25 mile-per-hour on the east side of town. that means no wood burning restrictions today. and no big warmup for you. these mid-40s, that is about as good as it is going to get today. and then the temperatures start sliding off here a little bit later in the afternoon. talking about snow, we have a lot more on that coming up in 10 minutes. >> a lot of people anxious to hear that forecast. thank you, marty. >> thanks, marty.
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morning, neighbors tell 9 news they heard two loud explosions and then saw this denver house burst into flames. roughly all six people inside were able to escape with their lives. that includes five adults and a child. it happened on eagle street at around 12:30 this morning. the fire was so bad when crews arrived, they immediately had to go into defensive mode. the home is a complete loss. there is no word on a cause. but officials say it appears to have started in the garage. this morning, prosecutors in douglas county charged the second mountain vista high school student as an adult. in a plot to commit murder at the school back in december. the 16-year-old is facing the same charges as her alleged accomplice, two counts of conspiracy, to commit first- degree murder. a judge set bail for the one today, at $1 million. and in court, a prosecutor said she was infatuatedwith the columbine high school killer. things are running smoothly this morning from d.i.a., with a live look right now.
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going on a few weeks ago. >> right around christmas, it was not the case. >> one of the worst security lines ever at d.i.a. >> that we have seen. >> some people waited in line for hours to get through and ended up missing their flights. now the tsa is taking responsibility and ending up to noel brennan explains. >> reporter: a typical day at denver international airport. up. but it is moving smoothly. this is not what we saw a couple of weeks ago at the airport. we saw some of the longest security wait times that we have ever seen. up yrds of 2 1/2 hours at d.i.a -- up wards of 2 1/2 hours at dirs. three days after christmas. the security lines peaked. and 9 news wants to know, finally got a response about what y-it happened by the tsa. turns out it didn't happen because of poor communication or bad weather in the midwest but tsa's own starving decisions. we are talking about the night of december 28 and the early morning hours of the 29th. despite the tsa's own estimates of how many passengers there
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not to add staff overnight. and at one point, it only appeared that there was a single tsa agent checking passengers. and a statement released yesterday, the tsa said quote after further investigation, tsa determined that correct staffing protocols were not followed, at denver international airport overnight. on december 28 through 29th. resulting in unusually long wait times. the agency added that it will continue to employ the lessons learned that evening and early morning, to local operations. basically, the tsa is saying that it learned from its mistakes that day. and you can bet that a lot of frustrated passengers are hoping that it will not happen again. many of whom ended up missing their flights a couple of weeks ago. reporting from d.i.a., noel brennan, 9 news. >> noel, thanks for that. denver police need your help, everyone, to identify and find a sexual assault suspect. monday night, a woman was near 44th and chambers when police say the suspect assaulted her.
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seeing here captured the suspects walking into a nearby convenience store, and if that person looks familiar to you, if you can identify that person, please call 720-913-stop. in world news today, isis is claiming responsibility for a terror attack in indonesia. downtown jakarta's shopping district was a battle field with at least two explosions. this one outside of a starbucks, and bullets were flying between police and five gunmen. as people were headed to work this morning. security cameras showed crowds scattering in fear. this close to the presidential palace there. the u.s. embassy. and the united nations. >> this is not a good week for all of these attacks. >> no, very serious. all right, around here, we are talking about the wind. it has been blowing hard all day today. marty is out in the backyard. he is going to join us shortly to tell us when the wind might die down and when the snow will be picking up. stay with us.
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>> also, if you have not gotten your broncos magnet yet, it is not too late.
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here in the backyard, it is windy, it is clear, and we got a front coming through here. on the front side, it is kind of dry and windy. there is the front by the way, showing up in eastern colorado around limon right now. on the backside, we have moisture moving in. light snow in the mountain areas. we saw it hanging up there along the continental divide. we have seen some mountain snow showers picking up on those west and northwest-facing slopes. that is the rule of the day today. and 30s, 40s on the front range.
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see, that is the front that i was talking about there. that is going to continue to drop to the south and start cooling off, southeastern colorado, later on. it is still 2 below zero, right near the river, at gunnison, it is much warmer and head up the road toward crested butte, 20, 25 miles warmer than that. light snow in the foothills. the big feature is this wind. it is just going to be around with us throughout the day. we will start to pick the snow up late tonight and into tomorrow into the foothills. 40s is the best we will do today. with the 20s and 30s with the wind continuing today. one to three inches of snow in the mountains today. and slows down early tomorrow morning. we get another shot tomorrow night. and some pretty good snow when it is all added up by saturday morning. 40s here. 50s and 60s down south. and 20s to near 30 for most of the mountains and west. looking ahead, tomorrow, you can see that snow spread throughout the mountains. we will start to see some snow
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i like northern colorado and the eastern plains, for a little better shot at snow that we are going to have locally. so i will put better accumulations there. again, for mountain areas, good snow by saturday morning. i would say from now, to saturday morning, 4-9 inches, winter park, summer county, to the vail area, 6-12. rabbit ears pass to the flat tops. locally, it is an inch or less around here. it is not a big deal. and northern colorado, stretching out over the northeastern plains, and anywhere from just a trace, to up wards of an inch and a half to two inches, going to be some narrow bands of snow, especially along highway 14, and then drifting out around fort morgan and brush. the foothills areas will get some snow as well. for us, today, clouds start picking up later in the afternoon. continues to be windy. temperatures dropping here through the afternoon. bottoming out in the teens here overnight tonight. tomorrow, we have a cooler day,
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balance, it might seem a little nicer. less than an inch or so. not a big deal for us at all. we stay cool on saturday. and the foothills areas will see some flurries, on sunday, and then for the martin luther
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denver police are searching for a colorado department of corrections inmate who escaped. they are searching in the area of 45th avenue and sheridan.
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hispanic, about 5'9", with a thin build, and shaved head and he was wearing a red t-shirt. police have not identified him yet. but if you think that you see him, you can call police. we will keep working on this story and update you on air and online. it is one of the biggest days of the year in hollywood. the nominations are out for the academy awards. the tag line to this year's oscars is we all dream in gold. and come february 28, we will find out which of those dreams come true. leonardo dicaprio is up for his fifth career nomination for revenant. and he is coming up against matt damon for the martian. and michael massbender for steve jobs. and the revenant best picture. in competition, it includes the martian, bridge of spy, and brooklyn and the big short. and two-time oscar winner cate blanchett has a shot at number three oscar for her. best actress. and that is for carol. the rivals include two golden globe winners brie larson and
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all of the information broken down on >> i want to see brooklyn. my mom said it was great. she loved it. >> i can't keep track of it. british actor alan rickman lost his battle with cancer. he passed away confirmed by his family. there is alan rickman. now we have it right. he has had such a long career. ranging from britain's royal shakespeare company, to harry potter, he was in that film love actually, and he was in die-hard. a bad guy in most movies. and snape from harry potter. he passed away at 59. >> a lot of people will miss him. now, no one was come forward to claim some of the $1.6 billion powerball prize but lottery officials say they know where three lucky tickets were purchased. >> that one place out in california, right? >> uh-huh. one tick was bought at a 711 in chino hills, california. another in mum ford, tennessee. north of memphis. and a third ticket sold at publix grocery store in melbourne beach, florida not in
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the annual payments can be opted for, over decades, or a lump sum payment.
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toyota is reportedly working on a way to turn your tweets no ads. that idea as the social media giant would gather product related tweets from advertisers and then choose from them. and if your tweet is chosen, you get a direct message, asking for permission, for the advertiser to use your tweet. so a lot of people think maybe consumers trust real world twitter users more than they trust a celebrity who is paid to tweet. or maybe a pitchman. no word on when the platform would be available for companies to use. i would be interested in knowing, do you get paid if they use your tweet? >> exactly. apple's updated operating system may help you sleep better. the update which has not been released to the public yet,
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and the feature uses your device's clock and geo location to find out when the sun sets in your area. as day changes to night, your device automatically changes to display colors that are warmer parts of the spectrum to filter out blue light that can keep your body from producing hormones that help you sleep. amazon has added blue shade and google has night light on the google play book app. >> something encouraging us to keep it by our bedside. >> they tell us not to but you always do before you go to bed. >> i talked about it at the top of the newscast. governor john hickenlooper just wrapped up the state of the state address from the capital. we have more from kyle about the key points of the speech. >> reporter: welcome back to the colorado house chambers where the vacuum cleaners are out picking up the rice that was showered on governor hickenlooper and his fiance who will be joined in marriage on saturday. thanks for your time, governor. >> glad to be on.
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legislators today to either pass your preferred revenue fix with this hospital provider fee, the work-around. the taxpayer bill of rights, or we will have to re-examine the whole taxpayer bill of rights. was that a threat? >> no, i think what i was saying is the hospital provider fee is the most obvious. i mean it clearly is a fee that has been judged a fee, by almost every legal entity that looked at it. but i'm open to anything. it wasn't a threat. i am just saying everywhere i go along the front range, people are frustrated by the traffic congestion, the lack of any meaningful change. we have to find new revenue. we can't just say we are going to bond over the next 20 years and we will get this money out of nowhere. it is bonding means you borrow money and you don't have cash flow behind it, are you really going out on a ledge. so -- you are really going out on a ledge. so i think the hospital provider fee, reclassifying the way it probably should have been, like lottery proceeds or the bill where they added money
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help pay for bridges, those are fees, and they don't count toward the tabr count. for some reason the hospital provider fee which is really collected by hospitals, for the safety as a federal match, that should be a fee as well. if they don't think that is the right way to do it, you know, i am open to any other way. >> governor, let's dig into that a little bit. we don't have a lot of time with you. republicans are concerned that this is just a process of chipping away at the taxpayer bill of rights. so i am curious. i haven't heard you or your allies discuss how much time does this buy us? if you get the revenue you want, from passing your plan, does that get us a year, three years, a decade? >> it depends on the economy to a certain extent but i think it allows us, the benefits perspective, in other words we get the hospital provider fee and we can look and see, and i think we will be able to do four, five, $6 billion worth of and transit. and that is a big step. it doesn't solve all of our problems. but it takes us a long way down
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>> governor, i am curious, you have led this state as a married man, and as a single man, and everyone's congratulations on your upcoming wedding on saturday. does it change the way that you approach and deal with the job? >> i will say that especially when you are dealing with disasters, or complex issues, or sensitive topics, you know, by the time things get to my desk, and we are in my office right here, usually, a lot of smart people couldn't get the compromise, couldn't get there, so you come home at the end of the day, and you have just been kind of pounded back and forth over very difficult decisions, sometimes, you know, hurricanes, or blizzards, or flash floods, or wildfires, and it is great to come home to someone who is a soul mate. and really cares about what is going on in the state and cares about, you know, what kind of a day i had. i can't tell you the difference it makes. it is, i think most people know
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aren't cut out to be, to go through life alone, many do happily, but at least me, i can't tell you how much happier i am. >> well, congratulations, governor. i think you would find bipartisan agreement on that. thank you for your time. we look forward to our
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all right, marty, we have the wind blowing in. >> the winds blowing in today. a wee, wee, bit of snow tomorrow. a decent weekend. bronco, steelers, low 40s. >> okay. >> that sounds good. >> winning weather. >> yes. >> let's hope so.
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