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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  January 14, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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house fire that killed their son are recovered from serious injuries. josie and ralph andrade are people. 9news reporter, victoria sanchez, has more on how the family's coping. >> reporter: for nearly 4 decades, josie and ralph andrade lived in this home. tuesday night , it was taken away as flames shot above the the fire started in the basement and moved up.>> they were trying to evacuate the house and josie had to actually give him a shove to get them out of the house.>> reporter: 72-year-old ralph fell from the below. he was hooked to the die out -- to a dialysis machine and getting treatment and his home. he is now in the denver health icu in serious condition.
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and is still fighting his way back to us. >> reporter: their granddaughter alexis and their two-year-old great- granddaughter were able to get out on time. but 42-year-old ralph andrade junior died. >> we lost them in a tragic way. the individual cannot really save himself at this point.>> he had multiple -- >> reporter: he had multiple sclerosis and josie cared for her son. the flames prevented josie from going downstairs to help him. like the rest of the large family, she took it hard when she found out that ralphie had died. the spokesperson for the family called community members and neighbors who are helping the family, angels. he wants to thank everyone for the support. i am victoria sanchez , 9news. josie andrade briefed and a
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monoxide and is at swedish hospital. a teenager suffering from depression is the second teenager charged in an assassination attempt at mountain vista high school.>> reporter: the case is called weak because no weapons were found in the hot -- at higgins' home. she and her friend, deanna johnson, not only had a plan for the shooting at the high school, but higgins was searching online for ways to obtain a gun.>> based on information that we obtained, we had concerns for the community.>> reporter: as outlined two searches on her
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journal, she had connections. we cannot take random thoughts, specifically in my client's case. this is a therapeutic journal. they are distinguished by different personalities and different characters. they are loosely associated at best. >> reporter: she said that higgins and johnson were just acquaintances at mountain vista. >> the investigation leads us to believe there is a connection between the two. certainly the charge means an agreement between the two. >> reporter: a conspiracy to commit murder. nelson garcia, 9news. when the judge set the bond at $1 million, she started crying. both sides of the aisle are digging in and getting ready for a fight in state spending
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in the state of the state address, governor. hickenlooper push the idea that he and fellow democrats support. he wanted to change the fee given to hospitals in the taxpayer bill of rights known as tabor. it will allow the state to avoid some refunds to taxpayers. he thinks that it should be a reevaluated or else. >> if we cannot make this change like many have been allowed under tabor, what choice do we have but to re- examine tabor? right now nobody can say with a straight face that there -- that our budget rules are working for us. republicans -- >> reporter: republicans don't think it will work. the governor plans to marry robin pringle on saturday at a small ceremony. they decided to do a rice
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and they wished the first couple well. working with south metro fire on an ice rescue. we have a photo from the parker police at 11 710 we have a photo from the parker police at 11 710 meadowood lane. e. of s. parker rd. they say one juvenile, a child, is under the ice. two other people have been located and taken to the hospital. we don't know if they have to be rescued or their condition. as we get more information, we will pass it on. donald trump may be planning to go after ted cruz at the debate tonight in south carolina. we have been questioning whether the texas center -- he has been test -- questioning whether the texas senator is eligible to run for the president. he says he fail to properly report a loan. the wife of ted cruz works at the wall street bank and ted
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wrong. the facts of the underlying matter have been disclosed for years. the campaign is seeking guidance from federal regulators on how to update the old reports. mass shootings and guns are expected to be topics of discussion along with isis. what does this have to los angeles. hoping to bring la -- the olympics to la, they say that's good news. >> reporter: it could have moved to the front of the pack as far as the summer olympics pack -- bid for 2024 goes. it will be the future homes of
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be the la rams soon. it will be a billion-dollar stadium once it is built and some say that it will be a key ingredient to sealing the la third olympic games in 2024. la has great support in olympic history. >> the olympics are truly in our dna, as the mayor says every day. we are incredibly fortunate to have so many para olympians and olympians training in our area. more than 1000. what we see in the residents of la is over 80% support. it is unique in the world. >> reporter: those games are eight years away. the 2016 summer olympics are much closer in this august. the u.s. women's national team's training here in la. the qualifier is coming up this february and they have to win all of the matches if they are going on to rio. something may have to focus on. if they are just winning the world cup, they could make history.
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back world top -- world cup and olympic gold in the history of women's soccer. they are focused and we are focused just outside of la and beautiful beverly hills. david hunt is going to take me for a little bite to eat here in beverly hills.>> i know david hunt well. bon appitit to both of you. we are jealous. since last night's historic powerball drawing, we have learned that three tickets match all the numbers. they are celebrating in chino hills, california. melbourne -- in florida and tennessee. while we don't know is who is holding the tickets. they will have to split and nearly $1.6 billion jackpot. that will be so tough. each ticket is worth more than $528 million, before taxes.
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tennessee where one ticket was sold may not know yet. he has been duckhunting with no cell service. his wife accepted a $25,000 check from lottery officials. >> i'm excited and we can't wait to find out who the big winner was. >> you never know what is happening in my kind of town. >> reporter: in the city of just 6000 people about 30 miles north of memphis. the next drawing is saturday and the jackpot is a measly $40 million. >> not even worth going out -- not even worth going after. >> i had one powerball and it was worth three dollars. >> it's not going to see micah be deal anymore. -- seem like a big deal anymore. why students can appear on
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we have an update on a story i told you about a few minutes ago. parker police working with south metro fire have pulled three children from icy lake in south parker. this is a picture of the scene at 1117 meadowood lane. this is a picture of the scene at 1117 meadowood lane. e. of s. parker rd. this is a picture of the scene at 1117 meadowood lane. e. of s. parker rd. it is near hilltop drive and tallman drive. all three children have been taken to the hospital. we do not know how this evolved. if they had to be rescued. we don't know their conditions and we do know they have been
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to a local hospital. a local elementary school was the only one selected to participate in a segment for the nfl network. they are asked to say lines from a familiar insurance company jingle to mark the return of peyton manning as the broncos starting quarterback. they did not take their duties lightly.>> it is like one out of 100. i think that's the best part with how they picked our school.>> reporter: -- >> it's an amazing opportunity to be able to work with an outside entity like the nfl network to promote also our denver broncos.>> reporter: of course, they could end up on the cutting room floor, but they remain optimistic. the students are expected to air sunday morning on the network's game day morning.>> cool if you are a kid. playing this sunday against the sunday and to help broncos fan support the day, we are giving away car magnets.
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sanchez to the king soopers on alameda at lakewood. bad. we are only one i'll deep. earlier today it was wrapped -- earlier today was wrapped around the store. the first person here is 11 -- was here at 11:00 a.m., what >> crazy. this is going to help us.>> 10 here. we are going to keep going through the line. we are getting selfies right now. i am going to go back to you. if anybody wants to come and
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the revenant with leonardo dicaprio brought in a total of 12 oscar nominations. the best picture a reward and then dicaprio nominated as best actor in that film. then the wall street mortgage and credit meltdown. in the cold war story by steven spielberg. brooklyn is a story of an irish immigrant torn between her love of home and an american. mad max: fury road is a post up arctic -- apocalyptic action and adventure movie. then the martian. room is about a son raised in captivity. then spotlight is about the catholic church scandal. in the past, they have nominated up to 10 films.>>
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most notably was straight out of compton. >> i was rooting for straight out of compton. the awards will be february february 28 and chris rock will be the host. the ambassadors at dia will have new uniforms. dave kraut people in the right direction and answer questions -- they route people in the right direction and answer questions. the new uniforms are designed to look like active mountain pants. >> they call it modern west. tomorrow will be colder than today and hopefully less windy. we could see snow and
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sky 9 is now over a body of water in parker. three juveniles were pulled from under the ice near hilltop drive. it is at 11 710. it is at 11 710 meadowood dr.. it is at 11 710 meadowood dr. we don't know the ages of the three. they are juveniles. we don't know the circumstances
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we know they have been transported to a local hospital as we get them. meteorologist danielle grant here in the 9news center. temperatures are at 38 and will tumble through the night tonight. i want to show you the wind in fort collins. wind speeds in centennial with gusts to 39 miles per hour. i have seen some reports of 82 miles per hour out in lions. -- lyons. the wind will subside overnight. there will be more wind in the 20-30 mile-per-hour range. along the i-25 corridor, they will relax around 11:00 a.m.- noon tomorrow. at the airport we are sitting at 39 and the wind chill is making it feel cool. out to the west, another system is moving in with some light flurries for now. another push will roll through by tomorrow.
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in the northern and central mountains with steady snowfall coming down along i-70. it will stay mainly west for most of the day and then by that -- by 5:00 it sneaks over into northern colorado in southern miami. we will have mostly cloudy skies to kick off writing night and into the weekend. i don't anticipate a ton of snow. you can see that one band tracking across i-76 and the plains. we do have winter weather advisories until 6:00 saturday morning in the high country. 6-10 inches and the northern mountains. 4-8 inches and the central mountains and 3-6 inches closer to the san juans. there is less than an inch in northern colorado and less than a half-inch here. we are looking at flurries at best. tonight the temperatures will cool to the teens and we are looking at mostly to partly cloudy skies. yuma and burlington out east will be around 20.
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some locations will be sub- zero. the storm system will push in and it will be 30s in the foothills. the broncos game day forecast is not too shabby and then on monday and tuesday it looks like the temperatures warm up quite a bit with another chance of snow. thanks a lot danielle, we do have another update on the ice rescue. three kids fell through the ice in parker. two were rescued shortly after the firefighters arrived and another child was pulled 30 minutes -- pulled from the ice 30 minutes after the initial call. traffic is diverted.
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the stock market thinnest tires that by gains in the oil and gas. the tao mack was up more than 227 points.
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the broncos -- why do the broncos believe the steelers will be at full strength on sunday? there is no way that demarcus ware will sit out of a playoff game. his knee is not 100%, so he is breaking out a brace. he got 20 sacks in one season in dallas, so why not?>> i don't think it will be a problem. it is really just protecting my knee and making sure that it is protected. i feel good about that.>> reporter: in 15 games, the denver defense gave up 30 or more points only ones and that was in pittsburgh in the loss
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it was not just against the -- about the steelers offense. remember the broncos were shorthanded and their secondary were short a month ago. but, they are not anymore.>> announcer: they are on their feet here at sports authority mile here. manning is center. only denver addition. back. tj ward and darius stewart were spectators on in pittsburgh.>> anytime you have paint free -- pain-free, universit until sunday. -- you nurse it until sunday. >> i am back to 100% and i am excited. >> reporter: they are thrilled to be back in their teammates are thrilled they are back as well.>> down there in pittsburgh not having stewart and tj, the receivers don't have fear if they are there. having them out there, they
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tide is included. playing with -- the tight end included. playing with tj, they gets it going. you need have confidence in your starters in your regular guys out there.>> i wish we did not play the first time. then we are going to do some other things.>> we can beat them, man. that was the most frustrating part. we let one get in -- get away from us. >> reporter: the broncos are the touchdown favorite for this game. we will be therefore an additional hour after the game in the locker room.>> we are reporting from 5:00-7:00 on sunday, just so you know. we are going to update you
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rescue that is taking place in -- pond rescue that is taking place in parker. two children were rescued right after the firefighters arrived and a third child was pulled 30 minutes later. the closures of the roads are around the area of tallman and club drive. the address is 11 710 meadowood lane. the address is 11 710 meadowood lane. we don't know the ages of the kids or their condition . they have been taken to the hospital and we will continue to update the story. we will have the latest coming up on 9news at 6:00.
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