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tv   9 News at 6pm  NBC  January 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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water 35 minutes after the call. hospital. we don't know their conditions, we have a crew on the way and will have updates as we get it. prosecutors say both students charged with a plot against mountain vista high deserve adult consequences. the second 16-year-old is charged as an adult. brook higgins, prosecutors say, 16-year-old sienna johnson to holiday break. investigators don't think this was just big talk, they said the girls had an elaborate plan and higgins was obsesed with the call umbine-- columbine killers. >> information came with reference to call umbine. >> as concern-- columbine. >> as concerning, discussions and girls and those might be having is nothing unusual. >> defense attorneys say the
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and they insist higgins and john were not-- johnson were not close friends. a man is charged with sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl. 25-year-old reuben is accused of assaulting the girl as she was leaving dance class with a friend. fuentes has been in dissension facility on charges, he is due in court tuesday. glen dayle police are looking for-- glendale police are looking for a man who used a gun on a clerk, the other man point adblack handgun at a different clerk and demanded money. police have not said whether the 2 got away with any cash. anyone with information is asked to call crime stoppers, the number on your screen is 720-913-stop. state legislators pelted governor hickenlooper after his state of the state address this
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noting most of them are not invited to the governor's wedding friday, they tossed ride at him and his fiancee, a moment of unity after what 9 news reporter brandon rittiman polarizing speech. >> we did see everybody having fun and there was plenty in the speech for both parties to like but he did throw down the gauntlet on the issue of state spending. the governor has a plan that would reclassify a hospital fee in order to take some of the-- order to take pressure off of the taxpayer bill of rights, republicans seeing it as going around the bill of rights and the governor pushed it hard. >> if we can't make this reasonable change, like many allowed, what choice do we have but to reexamine tabor? right now no one can say with a straight face our budget rules are working for us. >> that line sharply divided the
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republicans keeping their seat, democrats applauding the entire idea. you will hear a republican perspective from the senate president but first, kyle asked the governor how much can this realistically help the state's budget issue? >> how much time does this buy us if you get the revenue you want from passing your plan? does that get us a year? 3 years? a decade? >> depends on the economy to a certain extent but it allows us the benefit of perspective. if we get the hospital provider fee we can look and see, i mean i think we will be able to do 4, 5, $6 billion worth of construction around our roads and transit. that is a big step. doesn't solve all our problems but takes us a long way down the road. >> i don't believe there is the will in the state inside or outside of this building to eliminate the taxpayer's bill of rights, it is just that. it is just that. >> at this point we don't know the full scope of the budget issue because there is another forecast coming from state
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there is 118 days left to go in the legislative session. at the capitol, brandon rittiman, 9 news. we will take you to parker, 9 news reporter steve staeger is with parker police where 3 kids were pulled from an icy pond. >> reporter: i want to get lieutenant peters and lets talk about how you got the call and got out here. >> the call came from a neighbor, a house that looks over the pond in parker, 4:26, within 5 minutes one officer was on scene. >> you said 3 teenagers? >> 3 teenagers were in the pond when the officer got on scene, one was holding on to the ice, alert, struggling, the officer got a tree branch and was able the pond. rescued also? >> yeah, soon after the first teenager was pulled out, the
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the rescue team, water and ice rescue and-- water and ice rescue, they got the second out and after 35 minutes under ice, the 3rd was pulled out. their conditions? >> i do not have an update. >> reporter: what is difficult about these rescues? >> well, the terrain is difficult, the ice, the temperatures, the conditions make it difficult about the rescue and you don't know how long this was happening before somebody was able to call us. so you are dealing with time, conditions. and the temperatures, it is quite difficult but they-- the rescuers worked hard to do it as fast as possible. >> reporter: thank you so much. once again, jest recapping, 3 here. police rescued the first, who was hanging on to a tree branch second. the third was under the ice for about 35 minutes but has sense
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we are waiting on updates on their cuditions. >>-- conditions. >> steve in parker, thanks, steve. the flags in fort collins took a beating. shutting down tapped hill and shields harmony to 57 between fort collins and loveland. the snow covered several roads causing quite a few cars to slide. the strong wind brought down a tree in arvada this afternoon. we reached gusts between 30 and 40 miles an hour here. they should die down and tomorrow back to the cold and a chance for light snow. daniel will be back in a bit with more of the forecast. wildlife leaders are fighting a move by the federal government to bring mexican gray wolves to colorado. the u.s. fish and wildlife is discussing a plan to move them to colorado and utah. the colorado parks and wildlife commission doesn't like the
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they aren't native and they are and dear. they would not object if they migrated on their own. wide receiver demaryius thomas is hoping his mother will get to watch him play in person for the first time sunday. his mother, smith, has been in jail since 2000, she and the grandmother were sentenced in a crack cocaine ring when thomas was 11. his mother has never seen him play in the nfl. in july, president obama commuted the sentence for 46 nonviolent drug offenders, including his mother, she was at a half way house in georgia and couldn't travel for 60 days. she is allowed to come to colorado to see her some play. >> you know, before the first game, excited, she will be excited and it could mean a lot to see her first game live. >> his mom had originally been scheduled to be released in 2017. his grandmother received a life sentence for her crimes and remains in prison.
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forms, the hats none nor unique than chickens at a local school. >> that would win. colorados set records for powerball spending.
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we are no longer dedicating half our news cast to powerball because 3 players hit the jackpot and split $1.6 billion minus taxes and fees. chino hills, california, mumferred, tennessee, and a grocery store in melbourne, florida. since the jackpot ran began, those in colorado bought more than $60 million in tickets, $24 million between saturday and wednesday, state record. and brought $12.6 million
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for all of that spending, the payoff and prizes here, $3.6 million. today's medical news gives moms the ability to tell their kids eat your vegetables. perhaps not that persuasive can kids but they found eating vegetables can cut your risk of glaucoma, leading risk of blindness. people who ate the most green vegetables were 20-36% less likely to develop glaucoma. they contain high amounts of dietary nitrate which helps blood circulation. occasionally, we get feedback at 9 news about spending too much time talking about the broncos in addition to lottery tickets and too much time about animals as well. 9 news reporter, nick mcgill found a way to combine those in one storary. >>-- story. >> it may not have the intensity
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does the trick to help cheer on the broncos, students and staff put on their first broncos chicken bowl. a tribute to orange and blue. >> we wanted to show the broncos our support. >> the students had chickens all year long, chicken tendering may be tough. >> sometimes they get mad and want to run awayfelt >> but those little cute-- arun away. >> but those little cute faces are hard to resist. >> the students say they loved every minute. >> yeah, really fun. >> and while it is no broncos playoff game... >> really, really fast. >>... until sunday it will have to do. >> want to support their team. >> in parker, nick mcgill, 9 news. >> students sell the eggs to teacher and communities members to pay for the feed and care for birth.
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broncos game day live, 9:00 in the morning and we will have extended coverage after the game live from the broncos locker room, we go on the air 5:00 p.m. and stay there until 7:00 and will be on channel 9. >> long time. >> long time but we will be here. you, me. >> just like this. >> we are! only wearing orange. >> yeah, yeah, yeah, probably. good plan. flurries are in the forecast for sunday's game. >> daniel has advice how much to
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hey there, the winds are howling in the afternoon, find your trash can down the block or in your neighborhood's back yard? it was one of those days and tonight the winds will be slowly subsiding, we showed you the live camera at the top of the show showing off gustier winds in fort collins and they are going strong still. 25 miles an hour centennial. and the boulder area about 22. as we go throughout the remainder othe evening, those winds will slowly start to subside, in fact, we will by in the 30-miles an hour range around midnight. if you live in the foothills, it will be a tough one. up and down the i-25 corridor, winds, not quite as bad tomorrow
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next storm system moves in tomorrow. right now our temperatures around 37 degrees at the airport, partly cloudy skies with winds out of the west 12 miles an hour making it feel a little cooler. here in the 9 news backyard our temperatures at about 38 degrees and, again, we are looking at another storm system bearing down on the state. this one will produce a little snow for the metro area, a bigger story up to the high country. right now producing a little rain across oregon into northern california, the snowfall around the sierra range and into nevada, slowly making its move into colorado and will be in our backyard by early tomorrow morning. so, if you are heading out the door tomorrow, live in the denver metro area, it will be sunny, bright along i-25 corridor, things change quickly so bring the winter coat. around town, a couple flurries off to the western slope out to the foothills and mountains but those beginning to ramp up overnight into tomorrow. 8:00 in the morning, dry around here, just you wait.
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for some folks anyway. most of the moisture in the high country. 5:00 or 6:00 sneaks across the i-25 corridor, not a ton around the denver metro area, pushing into the northeastern plains tomorrow evening. winter weather advisories are in place, again, this moisture will stay in the mountains. that is what we will we talking a-- will be talking about, 4-8 around the i-70 corridor, vail. if you are a weekend warrior heading to high country you will have good powder and across the san juans, like 3-6. around here, less than half inch in the denver metro area, weak storm for us. less than an inch in northern colorado, most of it stays west. tonight temperatures dipping down to the teens, kind of cool out there, typical spots like gunnison and alamosa go subzero.
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skies, still a bit windy but not as bad as earlier today. the numbers for tomorrow feeling cooler, despite the fact we will sunshine. we will be in 20s, 30s metro area. you might want to throw the snow boots in the back seat of your car you might need them later tomorrow night. dry on saturday, sunday, big football game going on. i think the flurries should stay part. it should be dry around here. martin luther king day at 47, system bringing accumulating snow around denver. in the nfl playoffs last week, all the teams wons and the teams with quarterback any. expect the home field to be an vaj and look for the experience-- an advantage and look for the experience fact toor a main factor and not just entire team.
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and are helping out the first timers. >> i think the game speed changes, you know, in every phase, every part of the season from pre-seize toon the regular season to, you know, the post-season, gets more and more intense. >> what do you think about when you think about the broncos/steelers rivalry? the last game? not me. i think about the walk off. the playoff game back in 2012 when dt scored a td in ot to win the wild wild card game. number 1 on thomas's top 10. >> probably so. probably so. kind of, yeah, i have to say, that and 509. they kind of, they close but that was a big one. >> when was the last time you saw that play? >> i haven't saw it in a while, actually. i ain't even pay attention to it, i see people talking about it, i haven't seen the play. >> they played against you--
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>> i know you want to see a tebow to dt. gone into the end zone. you were on the other side. >> i was on the other side, and this was actually the first year rule. here i am, like come on, offense, we gotta play or score before the game is over they were like what are you talking about? the game is over. dt is a monster, i am happy to play with him, i am sure you will get a dose of that. >> emanuel didn't like that highlight. i did. the avs host the delves, colorado-- devils, colorado trying to come back. good luck trying to bounce back from the game last night. nuggets biggest game handing seth curry their third setback of the season. the nba's mvp wasn't good enough. he wasn't perfect.
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gallow takes it, nuggets win a thriller, 112-110. >> we got that all year, only fell short twice so far. so, that will continue the rest of the season and keeps us sharp. so, we don't execute the game plan like we didn't tonight, then nba, there are so many talented teams libel to get beat. >> any time you can knock off the defending champions, that will give you a little more confidence. we had a goal after we lost in memphis, we set a goal, play after play, what is a realistic goal? they said 6 and 2 on the home stand. we go 6 and 2 we are back in the thick of things and we are off to a great start. >> lot to talk about getter more fans, they play like that, the place will be packed.
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>> like watching the price of crude pushed back up over 30 leaving the
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our top story developing still, 3 teenagers pulled from a retention pond in parker.
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one of the teens used a tree branch and was pulled out from the water. a second teen was pulled out by firefighters moments after they arrived. the third teen was pulled out 35 firefighters arrived. pond. we have no word on conditions. we do know they were taken to local hospitals and will have the latest at 9:00 and 10:00. today was windy, especially across the front range. foothill winds will relax tonight and the next system moves in tomorrow. primarily a mountain event, cool around here, less than an inch around the denver metro area, pretty dry with the weekend ahead. entertainment tonight is next.
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my heart will go on and on >> the death of see o lean dionne oes husband today. the death of celine dion's husband today. because you loved me >> r cancer battle lost just this morning at the age of 73. his enduring love wasceline. >> he's been there all my life. >> then, oscar surprise we're with the new nominees.
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