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tv   9 News at 10pm Repeat  NBC  January 15, 2016 1:05am-1:45am MST

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and from your mouth really matters but tonight and this ride you don't want to see it end but in truth you know blood in the water is not enough to hope you out of here what i've done is not enough to hope you out of here what i've done is not enough to hope you out of here
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>> a teenage girl is charged an adult accused of plotting an attack. and von miller's excuse why he missed practice. 9news starts now. >> we start tonight in denver with a police chase through the city streets ending close to sloane's lake. 9news reporter maya rodriguez just spoke with police. >> reporter: kyle, still a very active scene out here and the investigation is still ongoing. take a look for yourself. this was a tremendous crash that happened here. as you can see, the impack this suv sustained in the crash. denver police were pursuing a vehicle that had at least one involved in two felonies. police called them serious felony crimes. they say this chase was authorized according to their protocols but they could not tell us where the chase started or how far or how many miles it covered but it did end with this crash. two individuals in the vehicle
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are told with nonlife threatening injuries. two others are in police custody. >> our primary concern is preservation of life and safety including the suspects safety. what we want to do is end this situation as soon as we can so that more people aren't hurt. unfortunately, there were people hurt here. we have to react that the decision the suspect is making and that is what we have done. >> reporter: police when they mentioned that people were hurt, those were the people who were taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. again, no denver police were injured in this. no pedestrians were injured in this. denver police say there were no shots fired. but this investigation is ongoing and as soon as we get more dell tails we will bring them to you. >> forgive me if you said this maya, but why were they chasing these suspects? what were they suspected of?
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tell us what felonies they were suspected of, but there was one suspect in the vehicle that was suspected of being involved in two felonies. they call them serious crimes. >> all right, very good. guess we will wait for clarification on that. thanks maya. a teenage boy has died and two others are in the hospital tonight after they were rescued from an icy pond in parker. the pond at club driver east of parker road not far from the intersection with hill top road. jonathan gonzalez is live. >> reporter: what we understand is that the teen who died wiz the first one pulled from the water. it took crews quite a bit of time to get him out. we don't have the other boys official conditions but one of them we are told is doing well. and the other one is still being treated by doctors at this time. this happened just after 4:00. a person at the neighborhood
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the first officer on scene broke a branch off a tree and helped pull one of the boys out of the water right away. that is when south metro fire showed up and water and ice crews were able to pull the second teen out of the ice within five to ten minutes we are told. but it took them 35 minutes to locate an pull out the third teen. authorities described the rescue as very technical and difficult because of the ice. not to mention the battle they had to face against time. >> in colorado, the temperature fluctuates. one week, thick ice on the pond, next week, it is very thin. it is never safe to go out on ice on colorado in a pond. it is never a safe idea. >> reporter: we still don't know, we have not learned why the boys were in the water to begin with. police are investigating and we should get more information in the coming days and adele, we have seen many people drive here in the cul-de-sac near the pond. a lot of people came out and stood by the fence and watched
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out to pay their respects. >> we were wondering why they went on the ice. from where you stand, is it clear that it is not solid in some places? >> reporter: it is clear, but it is tough to tell. it could have been the crew. a lot of the ice is broken. but there is a nice sheet of ice away from where the incident happened. it could have looked frozen but it is clear that it is thin now that it is broken. they would have had to walk down the embankment to get to it. it is something we mr. have to days. >> thanks jonathan. a smaller gop field on stage tonight allows for some of the most practiced debaters to shine. no longer is senator ted cruz attached at the lip to everything donald trump says. trump wants cruz's citizenship to be an issue. cruz was born in canada to an american mother which makes him an american citizen. but trump has been suggesting he might be ineligible to serve
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>> we are closing this topic once and for all tonight. >> well, i'm glad we are focusing on the important topics of the eving but the facts and the law back in september my friend donald said he had his lawyers look at this from every which way. and there was no issue there. there was nothing to this further issue. now, in september, the constitution hasn't changed since then. [ laughter ] but, the poll numbers have. [ cheers and applause ] >> senator cruz dominated the debate in many ways along with the two other best hands down debaters. chris christie and marco rubio. they both turned their attention on hillary clinton instead of their gop rivals. >> hillary clinton is disqualified from being commander-in-chief of the united states. [ cheers and applause ] >> someone who cannot handle intelligence information cannot be commander-in-chief and someone who lice to families of
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can never be president of the united states. [ cheers and applause ] >> trump's proposal of banning muslims enter the u.s. has been a topic. he asked if there was anything he heard that would make him rethink his stance. >> no. [ laughter ] no. we have to stop with political correctness. we have to get down to creating a country that is not going to have the kind of problems that we have had with people flying planes into the world trade center. with the shootings in california. with all the problems all over the world. i just left indonesia. bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb. we have to find out what is going on. i said temporarily. not permanently. i said temporarily. >> jeb bush immediately responded arguing why the ban would hut our national security and our relationship with
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>> i hope you reconsider this. because, this policy is a policy that makes it impossible to build the coalition that is necessary to take out isis. the kurds are our strongest allies. they are muslim. you will not allow them to come to our country? the other arab countries have a role to play in this. we cannot be the world's policemen. we have to do this in unison with the arab world. >> on 9news at 9:00, we spoke with strategists to discuss by jeb bush and ben carson are still on the debate stage after repeat lackluster performances. >> populism is the answer to ben carson. they want someone who is not a practiced poll politician and money is the answer to jeb bush. >> i think jeb has good policies but every time he pokes hid head up, the schoolyard bully donald trump smacks him down again.
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any time he makes a little traction he is put back in his place. >> kelly and james agreed on the best night. they are the leading candidates in the polls. trump, cruz, and rubio. next time we see the democratic presidential candidates debate will be on sunday. dc is hosting the debates. clinton, o'malley, and sanders are all invited to attend. the debate air at 7:00 p.m. sunday on 9news. monday, donald trump was on the tonight show with jimmy fallon. tonight, hillary clinton has her turn. he had something to say about her. it is a good bet she has something to say about him. it airs on 10:35 right here after 9news at 10:00. winds are dying down tonight. this is a look at current wind speeds. the typical trouble spots are seeing strong gusts. the wind took a trophy in
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large tree came down this afternoon. winds gusting 40 miles an hour at that point. ice added to the aggravation in northern colorado this evening. u.s. 287 was closed when three trucks were forced off the road. a combination of ice and high wind. two of the trucks collided. no injuries reported. a second 16-year-old girl is charged as an adult planning to kill students and teachers at mountain victim high school. brooke higgins was charged with conspiracy to commit first degree murder under extreme indifference. a judge set her bail at $1 million. last week, her accused accomplice sienna johnson was charged. both girls were taken into custody last month after someone sent a text tip about the plan to attack mountain vista high school. governor john hickenlooper drew a clear line on one of the most divisive issues during the state of the state. the governor and fellow democrats want to move $750
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the taxpayer bill of rights so the state can keep that money and use it on transportation. the nonpartisan legal staff says that would be unconstitutional. if they don't pass his fix, he will have to realleviate all of the taxpayer bill of rights. i asked him what he meant. >> i told legislators today to pass your preferred revenue fix with this hospital provider fee. or, we will have to re-examine the whole taxpayer bill of rights. was that a threat? >> i think what i was say sergeant the hospital provider fee is the most obvious. clearly the fee has been judged by almost every legal entity that has looked at it. but i'm open to anything. it wasn't a threat. i'm just saying everywhere i go on the front range, people are frustrated by the traffic congestion, the lack of meaningful change. we have to find new rev news. you can't just say we are going to bond and get this money out of nowhere.
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money and you don't have cash flow, you are going out on a ledge. >> after today's state of the state, the governor was pelted by the legislature. as for the governor's speech, most of it met with bipartisan acclaim. you can read the full transcript on a local space company that lost a bid for a nasa project landed a different one bigger than the first ever was. sierra nevada space systems in louisville will be shuttling supplies to the international space station. sierra nevada built the dream chaser as the next manned space vehicle. it was not chosen. however, the company came up with an unmanned version which will start trips to the space station starting in 2019. the head of sierra nevada says this contract has a $14 billion potential.
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of support for celene dion after the loss of her husband, mentor, manager. he was so many memorable characters. our viewers picked the role for which they will remember alan rickman. >> danielle has a look ahead to the weekend. >> and he disappointed a lot of people when he missed the game winning kick. but a bunch of first graders was not among them. >> and the avs work to bounce back from back to back setbacks.
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>> thought and prayers from fans to celene dion whose husband lost his fight with cancer at the age of 73. in recent months his condition had turned more serious. dion said his last wish to her was that he die in her arms. she took a hiatus from her
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she will be back on stage next month. she met her husband when he was 12. he became her manager and in 1994, her husband. they have five-year-old twins. >> what are you doing wondering the corridors at night? >> actor alan rickman died today at the age of 69. in recent years he was recked as professor snape and he played a wide range of villain. he had romantic roles like colonel brandon in sense and sensibility and then galaxy quest. hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy. we have had more than a thousand votes of his best performance. so far, it is professor snape followed by hans gruber in die hard. >> the winds were tough to deal with today.
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miles an hour winds around the front range. finally, now, starting to quiet down. you can see our camera out there in fort collins. not only was the camera shaking, but the flag was whipping out there as well. now, all things beginning to settle down just a bit. some of our wind gust reports coming at us. 75 miles an hour speeds. berthoud pass. 63 miles an hour speeds. boulder, 61. in broomfield, 52 and then dia. 36 miles an hour speeds. everything is beginning to wind down. thank goodness. right at patio furniture in the neighbor's yard. 18 miles an hour in estes park. the winds subsiding over night. by tomorrow morning win gusts in the teens to 20s around the foothills and we will quiet things down quite a bit around the i-25 corridor. the wins coming at us out of the southeast and it should be a quieter day. a colder day, and also a little bit of a snowy one.
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airport. winds 8 miles an hour out of the west making it feel 29 to exposed skin. our temperatures at the freezing mark. a quiet evening but look at what is to come. a storm system. a far cry from this. gorgeous shot sent in by john is. this was snapped out there in northern colorado. plenty of different storm system to keep our eyes on. some to the north have been scooping around bringing a little bit of light snowfall to the western slopes. one across the gulf coast will be scooting into parts of the eastern seaboard later on this weekend making a mess for them. for us, all eyes out to the west as the next storm system is building in. northern california, oregon, idaho, nevada. snowfall. that finally start to push into colorado as we head toward early tomorrow morning. right now, hd doppler 9. across the coast, a little rain and snow pressing into areas that certainly could use some. around here, we have had a
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in the mountains. everything else winding down before we ramp back up storm morning as the storm system shifts into the northern mountains. so here it is. the i-25 corridor getting ready for friday. back to work you go. back to school. things looking pretty quiet and calm. you want to throw a snow coat in the backyard. also in the backseat of your car. we where looking at some of the snow moving back here to the city. here it is lunchtime. still quiet. still looking for increasing clouds around the area. snowfall making undown to the san juans. here it is 6:00, 7:00, snow bands hopscotching across the i- 25 corridor. materializing a bit on i-76 pressing into the eastern plains by tomorrow evening. not a ton of moisture around the denver metro area, but lit be cool and also, we are going to be looking at a little bit of light snow. in the high country that is where the storm system is staying. 5 to 10 for the northern mountains. your favorite ski resorts.
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plenty of powder. even down there toward the san juans 3 to 6. so here in the metro area. less than an inch in northern colorado. less than half an inch in denver. kind of a weak looking storm. just really looks to cool us off. tonight, temperatures will fall into the teens around the corridor. 17 here in denver. partly cloudy skies. the winds a bit breezy from time to time. improvement from later today. daytime highs tomorrow cooler. cooler grab the coat. you will be feeling it in the afternoon when high temperatures only make it into the 30s . some spots off to the eastern plains in the low 40s . 20s in the foothills. northern colorado much of the same. 30s around the urban corridor. this storm system rolls in. it rolls back out. you guys, the weekend looks pretty quiet but a big warmup on tap for monday. a lot of folks off that day. >> okay, we are steeled for it. oh, maybe that's a bad term to use. >> shame on you. thanks danielle. blair walsh delivered a
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vikings fan in america last week. missed the most makeable of kicks and one that would have won the game. sure some fans lost it on him, but those folks are mostly minnesota nice. a group of first graders wrote sympathy ledders to walsh. he visited them. >> thank you from the bottom of my heart. that cheered me up a lot. the fact you would do that for me, that is huge. it could help in certain times like these. >> the kids' teacher organized the card campaign because she was so impressed with walsh's character. by the way, that teacher? she is a seahawks fan. if you haven't gotten the united origin and broncos magnet and want one, we have more give aways. they will be available at 6:00 a.m. in fire stone in king soopers at colorado boulevard and firestone boulevard. until the magnets for that location are gone, and tomorrow
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starting at 4:00 p.m. at the king soopers at south federal boulevard and west bellview avenue. more locations saturday and sunday.
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>> from colorado's sports leader, here is rod mackey. >> the new jersey devils are not your average nhl teams. at least not to colorado fansful before they were the
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if you don't recall that, surely you remember the devils were the team the avs beat in seven games to win the stanley cup. their second one. love to see the avs get back in there again. but first, they have to get into the playoffs and they are back now. eighth spot after a big win tonight. all-star bound. matt duchene scores less than a minute in. his 22 of the season. 2-0 after two. after that short-handed goal by the home team, tyson barrie cleaning up in front. that was more than enough for calvin pickard. the avs goal tender pitching his first ever nhl shut-out. colorado added an empty nether to win 3-0. maybe the fifth time will be the charm. that is how many division championships the broncos have won in a row. demarcus ware says it is time to change. >> when i first got here, they were in the superbowl. so there was a sense of urgency of getting back.
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and you are going back to the playoffs again. and there is more of a sense of determination. a sense of excitement. and you can see it in the guys. and you can see sort of the tenacity of the guys. you can see bickering here and there. guys pushing each other around because they really want it. and, i didn't really see that last year. but i see it this year carrying over. you can see the guys like you know what? we don't know who will be here. this is who we have right now. let's go ahead and finish it off. >> you think the steelers win on sunday? i disagree. so does mike and he gets defensive about it in his notebook. >> reporter: it is set up perfectly for von miller and the denver defense. almost everyone agrees the broncos have the league's best defense. now it is time to show it. the steelers are further
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the defense has to dominate. must dominate this sunday. >> protection start to break down and they have him. thanked sacked him. >> this game is too big for those guys to miss out. >> reporter: von has recovered from a bad batch of mozzerella sticks that knocked him out of practice wednesday. and defensive coordinator wade phillips has learned from the mistakes of the previous game. >> we have some secondary guys back. we have our secondaries back this game. and last game. and we are playing at home. so, you know, those two factors should help us. >> reporter: the broncos are wilt for low scoring games. they got mixed up in a shoot- out at pittsburgh last month and couldn't keep up. if they are going the get stamped as a great defense, they have to show it in the post season. >> mike, thank you. the broncos are a touchdown favorite on sunday as they look to pay back the steelers.
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big game on our sun morning special game day live this week. one hour. we finished with something you don't see everyday. well, we do, but you don't. adele driving to work. [ laughter ] all right. she is not quite that fast. hey, forget the skis. redbull decided to take a formula 1 card on the slopes. how did the car get there? by chopper of course. that is absolutely awesome. >> that is pretty incredible. [ laughter ] >> adele has to get one of those. >> snow tires on that? on the tires. >> oh my gosh. >> you are all about the logistics of it. >> 350. [ laughter ]
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>> oh my gauche. >> focus. focus. we have a little bit of snow moveing in. less than an inch. no big deal. the big deal will be next wednesday.
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in between, not too shabby. >> the tonight show is next. >> see you.
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. celine deon's heart break as
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>> now on extra. the love of celine dion's life dies. the man who turned her into a superstar and his last wish to die in her arms. how they spent his final days together. >> leo in london as he gets the news he's up for an oscar. >> it will be a crime if you do not walk away with the academy award. >> appreciate that brother. >> we've got all the news today and the surprise that aj sprung on the star of brooklyn. >> sandra bullock and her new man on a ski vacation with jen aniston. >> and the breaking news about a friends reunion. >> rolling with adele. her hilarious carpool karaoke
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plus "el chapo" aka el flirto. his secret texts to actress kate del castillo today. and j.lo and eva on taking over prime time. now on extra from universal studios hollywood the interstatement inter enter capital of l.a. >> today he lost his long battle with cancer. >> i want to die in your arms. her heartbreak, his words. he shared his final wish with his wife just months before he died and lost his fight at age 73. >> celine opening up about renee's cancer battle. >> when you see someone who's
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