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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  January 15, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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>> the fans are excited for the broncos playoff game this weekend. so are we. 9news is all about the broncos this morning. >> i think they are just excited about getting those magnets. >> yeah. >> orange magnets. good morning. thanks for joining us. gary and corey are out at the stadium. this is our office today. >> not a bad office. >> it's a little big for us. you know, we're fitting in okay. hey, we have all kinds of team coverage, all kinds of broncos stuff going on this morning. it's gonna be a fun morning. >> it is. cheryl preheim is live in firestone for the broncos give away. that starts in 30 minutes. she alreadied has long lines. and greg and tarhonda are back at the studio and they will have your news developments this morning, amelia has the travelling. she's gonna talk about ways to get to the stadium on sunday that is gonna be a breeze. and we start with marty coniglio. >> upper 30s, low 40s, dry conditions for the game coming
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calm in fort collins this morning, unlike yesterday. but we have some wind going over the front range at the present time. let's show you what's happening over the area right now. we see snow moving into western colorado. we also have snow in southeastern parts of wyoming. we are gonna continue to see that snow on the west non northwest facing slopes through the day. it will be moving into the river valleys as well. folks in surrounding river valleys will be getting some light snow. then late this afternoon a band of snow moves out of wyoming, cuts across northern colorado and the eastern plains. i actually think that areas east of metro denver have a better chance of getting an inch or two of snow than we do here. in the northern and central mountains, by tomorrow morning summit county, winter park looking at 5-10 inches of new snow. central valleys in eagle county, grant county and waldon 2-5, 2-7 inches of snow. same true around glenwood springs. heavier mountain snow amounts
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winter weather advisories that go until tomorrow morning for those areas. for us it looks like really minimal snow. dinner hour to 8, 9:00 tonight less than half an inch. less than an inch in northern colorado with a trace to two inches around bennet, to the east, fort morgan and brush. the east. any way you slice it, amelia, i don't think we will have too many problems with the commute on either side as far as the weather is concerned. >> okay. today. drive. start. 66 miles per hour for your average. if you are waking up in aurora concern. it's gonna be a beautiful sunrise today. hopefully a orange one. that comes at 7:19. sun glare will be a factor. 76th avenue and i-25 around the curve at colorado and
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the city, not too many problems spots in the metro drive. eastbound i-70 stalled semi truck four miles to the west of vail pass. guys, we're looking at a lot of chain laws to the west side. i am about to post those on twitter. hughes hashtag #9newsmornings. you lived up to your part by wearing the orange dress. where's marty's orange suit? that was the deal today. >> we got to talk to him about that. she does clash a little bit with the yellow blob in the mountains. >> i knew you were going to bring up the yellow blob. >> again, we are here at sports authority field. pumped up for sunday's game at 2:40 is kickoff. it's gonna be a big one. >> it is, obviously. and the pittsburgh steelers coming to town always fun when the steelers come to town. you know, steelers and the broncos have a history that goes way, way, way, way back. especially in the playoffs. but all-time in the regular season anyway the broncos are 14-8-1 against the steelers with one of those losses coming
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denver is hosting pittsburgh for the eighth all-time post-season meeting between the two clubs. denver leads the playoff series 4-3. soon to be 5-3. >> yes. >> including a 3-2 record at home. >> i think your thinking, gary. a win this sunday will only help further peyton manning's place in nfl history. he currently has 11 career post-season wins. one more would put him past troy aikman, roger stall and ben rosiglitrazone for the most wins by a weekend. manning is 11-13 all time in the post-season. >> yeah, they always say peyton manning folds in the post-season. but those statistics show that is not true. demaryius thomas is one great game away from a bunch of post-season receiving records. as it stands right now he has 46 catches for 699 yards, 6 touchdowns in his post-season career, including that one famous one from tim tebow against, guess who? the steelers.
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he needs four receptions to pass rod smith for the most in broncos post-season history. he needs 162 receiving yards to pass smith, and just one receiving touchdown to pass him in the all-time broncos records as well. i am sure he is going to get that. i have a good feeling he's gonna get that on sunday. >> like we said, big game. big game for peyton. big game for demaryius. big game against the steelers. a huge game for the fans that will be here. this place is going to be rocking in two days. >> it will be a lot of fun. they play all year to make sure you have the home field advantage, and the fans are gonna prove that is a big deal on sunday. let's send it up to cheryl. she is in firestone getting ready to give out the broncos magnets. >> reporter: hey, good morning, guys. you know, this is why steelers fans don't want their team to come to denver. we have the greatest fans. sadie, there is a battery pack on her head to really make sure
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you were born and raised a broncos fan? >> always. yes. >> reporter: awesome. playoff time, energy about it. you had to be in line for a magnet? >> all season, yeah. all the time. >> reporter: we have a line all the way down here. in just a minute we're gonna show you how far it winds around. we a want to talk first about getting to the game. getting to the game and the parking for the game not always easy. we're gonna talk about that in a little bit. should i show you the line? here. follow me. scott wright, the photographer, is gonna show us where this line goes. hey, everybody, good morning! >> [cheers and applause]. >> reporter: it goes all the way down this line. we wind all the way around this aisle. it goes all the way to the back of this aisle. we've got more than 150 people here. we are about 25 minutes away from giving our magnets away. so tarhonda and greg, we have been so impressed with the crowd. do you have to go to school today? >> no. >> reporter: oh, yes!
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you are going to take a magnet home with you? >> yes. >> reporter: how old are you? >> eight. >> reporter: say go broncos. >> go broncos! >> reporter: we are at the firestone king soopers. >> they will go fast. >> no school and a broncos magnet. new overnight a person was shot in the leg during a carjacking near sheridan boulevard and kentucky avenue. this morning. as of now, denver police have a vague description of the two suspects involved, but they do have a vehicle description. in fact, they are looking for the victim's car. it's a white chevy silverado with the license plate number qeu389. if you see this car, call don't approach it. also new this morning, an alert clear creek county deputy is being credited with rescuing
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michigan state police issued an amber alert for three and four-year-olds who they believe were abducted that i their father last night. this is a mugshot taken in-michigan. perez is also accused of doubling homicide in that state. a suspicious vehicle was spotted. they called it in, found out about the amber alert. the kids are unharmed and doing okay. it is 5:38 right now. today a former police officer will be in court accused of faking his own shooting. it was late november when investigators say kevin lord was accused of shooting himself. the police department let him go charges. four people in custody this morning after leading officers on a chase through denver. police tell us they were trying be involved in a couple of serious
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the driver tried to outrun officers, triggering a pursuit down sheridan boulevard for a while. the vehicle did crash though near sheridan and west 25th avenue. two suspects were hurt, but they are expected to survive should this morning a crisis team will be at legend high school to help students cope with a loss of a fellow student. last night a boy fell through a pond. he was under water for more than 35 minutes. the pond is near meadow wood lane east of parker road. rescue teams pulled two other boys out of the pond. authorities say the teen who died was the last one who was pulled out. as for the other two boys, we are told one is doing well and the other is still being treated by doctors. police have not released their names. tomorrow you have the chance to remember the last known medal of honor recipient from world war ii living in colorado. army private george joe socato passed away at the age of 94 at
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a memorial service will be held 2:00 this afternoon. that takes place in aurora tomorrow afternoon and the public is invited. well, we have been telling you about amelia has figured out the nine ways to get to the stadium for the broncos game on sunday.
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fans who plan on driving to the game, parking and on-site stadium lots primarily reserved for season ticket holders. there are season single game spaces that go for somewhere between 20 and $30. those typically sell out two hours before kickoff. so get there early. parking lot c opens at 8 a.m. for early tailgating. all other lots open at 9:40. there is plenty of off-site parking like at pepsi center,
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auraria campus. from rtd's broncos ride to bike valley, denver fans have a lot of options. 9news traffic reporter amelia earhart takes a look so you know what you need to do to get it the game fast. >> if you are one of the over 76,000 fans that got tickets to this sunday's playoff game at 2:40, congratulations. but here's what that means. you, along with everybody else, have to get right here to the game. and that is a guaranteed traffic jam. we have compiled the top nine ways for you to get here to the stadium. loads of broncos fans will be using uber this sunday to get to the game. so let's talk about fare split and prices with uber cm. >> it's a feature within the app. hit that button and split the ride with your friends. all they have to do is accept on their site. you can always select a surge price notifier and it will let you know as the price comes down
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>> reporter: did you know that you can also take the platte valley trolley all the way to the game? for $7 round trip fare you begin at confluence park and go all the way to the stadium on this beauty right here. >> best way to pay is bring cash. $7 round trip. $5 one way. we have tickets down in the ticket booth in confluence park. we will give you change, give you a ticket and get on board the trolley, head to the game. >> reporter: because the weather is forecast to be mild and dry on sunday, you may want to use your bike to get to the stadium and lock it up once you get there. you can also valet your cruiser or take a b-cycle to get to the game on time. check out our website we have got a full resource guide for all the top nine ways for you to get the game. >> thanks a lot, amelia. great ideas. theme wraps up today with your home. we want to see all your broncos decorations in the room. show us the man cave. show us your orange and blue living rooms. we have got a great broncos car
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we will have to get a couple of pictures of that. we want to see it all. here is what some people have sent so far. we have a lot of loyal, big time bronco fanatic fans in the city. we love seeing their houses. back out here live at the king soopers in firestone and the magnets have arrived. they are out of the box ready to go. we are starting to hand them out in 15 minutes. we have a line that starts here, it goes all the way down this aisle. it wraps around. it goes all the way down this aisle. and it wraps around. and it goes all the way down this aisle to the very front of the store. these folks are ready for their magnets. that's the best hat i have seen all morning. high-five! okay. tarhonda and greg, they are ready. we will start in 15 minutes. we have a thousand magnets to give away. come down to firestone if you'd like to get your magnets this morning. >> i am on my way.
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nevada space systems based up in louisville will start shuttling supplies to the international space station. the company one of three that will do this between 2019 and 2024. they are gonna use their dream chaser spacecraft. this is the biggest milestone for that project that has been in the works over 11 years now. the head of sierra nevada says this contract is worth about $14 billion or it has the potential to get that high. sierra nevada lost out on a nasa bid to take astronauts up to the iss a couple of years ago. this is a good win for them. in fact, speaking of the space station, astronauts getting ready for a spacewalk this morning. they are scheduled to start in just about 10 minutes or so. i think that's astronaut kelly there. american tip copra and tim peak out of the britain will be trying to repair a broken voltage regulator. that will take them about six hours. so it's a good long walk today. >> it's fascinating that we can watch this live. >> once they get outside the iss, the pictures are
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>> i could watch it all day long. >> we will be watching. well, it is now 5:46. let's check in with marty and amelia. >> we have been talking a little bit about this football game on sunday. still looks like it's gonna be good. a little windy. flurry activity in the foothills. 20s and 30s around here. it's pretty windy on the west side of town. i anticipate the wind will slow down in and near the foothills. however, this evening note that northeast wind developing here after 4:00. that's gonna help kick off a few light snow showers in the area. that's locally, anyway. we are not gonna get out of the 30s here today. it's already snowing moderately through the central and southwestern mountains colorado. if you get out on your drive today and see one of these stickers up on somebody's car, give them the thumbs up because
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one of our locations picking up the broncos smash-and-grabs. for right now speeds in the 50s. friday light underway. across c-470 and broadway, black and white camera, but you get the picture there. both sides of the road are completely clear. across the city problem free. side streets and our freeways are included. the one exception is gonna be out to the west where a stalled
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good morning. happy friday, everyone. we are live from sports authority field today and we are getting you all set for the big game on sunday. on sunday, "game day live" starts at 9:00 in the morning right here on 9news. of course, kickoff at 2:40. >> and then after the game, as always, we are the first in the
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broncos -- i mean, all that sort of stuff. >> a special edition from five to seven. we will have complete coverage of the broncos' win or lose. >> win! >> win or win. yeah. so join us sunday for that. all right. over to marty now for the forecast. boy, the sun is coming up, mart i. >> the orange suit is at the cleaners. come on. >> oh? >> i am going for a little pop here. you know, everybody needs a hint of color. i am just gonna go a little more subtle today on that. looking at the area today, high clouds here. some snow really rolling into the mountains through the day today. it's already started up at grand junction. the radar picking up very well in the high terrain in western colorado. temperatures the coldest in the state in the san luis valley. relatively clear there. we had a lot of radiational cooling. 15 there. everybody else above zero.
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snow picks up in the mountains and foothills at lunchtime or shortly after. by 3-4:00 we will see the snow showers move off to the east. notice how they seem to favor areas east of metro denver. hudson, keensburg, brush, better amounts. not much snow. we're talking anywhere from trace amounts to upwards of 2 inches in some narrow bands. i'm still gonna put us at a half-inch or less and an inch or less in northern colorado. foothills areas along east of the continental divide 1-3 inches by tomorrow morning. a lot of blowing snow there. 30s foothills. mid 30s in town. low-to-mid 30s in northern colorado. mountains and foothills. snow continues in the mountains through the day today and then works its way out onto the plains tonight. 20s mountains. 30s around here. after three.
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slightly higher amounts in northern colorado. even a little better to our east. tonight showers gone by 9- 10:00. we go partly cloudy. stay cool tomorrow. dry on sunday. here though we could have a couple of light snow showers in the foothills. mlk day really looking good on monday with sunshine and temperatures in the low 50s. i didn't think about it. we are headed into a holiday weekend. yes. all the traffic closures will be up and around for you through the show. 25 and c-470 quiet. as you are hitting the snooze button or jumping out of bed, a great drive no matter where you are headed in the city. our 270 corridor 60 miles per vazquez. 33 northbound 25. that's a temporary slowdown approaching 36. wrapping up north of the interchange.
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it's going to be a busy ski weekend across the entire drive of i-70. right now we have an eastbound stalled semi truck four miles west of vail pass.
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welcome back to our special broncos coverage this morning. a school in parker found a unique to celebrate the broncos'
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for their first broncos chicken bowl. the students at highway elementary have been caring for the chickens since the beginning of the year. this seems like a good way to cheer on their favorite team. no question fun for the students and staff there. the magnets are out. we have firefighters from frederick firestone fire department. they are gonna help hand them out. good morning, gentlemen. we go all the way down this aisle. but this is just the beginning. by the way, our first person arrived at 2 a.m. this morning. but we'll take you down this aisle. >> woo! >> reporter: and on our third aisle. so all the way down this aisle. it winds around to the back of the store. we have a fifth aisle that goes all the way down here. and we are now officially all the way down to the bakery, all the way down there, too. this is unbelievable. so we're gonna start giving away these magnets in about four minutes. and i would say you're ready? i would say you're ready.
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give away a thousand magnets very quickly. we are here in firestone. our friends at the stadium, you guys have a busy morning, too. >> we do have a busy morning, you know. i saw that story on the chicken boil.
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