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tv   Today  NBC  January 15, 2016 11:00am-11:59am MST

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. it is tryday friday, january 15th, and that is ellie gould goulding. >> yes. >> and what is on the show today, hoda? >> well, we asked you for
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and so we sent madelyn out to organize pit way you should to stay healthy, and she is going to show you how to do it yourself. >> and you know, we spend so much money on food, and your tendency is not the throw it out, but a was you remember how much it cost when you pougt it bought it, but you will learn something. >> and should you make the leap to marry somebody like your significant other? and loyal fan, and that is glowing glozell green? >> oh, no. >> and this is going to be advice that you wish you had it before the holidays how to look younger in photos. >> too late now. >> and remember all of these tips when taking photos. sharon stone showed us how she does it. ed this pic on
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and she is putting the hands on the sides of the face and pulling it ever so slightly back. >> well, that is great, but you can't go through like looking like that. >> and okay. let's e try it, and see how we do. >> you look fabulous, hoda. >> and let's see, kathie lee. yeah, good. it is just slight. >> and you see, if i wanted to start talking to you, it is ridiculous. >> and just lean on one. pull up half. >> pull up half. >> and this is the trailer out for "my big fat greek wedding ii" and they have the answer on how to take a younger looking picture. >> all right. >> pull my neck. >> pull. >> all right. pull my neck, one, two, pull [ laughter ] >> now, that, the that the works.
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pull my neck. ooh, i love it. i will pull yours at the same time. >> i have a terrible neck. >> one, two, three, pull. all we need are clothes pin, and we would be so -- >> or a facelift. according to, this is how to officially look younger in photos. >> first of all, you need to get a selfie stick. check. and the first thing is to ut put the camera higher than your you see how it is looking down >> no, not good. >> hey. >> and drop your chin a little and look slightly upward and lean forward. we look oawful. and take a full body shot. and come on, let's stand up together. >> i hate the full body shots. better than anybody. >> no, i don't.
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to 45 degrees. >> i do it like christie brinkley does. >> and then what? >> you put your weight on the back. >> and slightly bend the knee closer to the camera. >> yes. >> all right. >> that's it. they have the picture perfect thing across the. okay. there you go. >> and twist the upper body so it faces -- >> it is hard work. it is hard work. >> how do you hold the stick and do all of those things? is now, it is over here. no, no. and look at how straight on looks. bad. but sideways. forget it. >> it is not worth it. and just age gracefully and gratefully. nobody is more annoying than every time you get together with them it is not about the latest book they read or the people they -- but do you think that i need a facelift.
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they want to sk ask me, do you think or should i have, and have you heard the better doctor, and can we just talk about something else. >> something else. >> all right. so how about child geniuses. >> all right there. a lifetime show that people love and it is called "child genius." warning, if you think that you are smart, you are not. these kids are young and they partnered with the american mensa to have the kids compete with high iqs for $100,000. >> how obnoxious. >> and the first episode tested the math memory. >> when i get under pressure, i get competitive and get in the >> and what is 30% of 450? >> 135. >> correct. pen down. at 67, 48 and 216 and finally 501. >> 832. >> correct. >> 878. >> correct. >> 65. >> correct.
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you answered nine answers correctly. great job. >> the kid's a genius. >> and so, this is about testing under pressure for the memory round, apd nd someone had to memorize the orderer of shuffled cards in a deck of 5 2. so let's watch. >> what? what? >> we play first. >> oh, no, so wait, what do we do? >> we flip them over. jack, 5, 8, ace and king. okay. turn them all over. okay. now what are we supposed to do. now we check back in 30 second, and while we do this, we will watch the other kid memorize 52. >> no, no, i don't care about
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>> 3 of diamonds, 4 of spades, 9 of clubs, ace of spades, jack of hearts, 8 of spades, 2 of club s s, 9 of diamonds. >> chancellor, you name ed d all 52 cards correctly. great job. >> that is unblooef elievable. >> that is -- we are not following that! first of all, you are trying to remember and they are all saying them and you are going -- i remember the first one was a jack. >> and then it is like 5, 8, and ace and that is a king. >> yes. >> but what were the suits? well, nobody knows that. >> and i think that we did pretty darn well after all of that. [ applause ] >> i would rather talk about
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the cards. >> and can't remember things. emotions? >> yes, i think that all dogs can unless they are trained to be fighters. look at him. >> and researchers, and now they found that the dogs are able to are recognize your emotions when you are sad and stuff. they can tune into the feelings, and i have come home from a hard day at work sometimes and watched blake just run over. oh. >> he has a lot of head and not a lot of body. all righty. do you use emojies? because if you do, and you use a have sex on the brain. i do not believe it, but said that singles use a lot of emojies, it is the method of choice when it comes to digital flirting.
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you wanted to if i sent you a winking eye. >> and if somebody is saying they love you instead of me, too, and how was your day and then you have one of the guys go going mwah and you responded and it is nice, and most of them, i don'tis ext, -- sext and much less text. >> h and the wink one, if anybody winks at you on twitter. >> that is a wink? who want tos s to have sex with that? >> well, anthony. >> oh, anthony. >> anthony. anthony texts and yes. >> all right. >> and there are big colors to avoid and one of our friends came into the studio yesterday in the biggest and hugest -- sfle o, my gosh, i have two dress dresses in this color. >> and you have worn them a lot. and ooh, yeah, it is terrible.
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>> it makes you sallow looking. unless you are doing a commercial for grapes or something, i don't do that. >> and what else? >> this is what we are dying to see, the dog and theed toler love each other souch much they wear matching outfits. >> stop it. >> standing up. >> he has a sense of style, and he is the newest instagram sensation. and so the owners love to match the dog and the foster child in matching colors. and there they are in the p.j.s. >> and the human owners buy them to match the pup. >> look at him there. >> and oh, just so you know that reagan only wears the outfits for a few minutes, so if you are
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but this is my favorite time of the week, friday funny ies. >> in is actually funny. >> we are e ready. bl honey, honey, said a husband to the wife, i just invited a friend over for lunch. he'll be here in 30 minutes. what, are you crazy, screamed the wife, the house is a mess, and i have haven't been shopping, and the kids are acting up, and this place is kay, you and i'm in a terrible mood. the husband said, i know it. and why then did you invite mim, because the poor fool is thinking about getting married. dad gone it. i was so close. >> and you were totally el selling it. no, you were in. it was fun to watch you when you get into it, and do the voices and things. anyway, it worked at the end. >> and a still thinking about anthony having sex with everybody. >> and those emojies. anthony! yeah, it is a fresh new year, and so why not freshen up the fridge. >> madelyn is going to show you how the, tend the pood in the fridge and what two items you should never store together.
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new year, new you, and new fridge and that is what our resident health and nutritionist madelyn fernstrom says you need. lot lotf of cash, but there are some refrigerator refrigerator. >> and before the show, madelyn
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show watcher to offer her some advice. >> okay. first you have the graveyard sauces that have been used before christmas, and get rid of them. >> and those are really old and time to throw them out. >> i think i just had that one. this is a treat that i never ate. >> toss it. and this is beautiful chicken. >> you don't want it to go to waste. >> it has to be covered in a glass container or it will be dried out. and pizza, with cooked food, it is five days. >> and this is the snack drawer for the boys. how does it look? >> nice and clean and fruit and vegetable, and the easy to grab low-fat cheesesticks. perfect choice. >> and the verdict on the freeze er er. >> e never throw away the ba fan nas a and you froze them, but peel them first. and you on the right track with
11:17 am
them in a zip lock bag so they won't get freezer burn, and that they will be fresh when you want them. you did a good job on the freezer. good job. >> and madelyn, where you start? >> you start with a clean fridge, and no smelly cleaners or the bleach or anything like that, and soap and water, and nice clean fridge, and get rid of the old thing, and the duplicated condiments, but you want the basics, the low-fat dare rishg and the eggs which are a great source of protein, and store them inside, and not on a egg container on the outside. >> why did they do that? sdw well, shgs >> well, it was probably a good idea at the time. >> and so where do you put it? >> and fruits and veggies, they have a special drawer. >> and that is not an accident. you want to keep the fruits and
11:18 am
the fruit s s emit a little gas that can spoil your venl tables. and look for a little color. >> and poor hoda, she just can't eat cabbage. >> and people say with a aspirations, i will get a whole head of broccoli or cauliflower or something. >> and there the r are little droplets of water, and kathie lee can't stand it, and she is stamping on it sflchl and you say, i will buy this broccoli and buy soup or a side dish, and when it is yellow and gnarly, a better option is -- >> we should not waste the relek tris ti, and let -- electricity, and shut the fridge. and so okay. >> and so you come over here, and you are will put them in florette s
11:19 am
bag, and small amounts over time. and another option is frozen vegetable, and frozen and fresh are not as good, but stock up on them, only because they never go bad, and krou will be able to use them when you need them. >> and you talked about wrapping the pizza, and why that is important. >> you want some leftovers, and you can't leave them out, because they dry out, and smelly, and so take something like pizza. >> wax paper? >> yeah, that is wax paper, and you can put it in a zippy and wrap it up and stick it back in, and it won't stay good, and your fridge will smell otherwise. >> and what about chinese boxes? >> if it is whole grain or something like that, put it in a bag and put it in the fridge. >> in the sflij. >> yes, because at the room temperature, it can spoil quickly, and the whole grain can get full of bugs quickly. >> they are attracted to that stuff. >> and tomatoes are in the fridge? >> no, they come out of the fridge.
11:20 am
avoid the odors is to -- >> arm and hammer. >> and yes, you have to open up the box. >> all of the way with and not way. fresh. all right. now to find out exactly what you should keep and toss from your and madelyn wants to tackle your pantry, so if you live in new york city area, and you would like madelyn to come to your home and embarrass you, post your picture to the facebook page.
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>> time now for web tas the tick, and this is one you will be sending to everybody. and this s is what it sounds like from the interviewer to the interviewee. >> i i don't like you alreadiment. >> it is so great to meet you, and i love your nails. >> i'm a girl and you're a girl and we are all girl s s. >> do you want anything to drink? >> that is rhetorical, because aam not getting you anything to drink. >> i love your resume, so much good stuff here. >> i have not read the resume at all. this is a blank piece of paper. >> you seem a little overqualified, and there must be something wrong with you. >> and this company released something that is the interview trap trap. >> they are the questions that seem innocent, b u ut they have a
11:25 am
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yes back on the friday friday and time for bobbie's buzz, and thanks for the social media's selfies, some brand s s are quickly getting new followers. >> and bobbie has the buzz on these hot new products. >> i like how we have this. >> and selfies have spawn ed ed many
11:28 am
this is a a new indy ie beauty product ta that is glam that has exploded. >> how did it start? >> son sum wers were tagging, and then it start d ed when mar lee na was on youtube and then it pop ed popped. and this is another line that is between $5 and 8 and these are what? and let me tell you that these colors are limited edition, and they sell out, and ask for the fans to ask for the cure ration of help, and believe it or not, many of the them are flying off of the shelf.
11:29 am
was copying some of the indie brands, and kathie lee, you are getting in on this one. >> and get after it. >> it is not showing up, because she has -- ooh, oh, my god, she is dying. she is p miserable. >> and this is charcoal gray, and we have a graphic of the color chart that we can put up. charcoal gray, forest green. >> nothing better than kathie lee's face right now. >> i have gain green -- gangrene, look at this. >> and it is really makeup for the yup corps and this is the hottest thing online, and if you don't know this, your grandkids and your grandchildren, and even bobbie thomas is grabbing the bright sugary cosmetics, and
11:30 am
brands that are serving us. and the x 11 decided not enough tones for women, so they have given us only warm tones. and so a lot of women have found their color tones from a niche store. and also, the lashes that you can, too, go on to see the instagram feed. >> i know. >> i just want to see this look. >> let me add it up. >> oh, my god. >> don't put anymore on there. >> and it is looking -- look at the two of you. >> it is so pretty. sweetie on valentine's day >> yes. >> and go ahead. >> and now shgs , we have some great ideas for you. >> right after this. >> look at kath's face. >> uh-huh, uh-huh. >> for the rest of the show? i am done. i'm out of here. in areas of crisis, simple skin conditions can
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if you are having a tough time with long distance romance. >> or if you want to take the next step in the romance, listen to what the experts have osay. >> here on the view of "how to get the guy".com. or matchy-matchy, jessica. here we go. >> my boyfriend and i were looking at a house, and should couples purchase or buy a home
11:36 am
>> should she be cornered, jessica? >> and yes, she should be. and e moelgts ally, and financially and legally and hopefully you are on the way to getting engaged. >> what would you say? >> i would not do it. >> i don't have a problem with them being en gaged, because if they have been together for ten years, a years, and this is a solid couple, and it is not about marriage, but genuinely making a commitment to life. if only a year, no. but if they are stable, then go for it. >> and here is a question from jacqui. >> i'm a college student on a budget. what are some inexpensive but special ways to surprise your significant other on valentine's day. >> oh, i want to hear these answers. >> that is a great question. and valentine's day should always be inexpensive, and it is such a commercialized holiday and it is a pressure if you are a couple or single, and don't buy a dozen roses on valentine's
11:37 am
ten times what it normally would, and what is important on valentine's day is to do something that is meaningful to >> give some suggestion, because people don't know what to do. >> my ex used to love "the hol >> no, the other one? >> no, the one with jude law and the that one. and you know how they walk into the room with the tent and the little girls in it, and she loved that scene, so i built a tent in the bedroom so that the whole thing was like walking into "the holiday" with all of >> you did not? >> yes, i did. and something like that, it does an experience. and anything that creates an atmosphere and experience. >> and yes, one of the best valentine's day i ever had i was a student and my date made me chocolate covered strawberries,
11:38 am
that i liked them, but he made them and the kind of guy that he was, this is a big gesture. >> and you didn't forget it. >> to. >> and anything with somebody's name on it is disproportionately name on it is great. >> and a alex has a question. >> how do you make long distance more tolerable if one person is into it, and the other person is not. >> and this is the problem from the beginning that one person is not into it. the only way that long distance works is if both people are committed to it. but what i say is don't go down the normal route which is skype. you video skype and talk the all of the time, and go old school, and send theless letters, and one of the nice things is that you can start to watch a new tv series together. so you have actually -- >> yes, different times. >> and even an hour a day where you sit there and do something normal together instead of expecting entertainment from each other. >> and there has to be a plan to
11:39 am
if somebody in the relationship is not into the distance, because it is painful now to end the relationship if that person is not committed or painful laet later. >> so it seems they had a problem? >> yes. >> we are out of time. thank you both so much for being here here. if you have a question or two for matthew and francesca, go to and hit like. >> and now, we will talk to kevin sorbo and alan powe after this. enter sleep number, and the lowest prices of the season. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! save $1100 on the i8 mattress with purchase of sleepiq technology and flexfit3 adjustable base. ends monday. know better sleep
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before taking tell your doctor if you're serious health conditions, or take other medicines. if you develop an allergic reaction, a severe rash, or signs of unusual behavior, stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. in particular may be at an increased risk abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. anti-flu? go antiviral
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>> so, everybody, listen to this statistic, every 30 seconds, somebody become s a s a victim of human trafficking, which is the world's fastest growing crime. >> and more alarming more than 11 million children are trafficked each year according to unicef. and now one movie is hoping to shine a spotlight on the global crisis. >> it is called "caged no more."
11:44 am
and alan powe are with us, but first, let's take a look at a this. >> we have a picture. that is skye. she looks just like madison. >> yes, she does. >> and what if it was madison, would you not move heaven and earth to get her? >> of course. >> i couldn't be there for madison, dad, but let me get these girls. >> wow. >> good to see you guys, even though it is a tough subject matter. >> and that is cassidy gifford. >> and good to be with her, and that one made over $1 million in the last one. >> she did a great job. >> and it is going to be educating people that every 30 second s and why did you want to be you? >> i read the script, and i have three daughters. >> three good reasons.
11:45 am
read the script and i was compelled and i want to bring the awareness to the issue, and it is something they learned thousands of miles away is what i thought, but it is literally in our backyard. >> and wasn't it difficult to shoot for cass. >> yes, she played a 17-year-old girl whose father sells her into >> the evil twin. >> and what is great about it is that they put me in the all of the bad stuff all in one segment in a couple of week, and so i didn't have to jump back and forth and have a chaotic psychological breakdown. but like alan said, i had no idea that it was as big as it was in america. we have governor bobby jindal in
11:46 am
a big problem in louisiana, and other areas as well. >> and you cover, and that is a topic that does not get a ton of attention, that i know from being in the news business for so many years. >> and it is not something ta happens overseas, but every year. >> and we put chips in the pets because if they are lost, and we want to find them, and honestly through this experience if i were having a daughter young, i would put a chip in her, because if they don't find you within 24 hours, they won't find you ever again again. >> and you guys are very talented and you sing, alan? >> yes. >> and we happy to have a little music tuned in. what is the name of the song? >> that is called "you v have my heart." you have my heart >> oh, that is great. >> how often do you get out there to sing? >> well, three years ago i stopped doing the road a lot,
11:47 am
have shifted gears and we do a loft con lot of youtube videos. >> and what s is the name of the group? >> anthem light. >> anthem light. >> and you v have a couple of projects coming out? >> yes. and i like to stay busy. i just sold a pilot, and shooting it. >> if you see my daughter out there, give her my love, and tell her to call her mommy. "cage nod more" airs january
11:48 am
a little bit of a bittersweet day. we want to give a shoutout to our culinary specialist bianca
11:49 am
1999 and moving on to the new fantastic thing s s. >> come on down here, bianca. >> and can you come down here on the down the stairs a and in the meantime, okay or not okay. >> and for the grammys next month, some singers have complained publicly about being snubbed. >> con kayne said that he was snubbed, and jason aldean said that he was frus ra trate ing ed and complained about being left out of the grammy awards. >> here is what we can say about being snubbed or not snubbed. you k can be daps point, but that is okay, but you can express it without coming off as a petulant whiner. >> and i are will say that what she said and this one, hey, you can't win them all. >> such a cliche. >> so boring.
11:50 am
whatev. >> bianca, thank you. and sweetheart. >> why are you leaving us? >> it a has to be bittersweet for you, and i don't mean like the chocolate. >> and we v have some cake and bubbly for you. >> and you don't know exact ly ly what you are going to be doing? sglnd it is like the bubbly that i pour ed ed for other people all of those years. >> and just so you know that bianca is in charge of every single beautiful dish. >> and it takes a village. >> and we will work on the the cookbooks and such like we did for the "good gifts" and she is not going all of the way out of my sight. >> and you can borrow her, too, hody. >> thank you. and bianca, we love you and we will miss you so much. and we have a big week coming up, and there is a big surprise monday. >> oh, yes.
11:51 am
>> and have a great weekend, everybody. >> where can they see you this weekend, hoda? >> in virginia and new orleans. enjoy enjoy. >> check your local listings. >> go to the web page, it is on there. >> bianca, we love you. >> oh, hoda. no, we wanted to do that, and we really didn't. and now, we are going to be
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