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tv   9 News at 6pm  NBC  January 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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02:04:42 i have a long history of alcohol abuse. i have had treatment. i am an intelligent person but i never took it seriously. for some people -it takes prison to take things seriously.. and even that is not guaranteed.. 02:08:30 i know that i have to be punished and i deserve to be punished. this is garrett neugebauer's fourth dui conviction.. and the road here was a firey one.. the drunken high speed chase he led police on.. started a brush fire last february in douglas county while try . i've had a long history of alcohol abuse. i have had treatment. i'm an intelligent person and i never took it seriously. >> reporter: for some people, it took prison to take things seriously. even that is not guaranteed. >> i know i have to be punish and i deserve to be punished. >> reporter: this is his fourth dui conviction. the road here was a fiery one. the drunken high-speed chase he led police on started a brush fire last year in douglas county. while trying to get away, he hit other drivers, luckily didn't hurt anyone seriously, even at 100 miles per hour. >> if you want to call it providence, want to call it the hand of god, want to call it dumb luck that we're not talking about people who were killed, is a miracle. >> reporter: he was on
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stunt. >> i want to put out a enforcement. there's no excuse for what i did to them, making them drive at them speeds. >> reporter: now he's going away for 24 years. >> honestly, it's the biggest sentence that i can remember for a case where nobody was seriously injured, had serious bodily injury, or was killed. 9news. >> police say his blood alcohol level in the most resident was limit. a few minutes ago, friends and classmates began a prayer vigil for the teenage boys who parker. one boy died, another is severely injured. one teen got out unhurt. we have the call to 911. now.
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waded into the water and pulled one boy out with a tree branch. cole robinson is okay. 16-year-old patrick lentz died minutes underwater. max gantyea was listed as critical at last check. all three boys are sophomores at legends high school. engineering. >> he was a great guy, very caring, very nice to everybody. he was one of the best people you could meet. >> friends and classmates of the three went to the pond today. the water does have two warning signs posted, but it is not fenced in. a man arrested in georgetown along i-70 was wanted out of michigan, accused of kidnapping his two young daughters after killing their mother and grandfather. around 1:00 a.m., a clear creek county deputy noticed a suspicious car parked in town. the deputy ran the plates and discovered the car was connected to an amber alert out of michigan. alex perez was arrested.
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michigan police say it is likely the sharp-eyed deputy saved the little girls' lives. >> really good police work. he hadn't received the amber alert yet. he was doing his job as a patrolman and what happened is he, probably he saved the lives of two little girls probably. >> perez faces several charges, degree murder. human remains and wreckage have been found in a rural area of rio blanco county after a plane crash was reported about 6:00 p.m., 140 miles east of the utah border. witnesses say they heard a plane engine rev, then heard an explosion. rio blanco sheriff's office, a bonanza 35 single-engine plane left salt lake city yesterday, on the way to granby. deputies don't know how many people were on board. they are investigating. chipotle says it plans to close all restaurants in the
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february 8 to hold meetings with employees about food safety. there have been several e. coli outbreaks, then a norovirus. in february, executives will talk with employees about how food-borne illnesses happen and what's being done to ensure it doesn't happen again. >> in many cases, this is nothing more than an internal matter for chipotle to educate its workers, but in many sense, the fact they are closing part of the day, posting signs on the doors for why they are closing for part of the day is a sign to the public that they are trying to get past it. >> if chipotle can go without another incident, there is a good chance they can overcome this, according to experts, and enjoy long-term success. a denver police officer critically wounded not long ago did something today that
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>> antonio lopez, jr. [ applause ] >> known as tony. denver police department. last month during a traffic stop, he was shot a number of times and came very close to losing his life. today, he, along with 12 other officers at the police academy his wife, who is expecting, him. she told us after the ceremony that tony made a commitment this week to try and walk on and off the stage himself. >> yesterday at physical therapy they really worked on it so he was able to do this. that's huge for him. he is a very prideful person. it's amazing he was able to do that with the crutches. >> if been watching coverage, sergeant lopez's father greeted him on stage, the father of the downtown district. prosecutors charged the shooting suspect with, among other things, attempted first degree murder of a police officer. >> great to see him on his feet. broncos have a lot of fans
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based on jersey sales. >> also ahead, some of the team's youngest fans, along with their handmade broncos gear. >> and a few of the national western stock show's biggest
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dick's sporting goods has put together a map that shows the bestselling jerseys in each state of the remaining eight nfl playoff teams. not counting colorado, the broncos have california, montana, utah, iowa, and tennessee. steelers fans appear to be few and farther in between, with support in pennsylvania, ohio and new york. some of the broncos' newest fans got their very first orange and blue outfits this morning. photo journalist and anchor kim christensen show us how
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hospital are ready for sunday's game, thanks to a group of women making sure the small fans get started early. >> are you any of you going to the game sunday? >> reporter: you know the broncos have made the playoffs. >> yes! >> reporter: when even the ladies of the needle arts guild are talking football. >> we all love the broncos. we're all excited and we're going to win, right? >> reporter: the yarn color may have changed. >> i do baby colors, the blues and pinks. >> reporter: but their mission remains the same. >> they are cute. >> reporter: mary and the rest of the guild nit and crochet hats for babies born at parker adventist hospital. >> we're going to see new babies today. >> reporter: this week, they are making sure even the newborns-- >> pom-poms on either side. >> reporter: -- are ready for the game. >> it's got to be in their genetic makeup if they are born in colorado. >> reporter: the hats only ta merry about an hour to make. >> okay, i'm all screwed here up. >> reporter: unless she's not wearing her glasses. >> oh, i'm too vain. just hide them. >> reporter: but today, she did get to see-- >> adorable!
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mean to the families who receive them. >> wanted to give you a little >> thank you. [ crying ] >> reporter: eleven babies suited up this morning, thanks to mary and her friends. >> babies make me cry. just amazing to see all of these little, little critters. fans. >> already rooting for the >> reporter: cheering on the team the only way they know how. [ crying ] >> members of the needle arts guild say even though they are fast, it's a challenge meeting demand. about 160 babies are born every month at parker adventist. the 110th annual national western stock show is rolling along. new performers and competitors, along with old favorites, like the thunder, a group of draft horses that travel around the country with jason goodman, who
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he says it takes hours to get them ready, wash them, braid their manes and get them ready. >> the work horses have a lot of personality. they are nicknamed the gentle giants and they are willing to please and like to work. >> the thunder horses will be performing at every pro rodeo at the national western. there is one tonight at 7:30, three scheduled for tomorrow. stock show has events scheduled through sunday, january 24. quick reminder, on the 24th, that's when everybody else needs to take down their christmas decorations. >> because that's the end of the national western. >> mine came down a little earlier than that. >> oh, i'm milking it. >> i know you are. >> waiting for warmer weather. >> i know. the storm system dropping a lot of snow in colorado's highcountry isn't doing much in denver.
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. pretty quiet day around the denver metro area. a much different story up to the highcountry, where they saw plenty of powder. in fact, out at winter park, this awesome shot, a glimpse of blue bird skies and of course supporting the broncos up there as well. look at some of these totals. keep in mind, these came in at 5:00 a.m. when they report, 6 1/2 at
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keystone at 3, same in loveland. crested butte at 2 inches. tomorrow morning, i guarantee you the powder hounds are going to be enjoying much more snow. pretty quiet. we've been waiting for a flurry here and there, but i wouldn't count on all that much. big story is going to be up in the mountains where they are tracking 5 to 10 inches by tomorrow morning. 1 to 3 for the foothills. less than half an inch in town. and again, northern colorado, maybe an inch to 2 across the plains. right now, 26 out at the airport, mostly cloudy skies. the winds have shifted out of the east now, bringing us windchill of 16. it's cold out here, even in the 9news backyard, where temperature readings are coming in about 26 degrees as well. unsettled weather going on across most of the country. in fact, eastern seaboard bracing for a strong storm out there, as well as lake effect snow across the great lakes. meanwhile for us, the system now positioned just to our south, but still spinning up on the back side of it. highcountry. that's where most the action s it's filtering in from the
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south and to the east, with the strongest bands up in larimer and weld counties, toward fort collins, cheyenne, south along i-25, toward greeley, pushing in toward weld county as well. around denver, it's been pretty quiet. we've had a couple of isolated flurries here and there. it's really been tough for them to actually make it to the surface because we have such dry air down here at the lower levels. if anything, light flurries are coming in across the western suburbs and the hog back. the rest of this evening looks quiet for us. we'll have mostly cloudy skies. by 10:00, you can see southeastern colorado picking up on some of that snow. the mountains will still see the snow overnight. look at this. 1:00, 2:00 in the morning, might have one or two bands that push through parts of adams, arapahoe county, quickly zipping off to the south and east. by morning, it's long gone. we'll wake up to a bit of sunshine and it will be cold, but sunny. as the afternoon presses on, clouds begin to return to the i- 25 corridor right there, 5:00, 6:00, with another push of snow up in the mountains.
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saturday evening into sunday morning. sunday morning might be tricky, as a few more flurries might make their way down to the plains. by 10:00 tomorrow evening, still dry here in town. winter weather advisory still in place until 9:00 tomorrow morning. the front range mountains between 5 to 10 inches of snow. 4 to 7 toward the san juans. look at that, 6 to 12 toward the central mountains. impressive storm, but again, pretty wimpy here in denver. 15 tonight here in the metro area. we stay in the teens across the eastern plains. single digits and teens up in the mountains. it's going to be another cold one. a few flurries out there, nothing to write home about, half inch or less. sunrise coming at us at 7:19. we'll kick off the day with plenty of sunshine. it's the afternoon those clouds, as well as the next weak disturbance moves through. 20s in nederland, south toward idaho springs. 36 in the metro area with 40s in arvada and lakewood. some spots in the 30s along the i-25 corridor out in northern colorado, and cooler with the snowfall continuing around those northern mountains.
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couple little flurries here and there. tailgaters might find a few early on. but for the most part, snow bands should be moving out just in time for game time. we'll be at 50 degrees and downsloping winds will warm us up on monday for martin luther king, jr. day. not bad on tuesday. another round rolls in wednesday. then we only start to warm up from there. . hi, everybody. the broncos will basically be playing the pittsburgh steelers' practice squad in sunday's nfl playoff game. hall of fame quarterback ben roethlisberger can hardly lift his throwing arm. star runningback le'veon bell and deangelo williams are both out with injuries. now, the steelers have announced their fabulous wide receiver antonio brown will be unable to play due to lingering issues from the concussion he suffered during last weekend's first round victory over the cincinnati bengals. >> we know what it's like, you know, to play in big games and be missing some guys. we've had some players sitting on the sidelines this year of big games of ours.
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really good team and a big, big game, and we're going to have to play extremely well. so nothing's really changed. >> if the broncos beat pittsburgh, they will host the winner of tomorrow's game between the patriots and chiefs for the conference championship. and we're live, 9news sports reporter aaron matas is in boston tonight covering the other afc semi final. hi, aaron. >> reporter: hi, drew. eleven straight wins for kansas city to get to this point, a stretch that includes last week's 30-0 win over houston, since 1994. it was a long time in between playoff wins, and while the chiefs waited, tom brady, bill belichick and the patriots celebrated, over and over and over again. >> things that they have done,
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had have been -- they have made history. we look forward to the challenge, though. that's what this is all about. >> reporter: in the 22 years the chiefs went in between post season victories, the patriots have won 24 playoff games and four super bowls, two teams with very different histories. >> it's a statement game for us. i mean, it's a statement game for anybody that would come into the world champs' stadium and take on the patriots and who they are. >> reporter: 1994, that was kansas city's last trip to an afc championship game. new england hasn't played in the conference final since last year. so it's either the chiefs and a shot at redemption for peyton manning who was benched after throwing four interceptions against kansas city back in november, or the patriots, which is of course, drew, manning versus brady. but first, there is that small detail of the pittsburgh steelers on sunday. >> oh, yeah, there is that.
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enjoy your evening in boston. good high school basketball matchup tonight. cherry creek is at eagle crest. taylor tembe is in aurora to see if the number one ranked raptors can remain undefeated. >> reporter: we're actually at the midway point of the boys basketball season, drew. eagle crest sitting at a very comfortable 11-0. joining me right now, colby ross and nate vogel. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> reporter: you guys are the only two returning players on the team this year. how have you been able to recreate that chemistry? >> well, the other nine players actually all played together on jv last year. i feel like we've had a lot of time to prepare through summer ball and fall ball. i feel like coach has done a good job through practice in getting our chemistry where it needs to be right now. >> reporter: and looking at last season, how things finished out, you made it to the final four. this year, did you expect to hit number one? >> i did expect us to get to this point. other people doubted us. but i think all of our hard work and chemistry, it's all worked out. >> reporter: guys, one last question for you, jv game playing now.
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atmosphere is going to be like later tonight. >> energetic. electrifying. >> reporter: perfect. we expect it to be that way as well. highlights tomorrow morning on the 9news prep rally. back to you. >> thanks, taylor. nuggets center nikola jokic might not play well against the miami heat. she played perfect on wednesday against the golden state warriors and got drilled in the face. hands up, feet spread, perfect defensive stance. and the ball directly into nikola's nose. didn't even get a bloody nose. >> rockies avoided arbitration today with superstar third baseman nolan arenado by agreeing to a one-year, $5 million contract, which is about 20 to 25 less than he's worth. one-year, 5 million. they will pay dearly later. >> yeah, next time around.
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we'll be rig .
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are you heading out on the town tonight? grab a coat. it's extremely cold. cold for this weekend. >> i'm hearing it. [ laughter ] >> cool in the mid-30s. another storm kind of rolls in saturday night into sunday, possibly bringing us a couple of late flurries. in the morning, tailgaters might have to deal with it, but by game time, should be all right. 50s on monday. >> get that game moved to monday night football. >> how does that look? >> okay, kids. not quite quitting time yet. >> we're getting close, though. >> yes, you are. entertainment tonight is next. we're back at 9:00 and 10:00. >> last evening newscast on this news set. see it one more time, 9:00 and 10:00. on fire.
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you have nothing to do with his reca >> behind the scenes as sean penn breaks his silence. is his life in danger after meeting with drug lord el chap os o? >> we're with charlie rose and how his it isdown came together. >> he's not worried for his safety.
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