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tv   9 News at 10pm Repeat  NBC  January 16, 2016 1:05am-1:45am MST

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out of sight out of sight you keep it out of sight out of sight out of sight you keep it out of sight alive weak without a warning born into a story alive weak without a warning born into a story, story alive weak without a warning
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- to most recently captured. colorado's top fugitive is in custody tonight. >> the bank robber from our area who landed a spot on the fbi's most wanted is finally captured. the national search for a kidnapping and murder suspect from michigan ends in colorado's foothills and we are talking to the man who made the arrest. >> remembering a teenager who lost his life on an icy pond last night and his two friends
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>> wal-mart plans to close a couple of of hundred stores. some in the metro area. 9news starts now. from most wanted to most recently captured. colorado's top fugitive is in custody today. milo mason was not exactly living large for an alleged bank robber. he was holed up in a motel six at i-25 and 84th in thornton. he was taken in without incident. he is known as one of the scream robbers for the masks. he and two others were them when he robbed banks last fall. violently carjacked drivers. he had been on the most wanted list since mid december. a man accused of double murder is in custody and two
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the man was wanted on a warrant from southwest michigan. steve staeger caught up with the deputy who was acting on instinct. >> reporter: he thought somebody was strange adele. it was 1:30 this morning and hep was patrolling the area near georgetown when he noticed this car with its lights on parked in a parking lot. he radioed the license plate which is standard practice checking on a vehicle. he approached the car and talked to the driver. to sleep. he didn't have his id and he gave a different name. as the deputy was talking to him, the dispatcher told him the driver was wanted for a double homicide in michigan and the girls in the car were wanted for an amber alert. he pulled the driver right out of the car. he told us the moment when he found out who the guy was.
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double homicide warrant. officers safety. and an amber alert with two little children in the backseat. my first thought was i needed to get that male out of the car. no love like a parent's love and to see the situation that the little girls are in is heart-breaking. >> reporter: now, the deputy says the suspect alex perez struggled a little bit getting out of the car, but he finally was able to pull him out. perez is the father of those children and is accused of killing their mother and her father back in michigan. now t clear creek county human services department took the two girls into custody and we asked the deputy if he feels like he is a hero in this case. it is a question i always ask and he said no. he said he was just in the right place at the right time. >> thanks a lot. steve staeger in clear creek county. a coloradon is headed to prison for a long time after his fourth drunk driving arrest.
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after a high speed chase. douglas county showed video of the chase when they tried to stop garrett nugabaeur. he drove on rims and the sparks caused a small brush fire. his blood alcohol was three times the legal limit. his tears did not sway the judge sentenced him to 24 years. >> i have had a long history of alcohol abuse. you prosecuted right. i have had treatment. i'm an intelligent person. but i never took it seriously. i always felt i paid my fines, i paid my dues. nobody was hurt. i hurt people.
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for the rest of my life. i am very sorry for that. >> he stacked these charges up one after another. at the time of the chase he was on probation for a 2012 alcohol related case in larimer county. snow is pushing across the mountains an onto the eastern plains and some of it could make it to the front range. danielle grant is tracking the progress and she will join us in a few minutes with the forecast. meanwhile, slow go on i-70 this evening. the trip from denver to vail has taken an extra hour. traction laws are out. and at sports authority field, not vesco field, i'm going to get in trouble for that. they are covering the tender vegetation getting ready for sunday's playoff game. this is obviously sped up video. the ground crews are fast, but not that fast. work took about an hour for
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high school students and staff are mourning the death of 16-year-old patrick lance who fell through the ice in parker. two other teens fell in. cole robinson left the hospital and the third teen is still in the hospital. vigils are often a way for people to lean on one another. >> the vigil was kept private tonight out of respect for those mourning the loss of a friend. another again like you said remains hospitalized. we got our first glimpse at how yesterday's ice water rescue unfolded. >> 911, what's the address of the emergency? >> 11710 meadow lane, parker colorado. there is someone in the ice. >> reporter: the call came in 4:30 p.m. thursday. >> is it male or female? >> there's three males. >> reporter: a girl living nearby told authorities of the immediate danger. >> all three of them are in the water.
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>> i'm calling right now. >> i'm bringing departments on the phone. don't hang up. >> reporter: she mentioned at one point she knew one of them. >> how old are they? >> 15 or 16. one is in my class. >> reporter: the girl helped emergency crews get to the right place. >> we have one more still on the water. trying to locate. >> reporter: they pulled two of the teens out within several minutes but the one still in the water was 16-year-old patrick lance. >> the last victim is found. >> reporter: he died at a nearby hospital and today, his community said good-bye. a vigil tonight held close to the site of last night's accident. it remains unknown how the boys ended up in that pond. parker police have not released details as they continue to investigate the entire incident adele. >> this time of year, you really can't trust the ice. it has been so warm. been so cold. >> it has been warm several days.
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it is one of those things. >> thanks jonathan. a group of thieves behind thefts across the country is believed to be at work in arapahoe county. members of the so-called felony gang are targeting unattended vehicles. they tend to go after gyms, day cares and other places where women go. they will try to cash the checks using the drive through lane at banks. >> they choose the furthest lane from the bank which is why they call it the felony lane gang. it is least likely to be seen by the teller. harder visibility by the teller. more likely that their disguises can pass them off as a victim. >> arapahoe county investigators say several themes happened december 17 and 18. they know of several thefts. members of the gang are known to work in teams of three or four members. they sit in their vehicles idle
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a police officer critically wounded did something that brought a room to its feet. >> antonio lopez jr. known as tony. [ applause ] >> tony lopez jr. is now a sergeant in the denver police department. last month during a traffic stop, he was shot a number of times and came extremely close to losing his life. today, he and 12 other officers were promoted to sergeant. his wife who is expecting their child in a few months helped place the new badge on her husband. she told us after the ceremony he had made a commitment to walk on and off the stage himself. >> i feel like yesterday at physical therapy they really worked on him with his crutches so he was able to do this. i know that was huge for him. he is a very proud person so i know it was amazing for him to do that with the crutches. >> sergeant lopez's father was there today as well. commander of the downtown district for dpt. prosecutors have charged the shooting suspect with attempted
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the cdc is telling pregnant women to avoid traveling to 14 latin and caribbean countries because of the zeka virus. it is believed to be the cause of a dramatic fight in a deadly birth defect. there have been 4,000 cases in brazil. they are usually only 200 so far. no evidence the virus has spread to the u.s. two of the 269 stores worldwide that wal-mart is closing are in colorado. most are the smaller format wal- mart express stores. about 10,000 people collectively work at the stores. the wal-mart neighborhood market in littleton will close an the one on south monaco parkway january 28. the long holiday weekend will give wall street a breather. they lost 390 points today.
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dow jones has not been this low since october of 230. two keys everyone is watching are oil and china. chinese stocks are down 40% in the last year and are expecting to drop more next week. oil fell nearly 6% today and is below $30 a barrel. experts are looking at another factor that could send those prices even lower. >> i think today it is the oil decline. people are worried that means something negative will keep happening. >> if you are looing for silver lining try this. about half the time the market recovers from an eight-point loss. an 8% loss rather and finishing the year in positive territory. a couple from tennessee may have to not worry so much about money or the stock market. they didn't wait long to claim their share of the big prize. they went on the today show this morning with their attorney to say they were one of the three who matched all the numbers. look again.
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i said don, check these numbers! >> reporter: lisa and john robinson returned home to tennessee and presented the winning ticket there. despite taking the lump sum pay out of $300 million, they say they are going to keep working. >> that is what we have done all our lives is work. you just can't sit down, lay down and not do nothing anymore. i mean, how long are you going to last? >> they say they plan to stay in their small town about 6,000 people. north of memphis. >> not do nothing. just count your money over and over again. >> that would take a while. still ahead, one day after celene dion lost her husband to cancer, she learned the illness is about to take another family member. >> then a serious problem in space as water starts to form inside an astronaut's helmet. >> snow coming down in the mountains and on the planes. we will tell you what to expect.
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does wear more than just her heart on her sleeve. >> and how the player who makes the greatest impact on the first playoff game won't be in
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got the wrong bed.
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he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. save $1100 on the i8 mattress with purchase of sleepiq technology and flexfit3 adjustable base. ends monday. >> one day after she lost her husband to cancer, celene dion learned her brother has cancer and he doesn't have long to live. he lives in montreal with most of her family. her sister told a newspaper there her brother has just hours or days left. a problem in space for the astronauts at the international space station. four hours into a six hour space walk. a nasa astronaut noticed water forming inside his helmet. he was forced inside the air lock. he was wearing a suit that had previous problems with water condenses as it repressurized.
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had two liters of water form on his helmet prompting fears he could actually drown. hi there, meteorologist danielle grant in the backyard. this storm system moving through pretty wimpy for the metro area. we haven't seen many flurries downtown. a ditch story in the -- a different story in the high country where they are seeing the snow come down. vail pass. snow pack roads and northern colorado too. downtown denver. the roads are dry. just kind of cool out there. as we wind down our friday night. looking ahead to the snow forecast, through saturday, look at this. about one to three for the foothills. it will be a big wet weather maker in the mountains. as the snow slowly starts to shift off across the southeast plains, we might pick up an inch or two out there. out at the airport, 22. mostly cloudy skies. winds relatively calm the past hour or so, but they have been picking up here and.
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in the backyard, temperatures cooling off into the teens. we are down to 18 and it is looking like a cool unsettled weekend ahead. one to the north and south. and if you are traveling in the east, it will be a mess out there as well. heavy rain and a bit of snow. for us, we are looking at the northwesterly flow building into the high country and the western slope looking at the snowfall continuing overnight into tomorrow as another disturbance rolls through and doesn't bring the metro area that much snow. we have been watching a couple of bands in loveland. shifting out in morgan county, washington county. all the way south to flagler. here in the denver area, just too dry to get any snow on the surface. once you move up in elevation along i-70, that is where you will find a little more of the snow.
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24 hours together so you can see how the weekend begins. things look pretty quiet in eastern colorado and even across the western slope. it doesn't look like too big of a deal right? you are traveling up the powder. looks great. metro area. the second band pushes in by the afternoon. it will bring us an increase of the clouds here in the denver metro area. so temperatures quickly will cool off in the late afternoon. and yet again, we will be talking about a little bit more snow in the mountains. it continues saturday night into sunday morning. it is sunday morning that i'm keeping my eyes on because we have a couple of little flurries make it over and hit northern colorado. stay tuned for that. as far as the winter weather advisory, it is in place until 9:00 tomorrow morning for many of the front range mountains. five to ten possible. the san juans, another four toiseach. possibly a foot once you move a
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it is cold. in the teens in denver. 7 in leadville. eight gunnison. again, i still have to include it. just a flurry here and there. if you wake up at 2:00 a.m., you may see a few flakes but they don't add up to too much. daytime highs much the same as today. we will start off with a bit of sunshine. if you are taking a jog around the park or walking the dog, certainly grab the hat and the mittens. you will thank me later. 23 in nederland. you might touch 40 but it will cool off. 20s and 30s in northern colorado. again, the snow staying primarily in the mountains. it should be a dry day for us. a cold night. a couple of early morning flurries. a weak little disturbance moves out in time for game time sunday afternoon. by martin luther king jr. day, a lot of folks have the day off. should be great whether you are
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up in the mountains. we mr. have another midweek storm and i'm still keeping an eye on it and a nice little warmup. so we will get through this biting cold and a big broncos game on sun. and then, things are looking up for us. >> i like your timing for next weekend too. >> just for you. >> imagine how great everybody will feel on monday. big win, 50 degrees. it will be great. thanks danielle. so, it is a fact. people just seem drawn to these magnets. that would be a magnetism joke. listen for your hometown or some place close. 7:00 a.m. king soopers west highlands ranch parkway. also tomorrow, fort collins, 7:00 a.m. until the magnets are gone at the king soopers there at the one in north college avenue. sunday in denver starting at 7:00. king soopers at south colorado and east yale. if you didn't jot those down,
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if you had not heard, denver mayor michael hancock asked people here to wear orange today. for many fans every friday is wear orange day. cara decided wearing jerseys on game days was not enough so she got a tattoo of john elway on her arm. gets a lot of attention at the bar where she works. if the broncos win the superbowl, elway will have some company. >> i have a spot for peyton if he wins the superbowl this year. so, this spot right here is reserved for you peyton. >> if you or someone you know
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>> from colorado's sports leader, here is drew soicher. >> if the broncos win, they should autograph a game ball and send it to the cincinnati bad boy burfect. ben roethlisberger will play with torn ligaments. star running back le' veon bell has been sidelined since november. all because of burfect who took out their best players. if the broncos win the superbowl, they need to give him a full share of the post season bonus money. sports reporter aaron matas is to confident the broncos are going to win, he is already in boston to ask whoever wins the
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playing the afc championship game in denver. the chiefs are not used to practicing in january. last week, playoff win was their first in 22 years, despite the post season drought, andy reid is acting like his team is the patriots. >> ever since the day i walked in the building and my first team meeting was with them in our first year here, he made it clear that, you know, we are chasing the title. and that first year, we were chaseing the title. that is why we came out with the 9-0 start. it is one of those things where our vision has never dropped. where we want the big one right >> reporter: now they have to beat a team that has been on the opposite path. while kc struggled for years, the patriots have had nothing but success. history.
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a game the patriots weren't that interested in talking about this week. night. we didn't play really well. script. >> intercepted. >> we talked about go back and look at everything i said right after the game. you want something more than that? >> you know, i mean. >> there it is. that was a year-and-a-half ago. so whatever you want, i'm sure there's plenty of. >> reporter: either point provides an intriguing story line for denver. it could be the chiefs, a shot at redemption for peyton manning who was benched in a november lost to kansas city or it might be the patriots. manning versus brady. round 17. but the broncos better worry about beating pittsburgh on sunday first. aaron matas, 9news. the nuggets got blocked so
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have thought they were at lego land. nuggets opened up a lead over the miami heat. my new favorite player mudiay dunked one right in the face. that seemed to make him angry. he swatted every shot for the rest of the game. hassan had 11 blocks. most by any denver opponent in 30 years. nuggets lose 98-95. oh, i'm all about the press. eagle press. eagles press. raptors beat cherry creek. colby ross, you are on 9news eagle press. avalanche had the evening offment they play play mbus tomorrow. college hockey. the pioneers ubeat western michigan extending their unbeaten streak to five game us. quentin shore scored twice. nick the sea lion predicted the
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their playoff game last year. again. denver zoo. it's time for nick's picks. >> that a boy. broncos. do not bring the steelers ball back to me nick. if you think the steelers are going to win, don't bring the bag back. there is nick the sea lion. he's got the broncos ball in his mouth! broncos! [ laughter ] i'm not falling in that water. it's too cold! [ laughter ] >> if it was a preseason game in august, i would dive in and get the ball. but not a post season game in january. nick clearly noticed from watching 9news that ben has a band aid on his shoulder. >> very observant.
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>> so this is it. we are shutting this set down. >> yeah, the party is over.
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sean penn's first interview about the controversial meeting with el chap okay.
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"extra" "extra" >> sean penn today as he breaks his silence on "60 minutes." >> there is this myth about the visit that we made. >> why he says the mission failed. did it really lead to "el chapo's" capture? and who penn thinks intentionally put him in danger. >> are you fearful for your life? caitlyn jenner's surprising new confession. >> i don't see dating women in the future. >> did she just admit she's ready to date men. trump and cruz, the broke manslaughter way over. >> trump way up, cruz going down. >> look, he's got a problem. >> a problem after nuclear showdown. >> defending new york and who will take over his business empire if he makes it to the white house. celine dion putting her vegas show on hold to mourn her husband's death. >> i love him. it was very hard.
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story, their struggle to start a family. teresa giudice first red carpet after prison. plus martha stewart is here. >> let's say you got asked to coordinate lady gaga's wedding. >> entertainment capital of l.a. "extra" "extra" >> welcome to "extra," i'm mario lopez. coming up, steve harvey's emotional new face-to-face meeting with miss universe. coming up mario, who is the miss true brunette hanging out with oscar nominee leo in london. to our top story today. >> hunted down by photographers. in the crosshairs of dangerous drug cartels, sean penn telling all on his "el chapo" controversy. >> here is the things we know. >> new video oscar winner in l.a. refusing to answer their questions. >> are you concerned about the cartel, sean.
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rose to answer his?
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