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tv   9 News at 10pm  NBC  January 16, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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how the community has rallied to help the family. genuine, humble, and just an amazing amazing man. >> reporter: known for his bravery. family and friends honor a world war ii soldier and a medal of honor recipient. snow in the high country with tomorrow. danielle is tracking when the metro area could see some flakes. >> a play off begins tomorrow and a broncos win could once again set up manning versus brady, wound 17. he may be young, he may be small but he's a big name in the muttin busting world. 9 news starts now. we're learning more about the father who died this week
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hospital for the birth of their third child. 31-year-old tony schmucker had a medical emergency when he crashed. >> reporter: it was 1:30 in the morning on wednesday. >> we made a contact with a vehicle stating that they were in an accident. >> reporter: the schmucker family were in a car accident when their young child called 911. >> we're unsure if they're able to get out of the vehicle. they're pretty broken as far as connectivity goes. >> reporter: crews eventually showed up at the scene. >> we have two children in the car. one pregnant women in the car.
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schmucker's suv 20 miles down an enbankment. the last one out of the car was tony, he was taken to the hospital where he later died. >> and mrs. schmucker was taken to a hospital and had a broken back, she had a cesarean to deliver her baby. police say the family confronted him about allegations of infidelity. each victim was stabbed multiple times. our partners say that they are expected to recover. chp troopers say the suspect veered across the interstate median crossed into the northbound lanes and then
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they say he then got out of the vehicle and stepped into traffic. from there chp troopers say he was ran over, hit four times and died. one of the fbi's most wanted men arrested friday is in jail on half a million dollars bond. mason is one of three men known as the scream robbers. police say the trio wore screen masks when they robbed at least three separate masks. police say the suspect carjacked a man, shot him and shot another woman during her get away attacks. the fbi added mason to its most wanted list last month. they arrested him at a motel 6 in thornton on friday.
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who were rescueed from a fire are in the hospital. okay. one body was recovered from the wreckage of a small plane thursday. a witness says that he heard crash. the faa and ntsb are investigating the crash. high country. flakes are starting to fall in the high country in vale. danielle will be along in just a bit with a look at the game forecast and whether fans should see flakes. conditions are starting to improve in hawaii. late thursday, two helicopters
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on a training mission when the choppers collided. high surf made the search difficult. u.s. officials have identified the americans including a u.s. marine and washington postreporter jason rizean. rizean was living in tehran when he was captured. his family says of course they are excited to see him. >> it's spectacular. we're so happy. we can't wait to see him. just hope he's in good health. >> reporter: the prisoners will fly to switzerland to receive medical treatment before arriveing to the u.s. the timing of the exchange likely was not coincidental.
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confirmed that iran has met its new sanctions on the nuclear deal. as a result, president obama removed the sanctions on iran. the sanctions were a deal between the u.s., iran and 12 other world powerless. al-qaida forces seized control of the luxury hotel friday night. security forces regained control of the hotel today. the family of mike ritering said his family had identified him at a morgue. film maker michael moore says an emergency declaration signed by president obama to provide water is not enough.
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2014 when flint began to source its water from the flint river to save money. the water floats through corroded pipe which puts lead in the water supply. >> it's just for bringing more water. band aid. filters. that's not what we need. >> we need infrastructure fixed. >> the water infrastructure of this city is in need of repairs. >> reporter: the u.s. justice department is working with the epa to investigate the event leading up to the situation there. a colorado man recognized as an american hero was layed to rest today. george joe secado died last month. he was the last medal recipient living in colorado.
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remarkable life. >> reporter: he was born george secada. >> we will miss him, we love him. >> reporter: but he wanted everybody to call him joe. >> i met joe in camp shelby. >> reporter: he served in the u.s. army, a unit of all japanese americans. >> history testifies in more ways than one that george secado fought uphill battles. >> reporter: he fought racism in a time of interment camps. >> mr. secado was known for his humble and modest good character. >> reporter: he battled the enemy in world war ii. he charged a hill by himself killing 12 germans leading to the capture of 34. an act that did not get fully recognized. >> mr. secado's extraordinary heroism. >> reporter: until he was given
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>> joe was not an ordinary joe, he was a true american hero. >> reporter: a life perhaps summed up by secado himself in this 2013 interview. >> president truman says you fought the germans and you fought the prejudice and you won. that was good. >> reporter: joe secado is an example of what today's infantry soldiers should strive to be. >> i want you to picture him wearing an aloha shirt and grass skirt because that's etched into my memory as well. >> an uncle, a dad, a soldier, a hero. so many names for a man that just wanted to be called joe.
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>> reporter: nelson garcia, 9 news. >> very special american, secado is survived by his daughter and two brothers. four other veterans attended his ceremony to pay their respects. we'll have reactions from new england and what the broncos can expect from big ben and the steelers tomorrow.
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more than a century since the first stock show millions have come to denver for the annual tradition. but beyond the cattle training rodeos, the one thing that keeps long time visitors coming back for more. >> reporter: after 110 years of the national western stock show. >> you sort of become an external family. >> some things have certainly changed. >> in fact, my grand dad came here. >> reporter: from its humble beginnings, the national western has grown into an international affair. >> this is the super show of
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>> reporter: but there's one thing that may be the secret to its success. >> it's a family business. >> reporter: don mackendifer. >> it's a show that has grown every year. >> reporter: the driving force behind its century old history. >> that has been most rewarding to us probably in the long haul. >> relationships like mideslburg. midelsburg says his family has been coming here for 10 years. and he says it's about much more. >> when i walk in there i know my grand dad walked in there selling cattle, my dad has walked in there selling cattle.
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>> reporter: a great feeling that keeps him coming back time and time again. >> most probably important of although is the friendships we've made over the years. >> reporter: in denver, nick mcgill. >> it's something you do as a family. >> reporter: nine news. >> and an estes9-year-old boy broke the record with the nutton bustin record. little brother elijah also participated >> he's a nutton bustin champ. >> way to go. we'll be here for the next couple of days as we start a
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our crews are working on a new news set. the set you've been familiar is not going far, our crews are moving us into a new studio. we will have more details as we get closer to the new set. we're very excited about this. >> and there might be a movie theater, possibly a spa. >> we discussed this. >> maybe a nail salon. >> that would be very nice. >> sparkly and new over there. >> i want to see these plans. >> they're sounding real good. today was a wild one as far as the mountains go we saw so much snow as another storm system is moving in tonight even more fresh powder for all you weekend warriors heading up to the mountains: picking up 13- inches, fresh tracks, blue skies and plenty of powder wherever you are. those are just 24 hour totals
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the report comes out at 5:00 a.m. sitting in the 20s, a few spots aurora at 7 degrees. in blackhawk we're 18. mostly cloud cloudy skies. making it feel a whole lot cooler about 12 degrees out here. feels good with a jacket on because it is still brisk as 28. much of the intermountain west. where our next storm system is diving in from. it's been affecting idaho, montana, wyoming even utah over the course of the next 12 hours. it's finally sinking into the north states. a big batch out to the western slope as well. we will start with this one because these lines of snow showers are going to be moving through overnight. not a ton of snow but still one to 2-inches quickly piling up. morgan and logan county.
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carbondale. in. this snowfall is moving into the central mountains. the radar doesn't pick up on all of those reports and all of those echoes. vale pass. snow coming down fairly steadily out there too and gusty winds. blowing and drifting snow has been an issue. highway285 between kenosha pass and i believe it's fair play. we're looking at the road shut down out there. just because this snow system is at its peak. we're looking at intense snow. four to 9-inches for the range mountains. go enjoy six to 10 for the flat tops, and again those wind gusts are really going to be an issue creating blizzard like conditions up in the mountains late tonight into early tomorrow. so if you're driving up there, travel is certainly going to be treacherous.
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kind of drive. we'll have mostly cloudy skies. few more bands of snow pushing into the north eastern plain as a cold front digging into the eastern corner of the space. that's going to move cooler air into the city. tomorrow still a cool day but so far i think we'll have a little bit of clearing. those showers move out at 10:00. this system begins to wind down. game time looking beautiful but cold. by 10:00, everything starts to move out. here's the deal. broncos-steelers game, will be a little cooler. you'll be surrounded by 10s of thousands of friends to hopefully keep you warm. and it's about 16. the winds still gusting in the foothills and those flurries the east. we'll be in the 30s tomorrow. 20s and 30s out to the foothills and maybe a couple of with 40s.
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manning-brady 17 because of peyton's injured heel it didn't happen last november but it could happen next sunday. the steelers will be shorthanded but their best player will play. ben roethlisberger is expected to start under center. you know he wasn't going to miss this one. big ben and the rest of the steelers arrived in denver a little after 5:00 tonight. i was hoping they wouldn't show up. still how effective can ben roethlisberger be? he's without his best weapons. >> with or without the shoulder injury we want to get to the quarterback. it's our mentality every single week. >> i think they're going to do the same thing.
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hide pain in this nfl. that's the way it goes. >> say what you will about big ben. to me manning is the big key. if he plays well denver wins. though we know he struggled in the past. 11-13 one and done nine times. so what's the biggest benefit to having 18 instead of 17. former bronco mark slerwit says manning makes the offensive line better. >> it's been a tough situation, no question. it's why manning gives you a better chance. you saw him make some adjustments in the line of scrimmage to put them in better plays and keep them out of line of scrimmage. and that's what he will give you. >> the kc had won 11 in a row. had been the keyword in that sentence.
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didn't look that hurt: scored fourth quarter. west in front in close and the seven. but that's how it ended. the patriots moving on 27-20. aaron maddis with more. >> reporter: the broncos need to handle theirs this weekend. denver will host new england in the championship game. the patriots are in the play offs for an incredible sixth straight year. >> it's great to move on to the championship. it's always an honor to be part of that game. we look forward to whoever the opponent is. >> new england will either travel to denver or host the pittsburgh steelers. >> whether we play here or there they're going to have to play really well. i think that's what it comes down to. they're two great football teams.
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that's what it is. it is what it is. so we go to denver or peyton comes here, whatever it is. >> i'm just glad to be playing. the play offs all away teams won. so it doesn't matter it's all about executing and going out there and playing great football. >> they beat pittsburgh in week one. they lost to the broncos in week 12. >> it helps a little but it's a completely new game. it's a new scenario. as much as you know them they played you too so they know you. >> broncos and patriots would be a fantastic game and best news for denver is it would not stadium. >> on to the nfc. green bay at arizona the packers trying to avenge a loss
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cards with three. carson palmer gets lucky. to michael floyd. then more luck. four to go. hail mary time. it worked earlier in the year against the lions and it worked again. rogers to janice are you kidding me. rogers and the pack never got the ball back. palmer to larry fitzgerald and that's all she wrote. arizona will face the seattle- carolina winner. believe it or not there's more to sports than just the nfl like the nhl. colorado's iceman taking on columbus tonight. the worse team in all of hockey. but also a team that beat the avs earlier this season. we start this one in the third period with the game tied up at 1-1. pass calvin pickert. back to back impressive performances but tonight it was
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as beaten by that bad bad blue jackets team. final score was 2-1. we finish with basketball. no nuggets tonight but we have some hoop highlights. college basketball. csu-utah state. visitors look to have the game in hand they were up at late after jayland moore put it back. kyle daniels with the dunk. csu within one. 91-90 but they get no closer. utah state wins a final score with 96-92. we will have much more on the broncos tomorrow. game day live is a full hour from 9:00 until 10:00. after the broncos big win, we'll be there until 7:00. they better win because that's a long time in the losing locker room. >> you like the broncos by how much again? >> i'm going 14.
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you know i'm kind of missing rod and danielle. >> hey. >> oh there they are. >> what is that? rod's knee about to give out. >> that's the tallest you've ever been. they're not allowed at the big kid's table. we will update you tomorrow. of course the big bronco's game. go broncos.
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