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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  January 17, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm MST

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wind and snow make for a slow go for drivers headd to the high country. crashs and avalanche danger have forced c-dot to close some roads. we don't know what this does, the energy or synergy you get from all of this is amazing. >> how some of the broncos biggest fans celebrate for a playoff game. americans detained in iran and finally freed arrive in germany. death and destruction in southwest florida, where tornados hit overnight.
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contentious yet. 9 news starts right now. gloomy weather, coupled with the holiday weekend added extra time to the commute up and down the mountains, hour plus delays on i-70 in both directions, forcing to close cameron pass until tomorrow and hold traffic on loveland pass. well. express plane and toll lanes expected to open tomorrow. search crew is looking for a 50-year-old man who never returned home, he was reported missing yesterday. members of the alpine rescue team have been searching since last night and dealing with the cold, strong winds, and poor visibility due to blowing snow. rescue dogged made the search. in the metro area, cold and overcast but the sun did win out and a perfect colorado day in time for kick off at mile high this afternoon. we are in, though, for another
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kathy sabine joins us from the weather center. >> really, the wind has been the main player creating issues in the high country, blowing snow,izey snow-packed roadways and a little uncomfortable if you are outdoors. the winds on had back side of a weak weather system that brought flurries, all to east now. 21 fort collins, 26 greeley, 43 denver and 24 dia and that has been the trend. blustery over kenosha pass, blackhawk, winds 20-30 miles an another series of weather systems that will cross colorado and we are on the fringe of an arctic air mass to the east. a wind chill advisory for bismarck, indianapolis, and omaha, winter weather advisories are out side the state's border. the advisers you see in the northern and central mountains will cancel out within the hour, in the red zone is a winter
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snow near steamboat and winter weather advisories canceling out shortly around meeker and yampa. so, around here with the wind, probably the biggest, mountain wave tomorrow, wind to the west but not a bad monday. the forecast as temperatures downtown low 40s dipping to just above the freezing mark by 7:00. coming up, yep, we are dealing with the wind, everybody had it with that. we will have the wind forecast for the rest of the week and talk about the warming trend which won't last long and i am tracking the next storm but of course that is typical in the weather office. >> you are never bord, anyway. >> nope. >> thank s. u.s. embassy in baghdad said several americans missing, 3 kidnapped by militias in the catholic city. a spokeswoman says they are working with iraqi authorities to find the missing americans.
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after several months of relative calm. in iran, after lifting sanctions, the u.s. imposed a round of new ones, against 11 individuals and entities around the missile program. tyrann fired a missile in october. today president obama spoke about the recent nuclear deal that led the u.s. to end economic sanctions against iran yesterday. some sanctions remain in place for human rights violations, and the ballistic missile program. >> it was never to resolve all our differences with but engaging directly with the iranian government on a sustained basis for the first time in decades has created a unique tonight; a window to try to resolve important issues. >> president obama also pointing to the release of 5 americans detained in iran. 4 released as a prisoner swap.
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3 of the americans are in germany and will get health check ups and medical treatment before returning to the u.s. jayson is among them someone tweeted a photo. he traveled with former marine corps sergeant and a pastor. the search for 12 marines missing after 2 helicopters crashed continue under to day 3 off oahu. yesterday the coast guard expanded the surf to waters off the west coast of the island. a malfunctioning heater sparked a fire that forced the evacuation of a hotel in centennial last night, containd to a single room. 3 deputies who helped people evacuate had to be treated for minor smoke inhalation, no one else was hurt. family members and church leaders call for more
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sheriff department after an inmate's death was ruled a homicide, part of the service was dedicated to michael lee marshal who died in november. here is nick mcgill with 9 news. >> in a time normally reserved for prayer. >> when you say you did nothing wrong the first time... >>... calls for justice ring out. >>... fail to prepare to do the things. >> at the shorter community ame church reserve-round tyler called attention to the death of michael lee marshal, marshal was arrested in november for disturbing the peace. an autopsy report said he had a psychotic episode in a denver jail and deputies restrained him. he died from asphyxia over homicide. that doesn't necessarily mean a crime was committed.
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issue. >> diler said the death of booker, a sheriff inmate who died in 2010 after deputies restrained him, he said that is all the more reason why the city has to get this right. >> because they are in denial of the mistakes they made the first time, they need to take responsibility for what happened. >> with marshal's family on stage, tyler vowed not to let city officials rest until videos of what happened while marshal was detained are made public. marshal's family receives the justice he said they are being denied. >> we won't let the mayor rest, not the city manager, the sheriff, police chief, or the da who now has the case. >> reporter: in denver, nick mcgill, 9 news. >> the da's office hasn't decided whether to file criminal charges, denver's new sheriff said earlier this month the department is trying to do
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of reforms. foorm morning denver will honor-- tomorrow morning denver will honor martin luther king, jr. at 9:25 in the morning, the crowd will head down colfax in the parade and things will finish at civic center are a largeer valley, they began the parade in 1985, thought to be one of the largest mlk celebrations in the country. wall street gets the holiday off. investors can hope the long weekend offers a breather to refresh the market. friday we entered correction territory. earning reports expected out this week. broncos fans go harder than others for the favorite team. >> looking at how super fans stand out at the stadium. hypothetical scenario with
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broncos fans, you know you have character as well as characters in the midst. 9 news reporter maya rodriguez introduces us to some of the friendly folks in the parking lot surrounding mile high today. >> reporter: a real working fire
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tailgate, they know how to make a statement. broncos country, meet some super fans. >> lets go, broncos! >> lets go, broncos! >> go broncos, yeah! >> reporter: in the sea of orange and blue... >> the broncos are life. i love the denver broncos. >>... these are the folks who stand out. >> bronco maniacs are here, brother, and we are here for that black and yellow. we are going to snap into that black and yellow, brother. >> the bronco fans that call themselves "super fans," see, it is on dona's cowboy hat? >> i cherish this hat, i love it, i love it, it is my trade mark. >> loaded with broncos player's signatures. 228 of them starting when dona became a season ticket holder in the 1970s. she said there are still a few more autographs she would like.
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i want cj anderson, whom i love. i want dt. i want culeeb, some of these, i love these people, but i don't have a lot of room left. i am up inside the crown now. >> and then, there is rescue rob, a real-life fireman. >> my work is in fort collins, we named it broncos country for john elway. >> with a real-life fire truck. in broncos colors, of course. >> thee things i love, my family-- 3 things i love, my family, the broncos, and my job. this combines them. >> a combination one of a kind in a crowd full of one of a kind people. >> not many people would buy a fire truck and paint them orange. there are crazy people and i am guess i am one of them. >> don't worry, rescue rob, you are in good company. >> go! go! >> reporter: maya rodriguez, 9 news. >> they traveled to see the
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and plan to again. >> absolutely. we are extending 9 news at 5:00 tonight, we will be on the air until 7:00, drew will have post game highlights in sports authority field from mile high and interviews from the locker room. the national western stock show, western art, the coors western art exhibit features local artists from across colorado and around the world, they benefit the national western scholarship fun and hundreds of thousands of dollars raised in the past, considered one of the finest western art exhibits in the country and runs through sunday. inside a theater in dallas a group of elementary school students looked like they were dressed for church for the oratory competition fafked with reciting a speech for a topic that asked, what would martin luther king, jr. say if he was running for president today? from terrorism, drugs,
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not what you would expect from 4th and 5th graders. >> this can and must include a common sense approach to solving immigration issues. >> that 10-year-old, lyric turner, great name, by the way, took first place in the competition, it is anne >> impressive. we do dry out along the front range. >> in the mountains, a different
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hello, welcome back, meteorologist kathy sabine outside of the 9 back yard. i think in some parts of the metro area the nasty wind is finally starting to die down. it has been blustery today. outside we go and do have fair skies looking east over downtown denver off to the west there are a few clouds and a little wind. temperatures all over the place. 38 officially dia but downtown we hit 46 as compared to 27 in greeley. 40 limon, and 46 eagle. as a matter of fact you can see how the officials at the airport records. the wind is something i have been tracking the past few hours, lighter now, shifting out of the east at dia but downtown where temperatures have been about 10 degrees milder, the winds have been actually pretty
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and so as we take a look at what is happening on the radar system, we have a series of weather systems coming our way. ahead of the first system, gusty winds and this will be a trend for us, the winds will die down only to return tomorrow. still pretty blust arearound estes park, bertha pass and kenosha pass. the wins will be something we will be dealing with. on radar, one system here, a second lined up in the pacific and another system off to the east of us. it really is a progressive, active weather pattern. we are the western fringe of an arctic air mass prompting a wind chill advisory and warning. many airport hubs, i can't be, home ha, chicago with difficult-- omaha, chicago with difficult travel conditionsism most activity to the east of us. high pressure anchored over the area from the northwest providing the northwest flow which brought up to a foot of snow to the northern mountains.
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into the central mountains, all the winter weather and travel advisory canceled out but be conditions. down here in spite of the cloud cover we will see highs above average close to 50. we are on the western fringe of cold air, 9 miz bark, 1 in indianapolis, 21 omaha and a high of only 10 in chicago. taechs across the west and southwest will remain above average most of the upcoming week but northwest flow will bring a few light showers in steamboat, maker, craig, telluride and ridge way. along the front range we will be dealing with clouds, the mountain cloud deck in play tomorrow but i think temperatures will return above average for one day. look at the lows, anywhere from 13 greeley, 20 denver, pueblo, 18 tonight. 20 in salida. 11 aspen and 12 in hayden. some of the warmest readings tomorrow east, central, and southeastern colorado.
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start the week and again to end it. areas like conifer, evergreen, and bailey running 41-46 in the afternoon with wind being the biggest issue west of i-25. partly cloudy, windy, and chilly in the city tonight. 6:00 a.m. is where we start. we see the cloudinize crease west of town along the winds and i think that cloud deck will keep us just under 50 degrees. blowing snow for those of you headed up i-70 in the afternoon. we have a few flurries likely in denver early tuesday and clearing mid-week, mid 40s, cold thursday but temperatures rebound by the end of the week ahead of the next storm and perhaps the next chance for flurries as we head into next weekend. all of the clouds around the area makeing for a spectacular sunrise and sunset panorama, keep sending those in and watch for those later tonight on the networks of 9 news. the wind has really improved in the back yard. it was blustery, quiet now. >> cranky wind, you are like i hate the wind. >> cranky winds, cranky people. >> that is right.
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space with the job of monitoring sea levels, it launched on a space-x rocket in california this morning. the launch marks 20 years of continuous study of sea level changes from orbit thchlt mission is expected to last 5 years and costs $180 million. even the newest in colorado learn there is no shortage of fun things to do year round. >> some of had top events to put
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mary claire fissure is an editorial assistant in charge of the fun stuff for 5280 magazine, 121 things to do in colorado. >> there is a lot more. >> include aggreatest hits list. 10 things really fun but 121 things to do all together. >> they are decently fun. >> they are decently fun. 51,000 people. >> it keeps getting better, there something for everybody, whether it is a kid-themed fun to watch. they get to play where the animals, if you are more into rodeo, always something to do. >> stock show is great fun. sweeney todd is coming, johnny depp was sweeney todd. it was edgy.
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but the twist the denver center is being is there will be some musicians playing live in the pit while the play is going on. yeah. i think they will add a home town twist. >> i did not know that. that will be fun. >> sesh fest, a big beer festival. >> it is, it happens generally around every august, a lot of great beer festivals in denver, obviously, but this is the best because generally the beers are 5% alcohol by volume or less. >> all day. >> have as much fun and still make it home. >> yes. always the goal. >> so many beer officials in the town, that is a good thing to know about. this is a special place, the clippers museum. >> unique to denver, they do cool eventalize the time, right now they-- events all the time, right now they are playing music, some from clifford
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the museum owns, the one i am looking forward to is in march, by a jazz trio, so they are going to play jazz he might have listened to while he made his paintings. >> if you have not been to that particular museum. steamboat wine festtial should be on your card, wine drinker or not. >> so much to do again there. they have not announced the skej frl this year yet. watch for that soon but there is-- schedule. this year yet. is-- beverage. the author of eat, pray, love will be here. >> elizabeth gilbert, the 10-year anniversary of the book, made into a movie with julia roberts, she has a new book, more self help but she will be able to talk to fans about both. >> get that on your calendar. all the sports stadiums in our
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>> yeah, there are so many, denver is a huge sports town. we did a little site bar in this, tips you don't know that might help you out when you are navigating these stadiums. so for the rapids, you can bring your own water bottle and save a good chunk of money. >> i gave you my hot dog tip, a great way to save. you can e mail me on that and i will tell you how to save a fortune on ball park hot dogs. things to do in colorado, not necessarily when you are dead, things to do alive in colorado, a whole different topic, but 121 of them, the 10 of the best things in the january edition of 5280. thank you so much for being there. what a great job you have, editorial assistant. fun.
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with iran is a likely topic in south carolina charleston. we could see hillary clinton and bernie sanders sharpen attacks. on the republican side, the fight between donald trump and ted cruz is getting even more heated. here is kristen welker. >> with just hours before the democrats duke it out tonight in charleston, the candidates courted voters at a dinner here saturday night. >> we must stand up for working people and low income people in every state in this country. >> and they took aim at republicans, secretary clinton extoriating some of the language used when talking a-- excoriating some of the lan wj used when talking about president obama. >> ted cruz and chris christie called him a child the other night. too often we hear republicans talking in coded racial language. >> meanwhile, sanders announced he supports a bill that would amend a 2005 piece of
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liability of gun manufacturers, a reversal for sanders and comes after days of attacks by clinton who used the issue to paint sanders as sought on gun. sanders tried to assure the crowd, he has not. >> we have got to keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have them. >> clinton signaled she would go farther. >> we need a president who will do everything in her power to protect president obama's actions on gun violence. >> wheen-wheel, the race on the republican side-- meanwhile, the race on the republican side has cruise and trump neck and neck, trump slamming cruz for failing to report loans while running for senate. trump's jabs drew jeers. >> excuse me, didn't report his bank loans? say whatever you want, he didn't record bank loans. >> cruz, who dismissed it seized the chance to needle his rival after getting stuck for a few
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>> all right, so who put donald trump in charge of the elevators? >> that was kristen welker reporting, you can watch the debate on 9 news at 9:00,. president obama has signed an emergency declaration that clearathize way for federal aid to flint, michigan, which has a drinking water crisis. flint switched water supplies in 2014 while a new pipe line was under construction, the water was so salty that it corroded the pipes and led leaked into the water, 100,000 were exposed to led ncluding 9,000 children younger than 6 years old. >> we weren't told the truth. when i am going door to door, you can hear the people, they have lost faith. >> michigan governor's snider said it could cost $41 million. fema has authorized to provide water filters and 90 days and available. a pair of tornados touched in southwest florida leaving 2 dead and 5 others injured.
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children and son were hurt when a tornado destroyed their mobile home in manatee county. another near a beach community in sarasota county. more than 200,000 people lost power in florida. >> i would like to remind everybody, also, it is dangerous, a lot of degree, downed power lines, stay away from those and standing water and we are not going to stop lights back on. >> high wins damaged more than 45 properties in sarasota doing more than $3 million in damage. high winds turned a sign into a mangled mess, it used to show a shark with a surf board, he lost the surf board. several inches fell within a matter of hours overnight and kept falling today. leaders told drivers to stay off the roads and 15,000 snow clearing trucks to scape.
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comments. broncos. here is kim christiansen with our 9 listens report. >> someone in the pond in by back yard, they fell in the ice, they can't get out. >> 3 teenage boys fell through ice in a pond in parker, one many responses to the story. tragic, every iced over lake or pond i see, i worry. teens are too sure they can beat the odds, praying for all. also this, i was a kid, i fell through the ice playing on a froeden pond. luckily it was very shallow and went only to my waist but the freezing temps are unbearable. >> we did lose a family member here. in a tragic way, not a individual that could really save himself at this point. a devastating fire in littleton this week, a man in his 40s who was suffering with multiple sclerosis died.
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hospitalized with injuries, neighbors and friends are doing what they can to help. these were some of the sweetest and all around wonderful people. i am so sorry, my thoughts and prayers go out to you. i never need it, never seen it in my life waiting this long for security. >> one of the longest security lines at kia over the holidays was not related-- dia over the holidays was not related to bad weather. they didn't schedule enough staff to work. one comment, they need new management, the lines were terrible today. you would think they could properly estimate their staff. they need to look at orange county. they process a lot of people quickly and are pleasant too. go broncos! i second that. >> finally, thank you for all of the great photos of your pets, cis, homes, all decked out in bronco colors. our magnet give away exceeded expectations and you proved your loyalty.
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miles to get a magnet for her dad. one message? she obviously loves her dad and wanted to make him happy. i think hat is the sweetest thing ever. we agree. thanks for your comments and 9 listens. >> we welcome your comments at, you can call us, we do look forward to hearing from you. 10 turkey farms in alabama are dealing with bird flu, tests came back negative at 100 other farms, it is a sign control measures are working, containing it could take weeks, effective farms euthanized thousands of turkeys. the archdiocese of seattle published a list of 77 child sex abusers who served or lived in western washington until 2008. half are dead. they say it doesn't know where most still living are today.
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it disclosed the names to be transparent and urge those who are victims to come forward. >> it is our duty to reestablish trust among those who have been abused. though who have been harmed because they realize members of our clergy breached the saccharide trust t is our responsibility-- sacred trust, it is our responsibility to get the trust. we are seeing those mourning after an attack of al qaeda militants that left 28 dead. the western african american country took back the up scale hotel that militants took over 12 hours earlierfelt 4 of the attackers were killed. pope francis led a prayer for the victims of extremist attacks in indonesia. thursday isis militants carried an attack that killed one, pope francis asked everyone to pray for international peace efforts.
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brazil kicked off carnival celebrations during carnival, neighborhoods get together and this. it is one of the most famous street festivals and in rio it runs 5 days in early february. we loved them when we were kids and adults are finding their way back to coloring backs. >> public libraries in dallas are promoting the zen. brdly blackburn take as look. >> the last time you sat down to color your hands probably looked like these, maybe you remember your favorite. >> red, purple. >> what are these hands doing with crans? >> really-- crayons? >> really bad about color inside the lines. >> at the dallas public library these adults are participating in adult color. >> make you want to be a kid all over again. to express creativity. >> if you need proof it is main
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amazon, 5 of the the top 20 best sellers are coloring books. >> every time i have gone into a book store, there were coloring books. >> the friends of the dallas public library decided to make their own and invited 20 locals to contribute work, printed them and put them for sale for $5 a piece. >> we sold probably 400 within 48 hours. just incredible. then wewent into the second printing and sold close to 1400 coloring books in a month. >> they sell the books on their website and ship them across the country. profits all go to support the library and many branches now offer coloring events for patrons. heather lo manages the fine arts decision. >> pick up a crayon, put it on the paper, very simple. back to things we did as kids. >> a colorful idea, no matter how old you are. >> looks-- >> i like those. didn't you used to color as a kid?
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you need-- >> those glasses, get mymonical out for that. when a 6-year-old asked his parents for money he got a
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welcome back, i am kathy sabine. bronco fever across the state and skiing and snow boarding conditions to boot. there has been wind creating difficult travel. anywhere 7-14 inches of snow and just in the past 24 hours, we have had even more snow falling. the 2 days prior to today. temperatures all over the place. even this hour we have 24 dia, 41 downtown, 26 in parker. winds finally dying down a little bit but winds will be returning tomorrow. we are anticipating the arrival of another in a series of weather systems across colorado. wind chill advisories across the midwest, winter weather advisories outside the state and northern and central mountain will be winding down here as we move into the overnight period. improved travel conditions with well over a foot of snow already
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springs, craig, and meeker. be ready, there will be wind and blowing snow on i-70 if you are headed up tonight or tomorrow. front range, a cloud cover, the winds out of the west keeping the cloud deck in place. right now, dry pavement, a beautiful period of weather for had next few daywise a couple weak weather cyst systems to freshen snow pack and maybe a few flurries to denver tuesday morning but no big organized storm systems on the way. 20 in denver tonight. partly cloudy, winds dying down tomorrow. we start off at 20. climb to 44 by lunchtime, close to 50 in the afternoon. we start above average for the week and that is how we end it. midweek we have a few flurries early tuesday and clearing skies with temperatures ranging 38 thursday to the low 50s ending the week monday afternoon and friday. kyle, and adele? >> looking pretty good. advance in technology in cars and trucks, it all starts,
5:36 pm
something as simple as a lump of clay. lincoln's design director says there is no better way to take a sketch of a vehicle and turn it into realty. >> most don't grasp the concept of what we do using clay as a medium. you know, doing full-sized vehicle out of clay, blows people's minds. >> for clay modelers margaret and jim, it is family tradition, both fathers were modelers, jim's dad retired and margaret's father helps design cars on the computer. the husband and wife do it and their dads did before. >> never knew. wild. when a dad in st. louis turned down his son's request for an allowance he sent a typed out letter to the boy. jayson aubrey has the story. >> meet 6-year-old oren nanos, he found he want adnew doy but didn't have the money to buy it so he did what many do. he sought a $20 loan from dad's
5:37 pm
>> it is safe to say you care deeply for your client. >> we strive to protect them from such distances. -- instances. >> loans aren't as easy as they once were. >> we reviewed his portfolio, while he does have an income it was not sufficient to sustain the level of income. >> he contacted the manager of the complaint department. >> sometimes there is a lot of crying, sometimes there can be yelling. >> his rejection letter hit the internet and has gone viral. >> it is pretty humorous reading some of the comments people have. some take it way too seriously. >> mike rote the letter to entertain his wife knowing full well most of it would go over his son's head. but oren learned a lesson. >> he got sold the concept of a loan. i can get my allowance money ahead of time? great idea, like when we were 18, and then you realize, is not my money, he can say no.
5:38 pm
department was able to work out a deal to satisfy their client. >> i went ahead and said i would allow a front of the money as long as he continued to walk the dog. >> still, the ceo of dad's savings and loan has advice for his client. >> we understand that his feelings may be hurt but my advice to our client would be this f you would like to improve your future, work harder. do those chores. >> love that guy. he is great. >> yeah. >> i like the reporter's attitude too. cold feet? the bride decided to turn the day into something bigger.
5:39 pm
in portland, oregon, you might not see the crows but you see what they leave behind, their droppings all over, they are bringing out the heavy
5:40 pm
6,000, a green machine cleaning the streets and make agdifference. >> i think it would beautify the area, take the stink awas because it does-- away because it does smell. >> he had a seahawks hat, no comment. the city is renting the machine, owning a poop master 6,000 is not cheap, costs about $60,000. >> how about that? how about them broncos? >> if you are watching here, you don't care about the broncos, but people do care, they beat the steelers, coming from behind, advancing and playing the patriots right here next >> scrappy. >> scrappy. or ugly, one of those two things, we will have another hour of coverage ahead. if somebody in your house does care, tell them to flip over, drew and rod and all the guys will be along for that.
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party anyway. >> reporter heather graft helped those less fortunate. >> lets do it. >> you could call this the calm before the storm. >> how long do you want this in the front? >> friday, this stylist had 4 people sit down in her chair and them. >> you are doing up do's, like smooth. >> a wedding party. unlike any other. >> these are really pretty. >> a few miles away-- >> matching the earrings has been challenging. >> it is charlotte's job to make sure every brides made has the perfect piece of jewelry. >> quite inspirational. she will make sure every guest-- >> really cute stuff. >>... has the perfect dress and dancing shoes to go with it. >> they will definitely want to get their groove on. >> the invitations went out november 2nd. >> a wedding, where the only
5:42 pm
>> well i found out about 6 weeks before the wedding was supposed to take place. >> dana olson skyped with us from her home in california with her mom in seattle virtually holding her hand as dana told us her fiancee got cold feet at the 11th hour and the last-minute cancellation and the family couldn't get a refund on the perfectly planned reception they had already paid for. >> this beautiful event that was going to happen, i couldn't stand the thought of it wasted. >> that is when dana decided to turn her big day into something even bigger. >> going to be pretty cool to be able to be a part of that. >> from the free hair and makeup to the dresses and jewelry. >> it has been a team effort, yeah. >> all of it is for about 150 homeless women and children who spend most of their nights here with charlotte at mary's place shelter in seattle. >> they are like, can we go now? >> okay. >> but on saturday night, they
5:43 pm
>> i want it to be really fun. >> no groom needed for this fairy tale ending. >> if we can't have a good night, i hope that they have a great time. >> that was heather graft reporting. she didn't attend the party, her mom went in her place. never change than die has held true, many fighting for survival, expanding to the digital world. the owner of the philadelphia inquirer donated the company to a foundation with the hope a non-profit model will help it survive. within the past week, 3 news media outlets have posted founded al jazeerameric announced they are up for sale or closing down. >> people are unwilling to pay for content because it got free, 10-15 years adpoe and it is-- ago and it is hard to get that back in the bottle.
5:44 pm
post are seeing success online with more visitors and ad revenue, still up against buzz feed, aimed at younger readers. no doubt people are interested in news, it is a question of which services will make it profitable.
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close to 40 degrees in the city, we will drop to 20 overnight, gusty winds along the front range, foothills ease overnight only to return tomorrow. close to 50 in the city ahead of a weak front that may bring flurries tuesday. we clear out midweek and not a bad friday with partly sunny skies and temperatures above average in the low 50s. how about that? we start the week with 50, or close to it and end the week with 50. >> you know what? it could be 5 degrees all week. nobody cares, we are going to the afc championship. >> that is right and we will expand for 7:00. for reaction to the game, 23-16,
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