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tv   9 News at Noon  NBC  January 18, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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hi, everybody. thanks for joining us here on 9news at noon. i'm kyle dyer in our newsroom today because 9news is in construction mode. we are completely redoing our main news set. crews started taking the old one out over the weekend. the new one is going to be pretty amazing when it debuts in early march. for now, we will be bringing you 9news from where the news happens in the information center here. looking outside right now, it is a beautiful day for the more parade. this is a live picture from sky 9. the gathering started earlier this morning at the "i have a dream" memorial in city park and then the group making its way down to civic center park down colfax. there are signs out there as well. you can't really see from this
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we will keep tabs on this event. when everyone ends up civic center park there are a lot of speakers. marade, combined two words, march and parade. 40,000 people turned out last year. in inglewood a water main break is to blame for a massive sinkhole. it is 10 feet long, 5 feet deep and 6 feet wide. police had to close off clarkson street and the hampton bypass while crews attempted to fix it. luckily no one walked near the sinkhole. the inglewood sewer department is out on the scene. most kids home from school today because of the martin luther king, jr. day and a beautiful day to get outside. temperatures expected to be in the 50s, great day to get out to a park or for a walk with the dog. look at this great shot from the flatirons. there are clouds out there and there is a change coming so definitely take advantage of
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becky is joining us now because you're talking about snow for tomorrow morning. >> yes. most of that arrives late tonight, early tomorrow morning so you've got all day today, kyle to enjoy the beautiful temperatures we have got going on. it's actually pretty mild, even with the clouds that are still out here. they are on their way out. in fact, take a live look at what we have got going up in ft. collins. a lot of blue sky there at the csu campus so good news. temperatures there still chilly, 28 in ft. collins, 28 in greeley. we need their foothill winds to kick up more to see a bigger warmup up to our north but downtown denver already up to 51, dia is cooler at 47. aurora at 52, and around parker we are at 47 degrees. a little bit of snow showing up on the radar screen and this is going to be up in northeast colorado but that's just a blip compared to what we've got this mountain of wave clouds will be moving out and then a storm system approaches from the northwest, quickly moves through, only lasts a few hours
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tomorrow. it will be bringing some accumulation which we will be talking about coming up and bringing in cooler temperatures. you can see most of the day today, even with the clouds, we are in the 40s and 50s. more on the cool-off and then another warmup kind of a roller coaster ride, kyle, coming up in just a few minutes. >> kind of? all right. thank you so much, becky. >> yes. the weather out there today should be helpful to search hiker. the 50-year-old man never returned home after a trip to st. mary's glacier and last night members of the alpine rescue team had to call off the search because the weather got bad. rescue dogs are out today helping searchers. and today we are learning more about the 2013 shooting at arapahoe high school that left one student and the gunman and another student dead. the university of colorado center for the study of prevention of violence has released its findings about the tragedy and 9news crime and justice supporter anastasia bolton joins us now.
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carl peterson shot claire davis and then killed himself. davis died eight days later. the report found school and district officials committed three major failures before the shooting. they didn't share what they knew about the would be shooter among themselves or with law enforcement. they didn't have an effective plan to assess the threat posed by the student. and they committed repeated errors in thinking that left the shooter free to carry out the attack. three months before the shooting the shooter threatened to kill a teacher after being removed as a captain of the debate team. but the following threat assessment was seriously flawed and the process did not include the police officer assigned to the school. according to the report, the report's author said a better -- if better assessment had been done, the shooting, quote, might have been interrupted. the report was completed by the center for the study of preventional violence at c.u. as you have mentioned, one of the three that was made public
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agreement of the school district and the clear davis -- claire davis family. we are still going through the multiple pages of all three reports and throughout the day we will have the updates on what they have inside on the networks of 9news and certainly in our later newscasts. >> thank you so much for that report. we appreciate it. iraqi security forces are searching a neighborhood in baghdad right now for three americans who reportedly were kidnapped over the weekend. an iraqi government intelligence official said they were abducted while in southern baghdad visiting the home of their interpreter. the official said they may now be in souder city. officials are working under the assumption that a shiite militia is responsible. back here in denver police say a couple of teenagers were busted breaking into cars near 45th and havana. police say one 17-year-old was arrested. he's accused of smashing windows while his girlfriend and his little brother waited in the car. a second teenager ran away.
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denver police want to remind people to lock their doors and not to keep valuables in plain sight. officials tell 9news that they often see an uptick in car break-ins like this during the western national stock show. two weeks from today are the iowa caucuses so the final push for votes is on among the presidential candidates. the three democrats who are in the running took to the stage for another debate last night and things really heated up between hillary clinton and bernie sanders from guns to money for speaking engagements, all topics were on the table. clinton accused sanders of trying to kill obamacare by proposing a new medicare for all programs. >> there are things we can do to improve it but to tear it up and start over again, pushing our country back into that kind of a contentious debate i think is the wrong direction. >> that is nonsense, what a medicare for all program does is finally provides in this
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man, woman and child as a right. >> south carolina's senior democratic congressman james cliburn told nbc after the debate that sanders has a better organization in that state than he had realized. if he wins big in iowa it will redefine the debate and become much like 2008 when hillary clinton lost to barack obama. bronco fans, you know what time it is. you're on your laptop trying to get ticks for sunday's afc championship game. they started going on sale at noon. tickets available on only and will be sold to those with a billing address here in colorado or some of the surrounding states. ticket prices range from $100 to $360 for reserve seats, club seats are $3.75 to $625. there is a limit of four per household. tickets will not be available at the broncos ticket office until tomorrow if there are any left from today. i don't know if there would be. so many of you are sharing your
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yesterday with us and keep them coming. use #wearebroncos and we may feature some of them on tv. could more recess be the key to helping our children learn? teachers at this school think so. we will explain coming up. first, though, we will talk more about the weather. it's kind of cloudy out there but still some blue skies and the temperatures are warming up as the marade is getting well underway in downtown denver. a live look thanks to our crew in sky9, no snow right now but there is some in the forecast for tonight.
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the 9 back yard but not bad. temperatures warming up into the upper 40s, going to get into the low 50s before we know it and then we cool off. let's talk about that forecast and the snow headed our way. outside earlier this morning, because of the mountain wave cloud, the view was gorgeous in windsor. bob snapped this shot, sent it into us and it is just stunning. of course if you have your own pictures that you'd like to send, send them on into, we'd love to share them with everybody else across the city. now, right now still a lot of clouds in denver, mostly cloudy skies out and about here for us. we are getting a little more clearing out over boulder. blue skies is what we need to boost those temperatures way up. but right now, you know, with the clouds, not bad out here, 52 in downtown denver, dia still holding at 47 and chilly up to our north, ft. collins and greeley in the upper 20s. 30s and 40s in our foothills. outside here in the 9news back yard, we've got a temperature 45. so we are getting there. and we are going to wind up in those upper 40s and low 50s
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but on the horizon are sudden changes and we have been talking about this quite a bit. this storm system is scheduled to arrive tonight. it's going to be bringing in some snow and we will get rid of that mountain wave cloud this afternoon but at about 3:30 we have snow that arrives in our northern mountains and that works its way south as we head through tonight and early tomorrow morning. in fact, by 3:00 tomorrow morning, that snow starts to cross i-25, pushes into denver and hangs out throughout almost the entire morning drive. it doesn't start to get out of here until 8:30 tomorrow morning, so in its wake it's going to leave accumulation. from denver to the south about half an inch to 2 inches is what we are looking at, up to our north around ft. collins and greeley, less than plains. northern and central mountain areas expecting one to four itches of new snow with our foothills getting about one to 3 inches of snow. then that system clears out, we have quite the roller coaster ride going on, but a big warmup temperatures there are going to be close to 60 degrees and then
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record high that day, 68, but nonetheless the end of this week going to be very mild. so for today, upper 30s in greeley, 44 for ft. collins, denver reaches 52, we will be in the 50s on the eastern plains, 30s for the mountains and upper 30s out across the western slope. we are going to have those winds kick up to our west, that will help to move this mountain wave cloud out. those temperatures up. we will drop to 25 tonight, snow moves in, then low 40s tomorrow with that snow in the morning, skies clear, middle 40s wednesday and thursday, close to 60 by friday. more on that nine day forecast
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starting today commuters have a new way to get to and from boulder and ft. collins, the transport flex express bus service makes five trips every day monday through friday with limited stops. trips cost $1.25. in a time when academic demands on even the youngest kids are ramping up a controversial taking place at some schools in texas. these schools are giving kids even more recess time and so far it seems to be making a big difference. here's nbc's janet -- >> reporter: for being just 6, these first graders are incredibly attentive. >> if you need help raise your hand. >> reporter: no one is distracted and their teacher says they are like this all the time. >> they are all working, they are all doing what they are
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>> reporter: what's the secret? at brown elementary in irving, texas, kindergarten and first graders get not one grade but two, three, a total of four 15 day. typical recess it's a free-for- all but experts say there is so much value in this unstructured time. more than double what they had before. they begin two hours after the first and spread throughout the school day. other north texas schools are part of a three year trial of more frequent breaks based on finland's acclaimed schooling system. the project has by texas christian university and debbie ray. >> there is between one and two hours a day of what we call distractions in the classroom that with this recess, it takes away from the distraction, therefore, they are on point the whole time they are in the classroom now. >> reporter: ray says benefits go beyond academics, stronger social skills and the obvious
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while some schools are doing away with recess, at brown elementary its academics that now get 30 fewer minutes a day. >> the expectation for our five and 6-year-old is so much higher than it was in the past. the majority of our parents really believe that our kids needed more, you know, play and flexibility in schools. >> reporter: 6-year-old kalyn chambers, her mom says is thriving. >> now she comes home, ready to do her homework, play, ride her bicycle and got a lot more energy. >> reporter: and no surprise, kids think it's great. >> i think it's really good because we can get our wiggle jiggles out and it's really practicing because it is exercise. >> reporter: the trial will expand to oklahoma and california soon with recess on the rise and schools test more frequent study breaks. >> and while they continue to expand the program as you heard in california, oklahoma researchers are hoping that
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will consider giving it a try as well. more exercise helps in so many ways, especially preventing certain medical conditions. what if getting up and moving is hard. coming up, there's a research study going on in denver right now where researchers are looking at how certain young adults flock.
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sadly, there's still no sign of 2-year-old noah chamberlain. madison county sheriff's office says he was last seen hiking with his grandmother in chester county. it is covering 60 acres. volunteers from several states have joined the search looking for this little boy. we all on told to keeping moving. for some people taking a few steps can be difficult. that is the case for people with cerebral palsy and if they are too said dare, they --
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but there is something out to change that. >> a little up higher. >> jillian had this last stop to make before she headed back to college. >> these are used to measure her muscles. >> reporter: she has been through this before. >> did you have a good christmas? >> reporter: the 24-year-old has been coming to the gate lab at children's hospital colorado since she was a little girl. >> want you to kick your right leg out and down. >> reporter: jillian was born with cerebral palsy, which stiffens muscles and affects motor control and range of motion. >> and then you had like 2004, 2006, then last year. >> reporter: jillian had surgery as a child and rehab and now she walks as much as she can to stay strong. >> go ahead. >> reporter: with each step a team of experts are shown exactly how her body moves and they compare that to data from when she was younger. >> as you have seen in my previous years, it's very noticeable but like i said, nowadays you can barely tell if you have a disability or not.
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one of the many young adults who used to go to the gate lab as kids who are now back as part of a one of a kind federally funded study. >> we are starting to get evidence to say that if we corrected. >> reporter: dr. james corolo former patients. >> it's really important to continue to monitor walking throughout adulthood so that we can identify new problems before they become big problems. >> reporter: adults with cerebral palsy who are more sedentary are getting older faster than other people their age. they are coming down with diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other conditions that result from them not moving. >> even though cerebral palsy is a pediatric onset condition, it's a lifelong disability. >> reporter: this test showed jillian's gait as just as strong as it was at the last test 10 years ago and she is even walking about 20% faster. >> nice job.
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third and final year and the researchers are looking for more former gait lab patients who are now young adults to come back for another exam. we've got a lot more information about this study and how to get involved on coming up, a final look at the weather on this holiday
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you step outside, it still feels nice, temperatures -- >> temperatures are great. >> temperatures are great. in the upper 40s, low 50s. we are waiting on the storm system to move in. that coming in still from our west. this mountain wave cloud will be moving out this afternoon so we will get sunshine later today. >> good. >> snow arrives tomorrow morning during the drive out to work, perfect timing, i know. half an inch to 2 inches of snow possible from denver counsel to the -- down to the south and highs in the low 40s. from there climbing into the middle 40s wednesday and thursday, close to 60 friday and then cool off into the 40s and 50s over the weekend and it looks like a great forecast for the broncos game.
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the whole nine days, love it. thank you, thank you. that is all. thanks for watching, everybody. have a great day.
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