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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  NBC  January 18, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm MST

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they should have. arapahoe high school staff did not follow the policies of their own school district when it came to threat assessment. the school report came up with similar findings. multiple teams knew of or had seen the shooter's gun. only one reported that he had them. -- guns. only one reported that he had them. >> as we look at the process, there were breakdowns all along the line. people did not know what to look for. some people saw the concerning behaviors and then i talked amongst themselves and did not do what was appropriate. sometimes there was concerning behavior, but they would say, that's just a kid being a kid. we have a kid whose parents were not honest with the school about the extent of the weapon training that he had. there was no evidence to tell us that the school was aware that he had that kind of
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we have community mental health providers, but we don't have information from them. they had seen him overtime.>> they had said he was not a danger to himself or anybody else. how do they come up with that?>> reporter: the report says that the school, the district and educators in general on how to move forward. as has been done in the last two years, since the shooting, nobody even called us back after we requested an interview on the reports. the two arapahoe high school officials who conducted the threat assessment on the shooter after he threatened to kill the debate coach have both moved on.>> where are they now? are they still working in the school system? -- >> reporter: they are. the psychologist is at grandview high school in the cherry creek high school district.
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littleton public schools, but he has transferred to euclid middle school.>> thank you anastasia. reports are the actions of the parents of claire davis. they want to force -- to change the law to force schools to reveal what they know. clear's parents say that is the kind of student she was. she would reach out to someone else in trouble. the davis' were also outside arapahoe high school honoring clear and offering students a while they have chosen to forgive, they also needed answers about why.>> clear's murder -- claire's multiple --
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she should not have died. -- claire should not of been murdered. >> there should be two kids in college right now and there are not . but, that is our view. if they had follow their rules and procedures, it may have prevented the tragedy. >> reporter: the davis' -- the davis is hope that it will prevent violence in their school and in any school across the nation's -- davises hope that it will prevent violence in the school and any school across the nation. peeper -- people gathered in denver to honor dr. martin
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>> it started at the i have a dream memorial. it has been years since dr. martin luther king junior' --'s birthday bash junior's birthday was a national holiday. >> i thought about our constitution and our founding fathers and the preamble that says that we are in search of a more perfect union. in search of a more perfect union that shares love with everyone and continues to work toward the out -- the equality that we must continue to reach. a more perfect union where we can stand together, pray together and believe together. >> reporter: a group holding black lives matter signs marched next to the mlk parade this morning. they entered their march at civic center park.
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civic leaders to -- from the camping ban to other legislation. we are expecting light snow to develop overnight and into tomorrow. it could impact the morning commute. it looks like northern colorado will be light and denver south could see some of the heavier snow. today, it has been about the clouds across the front range and the mild temperatures before the system arrives. it is actually really beautiful out there. cloudy skies over for collins and the csu campus. the temperatures there have been colder than here. 34 in fort collins and denver is at 52. dia is at 51 and so is aurora. evergreen is 41 and it is 43 at idaho springs.
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that we have winter weather advisories that have been posted for parts of the northern, central and southern mountains. all is that is from a system that is further -- all of that is from a system that is further to the west. there is a flash flood watch around gunnison in place until tuesday eight at a clock p.m. the worry is that with the large chunk of ice that if it breaks through, there could be pretty bad flooding as the water levels will rise up to possibly 8 feet. that is a concern as well. as far as the storm system headed this way, it is making its way across utah and into wyoming. accumulating snow is possible. it starts at about 3:00 in the morning and will briefly last until about 8:00-9:00 a.m. it is a system that only involves the drive tomorrow morning. timing is everything on this one. then it goes through a roller
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this week and into the following weekend. i will sum it up when we come back in a few minutes. a sinkhole opened this morning near craig hospital in inglewood and the crews still need to make -- -- englewood and the crews need to make repairs. the sinkhole opened up after a fire line first. the underground mine would normally feedwater to a nearby apartment lined for its fire sprinkler system. >> these pipes don't like it when they are pushed on, so they break. >> reporter: craig hospital was not impacted. workers hope to build the sinkhole and reopen the road around 5:30 tonight. new this afternoon. a reminder for pet owners after several coyote attacks have
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it is breeding season and the coyotes have become more comfortable roaming the neighborhood for food. it is so prevalent in colorado that neighborhoods hold classes to teach residents how to coexist with wildlife. coyotes are not built to fight. as counterintuitive as it may seem, she recommends a proactive approach. >> if you see a coyote with the dog, you go and chased the animal. he will not expected. anything that you can stick in your pocket while you are walking. this is a can filled with rocks. >> reporter: while she recommends the proactive method, she says it is also it critical that you remember that safety is the priority. a person killed when a plane crashed in southwestern colorado last week.
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southwest of meeker last thursday. the plane was on its way to granby from salt lake city. today, the rio bronco county sheriff's office identified the pilot. investigators say the single engine bonanza 35 crashed on thursday. somebody saw him feeling his pain in provo, utah and not see anybody else with him. the plane disappeared from radar and someone found the wreckage using the last known coordinates of the plane. the national transportation safety board is investigating the cause. east of the continental divide, teams went into the mountain searching for a missing hiker. the man was reported missing saturday. he was supposed to come home from a hike at st. mary's glacier and never came back. st. mary's glacier is near idaho springs. rescuers had to stop searching yesterday because of high wind
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blowing snow. authorities are not sharing the name of the missing man. high-ranking security forces are looking for the missing american in baghdad. there are conflicting reports about whether or not they were kidnapped. they are coordinating with iraqi forces. there was shiite militia in the area where they went missing. a second report says that the kidnapping happened when they were driving to the baghdad international airport. the u.s. embassy only will say that three americans are missing. five americans released from iran over the weekend were taken to the u.s. hospitals in germany today. a fourth elected to remain in iran. a fifth arrived at boston logan's airports meet his family. for the 7 iranians held by the united states, they were
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goodwill gesture. one person is jason rezaian from the washington post and his family says it's important to get him the help he needs. >> he has been under terrible conditions and has suffered physically. we don't know what else he has gone through. there is a protocol that has to be followed for people who have gone through circumstances like that. we want to make sure he is in good health and that we are not just judging by a single telephone call.>> reporter: on saturday, president. obama announced that the decades long dispute over the 1979 tehran hostage conflict. the united states pardon or commuted sentences of iranian prisoners and what was called a one-time gesture -- in what was called a one-time gesture. glenn frey has passed away. he died today in new york city
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pneumonia. he suffered health problems. the eagles were one of the most successful bands of the 70s with multiple hit signals including hotel california. glenn frey was 67 years old. leaders at the university of colorado boulder hope that they can limit the increase in mandatory student activity fee. it goes to finding the student center and rec center and other services. the cu student governments that the activity fee every spring and student leaders hope to limit the increase to just about $12 this year. students at the university pay between $275 and $1073 each semester in mandatory fees. the student government will
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. they have asked the groups to limit new spending. last march, the regents approve the lowest tuition hike for any decade for the campus. the state legislatures considering cuts for next year that could likely lead to more twitching increases. the broncos will play in the afc championship game this sunday. if you bought a game, -- a ticket, you may notice that it looked different. the broncos did away with the traditional hardcopy ticket and switch to an email version that is printed at home. fans looking for the game they this. we reached out to the broncos for an explanation of the switch and we have yet to heard back. everything is going digital now >> there are those fake ones out there too. i don't know, we will have to find out the reasoning. at
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one colorado family that will be divided. the entire family will bring for the broncos except for 10- year-old brady who is named after tom brady. he is a loud and proud patriot fan. the only one in the family. the parents are big football fans and they plan to name their children after the top -- their son after the top quarterback. brady now has a.m. brother named peyton. the rivalry got more intense when they moved to colorado. >> we all bronco fans. >> sometimes he gets annoying and we sent him to another room. >> we can't stand it.>> we definitely have one under our belt. how many do you have?>> to. -- two.>> the quarterback only
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hopefully another on sunday. -- after sunday. brady said he will root for the broncos if the pats lose. i have a family member in wisconsin who had to be separated. he fell in love with the broncos and his whole room was orange and blue and he lives near green bay. it happens. i think brady and peyton will have a wonderful time together. >> it will be an interesting and fun sunday, i'm sure.
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if you have ever wondered what it would be like to be a firefighter, here is a video from a helmet. a mother and her baby were trapped. you can see from the helmet camera as he climbs to the
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from mom and lowers the baby to another firefighter. the mom and six other adults were rescued and nobody was hurt. >> very hurt. -- very cool. crews searching for remains after the helicopter crash in hawaii say they have found liferaft. the coast guard says that three liferaft have been recovered so far. some were inflated, but it's unclear how they became inflated. the coast guard found debris over the weekend and in the high shirt -- high surf scattered far and wide. there are high swells and low visibility. the coast guard and the marines are working together to determine how much longer the rescue mission will continue. more national guard troop showed up in flint, michigan today to help with the water crisis. national guard -- the national guard is handing out bottled
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they switched to the flint river to cut costs. the corrosive water lacked adequate treatment and that caused led to be leached from the pipes in the system. president. obama declared a state of emergency and ordered the federal emergency management agency to join. the governor has been criticized for the massive exposure to lead which can cause cancer and other health problems. some changes are coming to the u.s. postal service rates. no, they are not going down. starting on sunday, prices of priority mail and priority mail express are going up. the faster express jumps on average 14%. it is the first rate hike for those classes of mail in three years. isis we have not seen in decades.
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ended a price war. -- prices we have not seen in decades. two gas stations in michigan ended a price war. police officers had to truck lines at one point. they pushed prices just over a dollar after one day. >> what a day if you had an empty tank. there you go. sometimes the best way to
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along with denver, aurora police, city leaders and members of the community, they also honored martin luther king junior today. it started at the aurora municipal center to the martin luther king jr. library on colfax. when a group got to the library, they participated in
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aurora's 30th annual commemoration. >> it is something we are extremely proud of and something that i think we make positive. so, to be able to have our celebration be a part of not only the larger greater denver celebration, but for our own community, it's huge. the city said it was the first in colorado to have weeklong events honoring dr. king. the start on january the start on january 5 and go through the 27th. his son spoke in washington, dc today. he says that he keeps the original one-page application to wiretap dr. king on his desk right near new request piling up .
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sun shows a personal side of his dead. >> martin luther king the third talk to our affiliate in san antonio about the work that needs to be dumb to see his father's dream realized.>> there is no way that anybody could replace the father not been in one's life. he was like our playmate. mom was the disciplinarian and dad was the one we played with. she didn't have a large quantity of time, but it was quality that we will always remember and cherish. -- he didn't have a large quantity of time, but it was the quality that we will los remember and cherish. there is so much work that is not completed. what i learned is that he
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his message is relevant today. i miss just -- i am not just talking about, i have a dream. that is one of hundreds of speeches and sermons that he did.[ music ]i think dad's profiles -- philosophy was a philosophy of life. there are teachable moments for almost anyone who wants to protect and preserve humanity. >> reporter: dr. king's son says that he marches and parades like the one we haven't denver. he says that he is ready for marches on real issues. >> it is interesting to hear him reflect.>> remembering his dad and the person that we all admire and hear about in history.>> he made a mark on all americans in one way or another. very special stuff.
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could see snow tonight.>> next becky will tell us what we can expect for the morning commute.
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it is sort of a pretty picture from here, but the areas thank you -- air is picky -- icky. there is that brown cloud. >> we could have some snow tomorrow.>> becky ditchfield has a look at that.
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everybody gets excited and then you slide when you don't think you will. let's go ahead and break it down. outside right now we have partly cloudy skies. that cloud is finally moving out and we still have mild temperatures to go with that. temperatures this afternoon were up into the upper 40s and range. now, i want to talk about this snow forecast. there have been questions, especially on, why we have a flash flood watch in effect. that is because of an ice jam and not rain. we do have an ice jam in place along the gunnison river near este ranch. if that ice jam breaks, we could see the gunnison river levels rise by 5-8 feet and a short period of time. it could cause massive flooding
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of the gunnison river. that is why it is in place. we will keep you updated on that situation. meanwhile, it has been a nice afternoon with temperatures in denver at 52 right now. dia is 51. fort collins is 34 and greeley is 36. they don't have the same westerly wind in the foothills like we have in the city. right here at 9news, we have partly cloudy skies and the temperature is 47. to bring the point home on how mild it is, me who is cold always is not even wearing a jacket. it is beautiful. in preparation for the next storm system, we have winter weather advisories in effect. it is moving through parts of the utah and wyoming and it will be pushing east. it will bring snow to locations west of the continental divide as well as east of their, including the denver metro area.
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snow is going to be heavier across the northern and central mountains as we head into tonight and tomorrow morning. we get to about 4 am, hopefully by you are sleeping, we will see snow developing around denver and extending out to the eastern plains. this is why we think tomorrow morning's commute could be messy. from denver down to the south and out to the east is where we will see the heavier snow amounts. they go until about 7:00-9:00 before the system winds down and pushes out. we will get clearing and then the temperatures, with the morning snow, wind up above freezing for tomorrow afternoon. we are looking at 1/2 inch-two inches of snow falling from denver to the southeast. if you live up north in fort collins in greeley, it will be next to nothing for you. 1/2 inch or less for you folks. emphasis on or less. then you get up into the northern and central -- and central mountains along the continental divide and that's
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west of their, it will be more. there are winter weather advisory simplest that go until -- into 6 am. looking at 2-6 inches of snow along the mountains and stretching down into vail, aston -- aspen, crested butte and even telluride. wind gusts could reach 40 miles per hour and create low visibility. then it moves out. another week system moves in thursday night -- wednesday night and into thursday. i want to show you with the forecast, look what happens. all the way into friday afternoon, the cold air dive south into the midwest and east coast. this system gets more intense and that is why our friends on the east coast are talking about a possible winter storm to wrap up the week. we will be watching that disturbance that moves through wednesday night and into thursday to see how it impacts
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of the country by the end of this week. our forecast is more common than that. we have temperatures tonight that will drop into the teens and 20s. eastern plains will see lows in the 20s. teens and 20s for the mountains. the western slope about 26. we will reach highs in the 30s and 40s and 50s out east. 20s and 30s and the mountains and the western slope. the snow does not start until you are sleeping. wind out of the north at 5-15 miles per hour tonight. tomorrow, 41 is the high. but, after the snow and clouds clear. we are expecting 1/2 inch-two inches of snow in and around the denver metro area and to the south from this system. once it is out of here, you can see our forecast is pretty mild. we have 40s on wednesday and thursday -- -- thursday and upper 50s for friday.
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another system moves in. we may see some clouds for the broncos game with highs in the low 40s. but, after tomorrow, the next chance for snow is not until next week. at least a decent chance for snow if you are in the metro area. so, i think we can all handle that, especially up with -- as we look what -- look at what could go on on the east coast. it looks like a pretty decent snow event for them.>> the last time we played, it was like the >> it was nuts. >> hopefully they will have good conditions for the broncos and they can pull off a nice
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the first case of the zika virus has appeared in the u.s. a baby was born in hawaii with the virus and brain damage. the centers for disease control issue travel warnings for 14 countries including latin america and the caribbean where the zika virus is most prevalent . pregnant -- women looking to become pregnant are at most risk. people high up in a high-rise are least -- less likely to survive a cardiac event. it is about how long it takes the paramedics to get to you and how long it takes to get you out. researchers followed more than 1000 people who suffered cardiac arrest while living in a high-rise building. survival rates were highest on the first few floors and then they drop steadily on the way up the building. researchers say that giving first responders sole access to elevators in a medical emergency as well as better placement at the federal leaders could save more
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bill would help the healthy meal standards put into place over the last few years. it would give schools more flexibilities in -- flexibility in what they serve.>> it would delay an oncoming deadline to line. some say the standards were too tough for schools to meet. something that may help the kids is more recess. they always say that as their favorite time of the day. at brownfield elementary and irving, texas, the first graders got 415 minute breaks every day. -- 415 minute breaks every day. they are part of a trial more frequent -- four 50 minute breaks every day. they are part of a trial for more frequent recess. >> it takes away from the distraction and therefore they
4:34 pm
now.>> reporter: parents say the kids have more energy on art -- and are ready to do their homework after frequent breaks. it is expected to expand to california and oklahoma and give it a try. >> it really helps that the younger levels. i remember that when the kids were not -- when it was really killed -- really cold and the kids couldn't go outside. the kids would show up in the office and say, you don't understand, i'm like a caged animal.>> the teachers are like, let them burn off energy. >> go run around. will we go to superbowl 50?>> we will talk
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as we like to say, play a full 15 minutes. they get to do it next against the patriots. we have mike to talk about what is going on this coming sunday. this sunday, is peyton manning >> you are starting a into the patriots. >> i am going to let you started . >> he is the right guy to start. i saw brock osweiler in the locker room and he looked like a mummy with the big ice pack on his left shoulder and a big one on his right knee. there is a question about how effective brock osweiler would be even if you were to play. peyton manning is to right guy. it was a tough game. i thought it was an impressive win for the broncos because it was the type of when that you
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that you have to win in january. it was not the pretty fast break three-man weave where peyton manning place. the point guard as they had in 2013 when they were lighting up the scoreboard. the broncos did that type -- they did have that win yesterday. >> yet we worry. even though the patriots are beat up a little bit, they have couple of guys back. the last time we played, one got hurt.>> brady has his full complement of targets. but if the quarterbacks jam into their face masks before they get off the line of scrimmage, they may make brady dropback 3 yards and pass so he can play pitch and catch, but 7 yards. that broncos pass rush can get to them. brady does not like to get hit.
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hit him and sacked him and get him ill at -- irritated in this game. i do think the broncos had a chance it will play well in the game on sunday.>> we talked about at the low scoring against the steelers. that is good defense. >> it is. this team, you can have two sides to the ball that are great. you can only have one great side and one often subside. the denver fans are used to the broncos been great on offense. manning years. the great side is on defense. history has shown that the best site is defense and that get you all the way through the tournament. >> seattle in 2013, the broncos were no match for them. don't underestimate them because the offense is struggling. the impressed because the
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>> we help all of those great quotes from bill belichick. those that you are eager to hear in use.>> he had a couple today. he was talking about both brock osweiler and peyton manning. he was comparing them. everybody has weighed in on them, why not bill belichick? manning goes to the line and changes things and he is in control of the game. wherever -- whereas osweiler, whatever is called, it will probably be run. he had problems against brock back in november.>> he did. it's a great matchup. we talked about it months ago. >> there are only four teams left. you don't get to play the tennessee titans in the final four.>> it should be good weather wise too.
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>> c. j. anderson is a slow runner. >> yes he is. he can handle anything. >> maybe 15 or 44 and sunny?>> it will be 14 in the morning on game day live. bundle up. thank you mike. as you know, this is a day that kids have the day off. what you do when you have a day off? >> science guy steve spangler is joined by two science
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it is a steve spangler science kind of day and i have been in short -- assured of my safety by these two guys. >> you don't have to worry about being safe. sometimes kids take a day off
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other kids prepared -- prepare a science trick. where are you at school? >> human heritage. >> i am at macintosh -- i am at heritage. >> i am at macintosh. >> they wanted for bottles and this one is yours -- four bottles and this one issuers. what else did you want? >> regular rope.>> what is the experiment?>> this is a root beer jeannie -- genie. they are ought -- in all root beer bottles. first thing you do is stick your rope in.
4:42 pm
>> spend that around. there is nothing holding onto that piece of rope. >> it is a genie .>> you take that one and i'll take this put it in here and turn it upside down. weagle it like this. -- wiggle it like this.>> okay, we will tell you the secret. it will be okay.>> this is a regular piece of rope, however, there is something in our bottle that is not regular. it is a cork ball.>> give one to becky. tell us what happens. you can use this one so you can show us what is happening. >> this trick uses friction. friction is all about when rough things rub against each
4:43 pm
>> got it. >> this piece of rope and this other. when they are pushed against can see they stay there. >> how cool. >> you put this in and turn it upside down and wiggle it. that is what is being held in place. >> if you take the ball out, it will just drop. >> becky, try it with yours. that is why you cannot use a clear bottle. with the dark bottle, you cover it up here. if people at home want to do this and they don't have a cork ball, you can take a piece of aluminum foil. you can turn it into a little ball and it seems to work pretty well. then you can find any bottle that you have at home. it really tricks people,
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>> you should have seen it when we showed our parents. >> becky, you need to know that we put all of this online. this is a stem challenge, you know, science, technology, engineering and math. we are trying to teach creativity. we guide it with a little magic trick, but this is the future and we put it all on . >> thank you so much for being
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horses and cowboys. today, the super dogs got their chance in the ring. their group is from canada, but they travel all across the united states. about 40-percent of the super dog group is adopted from shelters. others are local the stock show is not just for horses and cowboys. today, super dogs got their chance in the ring. this comes from canada. they travel across the u.s. 40% of the super dog group is the trip -- is adopted from shelters. town. if you missed it today, there will be one more performance,
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>> the crowd goes crazy for them. it motivates you to go home and work with your own dog. >> micco can do a lot of tricks, but no agility anytime soon. she will roll over for me. >> see. she also likes to take walks. i'm ready, let's go. we love the stock show and the music. >> it is that time of year. that will do it for us. 9news at 5:00 is next.>> we
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