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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  January 18, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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tonight, on the attack. hillary clinton scrambling to shore up support amid growing concern she could lose iowa and new hampshire to bernie sanders after the most intense debate yet on our stage. and the republican race taking a nasty turn with ted cruz hitting donald trump today after being labelled, quote, a nasty guy. high stakes release. a behind the scenes last-minute drama that could have stopped the free american prisoners from reunited from families. tonight we're in germany and richard
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a dangerous virus spreads. more cases of the virus that puts unborn baby at risks are discovered in the u.s. with no known cure. how could it be stopped? and oscar protest. the growing outrage that has some in hollywood telling the academy the show may go on without them. "nightly news" begins right now. good evening. for hillary clinton and bernie sanders, a week of sharper and sharper jabs on the campaign trail all came to a head in ruckus fashion on the debate stage in charleston, south carolina, last night. it is a critical moment in the race. iowa and new hampshire where the voting takes place two weeks from tonight are both in contention, providing the set-up for the sharpest exchanges yet in the democratic contest. andrea mitchell, who co-moderated the debate, has the details. >> reporter: the
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courting black voters in south carolina, at the martin luther king jr. day commemoration. but as bernie sanders threatens to upset hillary clinton in iowa and new hampshire, they sharpen their attacks on sunday night. their faces and their words told the story. >> that is nonsense. >> reporter: she accusing him of trying to dismantle the president's signature health care law. >> there are things we could do to improve it. but to tear it up and start over again, pushing our country back into that kind of contentious debate is the wrong direction. [ overlapping speakers ] >> we're not going to tear up the affordable care act. i helped write it. >> >> reporter: he attacking her ties too wall street and paid speeches and campaign contributions, and she preaching consistency and loyalty to the president, hugely popular in south carolina.
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change. >> the political revolution. >> our new nbc news wall street journal polls shows nationally 55% prefer experience and only 40% want change. potentially giving clinton a big advantage. but in it iowa and new hampshire, sanders' young, enthusiastic crowds may want to beat the establishment. and if he wins big in the first two states, south carolina could follow suit. despite the clinton deeper roots with african-american women, a key voting block. already sanders is surprising south carolina democrats with his ground operation. >> he stole away one of my staffers. >> reporter: the state's democratic chairman said sanders needs to tail his message to women, who have more pressing issues than the campaign. >> on the kitchen table at the beauty salons in south carolina, that ain't the number one thing. it is about the jobs and education and the quality of health care that their kids are getting. >> reporter: clinton is still far ahead in national polls but democrats down here say that if the dominos start falling in the first state,
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the campaign could change very quickly and it could all start with iowa exactly two weeks from tonight. >> andrea, thanks. and on the republican side of the race, it is clear that whatever gentlemen's agreement there might have been has evolved into a ugly battle. today between donald trump and closest competitor ted cruz came to new hampshire, a day after donald trump labelled cruz, a, quote, nasty guy. we get more from hallie jackson. >> reporter: 9:00 a.m., lindy's diner. and ted cruz gets served yet another question about his closest rival. >> are you really going to get mr. donald trump to build that wall? fired. >> reporter: at the same time, donald trump is on his way to liberty university in virginia hoping to pry some evangelical support from cruz. >> 2 corinthians. 3:17, that is the whole ball game. >> reporter: and taking off for comfort in new hampshire. and so are we.
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front-runners in one state on one day and their former bro-mance blows up into a brawl. >> he is a nasty guy. nobody likes him. nobody in congress likes him. nobody likes him anywhere once they get to know him. >> he is losing support and going down in the polls and it seems his response is to attack and get personal. i don't intend to respond in kind. >> reporter: but cruz is responding. and hitting donald trump as too liberal. >> ronald reagan when he was younger was a pretty strong liberal and he became conservative. >> ronald reagan did not spend the first 60 years of his life supporting democratic competitions. >> reporter: sprinting toward a photo finish in iowa. today's trip highlighting the difference in how they are campaigning and what they are sharing tough talk on terror. but distinctions on immigration --
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resist the laugh after a different rivals expense after a dog yelped at his rally. but all of the smiles with the day nearly over but the front-runner's fight far from it. conservative radio hosts are warning trump he may turn off some republicans with attacks on cruz and today a influential christian leader took aim at his message to evangelicals, watching it unfold, the establishment candidates, since this trump-cruz battle for one of them to rise. >> hallie jackson, thank you. overseas, three of the american prisoners released by iran over the weekend in a controversial with families. but as keir simmons reports from germany, a last-minute snag with iran came close to derailing the deal to free them. >> reporter: reunited washington post reporter jason
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brother and mother, i'm feeling good. >> he is my brother. >> you talk about the warriors. we talked about baseball and what is going on in the world. >> reporter: meeting with his editors he described his treatment in iran, imprisoned in a 15 by 20 foot room for 18 months, in solitary confinement for 49 days. former marine amir 4 1/2 years and sentenced to death. his sisters flew to germany, excited to see him. >> i'm in a fog. this is surreal. i'm in disbelief. >> he has two sisters and a brother-in-law there with him smiling in a way i haven't seen him smile. >> what are they talking about? >> they are just talking like brothers and sisters. >> reporter: on friday night the white house told people close to the men there might be news, on saturday morning, and they began to be released. but then a scene one u.s. official described as something out of the film "argo." his wife and mother
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they couldn't leave iran with him. finally they boarded a plane and touching down in switzerland after frantic last-minute negotiation. >> secretary kerry was with foreign minister zarif. he told the foreign minister zarif this must be part of the deal. >> reporter: a deal criticized by a group of convicted iranians should not have been released by the u.s. and former fbi agent bob levinson is missing in iran. but tonight amir hekmati took to twitter to thank president obama for the deal that brought him and his fellow their families. keir simmons, nbc news, germany. >> the prisoner exchange was not tied to the iran nuclear agreement but it did international nuclear sanctions were lifted on iran. that frees up some $100 billion of frozen assets. richard engel got rare access in iran where the way of life could be about to change. >> reporter: iran is
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its new future. sanction-free. a closed society, now open for business. the head of the agency in charge of monitoring the nuclear deal promised in tehran today that inspections would be fair. >> we are committed to continue our work in an impartial and nonpolitical and factual way. >> reporter: president obama yesterday addressed the iranian people directly. >> you, especially young iranians, have the opportunity to begin building new ties with the world. >> reporter: iran's president rouhani told his people that the deal is a win-win, supported by the whole world, he said, besides israel, warmongers in the region and what he called hard-liners in the united states, seen here as a reference to donald trump and other republican candidates. expectations here couldn't be higher. the people of tehran has been waiting for this deal for years. the sanctions have
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economy and now that deal is finally done, what people here want to see is more imports on the shelves and more money in their pocket. at tehran's main bazaar, hallil, a carpet planner for years, is his inventory. >> who got the better deal, the americans or the iranians? >> both sides. >> it is very diplomatic of you. you know how to sell carpet so you know how to make a deal. different sides. iran. >> reporter: and if the deal does bring a new wave of prosperity to iran, people here will consider it a bargain. richard engel, nbc news, tehran. a troubling new development to report in what experts are calling a, quote, pandemic in the making. days after the cdc issued a travel warning over the zika virus for a huge portion of americans. this virus is linked to babies with severe birth defects. now as tom costello
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in the u.s. >> reporter: in hawaii, the first known case in the u.s. of a newborn found with traces of the zika virus, born with a small head and brain. the health department said the mother likely contracted zika while living in brazil where cases are skyrocketing. with mosquitos carrying zika turning up across the americas and the caribbean, the cdc has taken the step to warning pregnant women or women of child-bearing age to avoid traveling to 14 countries. from paraguay in the south to mexico in the north through central america and the caribbean, including puerto rico. we talked to one of the front-line doctors today in brazil. >> i think the cdc is the correct direction to advise women, pregnant in the first and the second trimester to avoid this area. >> each one of these holds a thousand male mosquitos.
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ground in brazil, a company is releasing genetically modified mosquitos that carry a gene that kills the next generation of mosquitos. researchers are studying whether climate change and el nino are causing certain populations to grow. >> their lifestyle and behavior, the way -- the speed with which they grow up is tightly related to climate. >> reporter: meanwhile, infectious disease experts warn mosquitos could soon bring zika to the u.s. >> global travel is very fast and people at any time could come through this large airports. >> the fear, infects travelers who return home could get bitten here and spreads by and even a fast-tracked vaccine could be four to five tom costello, nbc news, washington. facing protests and calls for his resignation, the pressure is on the michigan governor rick snyder as the toxic water crisis in the city of flint grows.
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state of the street speech on the heels of the president declaring a federal emergency there. thousands of children exposed to lead after a cost-saving measure contaminated the city's water. now to the scandal that has stunned the tennis world, as one of the biggest tournaments gets underway. a bombshell report into widespread corruption into the game alleging some players are fixing matches to profit from the outcome. nbc's miguel almaguer has details. >> reporter: with the australian open underway, the biggest names in tennis are here just as one of the sports biggest scandals is playing out. buzzfeed and the bbc reporting today tennis officials have failed to deal with widespread corruption. saying at least 16 players all ranked in the top 50 have fixed matches, losing for money. >> this is a problem across the depth and breath of the game. it is widespread and happening at all
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it is deep-rooted. >> reporter: the bombshell report says the suspected players are competing in the australian open. winners. today roger federer said it is time to name names. reaction from serena williams. >> i could only answer for me. i play very hard. and every player that i play seems to play >> reporter: the allegations are based on leaked documents from a investigation match fixing by gambling syndicates in russia and italy uncovered in 2007. the same year novak djokovic said members of his team were approached about throwing a match. officials are accused of ignoring the claims investigate. integrity unit and the tennis authorities absolutely reject any suggestion that evidence of match fixing has been suppressed for any reason or isn't being thoroughly investigated. >> reporter: today in
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just players taking center court, so are questions of corruption. miguel almaguer, nbc news. still ahead tonight, growing backlash over the oscar nominations. why some of the hollywood elite are ready to boycott the show. and sad news for fans of the one of the biggest american bands of all time. jake reese, " day to feel alive" jake reese, " day to feel alive" this is joanne. her long day as a hair stylist starts with shoulder pain when... hey joanne, want to trade the all day relief of 2 aleve with 6 tylenol?
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of life and medicare part d. just switch to walgreens for savings that'll be the highlight of your day. now preview the cost of your copay before you fill. you can even get one-dollar copays on select plans. now to a now to a growing controversy rocking
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frustration over the lack of diversity in oscar nominations now understand -- threatening to trigger a full-fledged boycott by some of the biggest names. morgan radford has more from los angeles. >> reporter: with the oscars just a few weeks away, the buzz isn't about who is nominated, but rather who isn't. there isn't a single actor of color up for a lead or supporting role. prompting the viral #oscars so white for the second year in a row. along with beasts of no nation's alba and creed's michael b. jordan, will smith was unrecognized for his role in "concussion." his wife, jada pinkett smith, is suggesting people boycott the ceremony. >> it is time that people of color recognize how much power and influence we have amassed, that we no longer need to ask to be invited anywhere. >> reporter: director spike lee said he won't be attending either. and blames hollywood studios, saying the real battle is in the executive offices where the gate-keepers decide what gets made
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jettisoned. comedian chris rock is hosting this year. >> let's do this. >> and the academy president said it continues to try to be more inclusive. >> we are still working hard and will continue to work hard to bring in more inclusion. >> reporter: still critically-acclaimed "straight out of compton" distributed by nbc's sister company universal got only one oscar nomination, for the writers, who are white. the film producer acknowledging the frustration of many, saying in part, i get it. >> i think we'll continue to see more people boycotting the oscars. and, if not, a complete boycott they will voice their opinion. >> reporter: which for hollywood may just be the tip of the iceberg. nbc news, los angeles. we're back in a moment with a huge explosion when a touch-down from space went wrong. explosion when a touch-down from space
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another music legend has gone. sad news late today here in new york. singer and guitarist glenn frey, along with don henley, co-founded the eagles, has died. they were one of the most successful song-writing teams in history. dozens of major hits, including hotel california, take it easy, desperado, tequila sunrise, lying eyes, life in the fast lane, heartache tonight, it goes on and on. in a statement henley said he was funny, bullheaded, mercurial, deeply talented and driven. he loved his wife and kids more than anything. we are all in a state of shock and disbelief and profound sorrow. the eagles were to be celebrated at the kennedy center honors but had to postpone because of his health. the band said he died of multiple ailments. he was 67 years old. it looks like "x" was not the spot for space-x, and the latest attempt at a vertical rocket
5:54 pm
the unmanned falcon 9 booster rocket tipped over and exploded as it tried to settle on to the launching pad last night. the ceo elon musk indicated that ice build-up may have caused a landing leg to fail. this is the third time space-x has failed to land a falcon 9 on an ocean platform. when we come back, a super-hero dream come true. the boy whose tough battle landed him in a starring role in a comic book. about half of men over 40 have some degree of erectile dysfunction. well, viagra helps guys with ed get and keep an erection. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. or adempas for pulmonary your blood pressure could drop to an unsafe level. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor
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finally tonight, one the superheroes who lives among us. rehema ellis introduces us to a brave's boy whose journey that led him to share the page with one of the biggest names in comic books. >> reporter: like most five-year-olds, max levy loves comic books about superheroes doing battle. >> yes! >> reporter: max is fighting his own battle against hemophilia, a disorder that prevents his blood from clotting. it was scary when he needed surgery to implant a port in his chest for the medicine, but his dad got an idea. >> you are going to your chest like iron man.
5:58 pm
and i remember his response for the rest of my life. i get to be iron man. >> that is where iron man has it. [ inaudible ]. >> but that is okay. >> yeah, it is. >> reporter: that is how he became -- iron max. him and his big sister zoey had an idea to help other kids like max and created a calendar raising more than $7,500 for children's hospital of philadelphia. >> i thought one day that there would be a cure. so i thought, try to raise money so that could happen. >> reporter: when marvel comics heard all about it, they wrote a new story about iron max and his battle. >> how proud are you to be in the iron man comic book? >> proud. not just pretty proud -- proud. >> it was finally great to see it is not a negative. you have hemophilia. so what. it doesn't have to be treatments every other day or wear a helmet for five years of your life. all of that stuff is what max has to go through.
5:59 pm
is just the coolest thing. >> reporter: as marvel said, since heroes belong in comics, they couldn't help but put max in theirs. rehema ellis, nbc news, vorhees, new jersey. that will do it for us on a monday night. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and good night. news, thank you for watching and good night. light snow is pexected to-- expected to develop in denver, should last into the morning commute tomorrow. forecast snow totals don't seem that impressive, likely less than 2 inches in the metro area. there are drivers who come unglued so be prepared plus we


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