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tv   9 News at 6pm  NBC  January 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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levels for the holiday weekend. kathy sabine is here, looks like suburbs south and west of town could see snow. >> good news/bad news scenario, fast-moving but ill timed overnight producing an inch of snow for the morning drive that will catch some people unaware. we have dry pavement, cloudy skies and not a bad evening. the longmont area. we are just on the fringe of a very cold arctic air mass. it will stay east for now. the storm we are tracking is coming from the west. winter weather and travel advisories out for the northern and central mountains for 4-8 inches of snow starting in the next hour and continue through tomorrow morning. the area in green is a flash flood watch. not a typo, we do have an ice jam about, well, between way camp and the gunnison river area, it will cause problem physical it comes loose. we are also watching the snow
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a.m., an inch of accumulation, slightly more west and south but by 10:00 in the morning we are all done. so, coming up in our main weather segment, that is something we will talk about, break down the morning commute and talk about a warming trend beyond the storm. there is a little football game this weekend and changes in the weekend forecast. >> might have heard about that. 3 studies released found multiple failures on the part of administrators in arapahoe high and littleton schools in a deadly shooting in 2013. being shot. communication break downs and failures before the attack, the city pointed out the shooter exhibited troubling behabeier for a long-- behavior for a long time ncluding a death-- including a death athlete against a teacher. they found that surprising. >> there was the lack of
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shocking to find that. although, we are not sure it is just at this school. >> as we looked at the process, there were break downalize along, some did see concerning behaviors but they talked amongst themselves and didn't get it to the appropriate disrupters, sometimes disrupters get a concerning behavior but say, that is just kids being kids. >> school and district official never publicly respondd to questions about the shooting and released a statement saying the district made many strides since the incident and plan to hold a news conference thursday. michael and desiree davis, parents of clair, said the district didn't pay attention seeing the threats there all along and shared the reaction to the reports with 9 news. >> that is a shame, that, i mean, the kid needed help. he just let anger and hatred boil up inside of him.
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>> we will never point fingers, that is not our objective. our objective is this never happens to another child and another family and another community. >> the davis's fought to change state law forcing schools to release information about a violent act after their clair was killed in 2013. they helped create clarity comments, a gathering place ibher memory, from the start, the shooting could have been prevented. they believe the culture needs to change, school districts nationwide. thousands gathered in denver to honor dr. marthen lunger king, jr.-- martin luther king, jr., the parade ended at civic center park.
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look at the stage of children in this state and throughout the state and am reminded of the promise, we rook to them to not only celebrate martin luther king day, it is the ideas of dr. king. >> black lives matter protesters shouted demands and jeered the mayor at one point, they are upset with the death of civilians at the hands of police and sheriff's deputies in what they see is stone walling by the mayor and punishing those responsible. in rora they led a motorcade procession to the martin luther king library. the mayor spoke about his personal view of king's legacy. >> someone who took us to places where we could only imagine. someone who had the power to explain to us what he was thinking and what he was dreaming, and someone who had strength enough to teach us that
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is not to be violent in return. >> aurora spens weeks marking dr. king's life and his work. events began january 10 and continue through the 27th. a stretch of south clarkson near craig hospital is expected to reopen after closed most of the day after a sinkhole appeared. police got a call around 8:00 this morning, 10-feet long, 6-feet deep and in the 3500 block of south clarkson. the sinkhole opened after a fire line burst, the underground line feeds water to nearby apartment system. >> the ground moves, these old pipes don't like it when they are pushed on so they break. >> crews are finishing the repair work to fill the sinkhole now and will put down permanent asphalt over tomorrow. a plane crash in northwestern colorado killed the pilot, the only person aboard
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last week, they identified the pilot as 62-year-old william hiler from tabernash, his bonanza crashed 16 miles west of grandee. someone saw him fueling his plane in utah and didn't see him. the plane crashed after a witness reported hearing the engine rev. they found the plane useing the coordinates, they are crash. safe to say the cost of college goes up every yean. university of colorado is trumsing to limit-- promising to limit increase to 3% or less. they set it in the spring, currently $400 per semester for most students, leaders want to increase it to $12. student activity fees fund the student center, rec center and other services, the student government asked the groups to
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the nfl playoff divisional round is in the books, the league's final 4 are patriots, broncos, cardinals, and panthers. next sunday's 2 games begin with the afc championship game in deenver. manning-- denver. manning and tom brady will be joined by teammates, it will not be a one-on-one match up. 1:05 it begins, the cardinals and panthers, full teams of players begins 4:40. a family in littleton will be divided sunday in a unique way, they are broncos fans except for the first born son. 9 news reporter ryan haarer found why is defying his parents. >> it is not like the first born had much of a choice. >> whoever winathize super bowl will-- wins the super bowl, we will name them that. >> in 2005 tom brady won. >> i look at brady and go, why? i say i like the name.
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although he quickly found himself the odd man out at school. >> nobody to talk to. >> and at home. >> usually pretty good, but sometimes he gets too annoying and we send him to another room. >> peyton manning led the colts to a super bowl and son number 2 came along. >> i am peyton. >> yep. brady's younger brother is peyton, and since manning's move from indie, game time has been tense. >> usually i am on the floor and peyton is on the couch. >> mom and dad will have to sit in the middle sunday during the championship game. >> when they are head to head they will be wrestling and yelling. >> brady is the mack talker. >> we have 4 underneath our belt. he has how many? >> 2. >> that is right. >> actually, peyton only has one ring so far but his namesake is learning how to keep up with his big brother. >> yeah?
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>> yeah, nice come back. >> stink. >> as for sunday if the broncos lose, things could get ugly. >> i am going to punch my brother in the face. >> yes, a strong sibling rivalry thanks to mom and dad who won't have much sympathy for the oldest come sunday in a house divided. >> 3 on 1 and we will just, we will tie brady and throw him in the garage for 2-3 hours. >> ryan haarer, 9 news. >> that or someone gets punched in the face. brady only plans to watch the game with his family if they provide food for him down stairsism he said if the pats lose he will vote for the broncos in the super bowl. 2 highly respected medical groups want doctors to do something for them and patients.
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if you were born post-mid60s in the phrase "gas has want been this low since..." has moved. competition between 2 gas stations in michigan pushed prices to less than 47 cents a gallon. police officer husband to direct traffic. the price war made michigan the first state to see less than $1.00 a gallon in gas than decades. by the end of the year they sold fuel around $1.47 a gallon. researchers estimate about half of antibiotics prescribed to patients in the u.s. are not necessary. 2 leading medical organizations are asking doctors to use them less. the centers for disease control and american college of physicians say they should never be prescribeed for the common
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the drug should also not be used to treat bronchitis, sore throat, unless they suspect a more serious illness. antibiotics may have adverse reactions. so, your dog sits and shake, you know who is not very impressed by that? super dolls at the national west-- dogs at the national western stock show out of canada, nearly half are rescues, there are local dogs performing doing agility tricks, jumping rope, dancing, there is another performance tomorrow night at 6:30 and we have a feteo gallery on why woulden we? >> they are so fun to watch. winter returns tomorrow. >> cooler air with a fresh round of snow. could be kind of a sloppy commute tomorrow morning.
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welcome back, i am meteorologist kathy sabine outside the 9 back yard. did you see the sunset tonight? it was so very pretty. but those clouds that created the view, part of the storm system will change your world tomorrow. hard to believe inside of the
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in greeley with a high of 28. 56 pueblo, 41 eagle. the average high is 44. the front is coming overnight and many will wake up to snow tomorrow morning and that is a pretty dramatic change. 41 degrees dia winds light out of the east-southeast but calm in the cloudy 9 news back yard. mid 40s outside the studios, we are tracking a series of weather systems approaching colorado, one outside the state's border, another off shore. winter wefbl and travel advisories across-- weather and travel advisories across the states, including colorado, so. wind chill advisory, dangerous readings, cincinnati, new york, northeast. something we will be talking about tomorrow is the snow already beginning, especially across the north and west facing slopes of the northern and central mountains. also the wind will be a player,
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blowing snow late tonight and i-70. denver the snow holds off until midnight, probably not going until the early hours of the morning. i haven't seen more than an inch of snow, maybe a trace, this system is such a fast mover, it will lose precip, raceing to the east and we brace for the next. we will see a series of storms coming through off and on through the next few days. but notice the other big piece of the story, a cold arctic air mass lurking just to the east of us and we should stay on the western fringe of it which means even though we will be cooler, we are fairly seasonal considering bismarck 24, 11 indianapolis, and 17 in chicago. cloud deck stays in place tonight, snow picks up northern, central, southern mountains overnight. 4:30 pushing into denver, snow develops, notice how narrow the band is but look at the timing at the heart of the morning
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10:00, if you sleep in you will be like what is she talking about? sunny, decent travel after lunchtime, if you can postpone travel to the high country you will be fine. in spute of the cold start and the snow, temperatures tomorrow won't warm a lot even though we get the sunshine in the afternoon. be prepared it will look a whole lot different tomorrow than it did today, even with the cloud deck. we will stay cloudy, not as much wind, so that is nice. snow develops 3:00-5:00 in the morning, clearing, chilly in the morning, 40 in the afternoon, decent mid-week, a system wednesday into thursday may have flurries, i don't think it will impact you. we started with 50s, we end the week with 50s but another system y. have added flurries now to the sunday forecast. should not impact the game but it will be in the low 40s, maybe
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this weather system that is pushing over northern colorado definitely bears watch ing. one behind that for tuesday, kind of keep that in mind. in the meantime, lets go skiing or snowboarding, winter park looks pretty good. hi, everybody, broncos line backer vom miller thinks tom brady is so good he could complete a touchdown without anybody passing for him. miller had some best games against the patriots sacking paradey 4 times in his career. >> sometimes he doesn't need offensive line. he just goes out there and knows where he will throw the ball, has great guys he is throwing the ball to, we gotta take advantage of a opportunity when it presents itself. >> last time manning failed to throw a touchdown pass in a playoff game he led his team to a super bowl championship a few weeks later. maybe what happened against the
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>> manning has not started a game for the broncos this season since the kansas city game. it will be fast and easy to see what peyton manning does in this, his 25th post-season game. >> it was quite windy down there. you could feel it in the throwing and i gotta believe the receivers, that factored in to them as well. >> into his hands and drops it. >> that wind was gusting, a know a lot people watching, even in the stands you can't tell. one time peyton, he was throwing out routeatize was tough. >> i am not sure what is going on. >> the wind did that and that, didn't effect peyton getting the ball to us in the right spot. that is on us. >> allen was sacked, manning at the 14 yard line, lows the ball. >> we want to analyze, play too much. like it to go away if it could but i think it is our longest pass play of the game. so we will take it. >> the craziest plays i have ever seen in my life. >> you knew you would get a great effort by them.
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tomlin and the way they get their team prepared. >> biggest play of the game. >> you have to be a good team to win the playoffs game and win as a team. defense did a great job holding them and offensively we did enough to win. >> this has been an incredibly hard-fought game. avalanche are under way in winnipeg, scoreless with the jets. emanuel only made 2 of his 9 free throws, the nuggets beat the indiana pacers, mumu is a student of basketball history and his performance reminded him of somebody. >> i definitely feel rejuvenated but at the same time, turnovers, we gotta calm down. i was like emanuel o'neal out there at the free throw line, i
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i am not too worried, started playing mind games. wall street took the day off for the holiday, european stocks finishing lower, oil a primary force in expectations for
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we start the week with 50s, end with the 50s, but tomorrow morning, overnight snow, an inch in time for the morning drive. shouldn't be a big storm, just bad timing. kyle, adele. >> i like the 50s, though. >> yes, we do know something about bad timing around here. >> yeah, we do. >> entertainment tonight is next.
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hi, ben. >> amy schumer's live tv pda with her new man. takeover. >> the couple of the osca nominees and the growing academy award controversy. >> we can no longer >> jada pinkett-smith calling for an oscar boycott. who is joining her as stars take sides?
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