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tv   9 News at 10pm Repeat  NBC  January 19, 2016 1:05am-1:45am MST

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waking up to a snowy morning drive. kathy will let us know when the flakes will fall and which parts of town get the most. >> missed opportunities to stop a deadly high school shooting. new reports detail the signs the school missed. >> that's a shame. the kid needed help.
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and hatred boil up inside of him for whatever reason. >> the victim's family explains why the killer's life mattered to see. saying goodbye to the eagles' glenn frey. >> count mike klis among the band of believers, the minority of experts who think the broncos will win this weekend. 9news starts now. get ready for a change tomorrow in the weather. the sun does a dispeering act -- a disappearing act and brings snow. not a lot but enough to make driving a precarious proposition. temperatures are still in the mid 30s with a few high clouds downtown. kathy will join us in a few minutes with the forecast. today rock and roll lost another legend.
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frey passed away in new york. he had issues with pneumonia and rheumatoid arthritis. he was 67 years old. he helped form the eagles. hotel california remains one of the best selling albums in history. in 1998 the band was inducted in to had rock and roll hall of fame. tomorrow the search will resume for a young worker from the eldora ski area who hasn't been heard from since sunday afternoon. ryder johnson was last seen leaving eldora yesterday. last night a boulder sheriff's deputy found his vehicle near the red advisor. they searched for any sign of him. the sheriff's office is hoping to hear from anyone who thinks they may have seen or spoken with ryder johnson. three separate reports released today all agree that littleton public schools and arapahoe high school could have and should have done more to stop a deadly school shooting two years ago. the reports were commissioned by the school district along with the parents of the teenager killed in the
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wild is here to break down the findings. >> the language is softer and less critical than the report generated at the request of the davis party. all three point out that school administrators, staff, and even students had chances to end a so-called pathway to violence but failed to do so. >> reporter: three separate reports out monday list failures by littleton public schools and arapahoe high school from stopping 18-year-old karl pierson from killing claire davis then himself. the papers point out the shooter was violent and threatened students and staff multiple times over 10 december 2013. the reports say no one connected those incidents. he was also never disciplined for making a threat against his debate coach three months before the attack. michael doren of safe haven's international helped write one of those reports. >> the lack of boundaries through the process was very
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we're seeing that across the country this is not the first school shooting that's happened in that context. >> reporter: the papers agree that arapahoe high and littleton schools didn't have a good system for sharing information with police. school staff and arapahoe county deputies could talk about problems but deputies didn't have access to school records. finally more than a dozen people knew the shooter was violent and worried about his anger and gun ownership but at the time littleton schools didn't have a threat assessment team to organize that information. now they do. john mcdonald leads that effort in jefferson county where he says his team of 15 people investigates about 11 cases a week. >> it includes law enforcement, services, educators themselves, all together sitting at the the student. this is really
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>> the researchers point out the school system had a threat assessment system in place but wasn't followed as closely as should have been. the superintendent issued a statement which you can find online at they also plan to talk a lot more about this on thursday. >> it's been like pulling teeth to get the district to talk about this. we hope to learn something new from them at that point. the parents fought to change state law to force schools to share what it knows about a student who commits a violent act. kim christiansen talked to michael and desiree davis who were not surprised by the findings. instead they hope this leads to changes to prevent future violence. >> i feel like we're doing exactly what she would want us to do in honoring her memory. >> reporter: by loving claire, michael and desiree davis have been able to give and forgive.
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his life mattered too. claire's murd er was preventable because karl's crisis was very foreseeable. for many months he was a child in crisis. >> there should be two kids in college right now. and they're not. >> reporter: in a search for answers, they took a painful journey, one involving months of listening to testimony about the classmate who killed their daughter. >> he was going down a very dark path and no one did anything and that's not okay. >> and that's a shame. the kid needed help. he just let anger and hatred boil up inside of him for whatever reason, we don't know. >> reporter: they do know many students and some teachers were worried but the system set up to protect students and teachers failed.
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really isn't about claire or even karl anymore. this is helping identify the next kid that's in crisis and needs help and making sure schools are prepared and ready to help him. >> reporter: changes need to happen. the davises trust they resentment. >> the individuals who were involved here to the extent they have bad feelings about it, we don't about them. >> reporter: the love they have for claire has given them clarity and peace. >> hopefully it's this generation of adults that makes these changes but the next generation will definitely be a safer better group of people. >> it's a gift that we've given to the families of colorado and anyone involved with children
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because claire is not coming home. >> kim christiansen reporting. the davises frequently visit clarity commons on the campus of arapahoe high school. desiree davis goes there to meet certain classmates of claire's who are still struggling bethe memories of the day. protesters today seized the opportunity at the park. denver has one of the largest such gatherings year after year. black lives matter protesters shouted demands and later jeered the mayor when he took the stage. they're upset in what they see is stonewalling by mayor hancock in releasing information in punishing those responsible. the republican national committee has dropped nbc news from an important upcoming debate after october's debate debacle in boulder.
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the candidates called out the cnbc monitoring for their line of questioning saying it was petty and intend ed to embarrass the candidates. they were set to host the debate next month before the important super tuesday primaries. the debate set for february 26th in houston will now instead be hosted by cnn. broncos fans just like their team celebrated yesterday and are now thinking ahead to sunday's game against the patriots. it will be the fourth time that peyton manning has played against tom brady with a trip to the super bowl at stake. later in sports drew will have much more on the broncos as they get set for sunday. it was just two years ago tomorrow that denver beat new england, back to the championship game since 1998. true fans will be making plans to seeing super bowl 50 in person. second hand tickets for sunday's afc title game start at $275 on the broncos ticket
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we'll keep our broncos photo challenge going to keep us and you entertained. we're looking at pictures celebrating broncos fans in far away places, your best orange and blue sun sets. share them using the hashtag #wearebroncos. if there was ever a day to have sympathy for a steelers fan, this would be it. it has nothing to do with the outcome of yesterday's game. he told 9news reporter steve staeger about something very personal taken from him in the midst of the playoff madness. >> reporter: it is rare to see this piece of metal without another to accompany it. >> i have lots of flags. i fly the don't tread on me flag, the american flag. >> reporter: lots of flags fly outside brian's home, including one that sticks out in the land of orange and blue. >> it was a six-time steelers champion flag. >> reporter: notice the past tense there. >> i was going for a 48-hour
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should bring it inside. that was saturday as brian was leaving for his shift with the lewisville fire department. the flag was gone. >> i think they saw the broncos winning or something like that and, you know. >> reporter: many broncos fans may be thinking serves him right, who flies a steelers flag that is until you hear how that piece of pittsburgh pride got there in the first place. >> my father passed away in 2012. and he was a big steeler fan. i was raised a steeler fan and together we watched the games all the time and it means a lot to me. it was something that i took when he passed away. >> reporter: he was angry at first, then calmed down. he believes it was a prank with unintended consequences and now
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>> whether the flag ends up in my front yard tomorrow with no questions asked, i'd be fine with that. >> reporter: a simple request another. staeger, 9news. >> brian says he did file a police report when the flag went missing but he's willing to let bygones be bygones if somebody just drops it back at the house. five planets, one rare lineup in the sky. when it will happen in the heavens. >> a time capsule belonging to a colorado boy is returned to him in another state 67 years later. >> trading cowboy boots for snow boots. it's the stampede on the slopes. >> and light snow on the way for the denver morning drive. kathy's forecast details the hour by hour timing. >> gary kubiak makes an extremely intelligent point about the broncos afc
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heavy traffic bogged things down dramatically as skiers and boarders head home from the mountains. since then traffic seemed to be lighter than the long delays earlier this weekend. for those days traffic is really bad, cdot is looking for about a thousand volunteers to help out on i-70. starting next ski season cdot and volunteers will partner with a german company. data from those volunteers will be compiled and pushed to drivers to alert them this system will give drivers the information so they can jump off and take an alternate route or stop off and wait it out somewhere other than their car. highway and construction getting a new look. you'll need to look closely to see the difference. cdot provides us with this video showing its new digital printing system. it's replacing the screen printing method. the past four decades
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complete one sign. now a sign can get done in an hour. >> the process itself as you actually send this through a digital print as opposed to layering paint upon layer upon layer on the sign itself, you do a digital print that's then applied to the signage. >> it's cheaper and quicker. cdot is estimating it will save around $100,000 a year using the printer instead of paint. a contractor in pueblo colorado was remodeling a house when he came across a time capsule in the form of a dust a old jar. mark found a family letter written by billy gilbert. he tried to find gilbert online. no luck. billy wrote about his sister janice. so he searched online for janice gilbert. he found her obituary which contained an e-mail to contact the family. knecht sent it to an
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he happened to have a family trip planned for last weekend and he took the jar to billy. >> now it's all beginning to come back together. so it's an amazing story. >> gilbert said he'd forgotten about the jar and was glad to see it returned. the items will be passed down to his family. if you're up before dawn later this week, take a look at the southern sky and you'll see five of our solar system's planets lined up like a real miss universe planet. mercury, venus, saturn, mars, and jupiter. hail hold that formation till february 20th. it's the first time the five planets will appear in the same sky together since january 2005. it's almost as fun to watch. every year during the stock show they take a break and head to seem boat. they trade the chaps and strap-on skis and
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competition in a downhill slalom. grant denny from nevada won the competition with a time of 28 seconds. the race everyone wants to see is the stampede. everyone on the run goes for the finish line all at the same time. it's gairptd -- guaranteed disaster on the jumps. one of the more spectacular crashes was at the end. one cowboy waited for another who couldn't stop and took him out as well as any defensive tackle. everyone is okay. stock show runs in denver through sunday. one of my favorite days up in skitown, usa. those cowboys and cowgirls are athletes. i'm meteorologist kathy sabine outside in the 9 backyard. and what a spectacular sunrise this morning. did you see it? this view from tabernash, the sunset over denver just as night. the mid and high level cloud cover coming ahead of a storm that's going to change our weather picture overnight. it's hard to believe with the cloud cover we hit 51 in denver today.
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average is 44. only 28 in greeley, 50 in limon and 50 in lamar so this time of year we look for temperatures to be about 10 degrees warmer than where d.i.a. is right now. we're going to be chilly for the next 24 to 36 hours. we're just on the fringe of arctic air. you wouldn't know it in the 9news backyard. things are calm and quiet. 40 degrees outside the studios. but national weather service has already put up a winter weather advisory for the northern and central mountains, already starting to see the snow fly especially on north and west facing slopes. winter weather advisory and travel advisories, something we'll be dealing with across much of the western u.s. we have three weather systems we're tracking and there's a cold arctic air mass off to the east of us producing dangerous wind chill values in areas like cincinnati, knoxville, washington and new york. travel delays expected there. here in colorado starting to see a little wintery mix on the i-76 corridor. some of it is not hitting the ground yet. you'll
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this icy mix is going to coat things with ice tomorrow morning, make the roads a little bit slick. while this isn't a big powerful storm for the i-25 corridor for denver, gusty winds developing to 40 and a winter weather advisory out. could see 4 to 8 inches of snow and that could add up pretty quick. it's already snowing up there. all the models coming in with less than an inch of snow for denver. ending by 9 a.m. fast moving system and slightly higher amounts to the west and south of us. look how fast it goes off to the east of us. this one is out tomorrow midday. here comes the next one, snow back in the high country tomorrow. wonderful conditions for those skiing and snowboarding. while our numbers here will be cooler with the arrival of the next system, we're just on the fringe of an arctic air mass. look at these highs. 11, minneapolis. 23 in bismarck. 23 in omaha. 23 in st. louis so even with a weather system coming in it's still not awful hire along the front range. we'll be dry for most of the evening. snow continues to pick up northern and central mountains.
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delays on i-70 early tomorrow. snow moves in to denver by 3:00. 7:00, it's south of the city pushing further south. 10:30 in the morning, should be done. damage will be done. the timing of this at the rush for people who haven't been paying attention are going to be caught off guard by this. so you know what's going on. allow for extra time tomorrow for the people who aren't paying attention. snow redevelops in the mountains where lows fall in to the teens. high temperatures tomorrow, 40 in denver. low 50s take a little longer for that front to push all the way across the state. mid 30s, idaho springs, conifer, evergreen. in the denver area, cloudy, less wind than we had this time last night but the snow develops in the morning. will be a factor for we clear out but even with sunshine in the we wonderful warmup at the end of the week. we start with 50s, end with 50s. i had to put
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game sunday with a game time temperature right about 41 degrees. great time for the hearty cowboys and cowgirls in the high country. thanks for sending all the cold remedies to
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from colorado's sports leader, here's drew soicher. >> hi, everybody. the new england patriots would be so much easier for the broncos to
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game this weekend if only they were stupid. >> they're very smart. they do a lot of things. bill's got a lot of smart players. they're always in position. so got a lot of respect for them. five afc title games in a row. it's been done once before i think. we know it's a big challenge for us. >> looks like drew
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was so rudely interrupted, 9news broncos insider mike klis thinks peyton manning has one hall of fame performance left in that manageual right arm and it better come either sunday or tonight on the pages of mike's notebook. >> you'll hear a lot about the peyton manning-tom brady showdown. there will be stats like brady has 11 wins head to head, manning only has 5, as if that matters. tom brady has four super bowl rings to peyton manning's one, and blah, blah, blah. here's the only stat that really matters. in afc championship games when peyton manning has the home field, he's stick bill belichick. the afc season cannot end any better than this. broncos-patriots, and what makes it is manning-brady. >> these two guys going against each other is like an epic
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we get to go out and see whose general wins the war. >> apparently the odds makers aren't impressed with manning's 2-0 home record against brady in afc championship games. they've made the patriots a 3-point favorite this sunday. the oddsmakers must think brady has more juice left at 38 than manning does at 39. maybe that's true. manning doesn't have to take it on the nfl's number one defense. only brady has to do that. 9news. >> blah, blah, blah. if the stanley cup playoffs started in. avs beat the winnipeg jets and took control of the final wildcard playoff spot in the western conference tonight. jerome iginla scored his 602nd career goal. avies win 2-1. nug gies had the evening off. they play the thunder tomorrow.
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players spent the afternoon in denver working with volunteers of america serving the needy and hungry in celebration of martin luther king day. >> dr. martin luther king's birthday, no better way to honor it by helping your fellow man, no matter what race you are, that's what he wanted to do. everybody be equal in quality. it's amazing my teammates are out here to give back on his birthday and celebrate it. the nba schedule is grueling. players rarely get a day off so it's great to see faried spending his doing something nice in the community. aradele, kyle. >> you're being very unsoichial tonight. >> you started it. [ laughter ] >> that's it for us. tonight show is next. jimmy's guest, tracy morgan and hank williams, jr. we'll be on tomorrow starting at 4:30. thanks for
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spike lee and jada pinkett smith boycotting the oscars.
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luther king day now on extra. jada takes a stand. >> i will not be at the academy awards and i won't be watching. >> her new facebook video today amping up the back lash over the all white oscars and her message to oscar host chris rock. >> hey, chris. >> amy schumer kissing her new man. we've got the hot couples news at the star packed critics plus awards. how the tiny star of room stole the show. >> this is soup urcool. angelina gushing about brad. our new interview on angie's take the kids to work day. why she pulled off a quickie makeover. mick jagger's first words about the death of david bowie.
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bowie's final album. plus, in today's extra feed. gwyneth pal trow versus jessica simpson. bachelor ben on a makeout marathon but taking a break to answer our question. >> it's a great question. now on -- >> extra extra. from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of la. hey, welcome to extra i'm mario lopez. on this martin luther king jr. day jada pinkett smith is sounding off about this year's oscars. coming up steve harvey's apology to ms. colombia. i was on the carpet from mr. and mrs. matt damon i've got the headlines and moments you didn't see. awards show season is in full swing. it's been missing one of our favorite friends. jennifer anniston and justin thoreau on their first hollywood date night of 2016 at the critic's choice awards.
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