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to the south of the metro area. here's a live look at . as of now - snow is not sticking to the road... but some spots could see snow through the morning commute. good morning. gary and corey here with you on this tuesday morning janurary 19th.
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information center this morning. and 9news meteorlogist marty coniglio is in the weather center. good morning guys... marty let's start with you. some snow to the south this morning. today a colorado man -- known as the
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will be in court. myloh mason was on the f-b-i's most wanted list for more than a month... now he is behind bars on a half-a- million dollars bond. he is one of three men accused of participating in several crimes last november... a bank robbery, a carjacking and a shooting in lakewood. mason was arrested last week. a terrible car crash is serving as a reminder of the importance of car seats and boosters for kids -- and the importance of making sure they are used properly.
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the loss of a child -- and several people are recovering after the deadly accident. a 10 year-old girl was killed in the 3- car crash last night. it happened in aurora at the intersection of east 16-th avenue and del mar parkway. the girl who died was in a car that her mother was driving. the mother along with the girl's two siblings were taken to the hospital -- they are all expected to be ok. police say the 10- year-old girl was in a booster seat that was not properly secured in the vehicle. the driver in one of the other cars involved was also taken to the hospital and is also expected to be fine. today the search for a young man will continue.... 20-year-old ryder johnson, who worked at the eldora ski area hasn't been heard from since sunday afternoon. he was last seen leaving eldora and on sunday night. a boulder sheriff's deputy found his car near gross reservoir. yesterday about 30 searchers on the ground and with a helicopter searched for any sign of him. the sheriff's office also wants to hear from anyone who
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opportunities to that's what new reports on the 20- 13 arapahoe school shooting reveals. one student, own life inside the school. 9news reporter here with more. parents of the student who died-- information released. the parents of 17- davis commissioned with the school district. the reports say public schools... and arapahoe high school... could have done more to prevent the shooting. the reports say that a number of teachers and students had interactions with the shooter-- that should have been red flags. but in many cases, either no communication was made about those school officials did nothing about it. the shooter-- 18- pierson, had threatened students and staff multiple times over years. he was never threatening to kill his debate team that happened just three months before the attack. says that the school-- and the district-- didn't
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information with police. littleton public schools now has a threat assesment team. they didn't have that in 20-13, during this attack. and more than a dozen people had complained of being worried about the shooter and his access to guns. littleton public schools hasn't responded to our requests for interviews, either in the past 24 hours... or in the two years since the shooting. gary-- they plan to hold a press conference, thursday. trending this morning on social media... rock and roll lost another legend yesterday. eagles co-founder and guitarist glenn frey passed away in new york. frey had complications from several health issues -- including pneumonia and rheumatoid arthritis. he was 67. frey formed the eagles in the early 70s -- with drummer don henley. hotel california remains one of the best-selling albums in history. in 1998 - the band was inducted into
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. today the so-called face a judge-- to find out if the case against him will stay in juvenile court... or head to adult court. members of the against drunk driving are hoping for adult court. ethan couch made national headlines for using an affluenza defense people in a drunk driving wreck. couch and his mom tonya later fled to mexico as prosecutors were investigating whether the teen violated his probation. also due in court today... a former new england patriots player. as his old team gets ready to take on the denver broncos.... tight end aaron hernandez will face a judge. he is accused of killing two men following an encounter at a boston nightclub. hernandez has pleaded not guilty. last year, hernandez was convicted of the murder of his friend odin lloyd and sentenced to life in prison. some police in california had to do a little extra running after a chase ended on a freeway there. they ended up chasing some puppies that were
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it all started last night when the driver failed failed california highway patrol officers. several dogs could be seen in the back seat of the car helicopter. eventually the were wrangled by police. all six dogs are now being cared for by animal care beach. there are a lot of stats to look at when you compare
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tom brady when they go head to head... but there's only one that matters according to 9news broncos insider mike klis. in afc championship games when peyton has home field... he's two-and-oh against brady. the oddsmakers don't seem to agree with mike's assessment... they have the patriots as a three point favorite this sunday. one thing's for certain... a lot of people are looking forward to what could be the final battle
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it was just two years ago today that denver beat new england for its first trip back to the championship game since 1998. second hand tickets for sunday's a-f-c title game are starting at 275 dollars on the broncos ticket exchange.... and about 270 on stub hub. football fans in l-a are already thinking about next season the rams have started taking deposits for season tickets. first deposit came from lakers great and dodgers co- owner magic johnson the team is returning to l.a. after 21 years in st. louis.. . the rams will play next season coliseum. a new stadium is up sometime in 20-19 we all our favorite teams and we are broncos fans may find it hard to have steelers fan... but after this story
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brian waselko lives in northglenn and he flies a steelers flag outside his home. or at least he did until someone took it this weekend while he was on duty as a firefighter in louisville. that flag is more than just team pride to him too... it holds a special significance. brian's father passed away in 2012 and that flag was one of the few memories he had left of his father. he says he and his dad used to love watching games together. and he's hoping whoever took it will have some compassion. brian filed a report with northglenn police but he's willing to forgive if someone just returns it. if the season ended today--the avs would be in the playoffs. they beat the winnipeg jets last night... and took control of the final wildcard playoff
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jarome iginla added another goal to his impressive career resume. avs win two to one. if you think planting a garden on earth is tough... imagine doing it in space.. up next we'll tell you about the astronaut that has developed a bit of a green thumb. before we take a quick break... we want to show you our backyard right now... snow is coming
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hawaii is the first known case of zika virus in the u.s. it is a virus carried by mosquitos and is defects born with an head and brain. department says contracted the zaki - when she was living in brazil. mosquitoes
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the americas and caribbean -- so the c-d-c is now warning pregnant women to avoid traveling to 14 countries. researchers are studying whether climate change and el nino have anything to do with the increase number of cases. there's some concern - americans infected abroad -- could return home - and pass the virus on. experts say even a fast-tracked vaccine could be 4 to 5 years away. if you're up before dawn later this week - take a look at the southern sky - and you might be able to see five of our solar system's planets lined up. starting tomorrow you'll see them - from left to right - saturn -- mars and jupiter. and they'll keep that formation - 20th. sky dot org -- it's planets will appear in the same sky together since january 2005. during his year in
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kelly has developed a bit of a today he tweeted photos of the first space. nurture a crop of zinnias - on board the international space station. scientists some insight into how plants and flowers grow in micro- gravity. you know those days when traffic is particularly bad on i-70? c-dot is looking for about a thousand volunteers to help out. starting next ski season, c-dot and partner with a company. those volunteers and their cell phones - will be compiled - and pushed to drivers
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it's very similar to the app: waze - except this system will send drivers the information so they can take an alternate route - or stop somewhere and wait it out the worst of it. remember when gas prices hovered around 50 cents.... it may seem like a long time ago, but not if you live in michigan. i'll explain coming up in money news. things are getting
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twitter at this hour... the social media tool went down early this morning. luckily it is back up and running... but about an hour ago... this is what popped up if you tried to get onto the social media site.. users said that the service was not accessible on desktop computers but some were having luck using their phones. here are some gas prices to be jealous about... a price war between three gas stations in michigan forced prices down below a dollar... and one station dropped to 47 cents a gallon. police had to direct traffic in the area -- after a long line of cars formed -- waiting to fuel up. unfortunately the ultra low prices didn't last. now they are back up around a dollar 50 a gallon. changes are coming to u-s postal service rates... unlike gas
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starting sunday, the price of priority mail and priority mail express will increase. priority mail increases almost ten percent. the faster priority mail express jumps on average more than 14 percent. it's the first rate hike for those classes of mail in three years. highway and construction signs around colorado are getting a new look --- and it's costing a little bit less. c-dot provided video showing its new digital printer which is replacing the old screen printing method. it's the first department of transportation in the country to make this kind of change. for the past four decades, each color was painted on separately-- taking at least two days to complete just one sign. now it can be done in an hour. not only is it quicker ... it's
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while the printer costs 33-thousand dollars, c-dot estimates it will save around 100- thousand dollars a year by using the printer instead of paint. netflix is bringing back family movie night. this year the company says it'll make a special effort to produce programming for children and families. the streaming service will offer 20 new programs in the category... which will be led by next month's premiere remake of "full house." netflix's chief content officer says there's not enough programming for children and families on traditional t-v right now.
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people are literally freezing their pants off. temperatures have around zero degrees over the last 40 hours, so one man decided to have a little frozen fun. he froze a pair of his pants and put picture to facebook and the idea went viral. some people froze jeans, corduroys, and sweatpants. the neighborhood streets looked more like a clothing store. we are keeping the hashtag we are broncos photo challenge going this week... and today we want to see denver broncos fans near... and far. share your pictures showing how you represent the mile high city anywhere and everywhere. you can share
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we are broncos.
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