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tv   9 News at 5am  NBC  January 19, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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already messed up this camera looking out over downtown denver. marty coniglio's tracking the snow... he'll give you the hour-by- hour forecast and let you know when the snow will let up. we're out there on the roads with you this morning -- this is a live look at i-25 and arapahoe. 9news traffic reporter amelia earhart and noel brennan are following conditions metro- wide. good morning. we're in the process of moving to a back-up studio while a new set is
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we're doing the newscast again today from the newsroom. meteorologist marty coniglio and traffic reporter amelia earhart join us. marty-the snow's moving in this
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this morning - we expect that the morning commute will be slowed down by the snow. this is a live look at . 9news reporter noel brennan is live in castle rock. noel - it wasn't bad on my drive to 9news... but how are the roads
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today the search for a young man will continue.... 20-year-old ryder johnson hasn't been heard from since sunday afternoon... when he left his job at eldora ski area. a boulder county sheriff's deputy found his car near gross reservoir that night. yesterday about 30 people on the ground and a helicopter searched for any sign of him. the sheriff's office also wants to hear from anyone who may have seen or talked to him. c-u boulder student leaders say they'll try not to raise the mandatory student activity fee too much this year. the daily camera reports that the c-u student government wants to keep the raise to
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students pay between 275- dollars to more than one-thousand each semester in mandatory fees. the fees pay for the student center, recreation center, and other student groups and services. three new reports say much more could have been done to prevent the deadly arapahoe high school shooting. it happened in 20-13. and, now, we're learning that the school and the district missed a number of key warning signs. 9news reporter tarhonda thomas joins us with more. tarhonda-- the reports say the district and the school should have done more. that's right, corey. one of those reports was commissioned by the parents of the that's right, corey. one of those reports was commissioned by
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that attack. 17-year-old clarie davis. her parents hope to prevent another family from going through what they've gone through. claire was killed in 20-13, when a fellow student opened to prevent another family from going through what they've gone through. claire was killed in 20-13, when a fellow student opened fire inside the school. he killed her.. before turning the gun on himself. according to reports-- there were many warning signs leading up to that fateful day. at least a dozen students and teachers had complained about the shooter-- 18- year-old karl pierson. he'd threatened to kill his debate teacher just three months before the shooting. but in that case-- as in so many others-- no appropriate action was taken. we looked at information from a report by the "center for the study and prevention of violence at the university of colorado." according to that report-- on 27 occassions-- people acted in a way that kept law enforcement or school officails from preventing cheryl? demonstrators protesting the death of a man who died in the denver jail.... briefly shut down king marade the group wants jail videotapes in michael marshall police say marshall
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while deputies restrained him. the death is still under investigation. wall street will try to put the first two weeks of 2016 behind it. the dow has dropped more than 14-hundred points, on worries about china's economy and tumbling oil prices. but stocks could bounce back today...futures numbers at last check were way up. investors seem to be shrugging off news that china's gdp slowed last year to the weakest pace in 25 years. oil is higher today, although still below $30 a barrel. look for more earnings today, from bank of america, morgan stanley and ibm. asian stock markets chalked modest gains today. in early tuesday trading, china's shanghai composite was up two-point- five percent, while japan's nikkei was flat. the taiwan stock exchange opened the morning session with a slight gain and hong kong's hang seng gained one- point-four percent.
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bloomed aboard the international space station. look at this crop of zinnia's -- the first flowers grown in space. astronaut scott kelly tweeted the pictures to his twitter account. he's helped nurture the crop on board the i-s-s, giving scientists much-needed insight into how plants flower and grow in microgravity. if you're up around this time tomorrow - or earlier - take a look at the southern sky. 5 of our solar system's planets will be lined up for your viewing pleasure. from left to right - mercury -- venus -- saturn -- mars and jupiter. the stars antares and spica will also be twinkling in the formation. the planets and stars will stay in this order - through february 20th. according to earth sky dot org -- it's the first time the 5 planets will appear in the same sky together since
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california police thought it was a
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the highway... but - when the suspect was finally stopped - she had another plan in mind to slow down her arrest. man's best friend. there is some snow
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moving through the metro area this morning. this is a live look at i-25 and 50th avenue. searchers will head out again this morning - to search for a 2 year old child from tennessee who's been missing about 5 days. he was from chester county, east of memphis. noah chamberlin was walking in the woods with his grandma and sister thursday afternoon - when grandma lost sight of him. he was wearing jeans and a long- sleeve t-shirt.... so they're worried about how the low temperatures are affecting him. volunteers and law enforcement
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searching about 1- thousand acres for him and they don't think he could have gotten outside that boundary. today - the mayor of flint, michigan will go to washington d-c to plead for federal help. weaver hopes to get a disaster her town's water contaminated with lead when it sources in 20-14. even though the source has been switched back - lead persists in the system... and elevated blood lead levels. residents are using bottled water. advocates fighting to stop drunk driving plan to bring 60 thousand signatures to court today... they are hoping to make sure the young man known as "affluenza teen" charges as an adult. ethan couch was convicted of a deadly drunk driving crash. he only got probation based on the defense that he was too spoiled to know right from wrong. mothers against drunk driving beat their goal of 30 thousand petition signatures in less than 24 hours. the group is hoping to make an impression on a judge today.
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couch should stay in juvenile court. couch killed four people while driving drunk in 20- 13... he was 16 at the time. last month fled to mexico with his mom when they thought he'd get in trouble again for violating his probation. couch is still in mexico. a u-s navy salvage ship is joining the search for 2 marine helicopters. 12 marines were taking part in a nighttime training exercise last thursday when the helicopters collided off the coast of hawaii. three empty life rafters were recovered yesterday... and a 4th has been spotted. high surf has likely scattered the wreackage. searchers are using helicopters, boats, divers and people on the beach to look for debris. california police officers had an unusual ending to a chase late last night. they hit the suspect's car... causing it to spin in a circle. as the suspect got out of the car- the helicopter captured video of her letting three dogs out of the
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on the highway. there were more - smaller - dogs inside the car too! one escaped out the car window. the officers arrested the woman - and animal control officers came by to deal with the dogs. k-f-c has been in business for nearly 90 years. they don't make changes to the menu very often - but it's happening today! gregg will tell us what's happening. but first, lets check in with marty and amelia.
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challenger going this week, as we get ready for the afc championship game. use the hashtag we are broncos. and today we want to see denver broncos fans near... and far. share your pictures showing how you represent colorado - and let's see broncos fans from out of
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instagram is planning some changes. the photo-sharing app will ramp up advertising, by working more closely with facebook, which bought the company three years ago. instagram is also turning its attention to small business owners, and people outside the u-s, which accounts for 75% of its users. whatsapp will soon be free. the popular messaging service, which was bought by facebook two years ago, is dropping its token $1 a year subscription fee. individual users can use whatsapp for free for the first year. instead of targeting individuals, the company is exploring ways to charge businesses, such as banks or airlines, who want to contact users directly. there's a new item on kfc's menu. the fast food chain has rolled out its "nashville hot chicken" at all of its 43-hundred u-s
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billed as a combination of spicy, smoky and crispy chicken and pays homage to a popular local specialty of nashville. marty -- "nashville hot chicken" is only the fourth chicken flavor added to kfc's menu in the chain's 86-year history. let's check in with
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littleton might need to sit on separate ends of the couch during the afc championship game. their reason for being rivals - goes
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media... rock and roll legend glenn one of his eagles band mates say he was the spark plub plan. new york yesterday from complications from arthritis. he was 67. frey helped form the eagles in the drummer don in 1998 - the band the rock and roll hall of fame. don henley was one of the first to make a statement... he said in part: "we were two young pilgrimage to los same dream: to the music industry perseverance, a our alliance with other great musicians and our azoff, we built something that has lasted longer than anyone could have
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a family in littleton will be divided this sunday in a unique way. they're big broncos fans -- except for the first born son. that's because his name--is brady. the weibler family decided to name their son after the quarterback who won the super bowl the year he was born. well in 2005 tom brady led the patriots to a super bowl championship. they didn't stop there either... their second son was born in 2007. who won the super bowl that year? peyton manning and the indianapolis colts. and the two of them are passionate about defending their namesakes. brady says if the pats lose -- he'll root for the broncos in the super bowl.
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- we'll get another check on the snow
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