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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  January 19, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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on your morning commute... so you'll this is 9news. >> good morning, snow is joining you on your morning commute, so leave a little early . look at 225 and parker and you see, it's very wet. you will get good use of your windshield wipers today. the snow will be short-lived but it will impact her drive so amelia is keeping a close eye on the roads to help you get where you need to go this morning.
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places blame on arapahoe middle schools for not doing enough to stop a deadly school shooting. the victim's parents say there's a lesson here we all should learn. and trends at the pump is lower and lower gas prices. gregg moss is looking into how low they could go. >> good morning everyone, we're joining you from the newsroom so we can get ready to transform the studio cheryl. >> yes a nifty new set. this morning we have team coverage of the snow moving to the front range with marty and emilio. marty, i don't know that the storm would be offended if we called it would be. >> i think it would be complemented if we even give it that much. it's very would be around here. -- would be -- we have a lot of melting. it's mainly going to be a wet commute not icy.
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with spotty snow. the best of the snow was about an hour ago and we're already seeing it again to break up. this is how things are stacking up. were staying at or above 30 degrees at the present time so that is really helping keep the ice at day. the snow is already shrinking and around northern colorado is scooting down i-25. the snow is going long sedalia down to castle rock really where we thought it would be. so castle rock getting some moderate snow down there and that's where we see some of the better communicate -- accumulations. melting on the roads, we're done here by eight melting on the roads, we're done here by 8:30 this morning and at most you will see a half inch to an inch on grassy areas. it gets a little better down in the foothills of jeffco and into some parts of douglas county. by nine it -- were sunny, by the middle of the afternoon,
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not bad here -- especially after a long holiday weekend. >> that's right we want a nice easy commute and so far we are getting that even with the writ -- with the wet roads this morning. speeds from 50 or 60 on 270, commerce city, no complaints. as you head out to the west side so we want you to know we have -- what you to know we have traction laws in place, silverthorne to the tunnel and 285 from high wind 8 to park county line. that means you have to have snow tires or in all-wheel- drive vehicle. 25 eventual, a purse -- and jewel, a perfect example of your commute this morning. just a little bit of puddling and sheen. overall a nice easy start. more volume after yesterday's holiday drive, we need to anticipate typical speeds like we would see any other day of the week. >> that's right back at it on a
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thank you amelia. new overnight, one man has died after being thrown off his motorcycle. colorado state patrol says the man was not wearing a helmet when he hit the curb. he was turning from santa fe onto sanford in unincorporated arapahoe county and he died at the scene. a man from colorado who was previously on the fbi's 10 most wanted list will be in court in jefferson county. myloh mason was one of the screen robbers who robbed a bank, stole a car and shot people in lakewood last november. he was just arrested last week in thornton. the two other suspects were already in custody. mason is being held on one half million dollars bond. the lack of plot -- boundaries was striking to our analysts. we're seeing that across the country. this is not the only
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in that context. >> it could have been prevented, that's what three new reports say about the arapahoe high school shooting tarhonda thomas has been looking into those reports and tarhonda, the reports -- >> littleton public schools and arapahoe high schools where students killed 17-year-old claire davis. now we are learning how many warning signs there were leading up to that day. three student -- studies looked into the incident and said that the school and district should have done more to stop the shooting. experts say there were too many red flags to ignore starting with the fact that a number of students and teachers had raised concerns about 18-year- old karl pearson, the shooter who then took his own life. according to the report the school didn't notify law enforcement when he threatened to kill a live event -- kelly librarian. they saw him looking at guns on the internet and also did not -- notify appropriate personnel
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an outburst in spanish class. they said those three incidents together should have created a frightening impliedly -- -- implication. >> it wasn't listened to. it was dismissed in a way. that tends to tell us that that kind of a culture that doesn't want to see anything wrong going on is also pretty destructive. >> littleton public schools commissioned one of the studies. they will be talking about it in a press conference on thursday. the tivoli broom company is back and it's now serving per -- beer on the unwary campus. they brought back the tivoli brand when they opened up a restaurant back in august. right there in the tivoli building student union. the beer was being booed off-site until the operations at tivoli were all complete. oskar blues and ball corporation teaming up to provide 50,000 cans of
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and they say more is on the way. that donation comes after the president declared a federal emergency incident to get money to the area to deal with the city's water contamination problem. oskar blues has also sent water to flood hit cities in texas and south carolina that have been dealing with tornadoes. gas prices will stay low. prices in colorado and denver are expected to drop another $0.15 per gallon before refinery maintenance season kicks in and they switch over to the summer blends. triply reports the average per gallon right now in denver metro is coming in at about $1.76, or $0.06 cheaper than just a week ago. still around castle rock at highway 86 and then into the high terrain between castle pines -- these are some of the areas we could see an inch or two of snow.
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and looks like we're already done in northern colorado. just south of windsor and firestone. back to the metro area. pretty decent snow. we have winter weather advisory with total snow in the 5" to 10" right along the colorado and yampa river valleys. 2" to 4" in summit county and winter park. the snow early on is finishing up and it pops up into the early 40s during the afternoon so if you do manage to get anything to stick to the pavement this morning, it will not take long to melt. >> of course this coming weekend it is manning versus brady version 17.0. [laughter] we look at how the two plays --
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happy tuesday everyone, here's a live look i-25 and we're tracking a small storm moving to the metro area this morning. you can see the roads are wet right now and again they will be falling for a few more hours but right now not really sticking too much. making for a wet dry this morning. >> a little bit of snow in the metro area, not too bad i guess. there are a lot of stats to look at when you compare peyton manning and tom brady when they go head-to-head. but there's only one that matters according to mike klis: >> in afc championship games when peyton has home field, he's 2-0 against brady. others have patriots as a three- point favorite this sunday. a lot of people are looking forward to what could be the final battle between these future hall of famers. >> these two guys going against
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we get to go out and see who's general wins the war. >> i love a good understand -- underdog story. two years ago today, denver beat new england for its first trip back to the championship game since 1998. secondhand tickets for sunday's afc title game are starting at $275 on the broncos to get exchange. we checked stubhub for you and that's about $270, so we're keeping the hashtag we are broncos photo challenge going on and today we want to see front -- fans near and far. share your pictures and how you represent the mile high city anywhere and everywhere. if you have friends and family out of town let them know to send their pictures in. we've got great ones here already so far. people all over the country, i love that they call the broncos america's team. all the way to hawaii. i love that. broncos jerseys on the beach. if i could be on the beach with
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shot. [laughter] thank you much. they are broncos fans everywhere. you may find it hard to have sympathy for a steeler fan, but maybe you will for this one after hearing this story. brian waselko lives in northglenn and flies a steelers fan in outside of his home -- steelers flag outside of his home or at least he did until it was stolen. to him. his father passed away in 2012 on the flag was one of the few father. he says he and his dad used to love watching the games together and he's hoping whoever took it will have little bit of sympathy. >> that person probably didn't know what they were taking. i forget that. -- i forgive that. whether it's out front tomorrow
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would be fine with that. >> he is willing to let bygones be guided -- be bygones if somebody would just return the flag. >> i hope somebody does. i bet he wouldn't flight outside again though as he -- if it does mean that much to him. when you're driving around your constantly reading roadsigns. the signs of the future are coming but they won't look much different. grateful explain but first -- gregg we'll explain that first let's check in with marty . >> 30s and mid-30s around here, 20s in the valley. we are seeing snow right along morning. with an inch or two going there and even a rain snow mix. light snow tapering off in the next 90 minutes or so, sunshine comes back by 9 am. anywhere from trace amounts to perhaps way down south upwards of an inch of snow.
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especially west of castle rock and then into the foothills we could see an inch or two of snow. that's where we see some of the better snow right now, but as we move hd doppler along you can see the snow getting lighter and lighter and covering less area. by 8:30 or 9:00 this could all be wrapped up. >> that would be nice for our commute. right now kicking off the morning drive -- 25 at logan really very standard. as you wake up downtown across parker or maybe greenwood village, you are not going to wake up to accumulation today. mostly just a little bit of splash back and puzzling and slightly slower than average speeds. let's check in across i-25, self bounders still around 53 miles per hour.
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let me call my uber, not for a car but how about for a helicopter? reportedly partnering with airbus on a test program. according to a trial run will take place at later this month. no word on prices and uber is not confirming this. changes coming to postal service rates unlike those we've seen in gas prices dropping, a couple are growing up -- going up. priority mail and priority mail express will be going up. the priority mail jump is about 10% and express will jump about 14%. this is the first rate hike we've seen in about three years. highway in construction signs are colorado are getting a brand-new look and it will cost less to produce. cdot provided video showing us new -- this new digital printer which is replacing the old
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this is the first department of transportation in the country to make the change. for the past four decades every color had to be painted separately taking days to complete one side. now a sign can be done in an hour. >> you send this through a digital print and put -- instead of putting layer upon layer upon layer. >> not only is it faster, it's also cheaper. the printer cost about $83,000 which is expensive but cdot estimates it will save about $100,000 every year by using the printer instead of praying -- paint. an interesting piece of london history will be open to the public. these train lines -- underneath them are a number of single -- secret tunnels who were used as secret shelters during world war ii.
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loudspeakers, leading some people to dance and sing as a falling overhead. after the war they were used for military lodging and you can see how some wrote their names and regiments on the wall above their beds. now the public can go on guided tours of the secret tunnels. >> isn't that wild? >>that's so me. i would do that. >> they had bunkers where churchill was an you can toward those also. i did when i was over there. it's pretty cool. all right let's check in with marty. thank you, looking at light snow around here, a lot of melting on the pavement. it's been relatively warm overnight. new snow in the mountains and more new snow headed our way. this is a system moving into our way wednesday and thursday looking at an additional 4" to
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mountains. we're seeing the snow begin to slow down in the mountains and rapidly the crease here over the front range. light snow showers here and there generally less than a half inch. we are struggling to get a quarter to a half inch on the grassy here and here's why: temperatures in the lower 30s overnight kept things more accumulating around here. between now and 9:00 we start it's sunny this afternoon. anywhere from a trace to upwards of an inch. for an inch of snow, it will be on the grass and i would say it will be on the south and west portion of the metro area. parts of can carol, highlands ranch and then into douglas county we will see isolated amounts, up to 2 inches of snow but those will be by far and away the exception in this one. 30s to near 40, lower to mid 40s around here with 30s in the foothills. not so windy today in the
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will take up. clearing skies and we will start to pick up clouds over the south platte valley in logan and other counties later in the afternoon. that will temperatures in the 30s around there. we bounce to the 40s and close to 50 down south, 20s and 30s in the mountains. clear this afternoon, temperatures in the 40s. lower 20s tonight, clear skies, beautiful start to the day tomorrow pushing up in the mid 40s with a cooler day on thursday and then friday and saturday are the warm days with temperatures in the lower to middle 50s. sunday, still looking drive. still looking sunny, and for an afc championship game in january, i just can't imagine expecting too much better than low 40s. >> should be great with all the tailgating going on.
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this drive. we've had a safe start so far and i 25. areas like hamden are a pretty good indication of what we are seeing across the city. a few exceptions will be highway 93 where we are seeing just a little bit of snow accumulating across the highway , but so far no accidents, closures or major issues out to the west. across the city you can see big patches of white and that matches up with marty's radar so that's where snow still is coming down across the metro drive. 30 -- 36 still seeing some affected speed. the way across bloomfield, boulder and denver. i-25 also looking great. wait times at the airport, 15 to 20 minutes this morning in gary, all parking lots are open but as you know when it starts to rain and snow, people start to use the garages. >> yes they do. thank you very much. january 28 is the 30th anniversary of the space
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many people remember where they were when it blew up killing the seventh -- seven astronauts on board. we were there covering colorado's connection to that historic mission. we will look back at a nine new special this weekend called 30 years and 73 seconds. the challenger disaster. we will take you back to that day. how it's affected the space industry and its affected several people including school students who won a contest to watch the left ofour cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn' t need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 months? that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. amex helped me buy the inventory i needed. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. another step on the journey. will you be ready when
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at 5:56, taking you outside to i-25 and neil. marty is calling this system modest. we will keep a close eye on it right now, the roads looking pretty wet. >> not too bad out there, traffic moving well. all right so it's not going to get this cold here today but this should keep you -- you should keep in mind this experiment. in minnesota they've been getting their pants what on purpose and then posting those pictures -- posting the pants and letting them freeze outside. apparently they freezing just a few minutes and stand up on their own. like a little performance art or something. >> i have a feeling later this
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pants being stolen. [laughter] >> could they do a kick line? they freeze them in a kick line? >> when i first read that story, i read it as, they are wetting their pants in minnesota. what? [laughter] so when your team is playing in getting blown out, bend me shape me, any way you want me as long as you love me, it's alright bend me shape me, any way you want me shape the best sleep of your life. sleep number beds with sleepia technology adjust any way you want it the bed that moves you.
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