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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  January 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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this is 9news. >> timing is everything. this system bringing us a little snow this morning may be small but it arrived at the beginning of the rush hour. we will show you the trouble spots for your morning commute. we're seeing that across the country this is not the first school shooting that happened in that context. >> more could have and should have been done to stop the school shooting at arapahoe high school two years ago. we will break down a new report highlighting the missed
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shooter. and it's one of the most adorable things you'll see -- and driver in california has a furry surprise. >> thanks for joining us. gary and corey joining you in the newsroom while a new set is being built in the studio. cherilus in the information center. >> good morning, i will just give you a little wave over there. [laughter] >> i miss you. >> snow falling along the front range, we are here to get you set for the commute ahead. noel brennan is driving around checking on roadway conditions for us. amelia will let us know about any trouble spots out there. we start the with marty. marty, this system is like the dinner guest that comes in makes a little bit of a mess but at least doesn't stay long. >> yes it's really just spitting around here this morning in fact some of the better snow, castle rock area, and into the southern jeffco foothills, that's where we think we could get a little bit
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around town a couple of light bands of snow here and there but it's already falling apart. starting to see some clearing already, same is true in the north eastern plains. i would put this at the latest, 730 to 8:00 for this thing to continue. it may not even last that long. noticed temperatures hovering at or above freezing, so that has been keeping everything for the most part -- that's why i just have trace amounts here. once you get south and west of castle rock, anywhere from -- in a few locations, that will be the exception rather than the rule. gusts are low, even over the mountains and foothills, wood burning restrictions not in effect today. so if you are in the mood for a fire you can have one today. wood-burning is okay again the snow finishes up early.
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will be in the 40s so whatever little bit of snow you get melted on the road now will this morning. can't imagine a more -- by 9:00 or 10:00 this morning. can't imagine a more polite storm. [laughter] >> for right now yes volume is building. yesterday was a holiday drive for many so we saw extremely light volumes. today not the case. looking at i-70 in colorado boulevard, in the 40s and some spots in the 30s today. mostly the sheen across the road is just going to be a little bit of -- little bit of puddling. accumulation but nothing much to worry about. 12 for south bounders and a lot of green. the big patch of white matches up with the radar so that's where that snow is still falling. a look at the roads now, we
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who has an update on the drive to inglewood. >> snow is falling across the metro area and here in inglewood you can see if you look at the headlights, it's coming out just a light snow. the further south you go, that's where you see a little bit of heavier snowfall out there and definitely it's accumulating on the roadways. castle pines and castle rock a lot of blowing snow reducing visibility so if you are headed out this morning, especially if you live south of denver, you might want to give yourself extra time. we will hop back in the car and we will give you a tour of the conditions across the metro area. reporting in inglewood, noel brennan 9news. >> noel, thank you. a colorado man known as the screenwriter will be in court. myloh mason was on the fbi most wanted list for more than a month.
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$500,000 bail. he's one of three accused of participating in several screen crimes last november. a bank robbery, a carjacking and a shooting in lakewood. he was arrested last week in the -- important. a young worker from the eldora ski area hasn't been heard from since sunday afternoon. writer johnson was last seen -- his car was found near gross reservoir. yesterday 30 searchers on the ground searched for any sign of him. they are hoping to hear from anyone who may have seen or talked to him. in the two years since 17- year-old claire davis was killed in an attack at her school, her parents have been working to get more information about what happened before the tragedy. what did the school know about her fellow student who would later take her life? new information released reveals the gunman showed a number of warning signs that school officials missed or didn't do anything about. tarhonda thomas is joining me here in the information center.
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released. a lot of really critical information. >> that's right they have the same conclusion as the three reports. they said they should have done more to prevent the shooting. the schools in the district could of done that first of all by reporting alarming behavior on the part of karl pearson, the shooter. according to reports at least a dozen times he did something to the school. that includes threatening to kill people, looking at guns on school computers and having outbursts in class. the school didn't have a for -- a proper threat assessment team in place of the time and experts say there was no one person keeping track of this information or responsible for reporting it to law enforcement. >> there was a lack of communication and so it was kind of shocking to us to find that. although we are not sure it's just at this school. it may well be happening in other schools.
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pay attention to. claire davis parents commissioned one of the studies released yesterday and we will hear from her parents coming up in our next half hour. >> on thursday they will be speaking to the public. it's been a long time coming -- for the past few years they haven't been talking about this so we will expect to hear more from them on thursday. >> thanks for following this, tarhonda. demonstrators protesting the death of a denver man while in jail. they briefly shut down the martin luther king rally yesterday demanding the release of jail videotapes from the 2015 death of michael marshall. authorities say marshall choked while deputies restrained him. demonstrators temporarily shut down one direction of the san francisco oakland bay bridge. protesters chained themselves and cars together to form the line. they had signs that said black health matters across the
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afternoon traffic was clogged for more than a half-hour before the protesters were arrested. they said the protest was part of the legacy of doctor martin luther king. students up at cu boulder say they will try not to raise the mandatory student activity fee too much in the year ahead. the daily camera reports the student government wants to limit the increase to about 3% or $12 per student. students pay between $275 to up to $1000 or more every semester a mandatory fees. the fees pay for the student center, recreation center and other services as well. a popular mobile messaging services -- service is dropping its free. -- fee. facebook owns the service and says charging $.99 has not worked that well since many users don't have a credit or debit card and are nervous about losing the service when it's time to renew. nearly 1,000,000,000 people now
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whatsapp. rebuilding in clearing this afternoon. a great-looking day well before noon. we will see the snow fall apart this morning, a few clouds in northeastern colorado late in the day. areas. tomorrow we're going to get an additional 2" to 5" of snow mountains and tomorrow night, we will put another 2" to 4" on top of that so starting late tonight, tomorrow through thursday morning another 4 to 9 inches of snow and that's on top of what fell already today cheryl so the mountains doing extremely well this week. >> gary and corey are making their skiing plans as you can see. yes they are getting ready. this is not the kind of attention you want. this man gained internet in an -- infamy of this man attacking
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snow wrapping up here in eastern colorado and in mountain areas, but a new system slamming california again means wednesday, thursday, 4" to 7" of new snow by wednesday night and thursday in colorado mountains, so more snow on the way. it's beginning to slow down here already this morning, we had the brief snow earlier on. it's thinning and thinning with each passing moment. they are getting less and less snow around here. it spreads out onto the north eastern plains and we had minimal accumulation there. here's why: temperatures have held to the lower to mid 30s, so a lot of melting during the morning here today. say goodbye to the snow and hello to the sun.
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again southern jeffco foothills and southwestern douglas county, best shot you have of getting an inch or two of snow. 30s and 40s, mostly 40s in the metro with 30s in the mountains, snow wrapping up here over the planes and over mountain areas through the day today. 20s and 30s early on, for mountain areas 30s and 40s for the front range in about 8 to 10 degrees warmer than that down south. minimal accumulation, sunny by lunchtime, low 40s today and low 20s tonight with clear conditions. good-looking day tomorrow, a little colder, wendy on thursday with maybe a flurry overnight not a big deal and then warm heading into the weekend, slightly cooler sunday but still temperatures in the 40s and after 30 -- thursday morning drive right to the weekend. the way things are going we may as well be try. >> you are making so many
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yes it's a little wet. i have the camera here at i-25 and dry creek because you can see just a little bit of flashback. -- splash back. drivers still in the 60s down through the entire dtc area commute. if you are catching a flight don't worry about the security wait time, 15 or 20 minutes so normal. all lots open now and if you're getting around the metro no major concerns but down your centennial airport we have a minor crash right of peoria and eastern -- but so far no major delays because of it. things are starting to get back to normal on twitter at this hour. the social media tool went down earlier this morning all across the world. luckily it's back up and running. for the most part. i had a few challenges on some of the things i was selecting the two hours ago this is what you saw, something is technically wrong and you will
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pages. some folks were having a lot more like using their mobile devices. netflix bringing back family movie night. they say they will make a special effort to produce a lot more original programming for kids and families. they've got plans to offer 20 new programs in this category, which will be led by next month premier and remake a full house. they say they're just -- there's just not enough programming for kids and families on traditional television. >> how rude, as michelle tanner would say. a steeler fan living in colorado hoping for a little compassion. somebody stole his pittsburgh
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welcome back, anti-drunk driving advocates plan to get 60,000 courts -- petitions in court today. mothers against drunk driving beat their goal of 30,000 petition signatures in less than 24 hours. >> the story goes on, the hearing to decide whether couch should stay in do full-court is held today. he killed four people when he was driving drunk back in 2013. he was only 16 years old at the time and was sentenced to probation. last month he missed a check in and agents tracked him and his want to mexico.
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and his mom has been extradited. today's hearing will happen without him. if our -- former taco bell executive was caught camera attacking a driver. he's now suing him for $5 million. he claims the video of the attack was recorded without his consent. golden was arrested and charged for the assault in orange county call -- california. in november the driver sued golden for $25,000. golden says he was intoxicated and began to fear for his life when the driver pulled over to kick him out of the car in an unfamiliar location. >> good luck with that lawsuit. trending on social media, rock 'n' roll lost another legend yesterday. you probably heard eagles cofounder and guitarist glenn frey died in new york city. he died of complications from health insurance should -- health issues.
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formed the eagles in the early 1970s with drummer don henley. hotel california remains one of the best-selling albums in history. in 1998 the eagles were inducted into the rock 'n' roll hall of fame. >> today the mayor of flint michigan will go to washington dc this -- to plead for federal help. he hopes to get a disaster declaration. the town's water supply was contaminated with lead when it switched water sources in 2014. even though the source has been switched back, but persist in the system and children have elevated blood lead levels. residents are using bottled water. fans are fiercely loyal to their teens, we understand that so bronco fans may find it hard to find sympathy for ac -- a steelers fan but this story might stir compassion. brian waselko flies a steelers fan -- flag outside of his home. his houses in northglenn.
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weekend while he was on duty as a firefighter in louisville. his flank holds a special significance. his father passed away in 2012 and that flag was one of the few memories he had left of his father. that person probably didn't know what they were doing, what they were taking. i forgive that. whether the flag ends up in my front yard tomorrow with no questions asked, that would be fine with us. >> brian did file a report with police but as he was saying, he would just let bygones be bygones if somebody would give that special flight back. california police officers had an unusual ending of this chase. they hit the suspects car -- the suspect will get out of the car and what she does next is what got their attention. she let three big dogs out of the car, they all had leashes on. she let them go and run on the highway. there were a lot of other
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arrested the woman and then they brought in animal control to make sure the dogs were okay. those poor little dogs just wagging their tails, they don't know what's going on but officers were able to get them safely off the road and hopefully they will get some good houses. >> they are lucky they didn't get hit. oh my goodness. thank you cheryl. it's 6:22 right now. at first it was just a goof. they never thought it would turn into what it did. first let's check in on weather and traffic. >> temperatures stay at her above freezing in many locations this morning. snow mainly just melting in paved areas, not so in the midwest. temperatures running from right near zero in central iowa to almost 20 below at international falls. they continue to be in the deep freeze.
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8:00 or 9:00 the latest. no word burning restrictions today so if you do want to have fire in the fireplace you can do it relatively light win today but tomorrow morning, we again will see strong winds in the mountains and foothills above 7000 feet. with the talking about wins a lot. -- wins a lot. >> yes the wind is definitely not expected highway 93 like it has been over the past couple days. 70 out to the west -- but for the most part you'll run into wet road conditions across the city. not much action but we've got a new northbound 25 crash in the area of 6th avenue. we will see that northbound push coming from parker road. we've also got word of a new crash at 36 near sheridan and across the site is --
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welcome back. in many minnesota decided to have a little fun with the fact that it's been so frigid in his state. he throws a pair of pants, and put them on the front lawn. that idea -- when he felt -- posted it to facebook it quickly spread and now they were frozen pants on the front lawns of a lot of people in the neighborhood. it's kind of funny, there's the kids pants, it's the whole family. dunham popsicles. -- >> i just hope no one feels the pain. >> -- you've got to have a little fun when it's that cold.
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be divided this sunday in a pretty unique way. they are big broncos fans, except for the firstborn son. >> that's because his name is brady. the wheeler family decided to name their son after the quarterback the year -- of the super bowl the year he was born. they didn't stop there either their second son was born in 2007, and who won the super bowl that year? peyton manning. the two of them are so passionate about defending their namesakes. >> we're going to fight a ton. >> when they are head-to-head they will be wrestling and yelling at each other and unfortunately it seems like usually brady is on top. [laughter] >> oh, no. brady says if the patriots lose he will root for the broncos in the super bowl pick >> that's quite a rivalry in that household. >> i thought part of the interview yesterday where they said -- what are you going to give the patriots when in the
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kid goes nice come back. >> the hashtagged -- earebroncos, share your pictures showing how you represent the mile high city everywhere . here are pictures we've already gotten so far. this is from arkansas. we was how one from here it is brazil. hawaii. and cheryl was saying the only thing that would make the hawaii picture better is if we were there in the picture as well. >> i can just see myself right there. >> they call us america's team that were apparently the worlds team. i love that. duck so the snow should be -- i love that.
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this is 9news. >> arapahoe high school is being blamed for missing opportunities to stop a deadly school shooting before it happened. two years after claire davis was killed by a fellow student, a new highly critical report is out. we will tell you about what it says and what should have been done. cannabis and intelligence may not be linked after all. the new survey suggests smoking pot doesn't decrease your iq. >> and snow is still falling in some metro-area locations.
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roads are wet. we help you get through it with our team coverage this morning. good morning everyone, i'm corey rose alongside gary shapiro here in the newsroom. cheryl preheim joins us from all across in the information center. we miss you so much cheryl. >> i keep running over just to chitchat here and there. >> but at least were not out on the roads this morning. snow is falling in the metro area. it's starting to accumulate a little bit on the sides of the roads. we want to help people get their -- started -- get their day started on the right foot. familia has a look at that and she will let you know how that's shaking out. noel brennan is out driving around for you so he will let you know which roadways are sloppy. wherever he is now, he will show us. there's quite a few snowflakes flying, getting heavier out there but we want to start with marty in the 90s backyard. marty this will be short lived but it will get peoples attention for the time being. this as much snow as we've seen this morning.
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we've seen over the last couple hours, this started around 4:00 this morning. the view from right here at 9news looking toward the skyline in denver, you can just make things out against bill boulevard and logan looking went this morning. we are very fortunate because temperatures stayed relatively mild overnight. snow is heaviest in the southern part of the metro especially right along county road and e-470. kind of in the park meadows area. also southern aurora getting moderate snow, light snow as you can see coming down here in the backyard. up north the snow has rt started to slack off so we're seeing some of the last bands of snow around here. temperatures have been holding after above freezing and that's allowed a lot of the snow to melt. really this will be limited to -- i would say grassy areas.
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at the latest. again trace amounts, perhaps up to an inch in parker and southeast over and down south up to 2" in the jeffco foothills and down into douglas counties. say goodbye to the snow and hello to the sun with temperatures moving into the 30s and 40s with sunshine and i would say -- will be sunny by noon at the latest around here. amelia, not going to stay long but as we say, the timing is not so great. >> not great at all in fact i just got a text from a friend who said walking to work this morning in downtown denver, i fell in slipped on ice that was underneath that layer of snow that fell this morning so i decided to pick one of our cdot cameras that shows how heavily this is coming down. pretty rapid across that downtown area. splash back will be the major issues -- major issue but watch out walking to work this morning. from i-70 towards i-25 --
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and here's why -- with got a couple problems on the freeway drive including the earlier drive northbound, 225 right at 6th avenue one lane is still blocked and of across 36 a southbound crash at wadsworth not affecting that 36 drive but we want to get a live look outside a little further to the south. so we will checking in at i-25 and -- >> good morning amelia, we are driving on southbound i-25 through the tech center right now. a lot of cars on the road but we've been moving along pretty nicely. you can see out our windshield that it is snowing anything coming down pretty steadily now for quite some time. the good news is at least in this part of the metro area, it's not sticking to the roadway, just making it wet and a little slick out here. the further south you go though we have seen it starting to stick to the roads and also, poor visibility out near castle rock and the castle pines area. that's where we are headed now
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dealing with more of an issue with the snow. right now where we are, it's not really sticking to the road at all, it's just kind of wet and slick out here. if you are headed out the door this morning maybe just give yourself a little extra time so you can get to where you need to go. >> you are getting your moneys worth out of your windshield wipers noel. a rate 636 now. -- 6:36 now. a motorcyclist was not wearing a helmet when he crashed and he did not survive. this happened after 11:00 in unincorporated arapahoe county. he hit the curb and the man was the driver was turning from santa fe onto stanford. he died there at the scene. we're waiting to learn his name. one of the suspected screen robbers -- screen robbers is set to go before a judge today. myloh mason is one of three
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mask when robbing a bank stealing a car and shooting people in lakewood. he was on fbi's most wanted list. the two suspects were already -- two other suspects were already in custody. they are looking for a two- year-old from tennessee who has been missing for about five days now. >> chamberlin was walking in the woods with his grandmother and sister when grandmother lost sight of him. searchers are worried he is too cold out there with just jeans and a longsleeved t-shirt that he was wearing at the time he went missing. volunteers and law enforcement have been searching about 1000 acres for him. they don't think he could've gotten outside that boundary. the taliban is claiming responsibility for an attack in pakistan. a suicide bomber struck a pot -- crowded police checkpoint killing 11 people and wounding 21.
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tight end aaron hernandez is getting ready to face a judge. he's accused of killing two men following an encounter at a boston nightclub in 2012. he has pleaded not guilty and is already serving a life sentence after can being convicted in the 2013 killing of his friend odin lloyd. the parents of claire davis say they don't want any other family members to have to go through what they went through. their daughter was killed in 2013 when a fellow arapahoe high school student opened fire in the school. now davis's parents have commissioned one of three different reports that were released yesterday. tarhonda thomas is here with more on that. the reports were critical of the school. >> yes and of the district but her parents say they don't want to point a finger at anyone. they just want to prevent it
6:31 am
three reports focused on the deadly shooting and say that arapahoe high and littleton public schools could have done more to prevent the shooting. they say school officials missed key warning signs and didn't communicate with each other or police. students and teachers reported feeling threatened by 18-year- old karl pearson. he shot claire and then killed himself inside the school. he had threatened to kill a teacher just three months before the attack and had more than two dozen incidents at arapahoe high from bullying and threats to outbursts and classes. -- in classes. there was no protocol for keeping track of all of that information and none of it -- much of it was never reported to law enforcement or school officials. >> in name specific people that were heavily involved -- it named specific people that were heavily involved in decision- making about carl. we will not name anyone specifically. but if it's in the process for those healing -- if it's
6:32 am
, we forgive -- and they need it, we need -- we forgive those administrators that failed carl and there in action that caused claire to be murdered. >> one of the report says the school did not properly implement its own threat assessment policy. a lot of those policies have been changed. the link between marijuana smoking and declines in intelligence in teenagers. the study says smoking marijuana may not be the cause else that's really responsible for a brainpower effect seen in some previous research. they don't know what the other factor is just yet. 3000 twins were studied when they were and lettuce -- when adults. they studied how test scores changed in marijuana users and abstainers. marijuana use itself made no
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wall street will try to put the first couple weeks of 2016 behind it. the tao for example has dropped more than 1400 points on worries about china's economy and of course falling oil prices but stocks might bounce back today. futures numbers were way up at the last check. investigators seem to be shrugging off noon news about china that their gdp has slowed to the lowest pace we've seen in 25 years. oil is why although still below $30 a barrel but really look at earnings today -- for example bank of america morgan stanley and ibm. china's shanghai composite up about 2.5%. the taiwan stock exchange opened the morning session with a slight gain in hong kong gained 1.4% so that bodes well for us as well.
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zinnias -- crop of zinnias. he has helped nurture this crop aboard the space station giving scientists much needed insight into how they flower and grow in microgravity. january 28 is the 30th anniversary of the fit -- space shuttle challenger disaster. many remember where they were when it blew up killing seven astronauts on board. photographer mayonnaise to tell and i remember, we were there covering colorado's connection to the historic mission. we will look back in a 9news special this weekend called 30 years and 73 seconds, the challenger disaster. they will take us back to that day and how it has affected the space industry here in the state. we will talk with people who were there with us as elementary school students that had won a contest to go watch the lift off. the program is saturday night at 6:00 on channel 9 in sunday night on channel 20.
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clouds and pacific moisture kept temperatures relatively warm overnight, still in the 30s here and some other places that have been really cold lately it stayed in the 20s overnight. light snow continuing ed kremmling right now. we are looking for the snow to finish up here this morning, clearing skies for us this afternoon with a few high clouds over the west and more snow moving into the mountains and west coming up tomorrow into wednesday. new snow anywhere from 1 to 5 inches from right around granby up into the copper mountain area. powderhorn -- up to 1 foot of new snow going there and down south, 14" of new snow in silverton. folks are cheering this. >> yes just where they like it best. tonight the denver nuggets
6:36 am
snow continuing here especially parts of southeast denver toward -- aurora and down toward parker. jumping ahead, tomorrow morning new snow moves into the mountains. lasts a good bit of the day. starting through the day tomorrow into thursday morning we could see an additional 4" to 7" of snow so the new day totals pushing 8" 29" in several areas. -- 8" to 9". i'm calling in sick tomorrow. that's it. should i not have mentioned that on the air? >> probably not live on tv.
6:37 am
here's our 19th avenue camera, this is unfortunately one of our worst rights in the area. that's southbound 25 and 100 here's our 19th avenue camera, this is unfortunately one of our worst rights in the area. that's southbound 25 and 104th to us 36 right around the mousetrap and that's southbound there's approaching spear, 6th avenue and alameda. northbound there's, -- northbound drivers, 25 right around the i-70 split we've got a crash right near the children's museum. don't worry about that one affecting i-25. little deceiving. >> thanks so much. in money news raise a glass, the tip -- tivoli brewing company is back serving campus. they brought back the brand when they opened the hub in august at the student union at an area. the brew was -- beer was being burned off-site until operations were ready at the
6:38 am
oskar blues and -- teaming up -- and ball corporation teaming up to help flint michigan after a federal emergency was declared because of the city's water contamination problem. in the past few months oskar blues has also sent water to flood hit areas of texas and south carolina. falling oil prices will help keep gas prices low and the metro area. prices in colorado and denver are expected to drop another $.15 per gallon. this is before they switch over to summer blends. the average is now coming in at $1.76, or $0.06 cheaper compared to about a week ago. there are a lot of stats to look at. when you compare peyton manning and tom brady when they go head- to-head -- but there's only one
6:39 am
bronco insider mike klis . >> in afc championship games were peyton has home-field advantage, he's 2-0 against brady. the oddsmakers don't seem to favor peyton though. they have the patriots as a three-point favorite. this could be the final battle between the future hall of famers. >> these two guys going against each other is like an epic battle. we get to go out and see who's general -- who's general wins the war. we are keeping the earebroncos photo challenge going today. we want to see denver fans near and far. >> yes we are getting some from really far, this one from hawaii. show how you represent the mile high city everywhere and anywhere, here are some we have gotten so far. you can share using
6:40 am
how about that? >> remember when we had the things from a few years ago -- -- the clean things. >> when they sent me those window clings from russia for the so she olympics, people came up to me in olympic village and said can we have one of those window clings? i have them in my backpack. go broncos, all over the world. >> if the season ended today, the avalanche would be in the playoffs. they went to winnipeg last night and took control of the final wild-card spot in the western conference. again let added another goal -- and the avs when -- win 2-1. several of the players last night spent martin luther king day working with volunteers of america serving. they spent the day literally
6:41 am
>> doctor martin luther king's birthday, no better way to honor it than by helping your fellow man. no matter what race you are and that's what we wanted to do. it's amazing that me and my teammates are out here and the people in the community are here, just to give back on his birthday and to celebrate it. >> steph curry and the warriors went back to cleveland for the first time since the nba finals and curry says he hopes the locker room still have a little bit of that champagne smell. the game was over by halftime and cavs fans were struggling to keep themselves entertained. oh, dear -- i hope my kids are not watching. this guy was sleeping. the other one -- well, that's a maybe pick and roll. something like that. [laughter] anyway the warriors won 132-98. >> that's awesome. >> that's terrible.
6:42 am
>> oh my goodness. you never know when the camera will be on you.
6:43 am
we are on the western end, the tail end of the system that goes all the way to nebraska, iowa and parts of minnesota. we're starting to see this thing wind up. 4" to 7" of new snow coming for
6:44 am
northern and central mountains. that's on top of what you got today and we have good snow melts already today. we're seeing the snow really start to slow down over the past -- the planes. southeast parts of the metro area down to hilltop into parker, getting decent snow down there and through broward county and then we start wrapping this up. low to mid 30s overnight and currently -- that has really helped, it keeps the snow melting. watch it move up and out, smith -- sunny by lunchtime , mostly traced to a half inch on the grassy areas. douglas and elbert counties, a few spots -- up to 2 inches of snow, similar in the foothills. 30s and 40s around here today and in the foothills. statewide the snow moves to the south and we get a few high clouds over northeastern colorado. 40s here, 20s and 30s with the snow wrapping up this morning in the mountains with more snow coming there tomorrow.
6:45 am
sunny afternoon. tomorrow not a bad looking day. a few clouds here and there, mid-40s for us. much warmer as we head into the weekend with a modest cooldown on sunday. looks like a lot of bright like -- bright light -- brake lights there. cdot camera showing its us 36 at broadway. major delays. typical slowdowns will kick in but you add on top of it slightly wet roads and this is what you end up with -- single- digit conditions coming out of boulder. crossing through broomfield heading towards i-25, southbound wadsworth still fairly clear but you watch for us -- a crash at us 36. our other big trouble spot outside of 36 is 225, up to 24 minutes southbound from 7225
6:46 am
-- northbound crash boat -- blocking lanes of traffic at hour but southbound there's not out of it either. it's a curiosity delay factoring in as well. now live to i-25 at castle rock -- with noel. >> good morning amelia, we are still on i-25 southbound classing -- passing plum creek parkway. really the roads are just wet right now. you can see some snow that is sticking to the side of the interstate on the shoulders of the road and also in the to our right. the good news is, it's just kind of went out here but still cheryl -- those wet roads can catch you offguard. we saw a spin out actually in the castle pines area. there was a car off the road probably because of the
6:47 am
snow that's been sticking to the roads and thankfully when it does stick it looks like the clouds have been through here and cleared it out pretty well. >> that's good. doesn't cause much -- take much to cause big trouble. here's a look at the top stories for your morning. today a man from colorado who the fbi believes is the scream robber is going to be in court. myloh mason was on the fbi most wanted list for more than a month before police arrested him last friday. he's accused of being part of several crimes last november, a bank robbery, a carjacking and a shooting in lakewood. he's in jail on $500,000 bond. today the search for a missing man will continue, 20- year-old ryder johnson hasn't been heard from since sunday afternoon. he was last seen leaving eldora mountain on sunday night. the police found his car near rose reservoir. the sheriff's office wants to
6:48 am
or talked to this man. >> anti-drunk driving advocates plan to bring 50,000 signatures to court today hoping to make sure the affluenza teen ethan couch faces charges as an adult. the hearing to decide whether he should stay in juvenile court is today. he caused the death of four people when he was driving drunk back in 2013. he was sentenced to probation. last month he missed a check in and they tracked him and his mom down in mexico. training this morning on social media, rock 'n' roll lost another legend yesterday. glenn frey died in new york of complications from several health issues including pneumonia and arthritis. he was 67 years old. he formed the eagles in the early 70s with drummer don henley. not a tequila sunrise this morning unfortunately. >> a little sunny and went but it gets better tomorrow with high clouds and a colder day as
6:49 am
and then headed into next week
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