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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  January 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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the president mfans ar
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>> thaton day.
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a crason rt. mama we're looking for ow continuing into colorado mountains today, a relatively mildday. ol coer air moves in late inthe day here.
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here on the front ngra areas of owsn will incontf ofan on throughout the day, especially west and northwest facing slopes. we have clouds here that are going to spin just a little bit. you're seeing pockets of snow in the mountains that are going to continue off and on throughout the day. teens, 20s, 30s. we have 19 at limon and sterling to 41-degree this is morning at boulder and in broomfield. light snow is going to be spilling over the continental divide, gusty winds over the foothills. we have clearing skies for the middle of the day. mid to upper 40s in the metro area and boulder. lower 40s in lower colorado. windy with 30s and low 40s in the the foothills. you see them grabbing onto the snow. we're going shift the wind and have it come out of the north late tonight. that's cooler air, which meets really light snow after 9:00
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quarter inch or so in the morning tomorrow. 40s for us today. 50s down south. 30s in the mountains and west. 48 going to get a little mid sun. wind stays in the foothills. we have wood burning restrictions. light snow showers, a quarter of an inch, half inch, best you're going to do out of that. windy and cool tomorrow. temperatures in the 30s. we have two days in the 50s, especially saturday. it's gone to be a gorgeous day. then gary, on sunday, midday cold front, we hit 40 by lunchtime. perhaps some light snow during the broncos-patriots game. doesn't that look like a lot of snow, but it's sure going to get folks' attention. >> sounds like football weather to me. >> sure does. how would you like to stay in some of the best hotels in the united states. trip advisor named this hotel in new york city as the top winner of hotels in the united
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second on the list was this hotel in wine country, california. and this spot? nantucket, massachusetts. the travel choice awards are based on millions of reviews from travelers all over the country. >> looks pretty nice. parents, take a good look at these onesies. if you have these, stop using them right away. they could be dangerous. they're recalling about 10,000 of them because the little snaps at the bottom of the onesies can come apart and the metal poses a choking hazard. this recall involves the darth darth vader one and the disney 60th. contact disney. they will get you a refund. chocolate lovers, this could make your mouth water this morning. >> or not.
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the only downfall is you have to take a trip to japan to get it. they're putting mcchoco potatoes on the menu for a limited time. >> i guess the idea is if it's a hit there, it will go other places. >> that looks terrible to me.
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right now you see flames really throughout all of the house, even in the dark. home. most of it has already burned. it's just, you know, a devastating picture from sky 9 right now. was don't know if anybody is inside the building. 9news reporter noel brennan is on his way. we're working in the 9news center to bring you more information. we'll bring you updates throughout the newscast and sky 9 will continue to get video of it. we know firings are working very hard to do all they can. an enormous house fire burning in douglas county. >> a huge fire. people in flint, michigan cannot drink the water. the governor says he's sorry and vows to fix the problem. >> governor snyder revealed he's going to release his e- mails and he's going to commit
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funds to deal with this crisis. reports show the water was tainted with lead when the city switched its water source in 2015. people are calling, saying he knew about the risks and didn't go enough to stop it and protect people in flint. >> california firefighters are being called hero this is morning for saving her mom and baby from a burning building. take a look at the firefighter climbs the ladder, grabs the infant, lowers the baby below. the mom climbed out of the window to safety. no one was hurt. >> that's something, to see it from that point of view. wow. thanks, guys. so he has played super villains and bad guys on the bug screen, but the role of superhero he apparently saved
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jamie foxx and another man helped pull a man from a burning vehicle. it happened near his southern california home. foxx was modest about his heroics, though. >> i don't look at it as heroic. i look at it like, you know, you just had to do something. it all just worked out. >> you have to be willing to jump in when it needs to be done. how many of us really would? whether he's famous or not, i'm so happy. >> that's something. the man has broken bones and a punctured lung, but he's expected to survive. so if you're in denver, there's a way for you to honor rock legend david bowie. it's as simple as having a drink. we're going to explain after the break. but first let's check the weather and traffic. >> we're looking at moderate air quality.
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we have wood burning restrictions going on today. overcast today, midday sun, not a tremendous amount. not going to be a clear blue sky, but enough to get us into the upper 40s during the day today, looking across the entire state, we'll keep snow going, especially in the western and central parts of the state. some of the valleys start to pick up sun later in the day. we do as well and then this evening, we cloud up and get some really light snow showers really moving in. this looks like they're working things fast. >> we're counting up to 17 crew vehicles on scene here near the perry park neighborhood. now, this is just slightly north and to the west of i-25. we took a look at the neighborhood, these are very large single family homes. what we know so far this morning is there were several people standing outside of the home when somebody drove by and called it in. we're not sure if those were the residents of the home or not. we have no word on injuries. we have no word on how the fire
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headed to the scene. we'll get more detail there. the crews have a ladder truck.
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welcome back. the squeaky bean is honoring david bowie. they're creating a specialty drink menu. there it is. seven different drinks dedicated to david bowie songs. the bar manager is a big bowie fan. he created these drinks after listening to the albums and narrowing down the songs. he listened to selected songs and developed a drink flavor for each one. so the flavor could be kind of felt as the song -- as described in the song.
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we're going to post some of the rest ' -- recipes. you can get the young americans and the space oddity. >> what's the under pressure one is this. >> i don't know if it's there or not. >> i think the drink is to relieve the pressure. >> there you go. >> i like it. >> that's kind of neat. a local snowboarder has a story to tell.
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a chief of the fire department, stabbed. >> sarah palin threw her hat in donald trump's corner. sit enough to tip the race in iowa. right now, fire crews are crews are battling a large house fire in douglas county. this single family home is fully engulfed in fire as you can see it. it's a massive fire. the flames and smoke coming out of the roof there. we don't know if anyone was inside that building. 9news reporter noel brennan is headed to the scene. we're working to get you more information. we do know there were people standing this front of the home when firefighters arrived, but they have not been able to
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were the homeowners, the residents inside the home. as you can see, this home was completely destroyed by the fire. once noel gets there, we'll bring you an update. good morning, everyone. amelia earhart is in the traffic center with a look at your commute. marty is in the backyard. marty, snow in the backyards and maybe in the metro area tonight. >> a little in the area. i agree with you. we're going to have cooler air move in. when we talk about it, we're talking about a tenth of an inch, a quarter of an inch. thing. mountains today. clear conditions from midday yesterday, gone now. we're completely overcast. now, it is calm down here in the city. we have had some gusty winds in the foothills, but we have wood burning restrictions in effect. cloudy conditions throughout the night. this morning, keeping temperatures up. it's been hovering close to freezing all morning. day.
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that helps us get into the 40s around here. it's going to be a good looking day as far as temperatures go. again, visibility is going to be limited somewhat. as far as the day goes, we'll have west and northwest facing slopes, getting periods of snow throughout the afternoon and evening, and then late this evening, a couple hours after sunset, we get a push of cool air in from the north. start to see a few clouds around here and some very light snow here. we're way more excited about the mountain snow that will be piling up 3-6-inches in summit county and grand county during the day today, up in the ski resorts and by tomorrow morning, a good 4-8 inches of snow in many areas there. in the valleys, colorado river valley and in and around the -- valley. it's good snow around vail and down into the elk mountains. so the snow continues to roll into the mountains. we have a shot for more snow, not only a little bit late
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weekend, and that could effect the broncos game. i will be talking about that in just a few minutes. amelia, the big story so far has been the house fire. of course it doesn't affect traffic all that much. i'm sure a lot of folks want to know what's going on. >> the big smoke plumes visible, possibly i-25 if you're headed down past perry park. sky 9 has left the house fire. we'll have the live update soon. sky 9 over highway 25 with a busy start to the south side and certainly not a problematic one this morning. camera. i-25 near hampton has loaded up with a lot of volume. headed toward hampton and 225. they're standing at 12-15 minutes right now. we're seeing some usual delays. southbound 225 near parker. same goes southbound for i-25. speeds in the immediate area around 17 miles per hour and
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northbound i-25 will shut down completely at c470 from 11:00 p.m. through 5:30 a.m. here is a look at your alternate routes. we'll use the hashtag 9news mornings. we'll be recovering the opening as well. >> all right. amelia. sounds good. it is 6:33. the woman who is getting attacked in a surveillance video gave loveland police the permission to use that video, the evidence in the case, to try to help the attacker. it's been more than six months since the woman was assaulted. one was assaulted just before 3:00 in the morning near taft road. you can see the guy walks away and then concerns and continues the assault. the attack happened just a few hours after another woman called 911, saying a suspicious man was following her. she was able to get away. police are hoping that somebody recognizes the man's mannerisms
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shortly after, a sketch was released of the suspect. take a look at this. if you recognize the suspect, you're asked to call loveland police. denver's fire chief is out of the hospital. he's recovering after police say he was stabbed. one woman is in custody. she's accused of stabbing the story. >> it's strange. a lot of people want to know what this is about. the woman jumped into the stabbed him. we have the moments right after this happened. this is denver's main firehouse at colfax. the black suv in the corner, that's the car that fire chief eric tate was in. the car starts rolling into the intersection after he was stab. the person tries to stop it, but police don't have a motive for any of this yet. they do say marlene rodriguez is the person who jumped into the car. witnesses pointed her out to police. now, chief tate was treated at
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then he was treated to the hospital. he has cuts to his hand and right leg. he's expected to be okay. this incident has left the fire department shaken up. the suspect is in jail, all the firefighters have been notified about what happened. that suspect could facing a evacuated assault charges. >> it will be interesting if she knew that was the fire chief or something random. >> he was in his uniform. >> thank you very much. 6:36. a man apparently targeted a doc worker. he was arrested in december after a shootout with colorado springs police. he's accuse of trying to break into a house. property records show the home belongs to a former corrections employee. he was a member of a reported white supremist gang. scary moments for a snowboarder
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lift by a skier in aspen. seth beckton said he found 20- 25 feet and thankfully there was soft snow below him. he believes the skier shoved him all over a comment he made about the fresh powder. he said he didn't report the situation right away because he wasn't hurt badly, but he didn't want to ruin the day on the slopes. the sheriff's office is now looking into what happened. >> the next president of our great united states of america, donald j. trump. >> republican front runner donald trump has a new supporter that is getting crowds pretty excited. former alaska governor reality tv star and vice presidential candidate, sarah palin, endorsed the republican presidential candidate. donald trump is hoping that that endorsement wins him points with women and with conservatives.
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it comes as trump closes a race between ted cruz. cruz was recently endorsed by conservative talk show host glenn beck. >> i love sarah palin. she's fantastic. without her friendship and support, i wouldn't be in the senate today. >> both trump and front runner hillary clinton are going to be campaigning in iowa today. speaking of mrs. clinton, she's fighting hard in what once was an easy primary. today bernie sanders is beating hillary in new hampshire by 27%. that's according to a new cnn poll. the poll happened before last sunday's debate. now, sanders had a smaller lead in early primary states and
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there's one more prime time debate. the taliban claims they carried out a deadly attack at revenge. >> gunmen stormed the university early this morning and opened fire on students and teachers there. at least 20 people are dead. 60 others are hurt. al lan leader says the attack was in retaliation for militants killed by pakistani months. it's believed islamic state extremists are behind this devastating loss of an ancient cultural site in iraq. the oldest christian monastery is now wiped out. st. elijah's monastery serves as a place of worship for 1400 years. the nuclear test is being called a defiant display. now the u.s. and south korea insists there will be consequences for their actions. the u.s. assistant secretary of state is in south korea today
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the biggest key is whether china will participate in claims north korea successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. time for your money news. you can now hit the slopes at a new vail resort in the midwest. they've taken willmont mountain under its wing i felt's located in wisconsin, roughly between chicago and milwaukee. they know a thing or two about skiing. it was founded in -- it was the first to introduce snow making. it's known as a high frustration zone. colfax between i-25 and 225 is tough. tonight you can meet to talk about making the stretch bearable. they've been implementing bus signals and options over the last year and a half. you can give your comments at the knights of columbus hall. another meeting will be in aurora tomorrow. let's look at a forecast across the state today, pushing
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some sun coming out over the plains, slowly here over the front range. we start to see midday here. corridor. snow will continue, especially in west and northwest facing slopes during the day. winter weather advisory tonight. the highest terrain, 8-14- inches of snow. in the colorado river valley, looking at 2-5 inches with 6-10 around crested butte. so pretty good looking conditions there. as far as avalanche danger goes, for most of the state, it's what they call considerable, which is you have to exercise a lot of caution and choose your routes carefully. you can kick off an avalanche in those conditions. >> heavy snow and crazy wind, that's what does it. all right.
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it is 6:41 right now. january 28th, next week, marks the 30th anniversary of the space shuttle challenger disaster. it shocked the nation when it blew up, killing all seven astronauts. this weekend we're going to take an in-depth look at the events from some of the people who were there when that happened. that includes me and manny fatello. we were there covering a colorado connection to the mission. it's called 30 years and 73 seconds. the challenger disaster. it runs saturday night at 6:00 on channel 9. we'll repeat it on channel 20. we hope you can join us for that. an article inside sports illustrated made a bold prediction about who's going to win the game this sunday. that story, plus, we have
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welcome back. just into the newsroom, a water main wreak has closed two schools in the mapleton school district in denver. students will have to stay home for the day. cloudy right now. snow hangs over the continental divide, occasionally blowing over into the foothills at time this is saturday afternoon. we see some clouds break up and later tonight, just very, very light snow amounts. we're talk about a couple tenths of an inch here and there. temperatures in the 40s today. windy, above 7,000 feet with highs in the low 30s. so a pleasant day across the metro area. tonight we start to see cool
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with this very light snow showers measured in tenths of an inch. it's going to be minimal snow for us as we go into tonight. >> sorry, amelia. >> i thought i was talking to you. >> we're linking up with sky 9. a drag has settled in from federal and sheridan, right up toward i-25. it's a very standard delay. nothing out of the ordinary up to the north and west. but, as we get to our cdot cameras, you will see building volumes on the north side. around 62nd avenue, just a bit to the north of us, we still have that accident southbound 25 near 124th. as for the travel times, leaving boulder today, expect the 19-minute drive and metro ride, southbound 25 at 104th, that's the big highway crash that we have now.
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ddtc is our other slowdown. it's 6:46. big change is coming to jcpenney. it's getting back into the appliance game. >> shoppers can start purchasing kitchen and laundry items in 22 stores next month. gealg and electronics. they plan to make home starting in the spring. >> so if the sports illustrated jinx is for real, then sunday's game is going to be a tie or 0- 0-0. championship game, front cover of the magazine this week, and it features both peyton manning and tom brady. the headline reads the last tango. manning versus brady '17. and the article predicts that new england is going to win. hopefully that will be a jinx as well.
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certainly not enjoying much today. bronco fans get a kick out of it. this is the cover of the new york daily news. tom brady wearing a diaper with the headline cry brady. antonio smith told reporters that brady loves to whine to the referees all the time. if you are a true die hard fan or you know somebody who is, you have your opportunity to have your voices heard on tv. ahead of sunday's game, we're airing broncos tonight, you make the call. it is a special on saturday night. it's going to run from 7:00 to 8:00 saturday night over on channel 20. you can call in and talk broncos with drew soicher. log onto skype and talk broncos with drew and the sports crew. there's even going to be some patriot fans calling in, we hear. we'll see how to handle that. >> let's not give them the address.
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night quarterback instead of a monday morning quarterback. >> going back to that cry brady picture, the chest hair is terrible. >> i know, especially on a big screen tv. >> so disturbing. we're continuing our hashtag all week long. today we want to see your broncos bling. >> you have a lot of it, based on these pictures we're seeing. you have all kinds of sweatshirts and gear. i don't know exactly what that is except it gets your attention. i love that broncos fans go big. we've seen all kinds of things. send whatever you've got. this looks like a pinterest page. anything orange and blue from nail art to tattoo paint to crazy outfits. >> john elway tattoo there. >> you can't have a tattoo and be a fair weather fan. >> hashtag we are broncos and we'll share them on the show. >> look at those nails. that's impressive.
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we're seeing some dry air move into western colorado right now, but with more pockets of moisture moving into the west. we aol get periods of snow on and off throughout the day. high cloudshe t righ w. w it l thinever sohtslig tduringe middlof thday. have a coupleof wannabe showers that fell apart. we have very light rain snow showers in southeastern colorado. more snow continues. it doesn't show up that well on
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themselves block the radar beams. as we look at the area today, just stepping out the door, it is mild here on the front range with temperatures in the 20s and 30s. relatively warm across the state. front range this morning, cloudy skies. mid-day we start to clear out here. we start to see some snow blowing over the continue continental divide. we have a couple of light snow showers late tonight. tenth to a quarter inch of snow is all we're going to see. 30s today, 40s in the foothills. statewide, snow continues in inches of snow. winter park, summit county area, more like 8, 9 inches. late tonight, here comes the cool air, clouds start to pick up around the area. 40s, 50s around the south. 30s for the mountains and west.
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foothills, hazy conditions here. 48 today. 20s tonight, very light snow showers that wrap up well before noon tomorrow. we clear out. it's windy. it's going to be a chilly day. gusty winds. two warm ones. light snow returns by lunchtime on sunday. we can have a snowy afc championship game. >> bundle up for it. well, we're trying something new here, showing you the worst drives in the city. worst of the worst, 120th down to u.s. 26 because of our crash at 104th. we pack them in on colfax to santa fe. south of parker to i-25, one of the worst drives in the metro area. eastbound i-70 all the way to 270. sunrise this morning comes alts 7:17. here's picture proof. southbound i-25, loads up towards parker road. believe it or not, all the way toward 25. no crash standing in your way
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we have a fairly clear start. coming up on channel 20, we'll detail the rest of these issues coming up. >> all right. patience is the key there. it's 6:54. here is a look at some of the top stories right now. right now, fire crews are battling a large house fire in douglas county. this is a view from sky 9 about an hour ago. the single family home fully engulfed in fire. you can see the flames and smoke coming out of the roof. right now, with don't know if anybody was inside the building. 9news reporter heading to the scene. our newsroom is working on getting more information. we'll continue to bring you updates throughout the newscast. once again, this is right up by perry park and the country club up there. well, the woman who is getting attacked in this surveillance video gave loveland police permission to release the evidence in hopes of catching the attacker. it's been more than six months
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just before 3:00 in the morning near west 29th and chaste road. police are hoping somebody recognizes the man's man's mannerisms or his shirt. shortly after that attack, this sketch of the suspect was released. take a good look at it. if you have any idea who this may be, call police. >> there has to be an individual tonight off the coast of hawaii. jeffrey simpler is one of the marines losted a sea. his mom lives in fountain and says she cannot accept the fact that he might be gone. she's holding out hope that he will still be found. denver's fire chief is out of the hospital this morning. his accused attacker is behind bars. witnesses say a woman jumped in
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headquarters and stabbed him. police arrested marlene rodriguez for the attack. this is a booking photo from a previous arrest. right now police are not sure what provoked the attack. all right. the aurora theater shooter is on the move, though we're not sure to where he's moving. it's apparently part of an agreement that lets the state prison system send their inmates to other states. the shooter was moved out of the state pen after being attacked by another inmate. that was in december. since then he's been at the san carlos maximum security prison mentally ill inmates. a man with ties to the killer of a department of corrections director is in court today after he apparently targeted another doc worker. he was arrested after a shootout with colorado springs police. he's accused of trying to break into a house.
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home belonged to a former department of corrections employee. he's part of a white supremist gang. search teams will not be out searching for a missing man in boulder county. instead, investigators are going to be following up on tips and interviews with the friends and family of 20-year- old rider johnson. johnson went missing sunday after leaving his job at the el dora ski area. reservoir. the clear creek county sheriff's office says crews are are -- he was reported missing on saturday after he didn't return from a hike. crews found some evidence of an avalanche in the area where musselman may have been hiking. all right. marty has a final look at the forecast. marty that, avalanche danger is
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>> it's considerable. you have to be very careful up there. flurries clear out with winty windy -- windy conditions. early estimates, only an inch or snow if we get it on sunday. the big storm is headed into next week. we start cool and finish extremely warm. looks like we can have a big time january thaw into the tail end of next week, amelia. >> sorry, guys. >> we're just admiring your graphic. >> we love that. >> you make them beautifully, nice. all right. thanks a lot, marty. firefighters working on douglas county. what happened. we know there were people first came in. loss. we'll keep following for you on channel 20.
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