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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  January 20, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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the question though, that comes from our own president where they have to look at him and wonder, do you know what we go through? with. >> reporter: with the shops here. >> we're going to protect christianity. >> reporter: trump's focus is on the evangelical vote hoping to peel away ted cruz supporters in iowa, but some evangelical leaders of skeptical. >> most people understand that donald trump thrice married, casino magnate mogg nothing to ask for forgiveness is not a religious man. >> reporter: and palin is not universally loved by trump supporter. >> i never liked her. i don't like her. >> reporter: when the endorsement, will it help our hurt trump in your view? >> the people i've talked to, i think it hurts. >> reporter: kerry sanders, nbc news, tulsa. i'm kristen welker in new
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hillary clinton surrogates rather thanning up their attacks now painting senator bernie sanders as an unelectable socialist. >> i think it would be absolutely impossible for a self-declared socialist to win in a state like missouri. >> reporter: but former president bill clinton in new hampshire today steering clear of the s word bore e rowing from the 2008 playbook saying sanders is unelectable and just can't win. >> the real issue, who can win the election, prepared to do the job, who can make rear change? >> reporter: could this backfire. >> a lot of those voters capable of looking past the socialist label. >> reporter: hillary clinton taking her on shot at sanders today in an interview with npr. >> in some of theal comments that senator sanders has been making, there is room for disagreement, even concern. >> reporter: the current gop game plan, build up sanders.
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committee tweeting during last weekend's democratic debate. i feel the burn. >> they are trying to prop up bernie sanders and would rather run against him. >> reporter: the clinton campaign getting jittering with polling showing her leads slipping. a dead heat in iowa. firmly ahead in new hampshire, sanders. today the campaign downplaying. >> a candidate leading throughout the country. she is leading in all of the super tuesday states by significant margins. >> reporter: the big for sanders can he turn support among young, first-time voters and independents into victories in the early voting stages? and sanders will try to build on that kicking off a two-day campaign swing through new hampshire tomorrow. playing suggestions they're trying to influence the democratic primary writing in part tonight, "do we want to run against sanders? sure, but we'll gladly take clinton any day of the week."
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another dark day on wall street. stocks plunging's dow finishing down 249 points at the price of oil continues to tank. while that is certainly good news at the station, bad news for the economy where businesses are hurting. we have the latest. >> reporter: tonight the markets continue their slide plunging more than 500 points on a volatile day of trading. the dow and nasdaq both touching their lowest point since august. >> there was a good deal of anxiety throughout the morning. >> reporter: what's behind the drop? for one, china's economy is slowing and nobody is quite sure exactly by how much. also, driving the sell-off, concerns over the price of oil. a sign of economic growth around the world. the price has plummeted down nearly 80% in the past few years. today closing $27 a barrel. >> there's a lot of oil
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the saudis are producing a lot we're producing a lot and of course the iranian oil coming online. more price declines to come. >> reporter: the impact on the u.s. economy is mixed. the price of a gallon of gas, the nationwide average, is half the price of a gallon of milk. americans are also saving on heating oil and airline fares. but on the flip side, more than 250,000 people lost energy-related jobs last year. and for many, there's less money in the bank. since last november, the average american has lost about $9,500 in his or her 401(k). even so, experts say don't panic. >> you have to look at your fundamentals and you have to look at your plan. there's a huge opportunity here and some great, great american companies own. >> reporter: and last, buckle um. experts say volatility is back. so we can get used to seeing big swings in the market, like we saw today, at least until the
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stabilize. >> olivia, thank you. a late development in a story we've been following here. michigan governor rick snyder released his e-mails related to the toxic water crisis in flint. a day after he apologized and vowed to fix it. snyder faces calls to resign as the people of flint suffer with the uncertainty of when clean water will flow from their taps again. nbc's kevin tibbles has more. [ chanting ] >> reporter: late today the michigan governor after angry protests over his handling of the flint water crisis released more than 200 pages of e-mails in an attempt to show what he knew and when he knew it. >> you deserve better. you deserve accountability. you deserve to know that the buck stops here with me. >> reporter: the governor's top aide wrote to him last september. several months after tests first revealed lead saying the responsibility for the water crisis lies with the city and the county.
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up to avoid the narrative that the state is ducking responsibility. the governor said he acted when he knew, and was legally permitted to do so. tonight the state house approved snyder's request for $28 million to help pay for emergency water supplies and lead testing in the schools. too little, too late, says this mother of three. >> not going to bring us fresh water every day. >> reporter: she says it's like living in the third world with no clean water. >> brush my teeth, wash my face. i got to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner, make kool-aid probably twice a day. >> reporter: she says doctors told her 2-year-old developed a rash from washing with tap water. >> are you worried about their future? >> yeah. i don't want my kids do have mental problems, or anger problems or none of that. >> reporter: but when the water might be safe again remains an unknown. even flint's mayor today couldn't offer much hope to weary residents.
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going to have clean water again, and that's why this is such a tragedy. >> reporter: tonated water is now arriving from across the country. donated. today singer cher raised in nearby detroit party nered with a party company to donate. and this woman bathing her baby in bottled water say it's her children that deserve the real apology. what these e-mails also show is governor snide tier a much more proactive role in this after september 30th of last year. even at one point asking his staff to check on the health status of two young children found with elevated levels of lead in their blood. lester? >> all right, kevin, thank you. at least 20 people were killed when a gunman stormed a university in northwest pakistan. there are conflicting claims whether the pakistani taliban are responsible. there were actually four attacks all killed as military closed in.
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only one managed to detonate. now to more from the rare access inside iran, where the lifting of nuclear sanctions quickly set in motion big economic changes, but changing the culture of mistrust is the a different story. richard engel explains from tehran, many in iran continue to view america as the enemy. >> reporter: the nuclear deal lifted sanctions, and expectations, too. but to those who think washington and tehran have completely turned the page, not so fast. only hours after the deal was implemented, washington imposed new sanctions on iran's defense sector. a response to an iranian missile test. and today, this statement from ayatollah ali has mannie praising detention of american sailors and warning his government to guard against deception and breaches of promises by arrogant
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america. iran's foreign minister, the man who negotiated the deal with secretary of state john kerry, echoed his leader today in davos, switzerland. >> i think they cannot impose their views on others through sanctions and pressure. >> reporter: on the streets of tehran, the writing is on the wall. this recently hung billboard evokes the iconic image of iwo jima jima, but the u.s. marines are shown standing on a pile of dead muslims. a clear message to everyone here that america remains very much an enemy. the supreme leader instructed iranian politicians to be vigilant and watch for any cheating on the deal. and if they see it, call the whole thing off. richard engel, nbc news, tehran. still ahead tonight, more about the virus striking fear in pregnant women. tonight we answer some of urgent questions about where women can
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risks of their unborn babies, what to do if they're showing symptoms. also actor jamie foxx embraces his new biggest fan after saving the man's son in a
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control is urging doctors nationwide to closely monitor patients that may have recently traveled to the caribbean or latin america. areas where the zika virus is now spreading unchecked, putting
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there are several cases reported now in the u.s. we have details from nbc's tom costello. >> pick up. i don't know if you've heard about the zika virus. >> reporter: the cdc health alert to doctors, be on the lookout for signs of the zika virus in pregnant women who returned from countries or territories that health agencies are urging women who are pregnant who are hoping to become pregnant to avoid. >> the baby's a good size. >> reporter: tara pierce is 34 years old, and pregnant. even though she loves traveling with her husband, she is now staying put in new york. >> i would definitely not be looking to travel to any of the affected areas because i don't want to put the baby at risk. >> reporter: researchers believe the zika virus can cause microencephaly, abnormally small heads and brains in babies. but it is not clear during which trimester they are most at risk. >> international travel -- >> reporter: in new york, this doctor is telling patients to but if they can't, cover up and wear mosquito repellant.
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women in pregnancy, so we're telling them to use the deet and stay inside if possible and travel outside to a main mum. . >> reporter: so far the cdc is aware of just 12 adults who have returned with the virus over the past year. including two pregnant women in illinois and one in hawaii. now its urging doctors to test for the virus and closely monitor women who have returned from zika hot zones. the good news is the virus brings mild symptoms. once you had it, you should not get it again. >> you'll be immune, and if you decide to get pregnant years in the future, there's absolutely no cause for concern. >> reporter: but with the brazil carnival and the olympic games soon coming, the zika virus to spread with the mosquitoes and victims arriving at u.s. airports. tom costello, nbc news, washington. when we come back, the solar system may be more crowded than we thought. the exciting discovery
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astronomers think they may have discovered a new planet in
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it's believed to be up to ten times bigger than earth and as far as 100 billion miles away. way past pluto, which lost its status as a planet in 2006, and for the first time in more than a decade, you can see mercury, venus, mars, saturn and jupiter, all with the naked eye, all five aligned in the pre-dawn sky from now until february 20th. it's official -- the national oceanic and atmospheric association announcing today 2015 was the hottest year since record-keeping began in 1880. 10 of the 12 months had record temperatures. the record warmth was broadly spread around the world with 15 of the 16 warmest years on record occurring since 2001. when we come back, why one father is so grateful to jamie foxx, after the actor proved he
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finally tonight, usually when actor jamie foxx leaps into action, there is a director on hand to yell "cut." but now the star is being hailed as a real-life hero for saving a man trapped inside of a burning car right outside his los angeles home.
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details. paramedics, what is your emergency? >> reporter: a pickup truck slams into a ditch and flips several times. >> someone is trapped? >> yes, yes. the car is on fire! >> reporter: frantic calls for help and an unlikely hero. >> i don't look at it as heroic, i just look at it like -- i just had to do something. >> reporter: something that made all of the difference. >> good. you good? >> i hate to say it, but a couple of cars drove by and didn't stop. >> he was here for my son, and he saved his life. >> i get here and the truck is over on its side and in flames. >> reporter: 32-year-old brett kyle trapped. >> i had the seat belt wrapped around my body and my neck and i wasn't able to get out. >> reporter: foxx and another bystander cut him free as the flames drew closer. >> as we pulled him out, five seconds later the truck goes up. i said you got angels around you. you have angels around you. >> reporter: and beside him. >> i think we all hope that we could do something when the time is there.
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>> reporter: speaking from the hospital, the victim in shock. >> just the fact that one human being willing to help another one means a lot to me. >> just the idea that someone would do that is so much more than i can fathom. so i just -- it is all tears of joy. >> reporter: and gratitude. >> come by any time. >> reporter: morgan radford, nbc news, los angeles. and that will do it for us on this wednesday night. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and good night. he was stabbed denver fire department chief eric tade went back to work this morning. he was stabbed several times in front of his suv at station 1 yesterday. a woman attacked him. as the car rolled down the street, he ran back into the station.
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rushed him to denver help.
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