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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  January 21, 2016 4:30am-4:59am MST

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us for 9news at 4:30 a.m. corey, gary and cheryl here with you. marty is in the weather center. good morning marty- how's our weather shaping up for today?
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accused of stabbing the denver fire chief is set to appear in court this morning.. 9news reporter vida urbonas is in the information
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suspect faces .. and an update on the fire chief .. amazingly .. denver fire chief eric tade returned to work yesterday .. the day police say after a woman stabbed him in his car multiple times in front of fire department headquarters. the woman walked off down colfax .. after the stabbing .. but witnesses pointed her out to denver police officers.. and she was arrested just a short time later. the suspect .. marlene zacevich-rodriguez will appear in court this morning at 10. she has a lengthy criminal history that includes several assault charges. denver police say she jumped in the passenger seat .. when tade pulled out of station one tuesday afternoon.. the woman stabbed him several times in the arm and leg-- right in front of the station. tade finally got the seatbelt off and jumped out of the car.. he was rushed to denver health. he describes the whole thing as "surreal." -- the 42-year old suspect is being held on
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aggravated assault. was a random attack. chief tade has sutures and stitches to in his fingers and leg. he is hoping to make a full recovery .. today a teen girl accused of planning a deadly attack at mountain vista high school is in court for a bond hearing. prosecutors old brooke higgins this month. name until higgins charged. her accused accomplice -- sienna johnson - was also charged. the two girls were taken into custody in december after douglas county investigators uncovered the alleged plot. a proposed state law could allow you to buy marijuana and smoke it at special events. representative dominick moreno is the bill's sponsor. he says it would create special use permits for pot -- kind of like alcohol permits. suppliers with permits could sell pot at special events and local jurisdictions would have the power to decide whether the buyer
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also limits who could sell marijuana. sales could only be made by companies that already own a licensed marijuana store in colorado. suppliers also have to sell food... you know in case people get the munchies. colorado and the 3 other states that colorado and the 3 other states that sell legalized pot are looking for new ways to attract investors. they say the on- going trouble in banking means they need new options to finance expansion. they also want to capitalize on marijuana production... before california voters have the chance to approve recreational pot this fall. that state already is the largest medical marijuana producer. if recreational pot gets approved, the industry there could bloom - and the other states want a piece of it. just days before the iowa caucuses, democrats and republicans are focused on: bernie sanders! sanders rising
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republicans are taking him on: nbc's tracie potts has the latest developments all the candidates are in iowa or new hampshire today except for donald trump. he's in las
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are in iowa or new hampshire today except for donald trump. he's in las vegas. as we've been mention this week, january 28th marks a very painful anniversary for nasa and this country. the space shuttle challenger exploded just after liftoff from cape caniveral, killing the 7 astronauts on board and shocking the country. there were many colorado connections, including cu's involvement in the mission, and the 6 elementary school students from boulder county there to watch the launch. we'll look back on the historic event in a 30 minute special this weekend.
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30 years and 73 seconds, the challenger disaster. it will run saturday at 6pm on channel 9 and sunday at 9:30 pm on channel 20. we hope it will bring back memories, some sad but also many that were inspirational. this morning, folks living along the east coast are bracing for a strong winter storm. the national weather service say several states including kentucky, west virginia, pennsylvania could get up to 2 feet of snow. the snow in d-c slowed down the president's motorcade. the traffic is usually cleared out for the president... but that couldn't happen because of the snow. it took the president more than an hour to get to the white house. marty- we wanted to check in with you now and see how this storm is shaping up? every day at the national western stock show, there
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national western stock show, there hare hundreds of volunteers who work side-by-side. their connection runs pretty deep - in the horse barn...they say they feel like family. this story proves that to be true. we met john lind - he has volunteered in the horse barn for a decade. he's battled chronic kidney failure for more than two years.
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a live kidney transplant. his perfect match - was his perfect match of almost 40 years -- his wife ahlene. but complications caused him to lose that kidney. so he was back at the national western and searching for another donor. word got around the barn...josh bobb and other fellow volunteers knew they needed to do something to help. josh bobb will go through the testing to make sure he can donate a kidney to his testing to make sure he can donate a kidney to his friend john. in all, more than a dozen stock show volunteers stepped up offering to help by being a live donor. there are about 6 thousand people in our region waiting for a kidney - and since people have two...many can donate one and live a wonderful healthy life. the lind's hope their story will make more people
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homebrewing is legal in colorado... but one practice isn't allowed. coming up we'll explain how you may have broken the law with your
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really popular. however we learned a lot of homebrewers have unknowingly violated a state law. unknowingly violated a state law. 9news reporter brandon rittiman looked into the law that legislators call outdated. house bill 1084-- with its new wording-- gets its first public hearing next thursday.
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with its new wording-- gets its first public hearing next thursday. disney just announced a big change that has a lot of star wars fans upset. but don't worry after the break we'll tell you how you can still get your star wars fix
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wall street. yesterday the stock market dropped to its lowest level in nearly two years. at one point -- the dow was down more than 500 points. the dow picked up some ground and closed down only 249 points. the big drop is linked to low crude oil prices. u.s. oil prices crashed to below $27 dollars a barrel -- which is the lowest price since 2003. target wants to sell more cage- free eggs. in fact -- the retailer says it hopes to be 100- percent cage-free eggs within the next decade. target says it's set a goal of having 100 percent cage-free eggs by 2025. several other companies have also taken the cage-free pledge including mcdonald's, taco bell and dunkin' donuts. 2015 was a big year for toys. the toy industry delivered its
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decade. market research company -- the n-p-d group says sales jumped seven percent to more than 19 billion dollars. movie inspired toys like teenage mutant ninja turtles figurines and the star wars bb-8 droid helped to boost the market. we waited a long time for the new star wars movie... now we'll have to wait some more for the next movie. disney postponed the next installment by seven months. instead of coming out in may 20-17... it will come out in december of that year. but don't worry... disney has not changed the release date for 'rogue one: a star wars story" it's about resistance fighters who come together to steal death star plans.
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so marty... how's the weather shaping up this morning?
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scored her some free tickets to last week's game. janine ledoux found a wallet belonging to broncos cornerback bradley roby outside the restaurant where she works earlier this month. using social media-- she tracked him down and was able to return the wallet the next day. roby gave her with 2 tickets to last weekend's playoff
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with the game on sunday... that of course means tomorrow is orange friday in the city and count of denver. mayor michael hancock wants everyone to wear orange in support of the broncos tomorrow. there will also be a broncos country fan rally tomorrow in larimer square. it starts at noon and runs until 1-30 support the team! morning for a 9news mornings. broadcasting live from sports authority field! analysis from ron zappolo look ahead towards sunday's matchup... we'll take you behind the scenes to show you some places you may have never seen before inside mile high... and we'll give you a look at some of stuff at the team store and talk
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get a-f-c championship swag when they win sunday. it all starts bright and early--tomorrow morning at 4-30. we're continuing the hashtag-we- are-broncos photo challenge this morning - by asking for photos of your "mile high salute". share your photos with us on social media using hashtag-we-are- broncos... we'll be putting your photos on t-v through the day today! students and faculty at colorado state university are rallying around a basketball player who lost his parents in a fire this week. n-c double a rules state - that donations can only go to pay for funeral and related expenses. the school says a go fund me page set
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within the rules. the original goal of 10-thousand dollars was met in a matter of hours. the amount - donated to his family's assistance fund - is more than 45-thousand dollars as of this morning. anything left over - will go to charity, per ncaa bylaws. although omogbo's parents and his 2- year old niece and nephew - died in the fire tuesday morning... he was back on the court last night playing for the rams on the road at the air force academy. rams ended up winning it 83 to 79. that's all for 9news at 4:30... 9news at 5 next, stay with us. littleton public school leaders are
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