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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  January 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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this is 9news. >> is a report released earlier this week says that more could have been done to stop the arapahoe high school shooting. now another school district is meeting to talk about those findings. even the most powerful man in the world can't avoid the headaches of a winter storm. the president was stuck in traffic as snow slows travel across the east coast. marty is tracking the latest on a big storm ready to hit. magnet number one, it is time to give it away at the king soopers in castle rock. >> woo! >> reporter: jennifer, congratulations!
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come on through, people. >> yay! >> a long time to be number one. >> i love it. >> okay. >> let the magnets begin. it's 6:00. good morning and happy thursday he everybody. i am cheryl preheim with corey rose and gary shapiro, amelia is in the traffic center to give you a look at your commute. meteorologist marty coniglio in the backyard. marty, might see a little snow today, mostly east? >> yeah, just this morning we have seen some good squalls of snow moving over the plains, and it's combined with some wind. so visibilities pretty crummey. especially along highway 36, southern washington county stretching towards limon. a few areas with limited visibility because of blowing snow. light snow up over i-80. this is gonna continue to decrease through the day. new snow reports in. anywhere from 4 to 6 inches from summit county through vail and beaver creek. 2.5 at winter park.
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headed down into the aspen ski area 1 inch to 2 there. four at sunlight. 4 at powderhorn. southwestern colorado not bad at all. 7-4 inches of new snow. the snow is tapering off this morning. we will get more new snow coming up sunday. now, in case you're not going midweek skiing and have to go to work, high clouds around early on. temperatures in the upper 20s to low 30s around here. through the afternoon we go with sunshine. we will move into the low 40s this afternoon with relatively calm winds. coming up it gets a lot warmer and then we have some snow for the tail end of the weekend. more on that in a moment. right now we have got to check in with amelia and see how things are going toen the morning drive. >> good morning. we are checking in with sky9. you can see they are flying over i-25 and colfax with a nice easy beginning across the central corridor of our freeway commute. downtown is clear now accident-wise. one exception a little bit to the east.
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across the further south side of town. 225 near quincy, our hampden drive, they are packing in northbound a bit with speeds in the 40s approaching colorado. no accidents standing in your way across the i-25 corridor in the dtc. i mentioned a couple minor accidents. one 56th and tower and the or a little bit more than a minor crash here. this car crashed into a tree overnight at mlk and krameria. four people were taken to the hospital and two are in serious condition. >> oh, boy. all right. amelia, thanks. happening today a littleton public school board is meeting to discuss the findings of the arapahoe high school shooting. 9news reporter vida urbonas is in the information center with more on a special board of education meeting. vida, it is open to the public? >> reporter: that's right. the superintendent says the board of education will receive the expert's findings and discuss the reports at that special board meeting of education at 4:00 this afternoon. he does say that the meeting is open to the public and he says
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receiving and learning from these reports. now, this meeting comes just days after three reports were released that focused on the deadly arapahoe high school shooting. in it says that littleton public schools and arapahoe high school could have done more to prevent the shooting. the reports say that a number of teachers and students had interactions with the shooter, which should have been red flags. but in many cases either no communication was made about the interactions or school officials did nothing about it. he was never disciplined for threatening to kill his debate team coach, which happened just attack. now, the report also says that the school district, the school and the district ask not have good systems for sharing information with the police. the 18-year-old shooter had threatened students and staff multiple times over the course of ten years. he eventually shot and killed claire davis and then killed himself inside the school. now, littleton public schools team. when the attack happened.
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is at 4:00 at the education services center. there will be a news conference immediately following this meeting. we will cover that. the littleton public school superintendent also says he expects that the release of this report will generate considerable media attention and will be difficult for the community and he says that littleton public schools will continue to provide additional support to students and staff as long as it's needed. corey. >> a lot of people looking forward to that meeting and wanting to hear what they have to say, vida. thank you. 6:05. the university of denver is warning students to be aware of their surroundings after an assault was reported late last night. a woman told campus police that a college aged man followed a woman and assaulted her. the man is described as six feet tall wearing a hat a with flaps over the ears. he is not in custody. the best way to protect yourself is try not to walk alone, stay in well lit areas or contact campus security for a escort.
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hoping a missing marine will be found safe. sergeant jeffrey sempler is among the 12 marines missing. now, he is from south carolina, but his mother, lori allen, lives in mountain. a vigil was held for sempler at the american legion post 38 where allen is a member. she is hopeful even though the coast guard has suspended his search. >> could i i don't believe he is gone yet. there has to be a chance. >> allen says sempler, her oldest son, joined the marines two months after graduating from high school in 2011. it is 6:06 now. today the lawyers for the stars of a reality tv show called sister wives will be in a denver federal appeals courtroom. they are going to ask the court to uphold a ruling that decriminalizes polygamy in utah. cody brown and his four wives filed a lawsuit against utah
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that is having multiple marriage licenses for different partners. utah wants the judge's decision to be overturned and let polygamy, the ban of it, continue. the u.s. government could be cracking down on europeans coming into america. new visa requirements are expected to be revealed today. the new restrictions would apply to travelers who are duel nationals of iran, iraq, sudan, or syria or anyone who has visited any of those countries in the last five years. the goal is to make it harder for europeans who fought for isis to get into the united states. seven minutes after six right now. so far no casualties reported in china this morning after a 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck a remote region. it was in the northwestern part of the country. search teams are looking through the rubble. they are trying to find any people that might be missing or injured. and a big winter storm barreling towards the east coast right now. you probably have heard about this.
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drivers in washington, d.c. crashed on icy roads. hours in traffic, and that is just a taste of what's going to come. they are expecting as much as 2 feet of snow in some places over the next couple of days. the weekend storm expected to hit 14 states with dangerous blizzard conditions expected in baltimore and the washington area. even the president couldn't escape the storm. bad weather forced him to take his motorcade to the white house. normally he takes a helicopter. the going wasn't much faster on the roadways. the president's motorcade got stuck in traffic and a trip that would take about 25 minutes took an hour more than that. marty, unfortunately for the east coast, things are just getting started? >> they are. that was just a teaser. the main storm system is around kansas city. it gets way worse tomorrow night and saturday. we are on the back side of that storm, corey. we are seeing that light snow that i just mentioned over
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back edge of the storm centered around kansas city. they had 7-8 inches of know? southeastern nebraska last night. winter storm warnings stretch essentially you from missouri to the appalachians. in d.c. proper and around the d.c. metro area a blizzard watch for friday night and saturday morning. we're gonna have severe weather to the south of this system through alabama, into georgia and the carolinas. and then the really heavy snow moves up into d.c. tomorrow night through saturday morning. how much? we're talking about 1.5 to 2 feet of snow blown by 55-mile-per-hour winds. that will give you some government the gridlock. >> 24 inches of snow in a place that's not used to handling it at all? >> you see how they did last night. >> not off to a good start. all right. marty, thank you so. 6:09 now. every day at the national western stock show there are hundreds of volunteers who work side by side to make sure
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and they tell us their connection runs really deep. especially in the horse barn. they say that group is like a family. and this story proves that to be true. we met john lind. he has been volunteering inside the horse barn for a decade now. he has been battling chronic kidney failure for about two years. in december he had a live kidney transplant. his donor his perfect match, his perfect match of 40 years, his wife. complications caused him to lose that kidney. so he is back out at the national western searching for another donor and word got around the barn quickly. josh bob and other volunteers knew they had to do something to help. >> i was like, well, i'll donate. we got to talking and i'm the right blood type. >> one by one they said, we're on. we're in. let me know where i can go. and i just said, wow. >> i have known john for about ten years. helping a friend out. >> i'm really thankful for that. >> just amazing. josh bob, one of the volunteers,
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make sure he can donate one of his kidneys to his friend john. all in all, more than a dozen volunteers say that they are prepared to be a live donor. they are gonna make sure that john gets the kidney that he needs. there are about 6,000 people in our region waiting for a kidney. and the linds are hoping that this story helps boost the conversation. get more people to consider saving somebody's life. >> yeah. >> being a donor has changed so much in the last ten years. now they can do it so it's minimally invasive and the healing is quick. >> doesn't take long at all. >> you only need one kidney. >> you can give away the other. >> good to know. good for these people. it is 11 after six right now. so he escaped over the summer. captivated the world. was in "rolling stone" this week. now the popularity of one of
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snow, wind over the plains right now. snow tapering in the mountains. we are gonna clear things up through the day. unfortunately, the wind is not gonna stop over the eastern plains. big ridge of high pressure. see how it's kind of cleared out through utah and nevada? that's our next two days of weather head are our way. next storm system off the coast of california moves into the western slope sunday morning. gets here sunday afternoon. it's not gonna be a big storm for us sunday afternoon. we are seeing the snow begin to taper off in the next hour and a half or so. it's really gonna slow down to almost nothing. 20s, 30s right now over the east with clouds and wind. slipping below zero around gunnison, durango and alamosa with clear, calm conditions this morning. we are going to be clear and calming down during the day.
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we see the winds slow down over the i-25 corridor but stay from 15 to 25 miles per hour in and near the foothills. mountain snow giving way to sunshine today. we are gonna slowly get the clouds out of northeastern colorado. it's gonna take a good bit of the day before we do it. that's gonna be some of the coldest air at lower terrain. about 10 degrees warmer down society with 20s and 30s in the mountains and west. sunshine, winds slowing down, low 40s today. low 20s tonight. then two days in the 50s. how about that? before we have a nice sunday morning, partly cloudy skies. i think we can get above 40 degrees before 1:00 in the afternoon sunday. then light snow starts up. still looks like 1 inch or less here. flurries hang around for most of the day monday, and then finally leave us alone on tuesday. hey, i see sky9 is up today. gadd to see that. yeah, they have been down. it's been windy and snowy. today they are up in the calm and clear conditions.
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this is where cdot did some sign intalllation last night and shut down i-5 in the northbound direction completely at king soopers. it's re-opened and our -- southbound towards dtc and tamarack approaching i-25 you drop into the 30s. i don't know what is going on to the east side. check this out. a crash reported at 28th and tower. another at iliff and tower. further up to the north 56th and tower. so if you are driving on tower morning. i am not sure what's going on. they are stacked right up. >> sounds like it. yikes. >> all right. >> amelia, thank you. they are back. we've got another round of magnets to give way today. >> supply is limited. you want to get them while they're hot because they are not gonna last long. we saw that last week. >> gregg moss is at the king soopers in founders parkway in
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hi, greggy. >> reporter: i tell you, we got that big wave. it's the first, yeah, we've got big and little fans. colton, come here, buddy. we got a big rush at the very beginning. we still got plenty of magnets to give away. right off i-25 at founders just east. this is colton. how you doing? >> yeah. >> reporter: it's okay. i want you to tell me where you're gonna put that magnet? >> i am gonna put it on my refrigerator. >> reporter: on the refrigerator? >> yeah. >> reporter: do you have a spot picked out for it? >> yeah. >> reporter: can i ask you. does your dad like the broncos? >> what does he do? >> i got the bronco toy last night. >> reporter: does to make as much noise as your dad when he watches the game? >> no, it comes with a football. >> reporter: it does? >> yeah. >> reporter: this is cool. where did you get that, because i think i want one. >> mcdonald's from daycare. >> reporter: okay.
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let me show you something else. can you stamp your feet? stomp your feet for me. those are the coolest shoes i have seen. "star wars" shoes. colton, you and i got a lot in common. give me a five, brother. you happy? >> yeah. >> reporter: give me just a quick hug. that's all. thank you. good job. that's colton. youngest bronco fan here yet today. how are you? >> good, thanks. >> reporter: good. are you excited for the big game? >> absolutely. >> reporter: you got your magnet? >> i do. >> reporter: you love watching us in the morning? >> absolutely. >> reporter: you know who i am? >> gregg. >> reporter: i love you, too. thanks for coming out this morning. we appreciate it. >> you bet. >> reporter: we are gonna be at another location in thornton this afternoon. i don't know if you can get up there and get another magnet. >> i would love to. >> reporter: 104th and washington. i am not going to be there. it's not worth it if i am not there. >> that's true. >> gregg, something you and colton also have in common, you
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>> yes. >> reporter: so let me tell you mom was watching us. she goes, i got to get a magnet! colton! get your coat on! and that's what happened. we like that. >> come on, buddy. >> i want to wear my pajamas to the store, too. >> he is awesome. adorable. >> that's great. all right. thank you, gregg. >> reporter: he is. >> love it, love it, love it. all right. this story, bizarre. >> kind of crazy. >> a little bit. >> first a man steels a puppy. then he tries to sell it.
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welcome back. oregon's governor is calling on the federal government to act against the armed group that's taken over a national wildlife refuge. she is frustrated with the way federal authorities are handling the group's continued occupation of the refuge. she wants them to end the siege immediately. eamon bundy and his armed group lands will be turned over to local residents. a bizarre story out of florida. a yorkshire terrier puppy was stolen, stuffed down a sweater and traded for crack cocaine. the puppy was found at an animal hospital. a tip led detectives to
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police say that barfield traded the dog for crack and cash. the person who brought the puppy brought it back because the animal got sick and vets were able to identify the stolen dog through its microchip. >> that is sad. >> that is terrible. so is this. look at that. all right. mexican drug kin pin el chapo isn't sweet. look alike. the pastry chef says he is amazed how much attraction this is getting on social media. >> why is el chapo among a frog and pig and cookie monster it would make sense if it was or people cupcakes. jail bars. >> it makes me laugh because that is not a frightening face,
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6:23 now. he had one wish. to be famous. a little eight-year-old boy got that wish. we are gonna share his story after the break. here is a quick check on weather and traffic. >> cloudy, windy over the plains with light snow limiting visibility in some of the east west highways over colorado. 20s-30s at leadville. no wood burning restrictions in effect for us today, even with the relatively light winds that we're expecting. warm weather for tomorrow and saturday. get out and have some fun in it. temperatures in the 50s. light snow returns sunday afternoon. i just heard you say this, amelia. not much going on, is there? no, not on the freeways. sky9 has the perfect example. building volumes. 225 and parker with a 22-minute drive from i-70 to i-25. our live view outside on our cdot camera also looking busy, but problem free across 25 and hampden.
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that we have all the resources to get you to the game on sunday. be up on, all these
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a little boy in rhode island suffering from a terminal illness hopefully has a huge smile on his face this morning. his dying wish was to become famous. >> so eight-year-old dorian murray has an untreatable form of cancer. he wanted to be famous so bad, so rhode island general assembly made it happen. they declared yesterday as d strong day. he was the center of attention at a ceremony held at the state house and was then taken on a tour. dorian became an internet sensation following a viral campaign to share his story. >> so glad for him and for his family.
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so they face each other 16 times and you'd think that peyton manning, tom brady would have animosity, competition
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this is 9news. >> a snowboarder's close call with an avalanche becomes an internet sensation. now he could be in trouble with the law. >> probably the scariest thing
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restrained while it was going on. >> denver's injured but upbeat fire chief is back at work already this morning a few days after being viciously attacked and stabbed. we're learning more about the woman police say carried out the random attack. we're back in magnet giveaway mode. we are at the king soopers in castle rock this morning i-25 and founders east of the highway. it's broncos magnet time. go broncos! >> thank you. >> reporter: you're welcome. >> go broncos! >> love that. good morning everyone. gary, corey, cheryl with you. amelia gives us a look at the thursday commute and marty has the forecast. marty, things are going to start to warm up closer the weekend, i guess? >> that's true. especially tomorrow and saturday. we do have some more cold air coming in on sunday. still windy in the foothills. up to 15 to 20 miles per hour in the foothills. at the top of the divide along berthoud pass over 50 miles per hour. it's windy over the plains of northeastern colorado. temperatures holding around
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it is very windy over the plains. snow is beginning to slack off in the mountains. cold air has moved out of the upper midwest up into canada at the present time with temperatures pushed up above zero, well above zero through the midwest. temperatures today for us into the 40s around here. the wind will continue to die down on the i-25 corridor. it's within pretty windy on -- it's been pretty wind on the east side of town. good looking day around here for us during the afternoon. light snow is gonna taper off in the mountains. good snow overnight. snow is slowing down over the eastern plains. we have some areas with limited visibility and blowing snow this morning in eastern colorado, especially in washington county. unfortunately, the wind is not going to slow down. a good 25 to 35 miles per hour this morning. still clicking 20 plus later in the afternoon. luckily, amelia, we have this situation where it's not so windy. sky9 can fly this morning. >> got that right.
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we have seen sky9 not fly or set down a little bit early because of the wind or the snow. but today they're up and over the i-25 and 270 split checking out the commerce city commute. everything is very standard. as you see across the rest of our drive we have been off to a standard beginning. a lot of green. our initial slowdown is settling in out of thornton and northglenn. down to the 20s from 112th. on the east side we are not sure what's going on, but tower road has a bunch of crashes. one at 28th, one at iliff and tower, and another up further to the north at 56th and tower. so the whole stretch has been busy. if you are headed to the east side, once you get to the airport a nice start there. 15 minutes about your security wait times. five 15 across the board. all the parks lots have spaces open this morning. >> nice travel day. thank you. the woman accused of stabbing the denver fire chief is set to appear in court this morning. 9news reporter vida urbonas is joining me here in the
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the charges that the suspect faces and an update on the fire chief. >> amazingly, the denver fire chief eric tate returned to work yesterday. this is one day after police say that woman stabbed him inside his vehicle multiple times right there in front of the denver fire department headquarters on colfax and speer. the woman walked off after the stabbing. witnesses pointed her out to denver police officers. she was arrested just a short time later. now, the suspect is marlene zac vic rodriguez. she has a lengthy criminal history that includes several assault charges. police say she jumped into the passenger's seat when tate pulled out of the station tuesday afternoon. the woman then stabbed him several times in the arm and leg right in front of the station. tate finally got off his seat belt, jumped out of the car, he was rushed to denver health. he describes this whole thing as surreal. >> i just came down to my car, pulled out and i park right
6:29 am
i was on making a phone call to our division chief of fire prevention. we were working through a fire prevention issue. last thing i remember is telling him to hold on. obviously, that's when the stabbing occurred. >> the 42-year-old suspect is held on investigation of aggravated assault. police believe this was a random attack. the chief has stitches in his fingers and legs and he is expected to make a full recovery. amazing he was able to show up to work the day after. he said he had work to do. >> that is incredible. i have met chief tate. he is an awesome, awesome chief. so great to hear he is doing well. >> he is back at work. busy. >> thank you. cheryl. >> it's 6:35 now. a high school student is going to spend another day in court as the classmate she plotted against are finishing another school. brooke higgins is 16 and in jailed on $1 million bond. she is charged as an adult
6:30 am
attack at her school in highlands ranch. police arrested higgins and another student in december after somebody tipped off douglas county sheriff's deputies about the plans. in a follow-up story to a story we brought you yesterday, surveillance video gives a pretty clear image of a skier accused of throwing a snowboarder off a lift in aspen. investigators have been looking at the surveillance cameras at the bottom of the exposition lift and other spots around the mountain and they are confident they will be able to identify the skier. deputies are also reportedly interviewing several witnesses who say they saw that skier push the other person off the lift on sunday. that snowboarder said he fell 25 feet. county investigation and the aspen times say the skier lives in that area. >> what was that person thinking? 6:36. marijuana shop owners can't get a loan from a bank, so they're looking for new ways to attract investors. colorado, alaska, oregon, and
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making it easier for out of state investors to get in on the cannabis business. they want to be able to attract new investments before california voters have a chance to approve recreational pot there this fall and compete for some of that money. buying marijuana outside of a pot shop could become legal. it's a bill to create a pot license. it would allow marijuana to be sold and possibly smoked at sexual events. sales could be made by companies that already are licensed marijuana stores in colorado. pot sellers would also have to sell food. it is 6:37 now. getting ready for a little broncos. >> what is that music? >> i love it. >> we got amp it up. four days way from the broncos taking on the new england patriots in the afc championship game. >> and to get you in the spirit we have got more broncos magnets out there. >> 9news business anchor gregg moss is handing them out the king soopers in castle rock off
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the broncos faithful is out in full force this morning? >> reporter: they did. but i got to tell you, we have still got a lot of these magnets. we are encouraging people to come down. come here right now. you have to come say hi to me. >> hi. >> reporter: what is your name? >> debbie. >> reporter: would you like to a magnet? >> i would love it. >> reporter: what do you want to say? >> go broncos!. >> reporter: let me introduce you to greg. how are you? >> well, thanks. >> reporter: great name. we got a lot in common. you come and take a magnet and what else do you say? >> i say it could have been tarhonda, belen, but it was gregg. pleasure to meet you. i was so excited when i saw you this morning. >> reporter: it's too soon, greg. too soon. do you want another magnet? greg, thanks so much. don't forget we are out here this morningle until we give these away. we probably have a good supply left.
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we will be giving them away at thornton 104th this afternoon at washington. who is prettier? >> go broncos!. >> reporter: celebrate with us. go broncos!. united in orange today at king soopers. how you doing, buddy. >> i feel his pain. could have got belen. could have got tarhonda. >> wah-wah. >> we love you, gregg. we are continuing the hashtag #wearebroncos this morning. share your photos with on social media using the hashtag earebroncos. we will put your photos on tv through the day like you're seeing here. we received so many great ones. we tweeted out our mile high salute this morning. windy over the plains. light snow over the plains as well being wind blown. limited visibility there. as we go through the morning
6:34 am
eastern colorado. also snow in the mountains, last two days. clearing up as well. we have a lot of the sun in the mountains today. low 40s around here today. it will continue to be windy day. if you are headed up into colorado's high country, again clearing conditions through the day. temperatures in the 20s and 30s through the afternoon. the foothills this morning. winds will slack off ever so slightly this afternoon into that 15 to 25-mile-per-hour range. for us down here low, not much wind. a little bit of sun. temps in the 40s. sounds good. >> that sounds really good. thank you much. 6:40 right now. as we have been mentioning. january 28 marks a very painful anniversary for nasa and for this country. the space shuttle challenger exploded just after lift-off from cape canaveral in 1986 killing the seven astronauts on board and shocking the country.
6:35 am
connections, including cu's involvement in the mission and six elementary school students from boulder county there to watch the launch. we are going to look back on this historic event in a 30-minute special this coming weekend. we hope you can join us for 30 years and 73 seconds. the challenger disaster. it will run saturday at 6 p.m. on channel 9 and then again sunday at 9:30 on channel 20. we hope it brings back memories, some sad to be sure, but also many that were very inspirational. >> amazing to think of those kids and how this impacted their lives. >> absolutely. >> so many years later. >> many of them went into career paths that they say were influenced by their shared experience. >> wow. >> watching that disaster. >> yeah. looking forward to it. >> interesting. 6:41. he survived an avalanche, quickly became an internet
6:36 am
it is gonna be warm and dry around here tomorrow and saturday. starting saturday morning new storm system moving into nevada and california. that's gonna be spinning through utah and into colorado come through -- coming in through on sunday. so sunday we're looking at snow in the mountains in the morning, light snow around here for the afternoon and evening. really accent on the light. i think .5 to 1 inch range around here. in mountain areas by the end of the day sunday looking at about 4-9, 4-10 inches of new snow. as we get closer, we get the better detailed computer model data and we will have better numbers for everybody. sky9 is flying over downtown
6:37 am
you can get around this very easily. it's really not an issue with congestion right now. if it sticks around into the 7:00 hour, we will get you those alternate routes. a live look to 25 and jewel cdot camera. plenty of volume on the freeways, but the accident count is low. we love this drive so far because everyone's had an easy run of it. same for 225. that 15-minute drive you southbound has average speeds up close to 50 miles per hour. >> we hope it stays that way. thanks a lot. 6:45 now. an oklahoma officer convicted of raping an african-american woman is expected to learn his consequences today. that's if his attorneys don't interfere with the process. daniel claw is expected to sentenced on 18 counts of rape and sexual assault. he could face 263 years in prison. however, his attorneys filed a motion claiming he did not get a fair trial. the judge will decide whether he
6:38 am
the boy known as the affluenza teen for his defense in a deadly drunk driving case could come back to texas soon, and ethan couch might return in time for a hearing on whether to transfer him to an adult court. the 18-year-old was serving probation for killing four people in a crash in 2013. he fled to mexico with his mom. couch is fighting his deportation unless his lawyers filed paperwork making it possible for him to come back to the united states. 6:46. boy, dashcam in brazil captured video of a scary rollover. survived this. you can see this truck. it flips over a couple of times and then out the window. someone flies out the window and lands on the ground. that person only had broken bones, but it's a really dramatic reminder of why seatbelts are so important. can't believe he survived. the snowboarder at the
6:39 am
criminal charges because of it. christian mayors was wearing a camera when he did this crazy jump off a cliff at a resort in california. it shows him being buried in snow and fighting his way to the surface. now the resort says he was in an active avalanche area that has been closed to the public since 2010. they say he is the one that putting himself, his friends, and the ski patrol and other skiers at risk. he is lucky to be alive. there is a mystery lurking in outer space this morning. cal tech researchers believe they discovered solid evidence system. scientists this so-called planet x is huge. they say it could be about ten times the size of earth. astronomers knew something was up when they noticed a gravitational pull of a large object floating in space. in 17 hours, more than
6:40 am
show support for a csu basketball player who has suffered a terrible loss. his parents and young niece and nephew, begins, did not survive a house fire. the house emmanuel omogbo's family lived in burned tuesday morning. the cu athletic department has set up a gofundme account to pay for the funerals. the fund does follow ncaa rules and any extra money will go to charity. he was back on the court last night playing for the rams on the road at the air force academy, and the rams ended up winning it 83-79, so good to see so many people supporting him. familiar faces returned to the pepsi center last night. jamie mcginn was traded to buffalo in the off-season. still a fan favorite ryan o'reilly signed autographs for fans.
6:41 am
because fantastic goaltending was on display. the goaltender is a puck stopping machine. he even loses his stick at one point. the avs cannot seem to find the back of the net. the avs would eventually get to them, though. tied at one in the third period. final minute finally they get a shot to go in. the puck find the back of the net through a bunch of bodies in front. avs win it 3-1. history was made in the nfl while you were going to bed. the buffalo bills have hired katherine smith to be their special teams quality control coach, making her the first full-time female member of an nfl coaching staff. she spent last season workings an administrative assistant for bills assistant coach on rex ryan's staff. before that she spent 12 seasons with the new york jets. congratulations to her. anticipation is growing for this weekend's battle between peyton manning and tom brady. it's their 17th meeting and it could be their last. the two superstar quarterbacks took to the practice field yesterday ahead of sunday's afc
6:42 am
they may have a long standing rivalry during their illustrious nfl careers, but the two of them have nothing but respect for each other. >> all i can say about, you know, tom brady is that he plays the position the way it's supposed to be played. he's extremely talented. he's a very hard worker. very competitive guy. and he just plays the position the right way. when you do that, there is a reason you play for a long time. >> i think playing someone 17 times is pretty cool. especially someone as great as him. to play against, you know, peyton manning, those teams, you know you got to play 60 minutes and you're gonna be in for a tough game. >> a lot of respect there. the game on sunday, that of course means tomorrow is orange friday in the city and county of denver. mayor michael hancock is asking everybody to wear orange in support of the broncos tomorrow.
6:43 am
fan rally tomorrow in larimer square. it starts at noon. goes to 1:30. so come on out and support the team. make sure you wear your orange. join us tomorrow morning for a special edition of 9news mornings. we are going to be broadcasting live from sports authority field. we will have expert analysis from ron zappolo looking aced head towards the match-up on sunday. we will take you to all kinds of great behind the scenes places inside the stadium. places you probably have never seen before. maybe you have never heard of before. we will give you a look at some cool broncos stuff at the team store and talk about how you are going to get afc championship swag when, and we're saying when, they win on sunday. it all starts bright or dark and early tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> we like saying dark and early because that is the truth.
6:44 am
in western nebraska and eastern colorado blown around by those back edge of the developing storm that's going to affect the east coast this weekend. our next storm hasn't reached the coast of california just yet. it will move into western colorado saturday night, sunday morning. it gets here sunday afternoon. mountains. very little left over for us. that snow, by the way, shrinking in extent and intensity. we will see it falling apart in the next hour to 90 minutes. 20s-30s over the east where it has cleared in mountain areas. you get a lot of what we call radiational cooling. temperatures below zero, gunnison, durango and the san luis valley.
6:45 am
very little wind up and down i-25 from northern colorado. good looking afternoon. wind will stay from 15 to 25 miles per hour in the foothills. decent snow overnight. a lot of places getting between 2-6 inches of snow. a couple up yards of 8 inches at the ski resorts. that snow tapers off with sunshine during the morning and a sunny afternoon coming up for us there. 20ss 30s in the mountains and in the west. look for 30s in northeastern california. clouds are bay area stick in over the northeast -- gonna stick in over the northeast corner of the state. sunshine, low 40s today. we keep the wind down low tonight and have clear skies with temperatures in the 20s. really nice day is coming up tomorrow, saturday, in the 50s. sunday mild morning, low 40s. in the afternoon very light snow. still looks like an inch or less around here. it's gonna be stubborn and it will want to stick around in the form of light flurries monday into tuesday morning.
6:46 am
morning, amelia, i think people can handle everything. >> yeah, you would think so. sky9 has been zipping around the city. they are checking out our drive over 25 and orchard. a standard delay for a thursday morning commute. a few minutes ago as we look out to the maps, we had a crash near union station at the intersection of 15th and wewata. that wreck is cleared out of the way. no worries if your commute takes you into downtown. typical delays are building. earlier crash cleared out of the way at 28th and tower. nothing to worry about there. still still a wreck at iliff and tower in the clearing stages. a live look outside, we see the really nice start on the north side. plenty of movement even in spots like i-25 right around 20th. >> thank you. it's 6:56 right now. here is a look at some of the top stories this morning. the littleton public school board is meeting to discuss the findings of the arapahoe school shooting.
6:47 am
three reports released that focused on the deadly arapahoe high school shooting and in it says that littleton public schools and arapahoe high school could have done more to prevent that shooting. there will be a news conference immediately following this afternoon's meeting to discuss the report. we will bring you -- we will be there, that is, and bring you the have he latest. 16-year-old mountain vista high school student is going before a judge today. brooke higgings is one of two girls accused of planning a shooting. she and sienna johnson teamed up in the plot. the woman accused of stabbing denver's fire chief is in court today. police arrested marlene zechvich rodriguez after the attack at speer boulevard and colfax avenue. chief eric tate went back to work yesterday. students at du you are
6:48 am
because a sexual predator may be targeting students am the campus sent out the warning after reports that a college-aged man her. he is six feet tall and wore a hat with flaps over the ears. 6:57. allow you to buy marijuana and smoke it at a special event. representative dominic marino says his bill would create a special use permit for not like alcohol permits. suppliers could sell marijuana at special events. it would be up to the city if people could smoke it at those events. we are expecting to learn more about new visa rules aimed at making it harder for isis fighters to get into the united states. the obama administration is going to announce the new visa requirements for european travelers who are duel nationals of iran, iraq, sudan, or syria. the rules will also apply to anybody who has visited any of these countries in the last five years. we are going to hit 40 by
6:49 am
we will be in the 50s for two days. snow returns sunday. a few flurries to start next week, which might have you thinking it's not gonna be such a good week. you know what? we are in for a pretty good sized thaw. temperatures potentially low 60s by the tail end of next week. >> 62? >> really? >> are we really seeing that? >> thank you. rtd has a lighthearted warning for you to help fight a serious problem. coming up on channel 20 we are gonna explain how a funny campaign is meant to get you talking and remembering to stay safe around public transportation. cartoons and a catchy theme song. also talking with the volunteers at the national western stock show, who are stepping up to save the life of somebody they have been a decade. >> the pretty cool. and we are gonna talk more
6:50 am
>> your broncos magnet.
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